Coach Esposito

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Naughty student gets off for the first time

You’re a gym teacher in my school and one day after a workout you change and go to get some coffee. coming back you hear a noise in your office you sneak in and see me 16 years old in my school uniform. I have your large sweaty jock strap in my hand and am sniffing it while rubbing my crotch through my skirt.

You cough loudly, I drop the jock and retreat. I'm s..sorry sir, I say and try to run but you grab me and push me into a chair .Reaching down you lift up my skirt there is a little damp patch on my pink cotton panties with bunnies on them. You move them aside and insert your finger into my tight virgin cunt. I gasp and cum immediately. You laugh and say" how would you like to smell and taste the real thing". You know I’m a little cockwhore cos all the boys in your class have been sucked off by me but you know none of them have man size cocks let alone one as big as yours. I reach up with shaking hands and unzip your pants and drop them. Your cock hangs softly in your boxers. I pull down your pants and scream. Even limp its bigger than anything I have had before. The thick foreskin covering the head.

You grab your cock and slap my face with it as it gets harder and harder. I try to catch it in my mouth. Finally I grab the base and suck half of it down in one gulp. You put your hand on my head and ram it all the way in. I choke and gag but you hold my head firm. Finally my throat relaxes and I begin to go to work on that monster cock. You smile enjoying my natural cock sucking talent. You’ve decided to fuck both my ass and cunt today along with my mouth. A load of cum in every hole is going to be my punishment . I don’t know of this yet.

As I suck on your cock I start to feel it expand.... your balls tighten against my chin...without warning a huge gusher of cum erupts into my mouth. None of the boys have ever cum in my mouth before. I try to pull away but you hold my head tight . I try to swallow as much as possible but your cock keeps spurting stream after stream of hot thick cum and more than half of it drips out the side of my mouth on my face and chin and tits. Finally you stop cumming . I hear you voice telling me to keep sucking and I work my mouth, sucking the cock clean. I decide that I like the taste of your cum a whole lot. As I suck your cock dry my eyes widen as I feel it growing again..larger and wider stretching my mouth. you let me suck until its fully hard again. and then slowly pull it out of my mouth. Hard, huge and veiny I stare at it worshipfully.

Using your hard cock you scoop up all the cum that’s dribbled on my face and tits and rub it on your cock lubing it up. Then you push me back and lifting my legs up , position your huge cock at the lips of my virgin schoolgirl cunt. You push the head in and gasp, you’ve never had such a tight cunt ever. Grabbing my waist you ram your monster cock into my cunt, I scream in pain first which then turns to moans as I feel your thick shaft rubbing my clit. You pick me up impaling me on your fuckpole and start to ram my pussy as I start to cum my juices running down your cock shaft lubing it even more while you’re fucking my schoolgirl brains out....

You fuck me steadily for about an hour before with a roar you spurt into my tight cunt ....gobs after gobs of thick pull out and sit in your chair breathing hard. I lie on the floor having cum six or seven times scooping out your cum from my cunt and licking it up. I them crawl to you and clean your cock with my tongue and put it back into your pants. you tell me to wait on the floor while you finish some work for the day. 15 minutes later you pull me to my feet and push me out the door. We go to your car and get in. You start driving. While driving you pull out your cock. "Come on your job" you snarl at me.

I lean over and take your soft cock in my mouth and start sucking. It takes a little longer this time and my jaw starts to ache but every time I slow down you tell me to keep going. Finally I feel you getting hard in my mouth . My cunt tingles at the thought of another fucking when I realize your slowing down. You stop the car and tell me to get out. We're in a parking lot behind a seedy bar outside of town. The lot is have parked in the back. I get out and you follow your huge uncut Italian salami sticking out of your pants slick

with my spit. I get on the hood and spread my legs but you laugh, "you’re cunt needs to recover from my cock slut...I'm going to fuck another hole". It hits me what you’re saying and I 'm please I's too big. Shut up and turn around you say. I turn and lean on the hood , your cum still running down my legs. You spit on your hand and rubbing it on my puckered pink asshole, you push one thick finger in....

I gasp at first then started to moan as I felt you work my ass . Slowly you inserted a second finger then a third, I start to cum again when you pull out your hand. I then feel the head of your cock at my asshole You lean forward and cover my mouth with your hand and then start to push it in. I scream into your hand but you keep on pushing inch my inch until all 8.5 thick inches are inside. Tears are running down my face in then wait for a few seconds, my ass grips your cock so tight you cant believe it. Leaning back, you reach around and grab my tits and start pumping my ass. you look down watching my pink white ass engulf your massive cock..while I moan in pleasure...the heat and tightness of my ass is too much for you and after 15 minutes of ramming you pull out and pushing me to the ground unload your third cumload all over my face.

Finally you stop cumming, I scoop the cum off my face and swallow it and then lean forward to clean your cock tucking it in when done. You drive me home noticing with a smile that it hurts me to sit down. After dropping me home you go home to take a long bath knowing that you have a new slut to use whenever you want.