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College Nights

A story about a couple that is less sexy and more romantic than anything.
The lounge music was slow and steady. A low murmur of talk filled the room. The gentle clink of glasses. My leg twitched nervously as I waited. Self-concious thoughts ran through my mind: How is my hair? Am I wearing the right dress? I had never had particularly high self-esteem, though Chris told me I was beautiful every day.

Chris. I leaned back in the seat and closed my eyes. Even the sound of his name sent butterflies through my stomach. My boyfriend since my sophomore year in high school, Chris and I shared the relationship that was the stuff of dreams, mostly because we were both pretty much the opposite sex's ideal partner. I was tall, smart, funny, and gorgeous, an aspiring writer, and Chris was thin, good-looking, and was in choir and advanced classes all through high school.


I turned around at the sound of his voice saying my name. There he stood, several yards away. Without thinking about it I ran to him and threw my arms around his neck. We stood like that for who knows how long, just breathing in each other and enjoying the feeling of seeing each other after a month apart at different colleges.

That was when I knew that, as a sophomore in college, I was ready to lose my virginity to the love of my life.


Dinner consisted mostly of us looking at each other and compliments. Looking back, I can't even remember the taste of the food, or what I ordered.

We had decided to stay in a hotel between our two colleges, hence to lounge dinner. We had tenatively booked a room with one double bed, Chris telling me all the time that if I was or got uncomfortable with it, don't be afraid to let him know.

We took the elevator back up to the room. I could tell by the way Chris was staring at me that he wanted to kiss me passionatly, but was stopped by the people around us. I couldn't make eye contact with him, for fear of letting go of all social boundaries and pressing my lips to his at that moment.

When the door closed behind us, I walked forward into the dimly lit room, my palms sweating. I had never been more nervous in my entire life.


I slowly turned around, facing Chris who still stood by the door. Without warning, he strode forward and grasped my face in his hands and kissed me. I melted into him, my lips parting as he let his tongue wander into my mouth. He undid the halter of my shimmery red dress and began kissing my neck. The farthest either of us had ever gone was him kissing and caressing my breasts; I had never given a blowjob or even a hand job.

His mouth wandered down my neck and soon gently started sucking my nipples. I gasped and closed my eyes, running my hands through his hair. We paused for a moment, both of us panting. I was the first to speak.

"Let's lay down on the bed," I whispered into his ear. He nodded and we slowly sunk onto the lush covers of the hotel bed.

Chris was pretty much on top of me, kissing my stomach, then pulling down and off my dress completely. I pulled off Chris' shirt and threw it aside, running my hands all over his chest.

"Should I...?' I asked hesitantly; how does one request to give their boyfriend a blowjob? But he seemed to know what I wanted. Chris nodded and stood up, pulling off his pants. I could see that his nice sized dick was already quite hard, and I felt a strange carnal hunger: I WANTED it in my mouth. NOW.

I slowly slid off the bed and crawled toward him. I reached up and touched his cock lightly with my fingertips. It hardened to my slightest touch. I gentely brought it to my mouth, glancing up nervously at Chris.

As soon as that dick was in my mouth, I wanted more. I started moving my mouth up and down the shaft, loving the feel of the warmth on my tongue. I took his cock out of my mouth and teased it with my tougue, rubbing it around the head and moaning. When I did this, Chris groaned and grabbed the back of my head, thrusting his dick into my mouth.

I had never tasted cum before, and it was surprisingly salty. At first I wasn't sure what to do with it - Let it dribble? Spit it out? - but I ended up just swallowing it, loving every second.

When Chris finished cumming, he pulled me to my feet and laid me down on the end of the bed so that my ass was on the edge. He knelt on the ground directly in front of my pussy and pulled off my Victoria's Secret bikini panties. Hesitating only for a second, Chris then began to eat me out.

I had never felt anything like it. His tongue went inside my pussy, sucking up the wetness that had occured when I sucked his cock. I cried out the first words that came to my mind, screaming them. "Oh god YES!! Fuck yeah Chris, eat my pussy, oh my god!" I felt a shiver rack my entire body. And then, for the first time in my life, I came.

Chris stopped licking my pussy and climbed on top of me. This time with no hesitation, he shoved his hard dick deep inside my wet pussy. I screamed. He screamed. We yelled each others names as his cock thrust in and out of my tight pussy, our juices flowing everywhere. He kissed me all over my body as I rubbed his hair, his chest, his legs. We shook with orgasms again and again, letting our cum flow and mix together.

We were virgins no more.


The next morning I awoke curled in his arms, still naked and exhausted from my first time having sex. I slid out of bed and padded to the bathroom to take a shower, grabbing a dildo I had bought a week ago out of my suitcase as I passed it. I went inside the shower and turned on the hot water, noticing there was a seat directly across from the clear glass door. Perfect. I peeked inside the bedroom again and gently poked Chris awake, hoping he would follow me back to the bathroom.

I sat in the seat in the shower and spread my legs, letting the hot water run all over my body. I gently pushed the dildo inside my wet pussy and began fucking myself with it. Chris walked in the bathroom, saw me, and grinned. He came in the shower and took control of the dildo himself.

It was just the beginning of another glorious day with Chris.

My first story! :) Please be honest, but nice. If you're just going to bash this story, don't comment at all. I realize that it's not as 'sexy' as some people like it, but I worked hard, so don't bring me down k? ;)

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