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College Teacher Chapter Five

I won’t say it was a relief to be back at the Manor but it was nice to once again cuddle up to Kit and have the pleasure of his loving of me. Thankfully, the M.P. had returned to London and the vicar, wife and daughter had gone too so that there was just the six of us for the next week at the dining table. We got to know Lady Elizabeth and Sir George a bit better and learned that the title was heredity and so Thomas would in later years take on that mantle.

It was Monday morning that Thomas exacted the forfeit from Edward for getting the time of our arrival at the Manor wrong. We trooped off to the barn and the door was barred from the inside and while Edward took his clothes off, Thomas slung a rope over an overhead beam and then made Edward lie down naked and tied his feet to one end of the rope. Then, with our help, he was hoisted up a few feet off the ground, hanging there upside down. Kit and I weren’t sure what was going to happen until Thomas then undid his flies and pulled out his erection and I then noticed why Edward had only been raised just those few feet off of the ground for his head was just at the level of Thomas’ groin.

Edward then opened his mouth and Thomas stuck his cock in it and proceeded to face fuck him while he hung upside down. With Edward holding onto the base of the cock in his mouth to prevent being choked, Thomas held his head between his two hands and moved himself in and out till he came. The difficult part for Edward was to swallow this whilst in that position which wasn’t an easy feat.

‘Okay,’ said Thomas as he put himself away. ‘Your turn next Kit.’ Kit was surprised that he was to do the same and I guessed that I would be doing it after him. Kit wasn’t fully erect when he pulled his dick out but it soon grew after he’d put it into Edward’s mouth. He then face fucked him till he came and it was my turn next.

‘Sorry about this Edward,’ I said as I pulled my cock, which was now erect out of my trousers.

‘Don’t worry. It’s not as bad as it looks,’ he said with his upside down grin and then opened his mouth and I put my cock in it and held his head still as he held onto the base of my cock and I got to fuck him in the mouth and though I shouldn’t really say so, I enjoyed it and came with some force that almost made him choke there and then. But after coming and pulling out, he managed to swallow my come and then the rope was untied and him lowered to the ground. I wondered why with him naked, upside down, his cock close to our faces that we hadn’t sucked on him whilst face fucking him and then found out.

‘Okay Edward, you’ve paid the forfeit. Now you have your choice of which one of us you want to return the compliment?’

‘What? Hanging upside down?’ asked Kit.

‘No,’ Thomas laughed. ‘Just here on the ground. Well Edward?’

‘Colin,’ he said and the other two looked at me and I think I went red in the face as I looked at Edward’s straining erection that seemed bigger than it had in the tent.

‘Well you get the honour,’ Thomas said, giving me a slap on the back which was also a bit of a push that made me move a bit, but I gave them a wry smile and went down onto my knees in front of Edward who smiled at me and moved in close till the head of cock touched my lips. Now just that action alone made me open my mouth and into it he put the head of his circumcised cock and I reached up and held the base of it as I closed my mouth round him and he took my head between his two hands and began to fuck me in this way.

He would have choked me if it wasn’t for my hand being where it was, controlling the length of his cock being shoved in and out. It’s bad enough when on terra firma so it must have been hard when suspended upside down. But I took it in good part and let him use my mouth as a substitute for a ring piece and was able to hold his coming in my mouth as he came in grunts, trying to force more into my mouth than I would allow, and when he’d finished coming, I stood up and showed the others that my mouth was full of his seed before swallowing it.

‘Bravo,’ Thomas cried and while Edward got dressed he asked, ‘What game shall we play this afternoon?’ A question he asked of Edward.

‘Maidens,’ came the prompt reply from him.

‘So be it,’ Thomas replied.

‘Though Colin is not that good enough on a horse yet,’ Edward said.

‘So he’ll have to be a maiden with you.’ With that settled, we left the barn with me wondering what this game of maidens was to be as I was to be one of them. I had an inkling but not sure what it entailed exactly and when I looked at Kit with a question mark in my eyes, he just shrugged his shoulders.

Edward then disappeared into the Manor and we didn’t see him for half an hour until we were having a pre lunch drink. It was the kind of question I couldn’t ask at the dining table and even afterwards, they wouldn’t say what it was. We went down to the stables where four horses were saddled and I was helped up onto one and Edward mounted another and was passed up a big bag which he tied to the saddle.

‘Give us half an hour,’ he said to Thomas and led me at a walk out of the stable yard and took it easy for me for about a mile, circling a small wood and then moved in a short way until we came upon a summer house in a glade of luxuriant grass. He rode up to this small building and dismounted and tied the horse to an upright post of the porch. He indicated for me to do the same and as I did so, he took this big bag from the saddle and took it inside.

I followed him to find it was just one large room that had a drinks cabinet, a tall cheval mirror, two huge sofas and a modern coffee table which really looked out of place. Edward went and plunked himself down and opened the bag he’d placed between his legs.

‘This game is where we dress up as the maidens who are out in the forest and are surprised by horsemen who will chase us around till they catch and then rape us,’ he said with a lascivious grin on his face. ‘It can be quite exciting, making him chase you around. We’ll be on foot while he’ll be on a horse. We’ve played this quite a few times so I fully expect it to be Thomas chasing you.’ While he’d been talking, he’d pulled out two wigs, two dresses and a handful of female underwear.

‘We put that stuff on?’ I asked incredulously.

‘You’ve got to look the part. It’s fun I tell you. I like being the maiden and putting these things on. Now, come on, get those clothes off and start putting these on,’ he said as he stood up and began to undress. Somewhat bemused, I got undressed too till I was as naked as he was. He must like doing this I thought for he had an erection and he hadn’t started getting dressed up yet. He threw me a pair of stockings, a suspender strap and a bra that I felt as I caught it, was already padded.

‘Put the belt on first and clip it at the front before twisting it round. You’ll find it easier doing it that way though make sure that the straps hanging down are on the inside. You clip the bra the same at the front before twisting it round and putting your arms through the straps before pulling them up onto your shoulders.

I did as I was told and found it beginning to be erotic as I did the two clips of the belt and twisted it round my waist and had the four straps hanging down against my thighs. He’d sat down to start pulling the stockings on over his feet and up to his knees before standing and pulling them up tight. I followed suit and I found I like the feel of the nylon running up my legs as I put my pair on and watched closely as he then fixed the studs through the stocking top and into their clips. I did the front ones okay but couldn’t seem to get the back ones right, twisting my body sideways to do this. As soon as I thought it was done and straightened up, they popped out again.

‘Here, let me do those. It’s difficult when you first do them but you’ll learn in time,’ he said as he did them for me.

I’ll learn in time he’d said. How many times did he think we were going to play this game? Though I must admit it certainly was arousing for I now had a full erection as I stood up straight and saw that my legs were now clad in black nylon stockings held up by the strap round my waist. Then I put the padded bra on as he told me and felt a little restricted with this stretched across my chest.

‘Take a look at yourself in the mirror,’ he said, and so I moved over and saw myself in this female underwear and gave out a short laugh at how ridiculous I looked with my cock sticking out from this attire. But it had definitely turned me on and I turned each way to see the sideways look and then suddenly understood some of the feelings of Pauline who had worn these things out of choice.

‘If it wasn’t for the other two being here soon,’ Edward said, ‘I’d been going down on you right away. You look ravishing.’ I smiled my thanks at the compliment and found that I did look rather good like this and wondered what Kit would say when he saw me later.

‘Now the dresses.’ They were of an Elizabethan style, quite full and strapless and the easiest way to put it on was to stand in it and

pull it up and over the shoulders. Edward pulled up the short zip at the back and I did the same for him. He settled mine on my shoulders properly before putting my wig on for me and making sure it was straight before turning me round for me to see myself again in that full length mirror.

I was amazed at the transformation and now understood why Kit had called me beautiful. Edward spoke as if reading part of my thoughts.

‘With the right kind of make-up, you would pass off as a very beautiful woman,’ he said. ‘Give us a moue and a seductive smile.’ I did and gave myself a half smile as well as giving my eyelashes a flutter.

‘Perfect!’ he cried. ‘The men will drool over you. Now we haven’t much time left,’ he said as he fixed his wig on and checked it in the mirror. ‘Now let’s go out and be the maidens that we now look like. Don’t worry if the dress gets torn off you for some of the seams are loose so that the fabric doesn’t tear.’

So we walked and went onto the grass to walk about. It felt very strange to have the folds of the dress almost come to my ankles and hear them swish about. It was also sensuous to feel the nylon of my stockings whispering to each other as they brushed together with each step I took. We weren’t wearing shoes which didn’t matter for the grass was so soft underfoot.

‘Now when they come riding into the clearing, we break away so that they have to split up to chase us. Make it as difficult as you can to avoid the one that’s chasing you. Fight him by all means but don’t give him a black eye or punch him in the balls ’cos that would defeat the object of the game.’

It was strange but nice to be wearing this female attire, it rubbing against the head of my cock for I wasn’t wearing any panties. Also, it was pleasant to be walking out of the grass like this arm in arm with another man dressed up as a woman as well. We’d only been out in the air for five minutes before the two horsemen came into the glade and reined in their horses.

‘Well here they are,’ Edward stating the obvious. ‘They’re trying to work out which one of us is which. Then when they start to gallop towards us, you break off left and I’ll go right.’

We watched them kick their horses and began to move towards us. Edward really played the part by giving out a very ladylike cry of alarm and darted away from me and so I started to run and nearly fell straight over because of treading on the hem of the dress. I gathered it up in one hand and began to run.

I heard a horse come pounding after me and I really fell into the part for my heart started to race quicker than my legs were moving. I glanced over my shoulder and gave out a little cry and swerved to my left as I saw that it was Thomas bearing down on me.

It was only too soon for he swept past me, tugging at his reins to bring the horse round in a circle and so I darted across the grass in the opposite direction to which the horse was turning. I now found that the padded bra was definitely a handicap for it restricted my breathing enormously, no wonder the women used to get caught so easily. But then I remembered my history and knew that the bra was only invented in this century so that wasn’t the reason.

Twice more I avoided the horse and man but I was now losing ground fast as well as breath and didn’t expect him to leap off the running horse to grab at me. He missed me by inches and landed with a thump on the grass but his hand had caught the hem of my dress and he hung on as I pulled myself out of his grasp. Well I did, but the dress didn’t. I got away but left my dress in his hand as he got to his feet.

My breathing was ragged as I ran half naked and could hear him quickly catching me up and then I was brought crashing down onto my face in the grass with his hands round my ankles. I kicked my feet free as I rolled over onto my back but he was already up onto his knees and he easily pushed my legs apart and fell on top of me, almost knocking all the wind out of my body. He pinioned my arms to the ground and tried to kiss me but I kept moving my head from side to side to avoid him. But with our bodies moving as they were, I was getting an erection at this wrestling with his body on top of mine. He then moved higher up my body and could keep my arms away from him as he could then release his hands to hold my face and finally get to kiss my quite savagely but with passion.

I almost succumbed to the kiss I was getting but remembered that I was supposed to be fighting for my honour and so tried again to heave him up off of me. That was my undoing for he used the movement of my body to sudden roll off and then flip me over onto my front. The top of his body came onto my back and I could feel his arms moving beneath me and guessed that he was getting the front of his trousers open.

He then rolled over me more and twisted his body and sure enough, I felt his erection hard up against my back and my legs were being forced apart by his and I was now nearly out of any energy to resist him. So when his weight came off my back, I didn’t have to strength to do any more to stop him and couldn’t even resist as my hips were lifted up and I was dragged up into a kneeling position. No foreplay, no finesse for this was the name of the game, the rape of the maidens.

Wham! His cock ploughed straight into me and I gave out a cry at this rough entry but at the same time I was excited and my own cock was now really throbbing as he buried himself inside me. The roughness of his trousers was also exciting me as the fabric scratched the cheeks of my bum and I gave out a sob that soon changed to cries of delight as he fucked me. His weight bore me down onto the grass and he rode me this way. Putting his hands up under my shoulders to get more purchase on pulling me backwards to his forward thrusts.

It was a glorious fuck and I didn’t want him to stop even when I knew he had come inside me. I could now hear his rasping breath and feel it on my neck as he panted and still throbbed inside me. I gave out a cry when he pulled out and felt him flop down onto his back beside me.

I raised myself up, my breathing as laboured as his as I leaned over and kissed him. If he’d worn a condom, I would have pulled it off and gone down on him, but in the circumstances you’ll understand why I didn’t. My cock was now really hurting me and pulled his hand down to take hold of it. This he did and began to rub me but then roused himself up and moved down to take me into his mouth and I lay back and gave myself up to the pleasure of him sucking on me as his hand helped my coming.

It was several minutes before he got up and helped me to my feet. We then walked hand in hand through the grass, past the horse who was happily munching away and he picked up my dress on the way back to the summer house. We looked an incongruous pair as we moved. Him fully dressed with his prick hanging out of the front of his trousers and me with my cock on show between female underwear.

He threw my dress onto the porch but carried on round to the side where there was a water butt full of water. He let go of my hand and then scooped water out and began washing his penis. He even splashed some round my bum in between washing himself. He pulled the bottom of his shirt out from his trousers to wipe me before drying himself.

We went round to the front again and saw that Edward and Kit were only just getting up from the grass after their rape scene. Thomas pulled me inside the building and then took his clothes off and led me to one of the sofas and pulled me down on top of his naked body to kiss me. We were still doing this when Kit and Edward came in, and seeing us as we were, he too, took his clothes off and lay down on the other sofa and began to kiss Edward.

With us kissing so passionately, I was soon aroused again and with him feeling it, eased me off and turned round on the sofa and presented me with his backside to fuck.

‘No condom?’ I asked as I got between his legs.

‘They didn’t have rubbers in those days. Bare back. I’ve been waiting for this ever since I first had you fuck me,’ he said, so I just stuffed my prick up his bum and got my rocks off to the delight and pleasure of us both. He gave out a cry as I pulled out and wobbled my way outside to go and wash myself, seeing that Edward was now in the middle of fucking Kit and really ramming himself inside him.

They’d finished when I got back and Edward was just on his way outside. Thomas had got up from our sofa and was just sitting down next to Kit so I sat back down on the one I’d left and waited for Edward to come back. I watched them talk for a few minutes as they were obviously comparing notes as to what they did out on the field of grass. They then began to kiss each other and when Edward walked back in and saw what they were doing came over and into my arms for us to do the same thing. The sofa was wide enough for us to lay side by side as we kissed and fondled each other.

‘Well what did you think of the game?’ Edward asked.

‘It was exciting and so real. He did really rape me, pushing himself so roughly into me, but I liked it.’ I answered.

‘Would you play it again?’

‘Oh yes!’ I enthused.

‘You’d have to play the maiden again though for you’re not able to handle a horse as they can,’ he said.

‘Oh I don’t mind that. Putting these things on was quite thrilling,’ I said as I snapped one of his suspender straps, ‘I rather enjoyed dressing up in them, it was so erotic.’ He gave out a chuckle.

‘Yes, it is. I love putting them on myself. In fact, I consider myself the female of the pair of us,’ he said.

‘That’s strange, for I’ve already told Kit that I consider myself as being his wife in our relationship.’

‘Then let us girls stick together then and as you’ll have to be the maiden again if we play, I’ll be the other too,’ Edward said as he gave me another kiss. As we saw that the other two had now moved and were sucking on each other’s cocks, we did the same as we both now had another erection and I sucked on Edward as he sucked on me until we both came and grinned at each other from opposite ends of the sofa as we swallowed the sperm of the other and licked our lips to show that we’d enjoyed having the come in our mouths.

Time was getting on and I reluctantly had to take off the underwear and get dressed up again in my male clothes. We walked the horses back to the Manor, all of us saying at how much we had enjoyed the afternoon’s game and agreed that we would play it again the following day.

So for the next five mornings I would have riding lessons though still not being able to play the game by being one of the horsemen. But then, I didn’t mind for those five afternoons of being the maiden. Getting dressed up like that and then being chased and raped out on the grass. I had Thomas three times to Kit’s two, having it this way. I found myself becoming more reluctant each time to take off those female garments and wondered each time as I looked at myself in the mirror how I would look if I ever did ever get round to putting make-up on my face. Maybe the time would come when I would do that where a year ago I would never have thought that I would enjoy wearing a woman’s clothes, so why not go the whole hog one day. One day, I mused, I might just do that and give Kit a shock, which made me smile.

But this idyllic holiday came to its end and we were soon saying goodbye to the Hawkins’ family and Edward Fontaine for Kit and I to go back to college as we only had two weeks left now before the new year started.

The night before we left had been a tearful but unforgettable night when we actually made a daisy chain. Straws were drawn for our positions and I drew the short one so it was me who would at the first receiving end and as I bent over, it was Edward who was next and he came up behind me and stuck his cock up my arse. He had to lean over me so that Kit being next could stick himself up inside him, and bringing up the rear was Thomas, who would be fucking Kit but at the same time, creating the rhythm for all to move with me being at the end getting the most weight. I would like to have taken a picture of the four of us joined up this way, each fucking the one in front. All had to stay embedded in the one in front till all had come inside the one they were fucking. There was much grunting and cries of delight and sighs and groans, the latter coming at the point of losing the prick from their backside. The bonus was that as I hadn’t had my prick up a bum and Thomas hadn’t had one in his, I got to fuck him afterwards as the other two watched though they still took it in turns to shove their cocks into his mouth for a suck as I fucked him.

It was quite a few years before the four of us ever got back together as a group and had a lovely time of reliving that lovely fortnight that we’d had at Flakestone Manor.

Back in our college rooms, it was nice to be alone once again with my husband Kit but I did miss the girlish laugh and humour of Edward and the fun of us dressing up as maidens.

But the holiday was behind us and we had lots to do in preparing for the new school year as well as the cleaning out of the pool. This was a matter of dragging out what new under-growth had started to sprout at the bottom. We couldn’t empty it but did the best we could as well as letting fresh water run through as though it was part of the normal river before closing up the wooden sluice gates. The tents were erected again in different spots and Kit and I had two weeks of us sleeping in our tent and having lovely sex together after our day’s labours.

There was one thing that occurred during this time that both pleased and displeased me. My book on the Political History of France had just been published, which pleased me to receive my free copies. What displeased me was the delayed time of this happening for it meant that many sales had been lost for it was too late to inform our students that it was a required book for their studies. Not only at our college but at all the other institutions around the country, but in spite of this, after giving the Dean a free copy, he authorised the buying of some for the college’s library. I think it was because of the inspiration I had of having the college’s emblem printed inside just under the book’s title and the dedication.

I had caught up on all the latest political news that had been reported whilst we were away as well as getting everything ready in the woods and the class work in time for our new term.

So it began for my second year of teaching at the college though the head prefect was not of our house this year. I found that I actually missed seeing Thomas and Edward sitting in the seventh year class. Kit and I would often, after having had sex, lie in each other’s arms and talk over that holiday and it must have been on his mind for some time. For when my birthday came, which was in October, I found that a big box was waiting for me in the sitting room. He held me in his arms as he kissed me and wished me a Happy Birthday and insisted that I opened my present.

As I said, that holiday had impinged on his mind for the box contained two complete sets of female underwear, one black and one white. I think I went red in the face as I held them up knowing that I would have to hide them from the cleaner.

‘I loved seeing you wear these things when we played Maidens, and, well, as you are my wife, what better for a husband but to buy these kind of things for her.’ he said.

‘Thank you, they’re lovely,’ I said giving him a kiss, secretly thrilled that he had bought them for I wouldn’t have had the courage to go and do so myself. ‘I’ll wear some of these tonight for you,’ I said and saw his face light up and knew that was exactly what he wanted, so I was rather impatient with my students that day for I wanted it to end so that after supper I could put on my new things for Kit to see and get his reaction to seeing me wearing them in our rooms.

I don’t know who dragged who up from the hall to our rooms that evening after supper, but I made sure that I locked the door before leaving him in there and went into my bedroom to change.

I stripped off and selected the black set to wear and had an erection before I’d even got to pulling up the stockings and fixing them to the belt. To pad out the bra I used some of the tissues from the bedside box. Then I stood in front of my mirror and looked and admired what I saw and then brushed my hair down and round so that it framed my face. I had not had it cut ever since I started making love to Kit, so subconsciously I must had known what I had mind for the future. Now looking every inch a woman except for my cock now straining itself by sticking right out in front of me like a flagpole, I went back into the sitting room.

‘Oh my God!’ He gasped as he saw me. ‘You look beautiful in spite of what I like sticking out.’ I squeezed the cheeks of my bum tight together as I walked over to him. This action making one leg seem to cross over in front of the other and I’m sure it looked just as a woman would walk. The difference being that this way made my cock really swing from side to side as I moved across the carpet towards him. I opened my arms and he couldn’t move fast enough to come in between them and hold me tight as he smothered my face in kisses. I felt that his was as hard as iron inside his trousers and therefore rubbed myself up against him.

‘Christ, I really want you now,’ he said in a thick strangled voice.

I let go of him and began to unbutton his shirt as he feverishly got his belt undone and we almost fell over in the haste to get his clothes off. He was really trembling when naked and it made his erection bounce up and down and I grabbed him by this and pulled him over to the desk and let him go as I bent myself over it.

He couldn’t wait to look for a condom but quickly parted the cheeks of my bum and unerring placed his cock in the right place and pushed himself up into me. I gasped at the dryness but loved the expanding of my ring by the burning head of his cock. Then I had the balming feel of him sliding right in till his body met mine and he was inside as far as he was going to get.

He paused for a short while to run his hands up and down my thighs, feeling the straps and the tops of the stocking as his cock continued its own throbbing inside me.

‘Fuck me Kit,’ I gasped, ‘fuck me or you’ll come without moving the way you’re cock’s throbbing.’ He stopped what he was doing and grasped my hips and began to show me that he was a man and capable of pleasing me, which he did and I loved him for it. It was a quick but very powerful one for he hadn’t been reaming me long before he began to shudder and I felt his seed really shoot out into me and I could feel it being added to from another three bursts before he paused, panting heavily and leaning in to me.

‘I think I’d die if I didn’t have you my sweet darling Colin,’ he gasped out between his intakes of breath. ‘My whole life’s now centred around you.’

What better declaration of love could I have had at that moment. Though now being older and much more wiser, knew that it was his cock that was speaking, but at that point in time, I loved him more than life itself in the same way for it was my backside that I was thinking of.

Was I becoming a slut by wanting a big cock up inside me? Not just one cock but any that was up and hard and willing to please me as his was doing now, having just come but still there throbbing and giving me pleasant vibrations?

He pulled out to my cry of dismay and went off to wash himself as I straightened up and rubbed my stomach and saw the red weal from being pressed hard up against the edge of the desk. I was still standing there, leaning back against the desk with my cock still sticking out in front of me. He came straight over and went down onto his knees and took me into his mouth which made me give out a sigh as I leaned further back at his manipulation of me inside his hot eager mouth. His hands clutched at the cheeks of my bum as he tried to take in as much as he could until I took over and straightened up and took his head in between my hands as he now placed one hand at the base of my cock as I began to face fuck him. He coughed and nearly choked as my first ejaculation shot out like a bullet into his throat but he made some effort to control himself and took the rest of my emissions though he had to swallow while I was still coming there was that much of it. He swallowed for the second time and licked me clean before standing up and crushing me to him as he gave me lots of wet sperm kisses.

We moved over to the sofa and sat down, our lips still glued together in our kissing and our hands played with each other’s cock as we did so.

Kit was strong and virile and it was much less than an hour before his cock in my hand was hard enough again to be of service to me and so I got up and went over to the desk again, but this time, I cleared the top and sat on the edge and lay back, lifting my legs up. I looked at my legs open wide and got a thrill at seeing them stockinged with the straps tight running up my thighs and loved to see him come up between them, his cock disappearing from my sight.

My legs now rested on his shoulders and one arm came round a leg as I felt the head of his cock nuzzle the place of entry. With it in place, his other arm came round my stockinged leg and he pulled my legs back towards him as he pushed forward and entered me again. The desk was just at the right height for the both of us as I could now see the joy on his face as he moved himself into me and held us tight together.

‘I love you Colin Smith dressed like this as my wife and in the position we’re now in.’

‘Then fuck me husband Kit Carson, for I love you and where you now are and what you have inside me, so fuck me and make me one big happy wife.’ He gave out a groan and then began to move and he fucked me there on the desk and I loved it.

That night was really a turning point in our relationship for he would now fuck me far more than I would fuck him for after he had me, he would go down and suck me off. Or be like a real husband and go down on me first in a matter of foreplay and then after I had come, he would turn me round and then stick his cock inside and fuck me.

We would still fuck each other at the weekend in the tent in the woods but during the week, I would dress up and he would then be the true husband and do most of the fucking of me as being his wife.

He surprised me again three weeks later by presenting me with another box and I gave out a cry of delight for he had bought me two dresses to go with my underwear. I was now really becoming a woman in having these delightful presents being given me. He said that he had to guess the size but when I tried one on found that it fitted me perfectly and did a nice little dance in front of him to show how happy he had made me. It must have turned him on too for he soon had his head up underneath to suck on me till I came. I then lifted the hem up to my waist for him to fuck me which he did with much gusto.

A fortnight later I got a letter which did quite a lot to change my life.

It was at the beginning of December, two weeks before half term and I noticed that the flap of the envelope carried the logo of the Houses of Parliament. It was one of several letters at my place when I sat down for breakfast and so it wasn’t noticed by Kit. I didn’t open it there but waited till I was in my first class and giving them a chapter of a book to read to themselves, I then opened the letter.

Dear Dr Smith, it read, in pen and not typed and on the official notepaper of the House of Commons.

You spent part of this past summer at Flakestone Manor and talked with Reginald Monkton. He was very impressed on what you had to say in answer to his questions, so much so, that he passed on your name to me.

I was then intrigued by the answers you gave him and would like, if you could spare some time before Christmas, to spend a few days in London so that I could have a chance to meet and speak with you

I would be most grateful if you could find the time for us to meet and can be contacted with a yes or no, though I would prefer the former, either by phone or letter at the above address.

Your most humble servant, William Burgess.

I sat back amazed at this for William Burgess was the Shadow Foreign Secretary and he was writing for me to meet him and have a chat. I couldn’t wait to show this to Kit and see what he could make of it. But it wasn’t till lunch time that I was able to show him the letter to which he gave a low whistle.

‘Well you’re certainly going up in the world,’ he said after he’d passed it back to me.

‘What should I do?’ I asked.

‘When a door opens that you haven’t knocked on, enter, for it might be Aladdin’s Cave. Don’t shut the door until you know what’s behind it, that’s my advice. Tell you what! You make a week of it in London, sightseeing, shopping whatever, and I’ll go home and you can join me there for Christmas itself. Yes, that’s a great idea.’ he said, the last being to himself. ‘I haven’t seen the family since the funeral and I should really go to mend any fences that may have been broken.’

So it was settled that I should accept the invitation and after a week or whatever, go up to Norfolk where Kit came from for the festival period. Later that afternoon before supper, I rang the House of Commons and finally got put through to William Burgess.

‘Thank you for ringing back so promptly Dr. Smith,’ he began.

‘Colin please,’ I said. He gave a chuckle.

‘Okay, and my name is William. Now is the answer no or yes to our meeting?’ No beating about the bush here I thought.

‘The answers yes but I cannot manage anything earlier than the tenth, and I’ve allowed myself a week if that’s convenient for you,’ I said.

‘Capital! The tenth is fine but I want our meeting to be private, so I hope you don’t mind if we practice a little subterfuge?’

‘Okay by me,’ I replied.

‘Good. Now we will work through Monkton who you’ve met. He will get you a room at Wilbur’s, it’s a club where he is a member, for a week and also a private dining room for our first meeting.’

‘You are making it sound most mysterious,’ I said.

‘Well, what we shall be talking about is rather delicate and it would be better if we were not actually seen conversing with each other as people might draw the wrong conclusions. Your name is not unknown in political circles, believe me.’ This was news to me but I kept quiet.

‘I understand…er, William,’ I stuttered.

‘Can you make it for lunch for there’s quite a lot I want to talk about and we’ll go right through to dinner?’

‘I’ll make sure that I’m on time.’

‘Well done Colin. See you on the tenth then.’

We said our goodbyes and as I put the phone down wondered why all the secrecy, but then, I suppose being the Shadow Foreign Secretary had made him a bit paranoid and saw spies under every table.

So with only just over a week to go till half term, I had Kit fuck me senseless as well as giving him as much of myself that he could take for we would be apart for a whole week and I didn’t want him having strength to take on anyone else while he was at home.

The term ended and the horde of children left and I had a tearful farewell with Kit and set out early for my trip to London and my mysterious meeting with William Burgess. With British Rail as it is, I only just got to London, found a taxi and got to the club shortly before lunchtime. I gave the porter Reginald Monkton’s name as well as my own and found that a guest room had been provided for me. I was shown up a plush staircase to the member’s guest rooms and found it much more luxurious than any hotel. It even had a well stocked bar I noted as I quickly undressed and had a shower to freshen myself up and put on clean clothes.

I found my way down to the lobby and said that a private dining room had been made available to me to which I was told that it was so and I was escorted to this small but comfortable room that had a small table and chairs as well a sofa, two armchairs and a good drinks cabinet. I thought that as I wasn’t paying for it I might as well help myself and poured out a large gin and tonic and to hell with you William if you disapproved.

I’d nearly finished my drink when there came a discreet knock at the door and it opened for one of the liveried servants to put in his head.

‘Your lunchtime guest has arrived Sir,’ he said and stood back to let William Burgess in before closing the door behind him.

He was of medium height, looked fairly solidly built of about forty four years of age and still had his own hair though greying slightly at the temples. His eyes were blue and his teeth looked as if they were his own and not dentures. He was soberly dressed and quickly came over with his hand outstretched and a big smile on his face. A typical looking politician.

‘So glad you could come Doctor Smith, er, sorry. Colin,’ he said and I couldn’t help but smile back at him and learned that this kind of faux pas in the greeting was a standard thing to break the ice.

‘It’s nice to meet you….er, William,’ I said taking his hand and found it soft but still firm, ‘though I’m puzzled at the secrecy of our meeting like this.’

‘You find out as we go along. Ah, drinks.’ he said, seeing the glass in my left hand.

‘Oh, sorry. What would you like? I’m not used to this sort of thing,’ I said as he told me he would have the same for it looked like gin. So I poured out two more and we toasted each other and I found that I liked his smile and the twinkle in his eye.

‘Now what we are about to talk about,’ he began as he sat down at the table with me following suit and sat down opposite him, ‘is highly secret for I am going to tell you things that not many people know outside of the upper echelons of Government. What I then want from you is your analysis of the situations that I put forward to you. So whatever we speak about in this room is not to go beyond these walls, is that clearly understood?’ I told him yes. ‘Good. Let’s order lunch first and then we can talk.’

So we both studied our menus and he obviously had been here before, for he got up and pressed a bell that I hadn’t noticed and a few minutes later, a servant came in to take our orders. We made small talk, such as how did I get on at school and the college and what led me up to writing about political history, which lasted until we were served. A whole trolley being brought in for us to help ourselves without further interruption.

The food on the trolley was fabulous and the best I’d ever eaten though this was small potatoes as to what William spent most of the meal telling me about the Government’s Foreign policy which had never ever reached the papers that I was currently reading. I was staggered at the depth of intrigue the country had sunk to and he then, right at the end dropped it all in my lap.

‘Now what would you do about what I’ve just told you?’

I was dumbfounded that this man, nearly twice my age and more versed in the active mechanics of politics than me was asking me, a mere historian, a young one at that, what I could read into what he had said and give advice on what should be done?

I think he noted the stricken look on my face and gave a chuckle and patted my hand.

‘Don’t worry about what you might say, for all I will do is listen and then give you a counter argument for you to then refute whatever I say and so on ad infinitum. I know from what Monkton said that it’s not outside of your realm to be able to see and read between the lines. I just want, if you’ll excuse me, a layman’s view of what I have said.’

I lifted my glass up for a drink for I needed it and found that it was empty and put the glass back to have my hand patted once again as he got up to open another bottle.

‘Take your time Colin in thinking, for that is what I want you to do, think on what I’ve said and give me an honest opinion.’ He then touched my hand again as he took my empty glass and refilled it. I was now getting another set of vibes by having had him touch my hand three times now and decided to see if I was being misled. I waited till he sat down opposite me and I laid my hands both flat in the centre of the table.

‘You’re putting a lot on me at our first meeting,’ I said and waited, and sure enough, his hand came over and laid itself down on mine.

‘As I said Colin, take your time,’ and his hand didn’t leave mine. It was me that slowly pulled it free to lean back in my chair and decided that, considering if what he was asking of me was the prime reason for our meeting but the nagging thought was there that he would like a bit more of me than my mind.

So on taking his first question, I began and it took me over an hour to give him what I think was going to happen in this case and of the pitfalls that I saw. We broke off there and had coffee delivered to the room and I then went on into the second question. This was more difficult and I really had to think and ask a lot of questions before I could even begin to formulate an answer.

This brought us to dinner time and so we rang the bell and gave our order for dinner and while we waited, he told me a few risqué stories of people in the House and found him touching me several times to make sure I got the point. A very tactile man he was.

We carried on through dinner and with only the second point out of the way, time was getting on and there was no way I would be able to finish before the night was out. I then decided to take the bull by the horns.

‘Are you married?’ I asked him.

‘No,’ he said softly. ‘I’m now a widower. My wife died five years ago.’

‘So what do you do for personal comfort?’

‘I take what I can find and be most discreet about it too. Though those times are very far and few because of my position.’ I could see a few tears in his eyes and wondered if this was another gimmick of his but dismissed that thought as I carried on.

‘Would you like to have coffee and a brandy up in my room while we carry on and we’ll see just how far we can go?’

He saw straight away the meaning of the innuendo and he only hesitated for a moment as he looked me in the eye and saw that I knew that he had fully understood what I had implied. His hand then came across the table, him having made up his mind, and covered mine and gave it a squeeze,

‘I would like that. It’s been so long since I’ve been in such pleasant company, and, if you’ll forgive me, one much younger and better looking than myself.’

‘Don’t belittle yourself sir, for the proof of the pudding is in the eating,’ I said and he gave out a chuckle and we left the dining room and went up to where my room was. I was going to ring for some coffee to be sent up but then noticed that the room had been provided with a small percolator and coffee in little sachets as well as sugar and powdered milk. I asked him how he would like his coffee as I set the machine to work and served him up a brandy.

‘I think you’ll find the bed more comfortable than the chair provided,’ I said and so accepting his brandy and sitting down, took a big gulp of it and I knew then that he was as nervous as I was in what was going to happen between a Member of Parliament and an ordinary citizen.

I made the coffee and let it cool a bit as I walked about to finish off the question that I had been propounding on downstairs. It wasn’t until the coffee had been drunk and another brandy poured that I went and sat down beside him.

‘Shall we leave off where we have got so far and start on something else that seems to have cropped up?’ I asked of him, looking him straight in the eye now and was glad to see that he didn’t look away but gave me a smile and a nod. We had already taken our jackets off downstairs and loosened our ties but had carried our coats up with us.

‘Would you like to kiss me?’ I asked as I started to unbutton his shirt.

‘I would indeed for I haven’t met such a handsome young man like yourself, ever.’

‘You’re good looking yourself in spite of the few years between us,’ I replied as I pulled his shirt free from his trousers and helped him off with it.

‘You’re speaking like a politician now,’ he laughed as I took off my own shirt and undid my trousers and shucked them off onto the floor. He had followed suit and divested himself of the rest of his clothing as I did until we were both naked and I rolled him onto the bed and kissed him. His arms came up and held me as he returned them and didn’t object when I broke free and kissed my way down to find that he was erect and took his cock into my mouth. He gave out a gasp and trembled all over at me sucking on him as I fondled his balls. He had a small paunch that wasn’t visible when he was on his back but I knew it’s what I would be having when I reached his age. I didn’t stay long on the end of his cock and moved back up the bed to lay on my side facing him.

‘Would you like to fuck me?’ I asked him softly, giving him a sweet kiss.

‘Yes,’ he said in a hoarse low voice.

‘I haven’t got any condoms,’ I said.

‘I don’t care,’ he said as he gripped my arm, ‘I would just like to have you as we are.’ I smiled at him and moved so that he could rise up and I went onto my knees while he got behind me. He didn’t mess about he was that eager and he was quickly putting himself up into me. As prick’s go, his was no different to the others I’d had but gave out a cry as if it was the biggest I’d ever had pushed inside me. He seemed to come alive at that point and really began in earnest to fuck me which I thoroughly enjoyed. He came too soon for my liking but it was nice to feel hot sperm hit my insides from a bare back rider. He quickly pulled out and left the bed to go and wash himself in the bathroom. He got back onto the bed with a shy smile.

‘Do you want me to fuck you or do you want to suck on me?’ I asked of him. His face went a shade of pink.

‘I…I…don’t really mind, for…I’ve only ever done this twice before and…and, well I’m not sure which I liked better.’ Well at least I’d got an honest answer from a politician for once.

‘Let’s do the fucking and get that out of the way and then later, we can get comfortable by sucking on each other at the same time. It’s more enjoyable that way.’

‘Whatever you say,’ he said meekly. A far different man now in bed as to the one I’d first met in the dining room. ‘Just be gentle is all I ask.’ This gave me food for thought as I didn’t have….but then I thought of the bathroom, and there I found a sachet of face cream that would serve and I took it back into the bedroom and told him to rise up onto his knees.

This he did and I felt him tremble as I got behind him and squeezed some of the cream onto the head of my prick and gently eased myself into him, telling him in a soothing voice all the time to relax. He did and was in him and slid right up till my thighs reached his white cheeks.

‘Wow. That feels great and it only hurt for a second or two,’ he said, his voice carrying a sense of awe in it.

‘Just keep relaxed and enjoy the ride,’ I said as I began to fuck an almost State Minister. That he became one later is another matter for I was still fucking him even then. I was kind to him and gently rode myself up in his backside and only gripped him at the end as I came in my usual flurry of bursts which brought forth an exclamation that he felt it.

To give him his due, he cried out at my withdrawal and said afterwards that it wasn’t pain that made him cry out but the loss of my prick from his backside. This was after I’d washed myself carefully and was back on the bed for us to hold and kiss each other.

He took longer than me to recover so that it was nearly two hours later that I turned round on the bed and took him into my mouth, giving him the opportunity to suck on my tool. This he did with alacrity and followed all my movements of mouth, teeth, gums and tongue in giving the maximum of pleasure I could and then taken what he had to give me from his balls.

He nearly choked on what came out of the eye of my cock and I quickly threw him some tissues to spit my sperm into if he didn’t want to swallow it. I wasn’t going to push him too far in this first encounter but I was as sure as eggs are eggs, this would not be our last coming together in all senses of the word. I think it was a very happy man that fell asleep in my arms that night as he was being cuddled.

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