College Teacher Chapter Four

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First time teacher falls in love with another teacher.
College Teacher. Chapter Four.

Two weeks left of the term and this Monday morning was the first of the exams to see how much they had taken in over the past year. The five questions had been written out weeks earlier and now they were being handed round for them to answer giving them roughly thirty minutes to write down the answers to each. This morning was the fourth year and the fifth in the afternoon.

Tuesday was the sixth year in the morning and the seventh in the afternoon. Here I got a smile from both Thomas and Edward as I passed out their exam papers and fell a tremor go through me as Edward’s hand brushed mine at the passing of the paper, knowing that in three weeks time we would be fucking each other.

Wednesday afternoon was the third year and I waited expectantly for Kit to arrive, but was disappointed that he hadn’t arrived by lights out. The exam papers for his classes, like mine, had been written up earlier and it was the Dean himself who supervised his classes while Kit was absent.

But it was a joy for me that he came into the hall just as we had sat down for lunch. I would just loved to have kissed him welcome back but had to content myself with just giving his hand a squeeze as he sat down next to me. He told me during the meal that they had buried his father the day before and that his elder brother had now inherited the Knighthood. This was news to me for he’d never mentioned before that his was a titled family with its own estate and lands. But this didn’t alter my love for him for he could have been a king for all I cared and that if he had of been, I would have been his queen.

Then the thought struck me of what I had just said to myself and realised that I had cast myself into the role of being the female of us pair. Maybe that was why I liked having him on top of me and doing the kissing of me and having him act the role of the seducer. This brought forth the vision of Pauline who was definitely the woman in his relationship with Dick, dressing up in the feminine underwear. What would I look like wearing the same things? I didn’t know then but would find out a month later.

Back in our sitting room after lunch, we clung to each other, kissing like it was going out of fashion and let him cry in my arms, the first tears he had shed he told me afterwards for he knew that I would be the only one to give him the comfort he needed. We couldn’t stay and make love for we still both had classes to attend but promised that we would make up for lost time that night. So with a few more kisses, we broke apart and, after him wiping his face, we went off to our duties.

We were both fidgety during supper and couldn’t wait to get to our rooms and quickly strip each other of our clothes and fall onto a bed in a close embrace. Both us up and ready and we quickly had a mouthful each, sucking and chewing till our release.

‘God, I’ve missed you so much,’ he said to me as we lay in each other’s arms, stroking my face. ‘So much that I even began looking at the serving maids who I think would have jumped at the chance of being of service to me.’

‘I’m glad you didn’t,’ I said, ‘for I don’t think I could stand you being hooked by a woman and leaving me.’

‘I don’t think you went without completely with me being gone,’ he said.

‘How say you?’ I replied, looking up into his face.

‘You’ve been reading too many historical books to use those words. I heard that Hawkins stood in for me at the weekend.’

‘Oh,’ was all I could say.

‘In more than one way I shouldn’t wonder.’

‘Oh Kit! I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself. You weren’t there and he…he wanted it as much as I did. Don’t be angry with me please.’

‘I’m not angry Colin,’ he said, giving me another kiss as he stroked my face for he was lying on top of me and supporting himself on his elbows. ‘I gather he asked you about the week’s hiking being offered?’

‘Yes. He did ask me, but I said it was up to you,’ I replied.

‘Didn’t he tell you he’d already asked me?’


‘And? What did you say?’

‘That we would go then as you’d already agreed.’ He smiled down at me and gave me another rather long kiss.

‘I think it will be fun. Then you can try out young Fontaine.’

‘Have you had him already?’ I asked, almost dislodging him off of me.

‘Not exactly. That weekend they were at the camp. You know, when you found them fucking each other. Well, I also met him in the woods and before I knew it, he was down on his knees sucking on me. So I finished up face fucking him and then let him do the same to me.’

‘So that’s how Hawkins knew that we were lovers then,’ I said.

‘I’m afraid so, but they won’t say anything and look what we’ll be getting of out it. A whole fortnight of debauchery.’

‘A fortnight? I thought it was just for a week of hiking and camping over the moors,’ I said.

‘Yes. Then another week at the Manor.’

‘What will we do in that week?’ I asked.

‘I’m sure that they will come up with something,’ he said. ‘Talking of something coming up….’ He didn’t need to finish the sentence for we both knew and felt to what he was referring and so he rolled off me and found a condom and quickly rolled it down on my erection and assumed his position and it was nice to hold his hips again. I pushed my cock into what I’m sure it now felt to be its rightful home and fucked him and cried out in joy of coming inside the man I loved. Then I had the pleasure of having my husband do the same to me.

Husband? How did that thought jump into my mind? Was it because of the thought reference I had earlier of him being a king and me his queen. Husband. I rolled the word round in my mind as he was moving his cock in and out of me. Well I was now acting the part of a woman by having my man fuck me. The fact that it wasn’t a vagina didn’t make any difference, I was being fucked by the man I loved and ergo, I must be the woman for I loved it when he was doing exactly what he was doing now. I cried out in delight at bringing myself to terms with my own sexuality and therefore I would forever act the role as his wife and bow down to his wishes and serve him as he dictated.

I loved his throbbing cock inside me and gurgled with pleasure as he held me tight and came inside the condom and even though I cried out in dismay at his withdrawal, I quickly turned round and pulled off that rubber to suck and squeeze out was left of his sperm to savour the taste before swallowing the little that had remained inside his iron rod. There was no more sex that night for he was tired from his journey and we soon were asleep.

Friday morning was my last class exam, that being the second year’s, and I’d already marked up Monday’s and Tuesday’s and would take these from today plus Wednesday’s and Thursday’s with me to the camp and mark them up over the weekend.

I wasn’t surprised to note that my Thomas Hawkins had come out top in his class for he must have hung on to ever word I had spoken throughout the whole year. Edward Fontaine had come a close second, so I think they would be pleased with this.

In the afternoon, I took the barest of supplies to the tent for this would be the last weekend of the term as most of them would be leaving for their summer holidays on the following Saturday.

The boys were as exuberant as ever but more so I think with this being their last swimming till next term as they were led to the camp. Where, as soon as we entered the clearing, were stripping their clothes off and jumping into the water. They had a lovely weekend as did Kit and I.

After being well and truly fucked by him I told him of what I had been thinking over the last few days that I had come to the decision to be the wife in our relationship and I would do all that he told me to without question. This statement, which resulted me in getting a multitude of kisses from him and also brought on another aspect which transpired towards the end of the holidays. But for the moment, I was on my back with him on top kissing me and telling me how much he loved me, which I loved to hear and then said the same to him.

So the weekend passed with us making love at night after getting the boys to bed after spending most of the daylight hours in the water. The last week of term was for sports and not teaching. Inter-house football, cricket, rugby and hockey out on the playing fields. Our house, overall, came second in the games and also second place in the academic stakes.

As expected, Hawkins was named the top student of the year and had the honour of making what was a traditional speech of thanks to all the teachers and kitchen and cleaning staff at our final supper on the Friday night and after being there for seven years, wished that he could have stayed for another seven. He made me embarrassed by pointing out with his accolades, that as a teacher in his first year, I had done exceptional well and was to be applauded. This the whole college did making my face go red as I stood up and give him a bow to show my thanks.

‘Would he have said that of me if I had fucked him?’ Kit asked me in a whisper as I sat back down.

‘Shut up,’ I hissed back, my face still red, even more from what he had just said.

We were back in our sitting room and not really surprised when Hawkins and Fontaine asked for permission to enter and speak to us. They thanked us for the teaching over the year and re-iterated the offer for the weekend at the Manor as he called it.

‘Don’t bother with bringing dress clothes for dinner, we’ve plenty there to fit you out. Saves on the baggage. So we’ll see you in a fortnight’s time then?’ Hawkins said. To this we agreed and got a good smile back from both of them as we agreed and I got a swift kiss on the cheek from both Thomas and Edward as we shook hands to say goodbye to them both.

‘So another is seeking the favours of my wife,’ Kit said smirking at me after the two boys had gone.

‘After two weeks with them, you’ll probably have three wives on your hands,’ I retorted.

‘I doubt it. Are you looking forward to it?’ he asked.

‘Some ways yes and some ways no. I’d rather really spend the whole six weeks with you on some lonely deserted island where we could stay naked all day and make love in the sun on a beach. Now that would be my ideal holiday.’

‘We’ll do that next year then,’ he smiled at me and held open his arms for me to move into them for a kiss.

We had something similar that first week of the holidays after seeing off the boys by spending it by the pool in the woods. Swimming and lying about naked and making love out in the open instead of in the tent. Half of the following week too as we packed up the four tents that the boys had used. We even moved out tent to a new patch of grass to allow where ours had been standing for a year, time to regenerate itself. We were now both of us bronzed all over without any white patches and really looked healthy. We’d even done some Greek wrestling. Covering our naked bodies with oil and then doing battle by the pool to see who could throw the other in first. All slippery as we were, it didn’t look as though either of us would win except he cheated by grabbing my cock and balls in a grip and twisting them to force me back till I fell in.

Still, it was a lovely time with just the two of us, having fun and me getting to have him fuck me at least twice a day when I wasn’t sucking on his piece of meat that was now my totem.

We left the college very early on the Friday morning for we had two trains to catch to get us up to Flakestone Manor, North Yorkshire, where the Hawkins’ lived.

It took us nearly twelve hours to get to Flakestone Manor out in the middle of the North Yorkshire Moors, this last stage being by taxi from our main station of arrival. Hawkins had given us a detailed map giving us the directions which the driver was able to follow. It was expensive, but worth it, for we would never have found the place had we been driving.

It was a place of hodgepodge design being a quarter Elizabethan, a quarter Georgian and half Victorian, all having had the periods added to the first as the family’s wealth had increased as well as the inhabitants themselves. Set in a fold of low hills that I think should give it some protection during the winter months, it still had some spectacular views through the small little valleys that these hills created.

The Georgian part of the Manor had taken precedence over the other styles as being the entrance and it was by a short flight of steps of a pillared portico that the driver pulled up, giving a toot on his horn as he did so.

Young Hawkins himself came bounding down the steps first followed by Fontaine and two liveried servants.

‘Bang on time,’ Thomas said as we emerged from the taxi. ‘You lost Edward and have to pay the forfeit,’ he cried as he half turned to Fontaine who looked crestfallen at this piece of news. We didn’t find out what this forfeit was till a week later. It was only handshakes as a greeting because of the servants who were getting our things from the vehicle. Kit paid and we were led into the Manor and shown up a large staircase to the second floor, there only being the two, but it still held a multitude of bedrooms.

We were shown into one each and Thomas drew me to one side and whispered that it would be advisable to spend half the night in each bed but be back in the right one by seven at the latest.

‘Now you’ve just time for a bath before dressing for dinner. Drinks first at half six. I’ve taken a guess at your sizes, but there are a few suits in each wardrobe that should fit. When you’re ready, give that bell a ring,’ which he indicated, ‘and Victor will come and fetch you. I’m so pleased that you came,’ he smiled at both of us before leaving.

‘Well let’s have that bath and dress for I’m dying for a drink,’ Kit said. He came and gave me a kiss and I told him what Thomas had said to me about the sleeping arrangements and he smiled. ‘Then we’ll have to do just that,’ he said as he went through the connecting door that Victor had shown us that led to the other bedroom. I had my bath and found a dinner suit that fitted me and was just trying to tie the bow when Kit returned ready.

‘I can’t seem to get this tie right,’ I said exasperated, looking at the pathetic attempt in the mirror

‘Let me show you,’ he said, coming up behind me and then showed me how to do it correctly from behind me. His body was up and touching mine as he had his hands round my front to do the tie.

‘Don’t lean in too close Kit,’ I said, ‘or we’ll never get down to dinner.’ He smiled over my shoulder and I saw that the tie was now perfect and so I turned round and gave him a kiss.

‘Thank you,’ I said as I then pressed my groin in close to his.

‘You hussy,’ he smiled. ‘Later. Let’s go for drinks.’

I pressed the bell and a few minutes later, Victor knocked at the door and led us downstairs to a lounge that was at least modern in its décor and we were then introduced to the others that were gathered there.

First there was Lady Elizabeth Hawkins and Sir George Hawkins, mother and father respectively of Thomas. The Reverend Nathaniel Sturgess, his wife Matilda and daughter Cynthia and last, making the party up to ten people, the Right Honourable Reginald Monkton, M.P.

I had been introduced as Doctor Colin Smith and had to explain to each as we talked that it was only an honouree title and was nothing to do with medicine. After being congratulated by Lady Elizabeth and Sir George on how well I had been teaching Thomas his political history, I was collared by the parliamentarian.

‘Are you the fellow who wrote about the English politics?’ he asked as an opener.

‘Yes sir,’ I replied.

‘Damn fine book. Ought to be read by all politicians,’ he said a little bit pompously. ‘What’re your views on the present crisis we’re facing?’

That was it. I was lumbered with him not only during those drinks but at the table and even after when the ladies had retired. He was only a back bencher but still asked some astute questions and I answered them as best I could but adding the rider that not being privy to what was being said privately in the Foreign Office, Home Office and Ten Downing Street, I could only give him my views from what I gleaned from the newspapers and foreign magazines. Even so, I must have really made an impression on him which later drew me right into the inner sphere of British politics. But that was to come later in the following year. He was staying at the Manor till Sunday and I had him as a constant companion the whole time and so never really got to talk to any of the others that whole time. Sir George later apologised that my first weekend should have been spoilt by the M.P.

It was Kit who called a halt to our first night there by asking if we could be excused early for it had been a tiresome journey and were quite ready to sleep the sleep of the just. Our host and hostess agreed and we had Victor show us the way back to our rooms, pointing out where breakfast would be served, in the morning room and that tea would be brought to our rooms at seven in the morning.

We thanked him and he left us and I felt the sudden relief from being away from our Reginald Monkton.

‘You look tired,’ Kit said, ‘and that’s why I asked for us to be excused because you seemed to be getting quite an ear bashing from that fellow down there.’

‘Thanks,’ I said, ‘I’ll admit I’m tired, but not so much that I can’t give my husband his tonic for the night.’ He smiled at that and came over to me and kissed me and pressed his groin up to mine.

‘You are the most wonderful tonic that any doctor had ever prescribed. Let’s go to bed and we’ll sample the tonic together.’

As we were in my room, we undressed and spent the first half of the night in my bed as I went up onto my knees and had my husband have his way with me. Not only was it a tonic, but his prick moving in and out of my backside was a balm and soothed me from the irritation of that pompous bore. His hands on my hips and feeling the slap of his thighs against my rear had a calming effect as though we were back in our college rooms.

He then gave me the thrill of holding me very tight and pulling me back onto him and feeling him swell up inside me as he came in his pumping jerks. Though I hated it when he pulled out of me, leaving that space vacant, I quickly turned round and got the condom off to be able to suck on his still hard cock, licking round the head and getting out of the eye what sperm was left.

Having messed up my bed enough, we left it and he gathered up his clothes and went through to his room and got onto his bed where he presented me with his backside for me to stuff my cock in and fuck him. Which I did to our mutual pleasure and then we kissed and cuddled together till we fell asleep.

Like at college, we were awake around six in the morning and with only just a brief kiss to each other, we adopted the sixty nine position and had the joy of sucking on that hardest erection of the day and taking the contents into our mouths to swallow like a Whitstable oyster.

I was in my own bed when a maid brought in the morning tea and ran the bath water for me before leaving me to bathe and then dress myself. I collected Kit from his room and we went down for breakfast and was pleased to see that only Thomas and Edward were there and taking their advice, ate quickly so that we could get out before any of the others came down.

‘Did you have a nice night?’ Edward asked with a shy smile.

‘Perfect,’ said Kit. ‘The doctor knows just the right kind of medicine to give me for a good night’s sleep.’ I went a bit red in the face at this being spoken of at the table.

‘Then I hope that the good doctor will prescribe some for me when we go camping,’ he said with another open smile at me.

‘I need some of my own medicine myself to keep me going,’ I replied using the same innuendo.

‘We’ll see to that Colin, won’t we Edward?’ Thomas said through a mouthful of scrambled egg.

‘Mmmm,’ he mumbled through his mouthful.

That morning, afternoon and Sunday too, I got my first lessons in horse riding. By the latter afternoon, I could canter but still not control the horse properly and wasn’t let out of the paddock at all which led me to be a spectator as I watched the other three put their horses through their paces. This lack of horsemanship led me to play a role later that I thoroughly enjoyed later on in our stay.

Even though I loved Kit to bits and really enjoyed the fucking of each other over the weekend, I couldn’t help but wait for the Monday when we would go camping and get to have and be had by Edward Fontaine as well as have Thomas again.

The morning came and after breakfast, dressed ready for hiking, we were shown an ordinance survey map which showed where the Manor was and, marked on the map, were the places where we expected to spend each night on our week’s tramping about.

I remarked, when we set off that we were not carrying tents and it gave Edward a laugh as Thomas told me that two of the servants had an exact copy of the map and would have the tent set up ready for us as well as preparing and serving us dinner. So all we carried was a change of underwear, socks and water and food for our lunch.

Now the Yorkshire Moors are a lovely place to trek about if you are a dedicated rambler, but roughly twelve miles a day for a week was enough for me for a long time to come. The best part of which was the sight of the erected tent towards the end of the afternoons. Lunch had come and gone and we could see the tent on our first day and it was a glad sight because for me for it meant a rest, a good meal and then sex. Though I wouldn’t have minded the latter in any order. As it was, during our walk in the afternoon, Edward dropped down alongside of me and took hold of my hand.

‘I’m glad that you agreed to come Colin,’ he said. ‘I was most jealous when I found out that Thomas had been able to take the place of Kit at the college camp site. After we had found out that you and Kit were like us, I most desperately wanted you. Like Thomas, I think we both wanted you to make love to us at our first seeing you. Did you enjoy having Thomas?’

‘No more than being with Kit,’ I replied and following up on what he had just said, continued. ‘But I’ve been looking forward to this so that we could get together for ever since I saw your bed empty and you in with Thomas, I wanted to share a bed with you.’ He gave my hand a squeeze and a lovely smile.

‘Then it will be us together tonight and I can’t wait,’ and so he held my hand until we came in sight of the tent. As Thomas had said, the two servants had driven up in two vehicles and had erected the tent for us and even a portable shower. What amazed me was that they had even erected two beds inside the big tent and as we drew closer, began setting up a table and chairs and when we actually got there, drinks were served immediately while one started to cook on a portable stove.

We shrugged off our rucksacks and gratefully sat down and drank the large iced gin and tonic straight down and had it instantly replenished.

There was no coyness about Thomas when he’d finished his drink but stood up and took all his clothes off and naked in front of us and the servants, went and stood under this shower contraption and soaked himself before using the soap provided and when finished, took the proffered towel to dry himself before going into the tent to get dressed in fresh clothes. His discarded ones had been picked up and put into a wicker basket in the back of one of the jeeps. When he’d finished with the shower, Edward took his clothes off to shower and so it seemed the thing to do and so when he’d finished, I followed by undressing until I was in my original birthday suit and had that refreshing shower. A towel was given to me by one of the servants who didn’t seem to turn a hair at my and the others’ nakedness which showed that he’d seen it all before.

I recognised one of my shirts and so knew which was my pile and got dressed and left the tent just as Kit entered. There was another drink waiting for me as well as the delightful aroma of food that was nearly ready to be eaten.

The table had been re-laid with a fresh cloth and glasses and cutlery placed out with napkins and a chilled bottle of wine that had just been opened. The others waited till Kit appeared before the wine was poured and a few minutes following that, we were served with our dinner.

I don’t think a gourmet cook could have produced a better meal than that which was cooked on this portable stove. It was delicious and the wine went down a treat. So much so that I think we went through eight bottles at that sitting.

When we’d eaten enough, I heard the elderly of the two servants say to Thomas that everything was in its usual place and that they would be back at seven thirty to see to breakfast. With that, the two men got into the jeeps and drove off. The silence of the moors seemed even louder after the noise of the vehicles had dissipated.

‘Well what do you think of the set up?’ Thomas asked of us. It was Kit who answered.

‘Delightful and most unexpected, but only two beds in the tent,’ he said with a smile. ‘Do Colin and I sleep outside?’ This brought forth a laugh as was intended.

‘No. We have to share for bodily warmth as it can get chilly out here at night.’ We talked a bit more between us and then, all of a sudden, there was only Edward and myself sitting at the table.

‘It looks like they’re making up for lost time Colin,’ he said to me with a shaky laugh. Kit and I had, when we first arrived at the Manor insisted that our Christian names were used. At college where we were called Sir and they by their surnames was now of the past for we were now equals out in the world and therefore we were to be called Kit and Colin and they, Edward and Thomas. ‘I’m feeling a bit nervous now,’ he continued. It was now getting a bit on the dark side and I could see that a lantern was lit inside the tent and with him saying what he had, now made me feel a little nervous too.

‘Me as well, but let’s go in and see what they are doing and follow suit,’ I said as I stood up and gave him my hand which he took as he got up and we went into the tent together.

‘It seems they’ve already started,’ he said still with that tremor in his voice for we could see that both Kit and Thomas were naked on one of the beds and were kissing each other.

‘If you can’t beat them, join them,’ I said and began to get undressed and after a slight hesitation, so did Edward. I got onto the empty bed and watched as Edward finally took off his underpants and wasn’t surprised to see that he already had an erection. He took my hand with a shy smile and got onto the bed with me and came into my arms for our first kiss. It was clumsy at first but after a few minutes, it became a bit more passionate as we rubbed our bodies together and felt each other’s erection against our thighs. A quick glance showed that the other two were ahead of us for Kit was just about to shove his condomed prick up into Thomas.

‘I’ve been dreaming of this night for a long time now Colin. Will you fuck me like you did Thomas?’ Edward asked.

‘I’d love to for I too have been wanting to have you for a long time,’ I replied and he reached under the pillow and brought out a condom for me to use, though he took it out of the wrapper and as I lay on my back, paused for a moment to look at my brown body and then slowly putting his hand out to take hold of my cock.

‘It’s just how I imagined it would look like when hard,’ he said. ‘When I saw you swimming, I knew that it would be much bigger than it was then.’ He stroked it again.

‘Why don’t you kiss it first,’ I said softly and the look he flashed to me showed that he was delighted at the suggestion and so he moved down and placed his lips on the partly exposed head of my cock in a kiss. ‘You can suck it as well,’ I suggested, and as he had it there under his lips, he opened his mouth and took in the head. I gave out a sigh as his mouth closed over it and I felt the heat surround it and increase my heart rate to cause it to throb even more than it was doing already. I gave out a sigh as I watched his head bob up and down a few times before he lifted his own head to release me and take in a deep breath,

‘Wow!’ was all he said as he then rolled the condom down over my length and then came and lay back down beside me. ‘I nearly came just doing that,’ he said, his eyes sparkling and I pulled his head and kissed him.

‘Well don’t come too early for I want to have your cock too you know,’ I said as I moved and helped him up onto his knees and I saw him look over to the other bed and so I did too and saw that Kit was really moving his cock in and out of Thomas’ backside to some evident pleasure from the look on Kit’s face and the gurgles of delight from Thomas.

‘Now relax and enjoy,’ I said to Edward as I got between his legs and positioned my cock up between the cleft of his bum. For what we are about to receive I muttered to myself as I placed both hands on his hips and pushed my cock up into Edward’s backside. There was a slight resistance at first but overcame that and pushed myself right in to his gasp and felt his muscle twitching like mad. I settled the cheeks of his bum up against my thighs first, loving the feeling of his body heat surrounding my cock before I began to move and fuck him.

Having now had lots of practice at this, I wasn’t like a bull in a china shop on the rampage, but took my time at first in my slow movements of sliding my cock in and out of him, pulling back just far enough to expand his ring piece before sliding back inside.

‘Oh God, this is lovely,’ came the muffled voice of him beneath me. ‘Don’t, don’t ever stop,’ he pleaded, but, I tried my best to hold out as long as I could in my shafting of him, being as gentle as I could on this first foray into his field. I was coming and nothing could have stopped this and so my movements became faster as I began to ram harder into him, pulling him back as I did so, to his delight. Then I gripped him hard and held him fast up to my thighs as I came and pumped out my seed. It sounded like he said heavenly bliss as I came jerkily into him, and it was followed with a big sigh as I came to a stop and then he gave out a cry as I pulled out.

I got off the bed and found a box of tissues all ready and used some to pull off the condom and then got back onto the bed where he had fallen down onto his front and stroked his back and the bum that I’d just had my prick in.

‘Oh Colin,’ he said as he rolled over and put up his arms and pulled me down for a kiss. There were tears on his cheeks and I felt them as our lips met. ‘That was the most best loving I’ve ever had,’ he cried as more tears ran down his face. ‘I hope Thomas learns how to make love like this.’

Bloody hell, I thought. You two have been fucking each other for three years now and I’ve only been doing it for one, what has he been doing wrong? Well we had a week to sort this out. As it happened, we had two weeks but that’s jumping ahead slightly.

I hadn’t been aware of the other two but now I saw that Kit had finished with the fucking of Thomas and they were lying together and kissing so I did the same with Edward.

‘Now, it’s your turn to show me what you can do,’ I said to Edward once the tears had dried up and reached as he had done, under the pillow and found a stack of condoms but only pulled one out and pushed him over onto his back. I looked at him and his eyes were really shining and it wasn’t from the tears. I then looked properly at his erection lying up on his stomach and saw, really for the first time that he’d been circumcised. It fascinated me for this was the first time that I’d really seen one close up. The lack of foreskin that seemed to make the head bigger than it really was. It was rigid and I could see it throbbing away gently to his heart beat and I bent my head down and kissed it before lifting it up and taking him into my mouth. I heard him give a gasp as my lips firmly fixed themselves round it and ran my tongue all over the head.

I didn’t linger there or he would have shot his load too early and I now wanted it up inside me, so I quickly rolled the condom down on it before he got too excited and got up onto my knees to wait for him.

I glanced over and saw that Thomas was already inside Kit and going hell for leather in his fucking of my husband beneath him. Then I felt Edward’s hand on my hip and gave a shiver as I felt the head of his cock nuzzle my entrance and then he pushed and he filled me, much to my delight of having a new cock inside to fuck me.

Like Thomas, he fucked with gusto and not finesse, but a fuck is a fuck and I enjoyed having him ream my insides with his young but rampant cock. He shuddered more than I did when he came, crying out quite loud as he did so and fell onto my back panting and so I squeezed to hold him there as I slowly lowered myself down onto the bed so that he could then lay full length on me while still being inside.

‘How’s this?’ I asked out of the corner of my mouth as I lay face down on the pillow.

‘Fantastic,’ he breathed into my ear, ‘just absolutely fantastic.’ I gave him a few more squeezes around his cock and made him move a bit while still inside and on top of me. We lay silent for a little while like this until he finally roused himself up and I eased my bum to allow him to pull out without leaving the condom behind which had already happened once with me.

When Edward had gotten rid of his condom, he came back onto the bed and smothered my face with kisses, vowing to love me forever. Of this I tried to explain, was like two ships passing in the night, briefly meeting each other in a vast ocean, coming together and then passing on for them to again encounter another later in the voyage of life. The lantern was finally extinguished and we went to sleep, Edward in my arms and Thomas in Kit’s.

I woke up early as usual and eased myself round on the bed so that I was now top to tail with Edward and saw that he had an erection like mine but was still asleep. So I gave him his wake up call by taking him into my mouth and felt him stir and come awake to be presented with the sight of mine beneath his nose.

He avidly took me into his mouth to copy me and we had a lovely little session of sucking on each other until we came, both of us swallowing the night’s accumulation of sperm that the balls had generated whilst we slept. I think he enjoyed sucking on my cock as much as I did on his and he was full of the joys of spring from that moment on.

While we were taking it in turn for our shower, the two servants turned up in their jeeps and began preparing breakfast for us.

‘Did you enjoy Thomas?’ I finally got to ask Kit.

‘Very much so,’ he grinned, ‘and you with Edward?’

‘Yes. You’ll like him he’s so ready to learn.’ That’s all we had time to ask of each other until we were back out on the moors hiking. With breakfast over, we left the servants to pack everything away and transport it to the next scheduled stop a further twelve miles away. Now this was my kind of camping. Having somebody else doing the erecting of tents and cooking the meals and clearing up afterwards. Not to mention a clean set of clothes being brought out every day and our soiled stuff being taken back for washing. I would have been quite happy to have stayed in the one place for the week and taken it in turns to fuck both of the boys as I still thought of them As it was, I now had to tramp another twelve miles before I got round to having a good session with Thomas once again. That I could see Kit having it off with somebody else didn’t faze me but I wondered how he viewed seeing me, his wife designate, being fucked by another man? I then thought that if he’d had any objections we wouldn’t have come on this expedition.

So that night after our meal, Thomas took my hand and led me into the tent and over to the other bed than the one I had slept on with Edward and we held each and kissed before he undressed me, going down onto his knees to take me in his mouth when he pulled down my underpants. It was only a few short sucks, but enough to start the ball rolling and generating life into the old todger, though it didn’t really need it for he was already up and raring to go.

‘It seems ages since we got together in a tent Colin,’ he said as we got onto the bed. ‘I’ve been counting the days as has Edward for he has wanted you to make love to him as long as I had and now he’s had his wish and I’m going to get a repeat. Make love to me now Colin, please. I’ve been waiting so long for this night again with you.’ He then kissed me passionately before getting a condom out and putting it on my erection. He went onto his knees and begged me to be as rough as I could so that he would feel that I’ve been inside him the whole of next day.

So I did just that by ramming myself into his backside and almost made it rape I fucked him so hard, making him cry out in both pain and pleasure and even he had tears in eyes after I’d finished fucking him.

‘God, I love you,’ he said when we’d finished and laid back to get our breathing back to normal. ‘If ever you part from Kit, please, I beg of you, give me first refusal in your next choice of partner.’ I said that I would if I ever had reason to break up with Kit.

Then it was my turn to have him once again behind me to give me pleasure by having a big cock stuck up into me. It’s a pleasure that even now, quite a few years later that I still like to be fucked by anyone willing to take me on. But this night was for Thomas and he delighted in shafting me and then us having oral sex for dessert. This was repeated in the morning and he was as happy as a lark afterwards.

So that’s how the week went with Kit and I alternating between the two of them, fucking them and getting fucked in return as well as the sucking, kissing and stroking of flaccid cocks to raise them up once again for more.