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College Teacher. Chapter Six.

First time teacher falls in love with another teacher.
College Teacher. Chapter Six.

I was awake before him but let him sleep until he woke up himself and I gave him a sweet smile and kissed him good morning.

‘You’re not ashamed of we did last night are you?’ but I put a finger to his lips to stop him from answering that wrong question. ‘For I am certainly not, for I enjoyed what we did. You needed the release from the pressures you’re always under and I was here to help you in that. It was my fault for I wanted you to have me and so don’t think badly of yourself but be happy in that you gave me also just what I needed to help you with the questions that I haven’t even got round to yet. Now give me a kiss and then let’s have a shower, get dressed and have breakfast for I’m starving.’

‘But I can’t go down into the club’s dining room with you,’ he said with a trace of panic in his eyes.

‘No problem,’ I said as I rolled over and picked up the phone.

‘Doctor Smith,’ I said when it was answered at the other end. ‘I had a private dining room for dinner last night. I’d like it available in half an hour’s time for a guest. Yes, that’s right, breakfast for two in the same room in half an hour. Oh, you might as well book me that room for lunch and dinner too, for my guest and I have a lot to discuss, Yes, thank you. Settled,’ I said to him as I put the phone down. ‘Now let’s have that shower and go down and eat, though I know what I’d like to go down on to eat,’ I said as I gave his cock a flick and smiled as I got out of bed and went into the bathroom to use the toilet. While I crapped, he showered and I was able to clean my teeth too and then had my shower while he did what he had to do and soon we were dressed and made our way separately downstairs. Me to the private dining room and him to the desk to be announced as my guest for breakfast. The ruse worked and soon we were eating together and afterwards, picked up where we had left off the night before.

Lunch came and then dinner while I still spoke and back to bed together where he was much more free in himself to really enjoy our coming together, and so we went on this way for the whole week.

Though I had come to the end of his questions on the fifth day, the next two were spent in debate of rebuttals and so forth and we virtually hammered out what the Government’s stand should be in regard to its foreign policy.

On our last morning in bed after helping each other out of our morning erections by way of mouth we lay for a few minutes before getting up.

‘There will be a general election in May and we’re odds on favourite to be the next party in power. Would you leave the college and come and work in the Foreign Office with me for I’ve been guaranteed to have that position I now hold in the Shadow Cabinet?’ he asked.

‘No,’ I said flatly.

‘But you have a good brain and you’ve given me enough ammunition over this week to tie them in knots and it will most certainly bring about their downfall.’

‘William. The answer is no, and that is final. I will not leave the teaching of past politics and I will not become involved of having to tell lies to cover up the truth.’

‘We don’t tell lies. Just half truths and then prevaricate if we can’t think of a good excuse,’ he grinned.

I had now really come to like William over this past week and seeing him change from a bluff and hearty insecure man to one who now seemed as if he had obtained some inner strength and could now talk freely to me.

‘Colin,’ he continued, propping himself to look down at me. ‘I’ve come to like you very much over this week. Damn it! There I go again in telling half truths. I have really loved being with you and secretly have fallen in love with you though I know that you already have your love back at the college, I’m most grateful for the love you have unstintingly given to me. You’ve made a better man of me that has come to realise where his faults and strength lies.’

Was he bullshitting me or for once speaking the truth I wondered?

‘Okay,’ he carried on. ‘You won’t come into politics but would at least consider helping me by becoming my advisor? At a salary of course.’

‘You mean become a spin doctor?’

‘I hate that term, but basically yes. You seem to have that uncanny instinct to get right down to the dirty bottom of other people’s machinations and come up with the right answer.’

‘To that I can say yes,’ I replied.

‘Shall we seal the agreement with a kiss?’

‘Oh no,’ I cried. ‘To mangle up Oscar Wilde, not with a kiss but with a sword,’ I said as I stroked his penis which was now rising up nicely to my touch. He smiled at my suggestion and was quick to get up onto his knees for me to use my sword, which I placed into his scabbard and really let him know what it was really like to be fucked, though when it came round to me having him up inside me, I wondered really who was fucking whom in what I had let myself in for.

We kissed at the bedroom door and promised to keep in touch and I didn’t see him for another eight months until the new Government had settled in for as he had said, he helped bring the existing Government down in their inability to settle or give adequate answers to the searching questions that he used to destroy the current Prime Minister at question time.

I got to Penton Hall at about three thirty in the afternoon and hadn’t known that Kit lived in such a fine place. Well did live, for he seemed to spend more time at the college than anywhere else, but it was his real home. The Hall itself was Georgian but built in a rather modest fashion of only two floors and none of the columns at the front that some had added in Regency times.

It was about half a mile from the road and it didn’t have big stone pillars to mark the entrance but more of just a gap between low walls with only a small sign to give the place its name. We crossed a cattle grid there so they obviously had some wild life in the grounds and I learned that where this was, were some sensors that alerted the Hall that a vehicle was approaching for as we came to a halt outside the main door, Kit was already there to greet me.

We shook hands though I think he would have liked to kiss me but with the taxi driver and now a manservant being there, I knew he would wait till I was shown into my room before doing so. I paid the driver and with Kit’s arm over my shoulder, we followed the man with my bag up into the Hall and into a surprisingly small circular hall that had four doors leading off and a staircase going up on the left hand side in a curve. The hall didn’t have a ceiling as such, but a dome of glass that had one massive chandelier hanging down from the centre.

We went up to the second floor through the only set of doors there and then turned left along a large carpeted corridor that then turned to the right and the second door along on the left was opened and my bag taken inside and the manservant left us and closed the door behind him.

Only then did we move into each other’s arms and kissed in a proper greeting. It was several minutes before I was really able to see my room and noted that it was a double sized bed and had the usual other furnishings and two windows that overlooked green lawns with fields beyond.

‘My, it’s grand to see you Colin,’ he said, still hugging me. ‘It’s been a miserable week for me without you.’

‘I feel the same for all I’ve been talking about is politics for the whole week,’ I lied. ‘I was glad to get away.’

‘That’s the bathroom over there and this door connects to my room,’ he said as he led me through it to where he slept. ‘I’ve really missed you,’ he said as we stopped by the bed and he began to undo the buttons of my shirt. ‘I’ve been driving myself mad with wanting you in bed beside me.’

‘I’ve missed you too,’ I said hoarsely, taking over the undressing of myself while he took his clothes off. Both of us had erections we saw when naked and they met as we came together to fall on the bed and kiss each other as we writhed about. ‘Get a condom on for I want you inside me,’ I said, breaking free from our clinch and made myself ready as he quickly found a rubber and put it on and got behind me. His hand was familiar to my hip and I quivered as I felt the head of his cock touch my bum and relaxed and let him enter me.

Though it was less than twelve hours that I had a male penis inside me, I loved it because it was his and I drooled as he slid right in and held me tight to his thighs before moving.

‘God, I’ve missed this,’ he crooned as he began to slowly fuck me and I loved every inch of his tool that soothed my insides from my burning desire that had built up on seeing him again.

Absence might make the heart grow fonder but abstinence doesn’t make sex last longer, for he was only inside me for a couple of minutes before he started to come, moving faster until he held me fast as he came. The head of his cock swelling and his short pumping as he ground himself into me until he stopped and paused before pulling out.

I whimpered at this and turned round after he’d pulled the condom off and pulled him down onto the bed in a reverse position for me to suck on him. My erection was stiff and hard and he took me into his mouth and worked on me till I came, where we then moved again to kiss and share my sperm that he had held in his mouth for us both to swallow what was left.

We lay for some time in each other’s arms, kissing, stroking and whispering sweet love words to each other until he roused himself to look at his bedside clock.

‘Time for a shower and getting dressed for dinner,’ he said. ‘I’ve laid out evening dress for you and I’ll come and fix your tie. Oh, I’ve also brought your, er, special clothes from the college. I didn’t want to leave them there in case a cleaner found them.’ I smiled my thanks and got off the bed, having my bum lightly smacked as I did so. I gathered up my clothes and went through to my room and went and had a shower and then got dressed. I tried to tie the bow of the black tie but still couldn’t do it properly so left it for him to do when he was ready.

I looked round the room and saw a suitcase by the side of the wardrobe and went and opened it to find my two dresses and underwear inside and two shoe boxes. These I hadn’t seen before and so I opened them to find, most obviously, shoes, but female ones. One high heeled pair and one with shorter heels and both were of my size and smiled at him really wanting me to look like a woman. I quickly slipped off the shoes I was wearing and put on the high heeled pair and when I stood up in them, nearly fell over. My balance was all wrong and it really put a strain of my calves when I stood up straight. I took a few steps and nearly fell over again as I teetered about the room. At this point Kit came into the room and laughed.

‘I see you found them,’ he said as I tottered over to him and fell into his arms to hold me upright.

‘Christ! How do women walk in these things. Thank you darling,’ I said as I gave him a kiss. ‘I think I’d better practice with the other pair first,’ as I slipped them off and put them back in their box. ‘It was a nice thought but has made me realise that I didn’t stop to buy any Christmas presents,’ I said a little crestfallen.

‘Don’t worry about that,’ he said as he steered me across to the mirror where he stood behind me and did my tie for me perfectly.

‘Must practice at doing this some time,’ I said and smiled at his reflection, ‘though what you have bought tells me that it’s the shoes I should perfect first.’ He laughed.

‘Let’s go down and meet the family before dinner.’

He led the way and into a lovely room where other people were have pre dinner drinks and I was introduced to his mother Lady Carson. His brother, now Sir Phillip Carson since the death of their father, his wife who was now also Lady Carson, but called Lady Clare to tell the difference. Then his sister Sara and her husband, Trevor Brightwell.

Kit got me a drink and I made small talk with the family and they were a little impressed that I had a doctorate. I sat next to Kit at the dining table and answered all the questions put to me throughout the meal and after that I was ignored which suited me for they only seemed to be interested in themselves. Kit apologised later and said that maybe now I realised why he’d rather spend most of his time at college.

I let a suitable time elapse after dinner before begging to retire after having travelled all day and Kit whispered that he would be up as soon as he could. I went up to my room and took my clothes off and hung them in the wardrobe and being naked, looked at the suitcase and thought that I would get dressed up for Kit and please him.

I locked the bedroom door and got out the white underwear and got an erection as I pulled on the nylon stockings and then with the bra on, paraded myself before the mirror. I brushed my long hair now round to frame my face and looked quite good, even with my cock sticking out in front of me. I then put on the shorter heeled shoes and found that I could walk better in these and began moving about to get used to them. I also managed to get my hips to swing slightly as I walked but I couldn’t tell if it looked right from behind.

‘Now that’s how a husband loves to find his wife when he comes home,’ he said as he came into my room. ‘Come on then. Walk over and give me a kiss,’ he said having noticed that I was wearing that pair of shoes. I did and his face beamed as I did so in a straight line without wobbling. His arms opened and he held me as we kissed and looked into each other’s eyes as we did so. I then realised that if I got to wear the high heeled pair of shoes, I would be half an inch taller than him. He suddenly let go of me and scooped me up off the floor in his arms and carried me over to the bed and laid me down there.

His clothes came off quickly and he got on beside me and began to stroke my thigh, running the hand from skin to stocking top and back again as he kissed me, his erection digging into my other thigh.

‘Now darling, now. Make love to me with what’s pressing against me, and make it last longer this time,’ I said softly.

He also had condoms stashed in this bedside cabinet as well and quickly had one out and rolled it down on his shaft as I watched him do this most expertly.

‘For what I’m about to receive,’ I said as I turned over and went onto my knees, ‘I thank the Lord for giving my husband the well endowed cock that he has and that he is given the strength to make this union a long one.’

His cock unerring found its target without him using his hands at all and he moved smoothly inside, filling me up nicely with his throbbing member. His hands then came up under my chest and his fingers pushed the padded bra up and tweaked and gently nipped my nipples before trailing down my chest and waist using his fingernails this time. I shivering in delight at this and the tingle it sent up and down my spine.

Only then did his hands come to my hips as his hips moved and he gave me a long and lovely slow fuck lasting well over ten minutes before he began to bang away at my bum till he came in his usual shuddering way. I sucked again on him afterwards as he sucked on me.

As we lay kissing afterwards, he wanted to know all that I did while in London. I left out the sex side and told him that I had been told several secrets that I couldn’t really talk about but at how the Shadow Minister had been very pleased at what we had discussed. Kit was alarmed when I said that I’d been offered a post if his party got into Government, but quieted his fears by telling him that I had refused for I had preferred to staying on at the college. For this I got a big kiss and hug by which time, he was up and ready again and so had the pleasure of him having me again.

Next morning and every morning while I was there, he took me out horse riding, teaching me more every day till I could at least go at a fast canter and could now turn the horse in the right direction instead of its obstinacy to want to return to the stables all the time.

We would stay in our rooms all afternoon making love to each other and then again after dinner. Christmas Day came and went as did New Years Day and we left the following morning after having thanked the hosts.

‘I’m sorry about them Colin,’ he said as we left in our taxi. ‘Now you know why I’d rather stay away.’ I patted his hand.

‘It doesn’t matter for I think all family’s are like that. I at least can now ride a horse a bit better though I’d still rather,’ and whispered the next bit, ‘be a maiden.’ He laughed and squeezed my hand for that’s all he could do in the taxi. It was late when we got back to the college and it was just a quick wham bam, thank you ma-am before we went to sleep.

It was two months of steady practice before I could walk properly with the high heels and when clothed completely as a woman with my hair down properly, he came out with what I thought he would say one day.

‘I wish that we could go out with you dressed as you are. A little make-up and I would be the most happiest man in the world to walk into a restaurant with you on my arm.’

‘Well we can’t. We’d never get past the porter’s lodge without being spotted or get back in again, we just couldn’t,’ I said.

‘There is a way,’ he said and I guess that he had been giving this idea some thought. ‘We go out dressed as normal and then you get changed somewhere else and then change again before we return. It’d be great fun,’ he enthused.

‘Don’t be silly. How could we walk into an hotel as two men and then you are seen with me dressed as a woman? It doesn’t bear thinking about.’

‘I wasn’t thinking about an hotel, I was thinking of Dick and Pauline’s flat. She could even help you with the make-up.’ I could now see that he’d really thought it out to show me off in public dressed as I was at that moment.

‘No,’ I said and it took him the whole week to get me to agree to his idea. In the meantime he’d found out that Pauline had the day shift for the following week and had agreed to help when he had asked her over the phone.

So with intrepid fears, we left the college on our usual night out in town, and I took a carrier bag with my other clothes inside and went straight round to Pauline’s flat where we were welcomed. Pauline was wearing a dress as was to be expected and gave us both a drink first to settle me down before helping me to change into my female clothes. She was pleased as Punch at what I was about to do and was getting a vicarious thrill of helping us out.

We sat facing each other as she put a light dusting of powder on my face and then adding a little blush before doing my eyes with mascara and also darkening my eyelashes. A small amount of lipstick and I was done in that department and finished off with brushing and arranging my hair and giving it a quick spray to hold it for the evening.

It certainly was a different me that looked back at me in the mirror and I got a hard on just looking at myself looking like a very desirable woman. Kit’s mouth dropped when he saw me.

‘Magnificent!’ he breathed. ‘Pauline! You’ve done a wonderful job and made my wife look the most desirable woman in the world, after you,’ he added which made her laugh.

We had made one mistake in the matter of clothes for as my dress was an almost off the shoulder style, I had nothing to cover them with as it was still quite cold outside. Pauline helped us there by lending me a wrap I could wear for the evening and so, with butterflies in my stomach, I went out into public for the first time dressed completely as a woman.

‘I’m bloody nervous and shaking so much I can hardly walk,’ I said in a whisper to Kit as we walked towards the High Street. He hugged my arm which was looped inside his.

‘You look wonderful and I can see that you are going to get many very admiring looks from all the men we pass,’ he said with a smile. ‘I would like to kiss you now but I don’t want to spoil the lipstick.’

The butterflies in my stomach turned to raging great buzzards as we turned into the High Street and literally farted in terror as we went into the first pub there. Thank heavens it wasn’t the one we usually went into every week. The after work crowd had gone and the evening lot hadn’t arrived yet and so there were not many people inside for which I was grateful. Kit led me to one of the vacant tables and sat me down as he went off to the bar to get us a drink. Pauline had also lent me a small purse that I clutched ever so tight between my fingers as I sat there imagining that everybody’s eyes were on me and knew that I was a sheep in wolf’s clothing. It was about the only time that I wished I smoked so that I would have something to do with my hands instead of just sitting there trying to look all nonchalant.

‘I got you a double,’ Kit said as he sat down with his pint of beer and a gin and tonic for me. ‘Don’t gulp it all down in one go.’ I was grateful for the drink and advice for I would most certainly have downed it straight away, but with it being a double, a large mouthful gratefully swallowed calmed me down a little.

‘Are they all looking at me?’ I asked him in a half whisper and speaking out of the corner of my mouth, my knees clamped together to stop them shaking.

‘No,’ he laughed, ‘and those that are, are looking at me and envying me for being with the most gorgeous female in here.’

His words helped but I still needed another drink and it wasn’t till this was half gone was I able to then look around myself. There were no pointing fingers and mouths covered as they tittered at my temerity in entering a pub dressed as I was. Overall, I think I was a bit disappointed at this lack of attention after all that I had gone through and built up the courage to do it. Still, it bucked me up a bit that I had been accepted as being a young woman out with her fella. I didn’t push my luck by having another drink for we had missed supper as we were going to eat out and I felt my stomach rumble in protest of having drink inside me instead of food.

Even so, I was still unsure of myself as we got up and walked out, me holding the cheeks of my bum together to try and walk as a female and grateful that I didn’t pass wind this time.

‘Give me your handkerchief,’ I said as soon as we got outside and took it and patted my forehead for I had felt sweat start to come out and I didn’t want to wipe it off in case it upset the make-up I was wearing.

We walked about two hundred yards to the restaurant where he’d suggested we eat, and my arm was inside of his and felt better now that we were out in the fresh air and felt more confident as we went inside and were shown to a dim lit table.

Kit ordered a bottle of the house wine as we were given a menu each and after the wine had been served, I let Kit do the ordering for I didn’t trust my voice. The meal was good and with the second bottle of wine on top of my two double gins, I felt much more relaxed and comfortable, though I nearly cocked things up when I went to the toilet. I had started to push open the door to the men’s toilet and stopped myself just in time. Other than that, everything was fine.

I was now quite happy as we walked back to Pauline’s flat, arm in arm and hadn’t met anyone we knew and was pleased that my first foray out into the world dressed as I was went off quite well. But we still had to pay the piper, read that as Pauline, for with Dick away, she wanted some sex and so with me taking my dress off but still in my underwear, she went down on me while Kit fucked her. I came, Kit came and Pauline was happy at getting two deposits for the service she had rendered which was small in comparison to the thrill Kit and I had of me being out in public dressed as a woman.

I just hoped that he still had strength enough for me I told him as we walked back to the college after changing back into male clothing and scrubbing my face clean of make-up. Though when I say changed, all that I changed was my shoes and dress for I still had on all the underwear for time was getting short.

I was glad that it was his turn for the nightly check of lights out in our boy’s rooms for it gave me a chance to put my dress back on and try to do my face as Pauline had done, having been given some of her make-up kit. It wasn’t bad for a first effort and he was most pleased to get back to our rooms and find me almost the same as the woman he’d been out with all evening.

Wow! Did I get a lovely fucking that night and even got to fuck him too which was becoming a rarity with me now being the wife.

That week, I went out and bought my own cosmetics and spent quite a few evenings making myself up and learning from my mistakes with Kit adding in his tuppence worth. We still had to use Pauline’s place for me to change clothes as we went another three times before the summer recess. Going out with more confidence each time and now appreciating the admiring looks I got, and not only from the men I might add. This really boosted up Kit’s ego at this with me on his arm.

The Government collapsed and a General Election was held and William Burgess, as he had predicted, became the new Foreign Secretary in the new Government for his help in bringing down the incumbents. This led to a minor problem for me a couple of weeks later which I will come to in a moment.

With the fine weather now coming upon us, the weekend camping started again and it was a week of cleaning up the camp site, dragging the pool of the collected weeds and seeing that it was refilled with fresh water for the first of the summer. There was also the erecting of the tents and laying in supplies of the usual that young boys wanted of which you’ve already been told.

Then came my second year of setting the exam papers which were duly taken and I was surprised that our house came out on top in these, but failed by a short head to take the school trophy this year, again, though with a much reduced margin than the year before.

All in all, I was glad to see the back of the boys for the next six weeks and said so to Kit who agreed and promptly took me down to the pool and gave me a glorious fucking in our tent to round off the season.

We had an idyllic three weeks there at the camp, sunbathing naked, swimming and having leisurely sex out in the open air as well as in the pool. Then I got a message to ring the Foreign Office in London. It could only be William ringing and I told Kit who had called and that I’d better find out what it was about.

‘I know it’s short notice,’ William said when I finally got put through to him, ‘but can we meet for a few days for there’s quite a bit of your mind I want to probe?’

‘Is that all?’ I asked in an innocent voice that brought forth a chuckle from the other end.

‘No, but this is an open line and I’d rather not discuss it now. Can you make yourself available next week?’ Now it was my turn to chuckle.

‘Of course William,’ I said ‘When do you want me?’

‘Now enough of that,’ he laughed. ‘Can I send a car for you this Friday afternoon. We’ll meet at my home and we can talk over the weekend.’

‘Fine,’ I said and got the time and rang off.

Kit didn’t like it one bit that I would be away for the weekend and it caused a minor argument. Mine being that I was doing my bit for the country and getting paid for it. God knew that I needed the money for I couldn’t keep living off him. Why not, he countered? I’ve more than enough to spare. That’s not the point, I said, and so on and so forth, but there wasn’t much he could do about it for I had already agreed.

‘What am I going to do over the weekend without you being here?’ he asked, giving me a bit of a sulk after the lodge had informed us that a car was waiting for me.

‘Visit Pauline and take her out to dinner,’ I said and saw that I had said the right thing.

‘It won’t be the same,’ he said in almost a whine.

‘Just give her a good time and I’m sure you’ll be well rewarded,’ I said as I kissed him. ‘It’s only for the weekend.’

With that, I left with my bag and went down to the waiting car that took me off to Hertfordshire. Fortunately, it wasn’t as far as going to London, and we pulled into the grounds of quite a large house built in a mock Tudor style but seemed to fit in with the surrounding trees and lawns.

William opened the front door as soon as the car drew to a stop and I found out later that he knew I’d arrived because of the hidden surveillance cameras, and shook my hand warmly in welcome and ushered me inside.

‘I’m so glad you could come. Let’s have a drink now for dinner will soon be served.’ I followed him from the hall into what must have been his study for I caught a glimpse of two red boxes down by the side of a large antique desk, but I was led to a leather sofa and told to sit down while he fixed the drinks.

With a drink passed to me, he sat down with his and explained that now he was in office, it was much more difficult for us to meet in private and this was the only place, even though he was surrounded by secret service agents as well as having security cameras all over the place.

‘Don’t be alarmed,’ he laughed at seeing my quick wild look around the study. ‘The one for this room and the bedrooms, I’ve turned off. They won’t like it when they come to view the tapes later, but it’s my choice and they have to do as I say. Now tell me what you’ve been up to since we last met.’ I gave him his answer which didn’t take long and then, through dinner, he told me, that because of my help at the club, of how he discredited the late Prime Minister which was just a part of that Government’s downfall. He couldn’t praise me enough and hoped that I could help him again with what he had since been privy to since taking office.

It was hair raising and I saw that it had the makings of four different wars being waged between eight countries, two of which, we were almost committed to being involved in as a nation with obligations to honour the treaties made between these two countries involved.

‘You have inherited a time bomb,’ I said after hearing this.

‘Don’t I know it! Look! I’ve got three times as much grey hairs than I had when we last…last met.’

‘I hope the virility’s still there,’ I said with a smile. He smiled back.

‘I hope so too. Shall we go and find out?’ he asked, with us now having finished dinner. We went upstairs and I was shown into a large and what must have been the master bedroom.

‘Are the camera’s switched off in here too?’ I asked.

‘Yes, they are.’

‘Then, can you give me just fifteen minutes alone, for I have brought along a surprise for you. Nothing nasty I can assure you,’ I hastily added at seeing his face, ‘but I couldn’t very well do what I wanted to do in the car. Fix us two very large brandies and the time and then you’ll enjoy what you see.’

He looked doubtful, but went out and left me alone with my bag. This was something that I hadn’t let Kit know about when I had packed my bag, for I now quickly stripped my clothes off and got out my set of black underwear and put them on and a dress and sat down and did my face up in a vanity mirror on the small dressing table that his late wife must have used. Then I brushed my hair round instead of the pony tail that it was now normally kept in. The boys at school thought it was cool that their political teacher was hip enough to have his hair done in this way. I just had time to see that my lipstick was okay and slip on my shoes as he knocked on the door before entering.

‘Oh my God!,’ he exclaimed as he saw me standing there dressed and looking every inch a woman with a big smile on my face. He nearly dropped the balloon glasses of brandy in his shock. ‘Oh my God!’ he repeated as he moved into the room. ‘Is it really you Colin?’

‘Yes William. What do you think?’ I asked as I did a quick twirl for him.

‘I wouldn’t have believed it! You look incredible,’ he said as he quickly put down the glasses and came over to me.

‘Do I look desirable to you?’ I asked as he came closer.

‘I think this will tell you,’ he said as he took me into his arms and kissed me as well as pressing his body up to mine for me to feel that he indeed did so, for his erection felt as though it was going to burst out of his trousers.

He was so eager as he planted many kisses on my lips that we nearly fell over as he bore me back to the bedroom wall.

‘I can’t wait,’ he gasped when he finally let me go, frantically trying to get his clothes off.

‘Neither can I,’ I replied as I pulled my dress up over my head to reveal my erection as well as what I was wearing underneath. He was goggle eyed as he saw my scanty underwear and I thought he was about to have a heart attack as he gasped and held his chest.

I pulled him to the bed were we fell on it and I bent down and gave him a quick suck of his cock before turning round on the bed and showing him my backside that was there waiting for him to enter. Such was his haste and desire that he gave no thought to a condom and quickly got behind me and stuffed his prick up my arse.

‘You’ve taken years off my life Colin for I feel about your age now,’ he panted as he moved himself in and out as he fucked me. ‘You couldn’t have given me a better surprise than this.’ To my dismay, he was that excited that he came within two minutes, holding me hard to him as he came inside me, which pleased me as I really felt it and gave a cry as he pulled out.

‘Now go and wash yourself William,’ I said as he sagged back onto his heels and I rolled over onto my back. He did as he was told and while he was in the bathroom, I pushed my erection and balls back between my legs and brought my thighs up close to each other and then posed myself on his bed in the position of that famous painting of Goya’s of the Naked Maja though with a bra on.

‘Oh my God!’ he repeated again as he saw me on the bed. ‘I…I, well, I…I, for the first time in my life as a politician, I’m lost for words. Colin, I take my hat off to you. Well I would,’ he grinned, ‘if I was wearing one.’ I then opened my legs and let my cock spring up for him to see and he was quickly on the bed to take me into his hot mouth.

‘Do you want to just suck or fuck?’ I asked after a minute for I couldn’t take too much of that without then going the whole way.

‘I want this inside me,’ he gasped as he released me and came up for air, his face quite red as he moved over next to me on his hands and knees.

‘With or without a condom?’ I asked as I got up onto my knees by rolling over.

‘Fuck the condom, just fuck me Colin. Please,’ he added, dragging the last word out. Without any more words, I got behind and entered him and rode him as if he was the mare and me the stallion and I think he loved this little bit of roughness. He cried out as I came, swearing that he felt it and I gave out a cry to echo his as I rammed myself into him to rid myself of what I had left to give.

I washed myself afterwards and we then lay together as he kept on kissing me and stroking my body and feeling the nylons and belt while remarking on the wonderful tan I had got. He also couldn’t get over at how I had looked dressed as a woman and told me more than once how beautiful and desirable I had looked.

He still bubbled on about this during breakfast but after that, we got down to work in earnest. He had the two red boxes crammed full and he sorted through them, picking out bits here and there for me to read and take notes, which were to be destroyed later. Then I analysed these with what I already knew and spent the rest of the day putting all the bits and pieces together though I still finished up with many gaps and these I’d written down for him to ask intelligence to try and get the answers.

It was late afternoon when he came over to me and stroked the back of my neck under my hair which I had left down.

‘Colin, could you see to doing me an honour by dressing up again and us going out together for dinner. I will understand if you don’t want to be seen in public dressed that way, but it would be a boost to my ego and social status if I was able to take a beautiful woman out to dine with me,’ he asked. ‘I know it sounds self seeking but I truly do wish to give you a good meal.’

I then noticed that I had an empty plate by my side that must have held some sandwiches that I don’t remember eating and I was feeling rather hungry. As to the going out dressed up, I got a thrill of the thought of it being with him, a Member of the Cabinet, and so I said yes. He gave me a kiss and I went up for a shower and to get dressed. He went and informed security that we would be dining out and at what restaurant and left them to see to the details.

As I was sleeping in his room with him, I used his shower and after while he had his, I sat down and took my time over doing my make-up so that it was good and not over the top. He was back out of the shower as I put on my underwear and got my usual erection at the sheer pleasure of putting it on and he got one too as he watched, which I saw in the reflection of the mirror and turned round to gaze at him.

‘If we make love now William, will you still be able to tonight when we get back?’ I asked as I looked pointedly at his erection.

‘With you looking like that Colin, you’d raise me up even if I were half dead,’ he replied.

‘Then come and sit here,’ I said as I got up off the dressing table stool and turned him round to sit down. I then got astride of him and held his prick upright and placed it to my entrance and sank down on him. He gasped at the dryness of entry for I’d forgotten about putting a condom on him. But his face glowed when he was fully inside me and I was sitting on his thighs with my hands resting lightly on his shoulders.

‘This is so lovers can kiss at the same time,’ I said as I bent my head and kissed as I lifted myself up and down on his shaft. His hands came to my waist to help and it wasn’t long before he broke off the kissing to gasp for air and vigorously help bounce me up and down until he began to shudder and shake as he came inside me.

I think it knackered him but he kept a manly smile on his face as I got up off him and had his prick slide out of me now wet and covered with his own sperm. He quickly went into the bathroom to wash while I wiped myself with some tissues to remove the semen that was seeping out of me. I re-touched up my lipstick and smiled to myself in the mirror and then put my dress on and brushed my hair forward as he got dressed and it was just a matter of slipping into my shoes and I was ready.

We were chauffeured into the small town to the restaurant that had been booked, followed by another car of security men and I’m sure that they was at least another two inside to watch over us as we dined.

It was a thrill for me to be out in public again dressed as I was and treated just like a proper lady, especially with the company I was keeping. He was known at the restaurant and there must have been quite some speculation as to who I was to be dining with him. There was even a bit in a gossip column a couple of days later as to who the mysterious woman was that dined tete a tete with the Foreign Secretary. Thankfully, nothing came of it.

I had a wonderful meal and he was a good talker and the wine was good and heady and two bottles was enough for the both of us and soon it was time to leave. He was the perfect gentleman in pulling the chair out for me to rise and I noted that we weren’t presented with a bill and assumed that he would be sent it later or had an account there. Maybe one of the security men settled up afterwards, I never did ask, well a lady shouldn’t, should she?

He fucked me again that night while I wore my underwear and I got to fuck him too before we went to sleep.

After breakfast, we then spent the day with me going over all that I’d gleaned from the memo’s and notes and what I already knew and gave him at least three different scenarios as to which way the opposite number of whom we were discussing at the time, would jump and which way we should then go.

I failed completely on one of them. Eighty five per cent right on another but hit the it on the nose with the other four in what would happen if we went this way or that. It was a lot to go through in one day and I was bloody tired, so much that I stayed overnight to be driven to the college in the early morning to be there in time for breakfast.

There was one other thing that could not be worked out politically and it was in the case of where we had three of our soldiers being held hostage. These rebels wanted to exchange our three for twenty of theirs and I told him that I would agree to that but make sure that the exchange was out in the desert and that we delivered their twelve in by helicopter to swap and take our three out.

Knowing that the rebels didn’t have the same means of transport, they would have to use trucks and so I said that once the helicopter had cleared their airspace, that a flight of our planes fly in and bomb this convoy. Also, at the same time, of what I had learned and doing a profile on the rebel leader, named three places that he would likely be at the time of the exchange.

Then these three places should be hit simultaneously as the other air strike and with any luck, take him out too at the same time.

Six days later, this very thing occurred and all the previous prisoners had been wiped out and the rebel leader killed. The Foreign Secretary got a pat on the back from the Prime Minister for his input in this and William told me that my part in this wouldn’t go unrecognised at a later date.

After four years of having these consultations with William in secret, he told me that the Prime Minister had been told of my help and I received a Knighthood a year later for my services to Education and the Crown as it was read out. But, as I’ve said, it was a few years into the future.

Meanwhile, I turned up at the college for breakfast and was greeted with a squeezed hand from Kit and a whispered thanks that I was back. There was only one other teacher there during this holiday and four boys who, Kit told me, were begging to be allowed to go to the pool. He had agreed that on my return, they could go three times a week during the holiday which pleased them and kept them quiet.

‘How did the weekend go?’ he asked me.

‘Fine,’ I said, and gave him a brief rundown on what I had been asked and what I’d said, though I obviously couldn’t go into any great depth of this and completely omitted to tell him of my dressing up and having sex with the Minister. When I asked him if he’d been out of the college to see Pauline, he admitted that he had gone out one night and I knew the way he answered that he had stayed the night but I didn’t take him up on it.

So the rest of the summer passed in an idyllic haze, the four boys enjoying themselves for three days a week at the pool with Kit and I having the other four to ourselves to swim out there naked and then lie in the sun and have sex while being dried.

Life was becoming a bed of roses for me. I was loved by Kit and William, though more the first as he was my husband and other than William, I was faithful to him, except for the odd session with Dick Dawson but with Kit there having the same as well as us both having Pauline. I loved our forays out into the town with me dressed up and getting many good passing looks and even the odd proposition too.

I was well respected in the college by the Dean, the other teachers and the pupils and always seemed to get good results from all those that I taught.

I just loved being a college teacher.


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