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College Teacher. Chapter Three.

First time teacher falls in love with another teacher.
College Teacher. Chapter Three

‘Have you seen this?’ Kit asked me as we sat down for breakfast, waving two sheets of paper before me. I could only shake my head at his question. ‘I put this notice up about camping at the weekend,’ which made me laugh at his choice of title, ‘and on Sunday there were only eight names up. Now look! Tuesday morning and there must be at least eighty names down. They even tacked on another sheet. We can’t handle that many with only being allowed ten at one weekend. I bet those two little buggers that helped me have told them about the swimming pool.’

‘Or could it be because not only that, but they would get to see both of us naked?’ I asked with a smile.

‘I never thought of that,’ he grinned, ‘but it would be mid winter before they all got a chance of swimming. I’m going to see the Dean later and see if we can increase the number.’

This he did before lunch to both. The Dean agreed to maximum of twenty at a time with us two looking after them.

‘Well I’m not bloody well cooking for twenty,’ I said as we ate our lunch.

‘I’ve thought of that and I’ll be seeing the cook later. I’ve also got to go into town and get two more tents and some blankets.’

This he did and the upshot was that a heated trolley would be brought to the camp for Saturday nights supper and twice for the breakfasts of Saturday and Sunday. Lunch on both days would be a cold meal and would be delivered at the same time as the breakfast. Meanwhile, the day passed with me teaching the sixth and seventh years and I thought that I would be having the Wednesday and Thursday mornings off, but I couldn’t. I had to assist in either the gymnasium or out on the playing field. As I only had seven classes a week, this only left me with Friday afternoon free, and this was then taken up by getting other supplies down to the tents for the weekend. Soft drinks, water, crisps, biscuits, cakes and other little bits to feed hungry boys after a day out in the fresh air.

Thursday came and after supper, Kit dragged me down to the porter’s lodge to help carry one of the new tents up to the woods. I thought that was it, but no. I had to help him set up all four tents as well as sort out the extra bedding. The only consolation to this after the effort was to have a swim and then fight in the tent to see who could get the most cock into one’s mouth. Mind you, we were back in our rooms for him to do the rounds at lights out and then we had a nice leisurely session of anal sex. The bonus being that having it shortly after oral sex meant that I had his hard prick up my backside longer than usual, much to my delight.

Friday morning he put up a list of the twenty boys who could go out for the weekend, keeping them all within an age group and a mixture of houses but having four older boys to help in controlling them and being made a tent leader. Come lunch time and I had completed my first week of teaching but then had the task of getting all the supplies up to put into our tent, which took up half of our space. But this I didn’t mind as it meant that we would then have to sleep quite close together, as if we didn’t already.

It was an excited crowd of twenty boys waiting for us at the entrance to the hall after supper as we appeared and after a pep talk from Kit about the do’s and don’ts, led them off to the normal out of bounds woods. They were as happy as larks and I couldn’t help but feel happy too and gave Kit a warm secret smile.

There were whoops and cries of delight when the boys saw the dammed pool and the tents and clamoured round us, begging to be allowed to go swimming straight away. Kit laughed with them and told them to sort their tents out first and then they could go in. It was a mad rush of flinging their toilet bags into a tent and quickly undressing and jumping into the water and queuing up to swing out on the rope. They were delighted and so were we, Kit more so because it was only through his efforts that they could do so.

‘Shall we?’ Kit asked of me and I said yes and so we went into our tent and got undressed and went back out with our towels wrapped round our waists. The frolicking in the pool stopped as we approached and they stood about in the water watching us and Kit gave a grin and dropped his towel and jumped into the pool. I then followed suit seeing all their eyes riveted on my cock and pubic hairs as they had done with Kit. For most, if not all, it was their first sight of a fully grown man naked showing them all what he had. There was a lot of whispering between them and a few laughs and then kept on urging us both to swing out on the rope. I must admit it was funny to see their rapt faces as Kit swung out, his cock and balls waving about as he flew out and fell into the pool on his back. They laughed and cheered when he surfaced and accorded me the same when I went and did the self same thing. It didn’t go un-noticed either I think, that we had sun tans over the whole of our body and not have that division of white flesh like some of the boys had. But after that, our nakedness, like theirs, became un-noticed in the fun they were having.

We played and cavorted in the water as they did for an hour before getting out and drying ourselves and then wrapping the towels round our waists before sitting down on the grass catching the lowering rays of the sun. As I watched, well, as we both watched the boys having fun, Kit casually stroked my hand and I got a shiver up my spine at this sign of affection. A few minutes later, he got up and prepared a log fire inside the circle of stones and soon had it blazing away.

He then called over the four elder boys, though they were only fifteen, they were each in charge of a tent, and he then showed them how to light the lanterns which only they would be allowed to touch in their respective tents. It was early he explained to me to light them while there was still plenty of daylight, but it was better that they understood early.

The boys were allowed to play in the pool for another half hour while the sun was still up before calling them out to get themselves dried and warm themselves beside the now roaring log fire. It would have been heaven to a paedophile to see twenty young boys climb out of the water, seeing their young little dicks and cute bums, but I knew that I wanted what I already had.

Like us, as they had dried themselves, they sat round the camp fire as I passed round cans of soft drinks and packets of crisps while Kit told them of the plans for the morrow but stressed that we were still bound to the lights out rule and so when they’d finished with their eats, to use the waste bin bag and see to their toilet before settling down for the night.

With this going on, Kit damped down the fire and we waited till they had all sorted themselves out as to their sleeping arrangements within their tents before calling out that it was now lights out time. We watched as each light was extinguished in the four tents before we went into our own one.

‘Well? What do you think darling? Did the start go off well?’ Kit said to me as he turned out our light.

‘Very well,’ I said. ‘I think……..You called me darling!’

‘Yes,’ he said as I felt him settle down next to me. ‘You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.’ Which was not the kind of word I would have called myself. ‘We’ve only known each other for, what, four weeks? But I’m thinking of you every minute of the day. I want to kiss, touch and stroke you, and,’ his hand had come and found my face and began to run his fingers all over it, ‘then make love to you.’ I reached up and caught his neck and pulled him down to me and kissed him.

‘Then make love to me,’ I said after several passionate kisses.

‘I will if I can find a condom,’ he replied.

‘Bugger the condom! Bugger me without one! I want to feel you coming inside me,’ I hissed fiercely at him as I pushed him off and rose up and turned round on my hands and knees. Though I always started off with my hands flat on the bed, I found that by lying down on my forearms but still on my knees and my back arched, I got better penetration this way. Both our towels had come adrift and I felt his cock back against my thigh as he moved round behind me. Then I gasped at how rough and tight it felt to feel the head of his cock being pushed up into my bum. I know I gave out a small cry at this lack of lubrication and he too did the same, but I think it was because his foreskin was rolled right back at this dry entry.

But he was in and I felt him swell even bigger and I crooned as he filled me with his cock and then began to bugger, well fuck me, though both words mean the same. My own internal body fluids now came to our aid in helping him to be able move more smoothly and I gave myself up to the pleasure of being fucked again, though without that rubber sheath. I loved him even more for doing this without that protection and pushed myself backwards at his every forward thrust, trying to take in as much of him as possible.

I felt him begin to strain and knew that he was almost there and used my sphincter muscle to squeeze him tight as I felt every vein of his cock rub my insides as he moved faster and faster until he gripped me hard and then began to pump his hips. I felt the jet hot sperm hit me and gave out a cry of pleasure at having felt this for the first time and at that point, would have just loved to have had another man’s cock in my mouth to have his sperm fill me at the same time.

I cried again as he withdrew and fell forward onto my blanket as I heard him leave the tent and guessed that he was going off to wash himself from this connection of his prick with my backside. He was back within a few minutes and I felt by the dampness of his thighs that he’d washed himself in the pool.

‘Oh darling,’ I said as I pulled him over to me and kissed him. ‘That was wonderful. Now you can see to me,’ and I pushed his head and he took the hint and moved down and took me into his mouth. I was that keyed up that only a few rubs of my erection and his sucking on the end of it made me come quite quickly. He took it all to my pleasure and then moved back up and gave me a wet sperm laden kiss which I savoured as I then licked his lips in between our kisses.

We woke to the sounds of some of the boys already out in the pool even though it was still fairly cold at that time of the morning. We disentangled ourselves from the position we had fell asleep in, not daring to have sex in case someone came to our tent. Outside, we found that some of the more fastidious ones had even taken their toothbrushes and toothpaste into the water with them. We grinned at each other and ran down and dived into the water instead of having a wash to wake us up properly, though we didn’t stay in long because a member of the kitchen staff would be along shortly with the breakfasts.

After drying and getting dressed, Kit went back through the woods to intercept the trolley for he didn’t want whoever it was to see all the boys naked in the water. Fortunately, the path through the woods was flat and reasonable smooth for him to wheel it through and I shouted at the boys in the pool to get out and dry themselves and get dressed before eating.

The kitchen had provided a good meal in hot trays of sausages, bacon, eggs, fried tomatoes and lots of buttered bread as well as a big urn of tea. They must have been hungry for there wasn’t a scrap left when they’d finished. All the utensils were washed up in the pool and put back onto the trolley for collecting when they came later with the one containing our dinner.

Kit then showed what a master he was in organising games etc. for the boys which took them right through to Sunday afternoon. The whole weekend was a huge success with all the boys thoroughly enjoying it while at night after lights out, I had the joy of having sex with Kit. The boys also were glad to miss the Sunday morning church service but we had to get them back for the shorter one that was held before supper. They also thanked us for a wonderful weekend and Kit sent two bottles of wine through to the kitchen staff for their efforts, and so we went to bed together to congratulate each other on what we had achieved. Next day was the start of my second week of teaching.

It was November, and we had gotten into the habit of going to the local pub, the Rose and Crown, for a few beers once a week. We went in and I went straight up to the bar to get our drinks while Kit found us a table.

I got the drinks and turned round to see him sitting at a table with a well built man who looked about thirty years of age, and he beckoned me over.

‘This here is Richard Dickson, though we all call him Dick,’ Kit said by way of introduction and told him my name and I shook his hand to find it quite strong. ‘Where’s Pauline?’ he asked Dick who then looked at his watch.

‘Should be home by now. The shift’s finished,’ he answered.

‘Pauline is a State Registered Nurse,’ Kit explained to me. ‘Dick hasn’t long been back from the States. He stars in quite a few pornographic films they make there as well as doing tours of night clubs and especially hen parties. He’s known as Dick “The Donkey” Dickson, and believe me, he’s hung like one too. Any chance of Colin seeing and getting a taste?’ he asked Dick.

‘Why not,’ he said as he smiled at me with his blue eyes looking me over rather speculatively. ‘Could he handle it?’

‘Well there’s only one way to find out.’

I felt like I was being bartered but I’d never see a man hung like he’d said, so I didn’t say anything and gave a nod to the question in Kit’s eyes.

‘Then let’s drink this up and we’ll go to the flat. There’s always drink and Pauline there,’ he said giving me a smile and I could see a twinkle in his eye and wondered what I’d been let in for.

We finished our drinks and after a five minute walk, I found we were in a street of bungalows and we turned into one of them and went in through the front door. It was a small hallway that led into a small dining room that wasn’t any bigger than our own sitting room.

‘Pauline!’ Dick cried out. ‘We’ve got guests.’

‘Okay,’ came a voice through an open door that led off this room and I took it to be the kitchen and then I got a small shock. For Pauline was another man, but with a difference in that he was wearing a short white pinny that a waitress wears, a suspender belt and stockings, that was all.

‘Hello darling,’ Pauline said to Dick and gave him a kiss on the lips and by half turning to do this, saw that he/she wasn’t wearing panties and the ties of the pinny hung down between the cheeks of his bum. ‘Hello Kit. Long time no see,’ and he got a kiss too. I was introduced and I felt a bit foolish as I held out my hand but got a kiss instead. ‘It’s nice to meet an old friend but nicer to meet a new one,’ he said with a lovely smile and he gave his lips a lick with the tip of his tongue.

He was slender but not skinny and also had a hairless chest like mine and I would have guessed him to be about the same age as myself.

‘Shall we go through for drinks then?’ he asked and took hold of my hand and led me to another door from this room and we went into what I would say was the biggest bedroom I’d ever seen. Dick and Pauline had turned what had been a two bed roomed bungalow with a lounge and dining room into this one huge love nest cum knocking shop. That explained the small dining room. This room had a big double bed on the divan style, a large settee, two armchairs, two big built in wardrobes, two chest of drawers, a dressing table with matching stool and a fair sized drinks cabinet, glass fronted for glasses and shelves with quite a variety of drinks stacked on it.

I saw a half opened door and guessed it was the bathroom which I found out later was as big as the dining room, having a Jacuzzi style bath that could hold four people as well as the usual services.

Pauline had gone over to the cabinet and asked me what I would like to drink and poured out a large gin and tonic for me. She didn’t ask the other two for she already knew what they would be drinking.

‘I’d better get dressed then,’ Pauline said after we all had a drink, and I watched him go over to a chest of drawers and, believe me, all he pulled out was a bra and put this on, expertly clipping up the back which showed long practice at this bending of the elbows backwards. He then took the pinny off to reveal an average sized organ, and threw it onto the dresser. ‘I’m ready, how about you lot getting your things off. I’m sure Colin can’t wait to see Dick’s dick.’

Kit didn’t waste any time and was soon naked as Dick took his time to undress, hanging his clothes up as he took them off, so I was then naked and waited for him to turn round. Of course I looked straight at his crotch and my eyes went wide when I saw that in a flaccid state his cock was as long if not longer than mine when erect. He was indeed hung like a donkey, thick and looking heavy and it really swayed from side to side as he walked over and stood in front of where I was sitting.

I look towards Kit who was gently massaging Pauline’s prick, making it rise up, who looked at me.

‘Well? Go on then. Take it and give it a good suck and see how big it grows. Then tell me if you’d be able to take it inside you,’ he said.

‘You mean you’ll let me have him fuck me with it?’ I asked getting collywobbles inside me at seeing it as big now as Kit himself was when erect.

‘Yes. That’s what we’re here for. You can then get to fuck Pauline afterwards and I’ll take Dick when he’s recovered his strength.’ Pauline had stood up while he was speaking and now he turned to him and knelt down on the floor and took Pauline’s rigid penis into his mouth as he held onto the cheeks of his bum as he did so.

I turned to the massive organ in front of me and put my hand underneath and lifted it up. It was heavy and I could see a big pair of balls underneath and wondered that if could hold him in my mouth, maybe I could take him in the other place. I was trembling somewhat as I slid off my chair to my knees and lifted his cock up and took the head of it into my mouth.

It felt hot and soft and I was able to get my tongue under the large foreskin, but not for long, for I could feel it growing in my mouth as I sucked. My tongue was forced out from the foreskin and so I rolled it round this growing flesh and the weight of it was dragging my face down. I was bobbing my head up and down on it wondering how the hell is this thing going to fit in my backside, when he gently eased me up off of him and lifted me onto my feet with ease.

‘Are you ready for this,’ he asked me softly and I glanced down to see that when erect, it was so heavy that it didn’t stick out but pointed down towards my knees. I dumbly nodded, and he led me to the bed and let me get on while he fished out a condom that was one of the biggest I’d ever seen. I found out later that he had them specially made. He also got out a pot of cream which he put quite a bit on the head of his now sheathed cock.

‘Better have some of this too,’ he said as I went up onto my knees and felt this cold cream being applied to the hole of my bum. I flinched and then nearly begged off but thought that Kit would think less of me if I now backed down and so I braced myself to have a cock that must have been nearly ten inches long shoved up inside me.

One hand held my hip and I felt the head of his cock nuzzle my entrance.

‘Relax Colin,’ Dick said in a low soothing voice. ‘Relax.’

As I was trying to do this, I glanced over at the other two and saw that Kit was being face fucked by Pauline. His hands holding both sides of Kit’s head as he jerked himself off in his mouth. Pauline saw me looking over and I must have looked a bit pathetic for he smiled at me.

‘Just relax,’ he said, not stopping from stuffing his prick into Kit’s mouth. ‘Once he’s in, you’ll enjoy it.’

I was as relaxed as I could be and then cried out at the burning pain as Dick moved forward and stretched my hole to an immense dimension. I thought I was going to be ripped to pieces as the head moved in past the muscle which, but for the cream, I think I would have been. But once the head was inside, this cream helped the rest of his shaft follow till I felt the head touch somewhere deep up inside me and his thighs came up to my bum.

I shuddered and let out my breath which I’d been holding, in one great big gasp at being filled as never before. It really throbbed and pulsated inside me, beating a tattoo all along my canal. Then he pulled back and the hard steel like cock didn’t seem to end till the head reached my ring piece. It moved back inside me and then I really got to feel it and loved the ripples of pleasure that it generated.

As Pauline had said, once it was in, it would be alright and now I was being rocked back and forth as he held me fast with his hands on my hips as he really reamed my back passage. It was a lovely fuck and the paradox was that it seemed as if he’d been fucking me for ages and yet it also felt as if it wasn’t long enough. I couldn’t help but cry out again when he held me hard and I felt him swell up even more inside me as he jerked me back onto his thighs as he came in his short sharp jerks.

Then I cried again as he pulled out, widening me yet again but not as harshly as the entry, and what a loss it felt when he was finally free. I couldn’t even support my own weight on my arms when he let go of me and I fell forward and managed to wipe the tears that had come to my eyes on the pillow.

I felt lifeless, drained of all energy and, to put it mildly, well and truly fucked. I now know the real meaning of that expression and was glad that Kit wasn’t as big for I don’t think I could have taken too much of a cock that size.

At least Dick was something of a gentleman, for when he returned from the bathroom after disposing of the condom, he’d brought a wet flannel and towels and wiped the excess cream from my backside as I lay there quite helpless. He then helped me up off the bed and led me to an armchair to rest and regain my strength.

‘Well at least you didn’t scream,’ he said as he handed me a fresh drink for which I was grateful. ‘I didn’t really hurt you, did I?’

‘N…no, not really. The entry did hurt, but after that, I started to enjoy it,’ I said, giving him a weak smile.

‘Well you played the role of a woman like a man,’ he said as he patted my shoulder and sat down in the next chair. I now took stock of what the other two were doing. Kit was rolling a rubber down over his erection and Pauline had gotten onto the bed and was up on his knees. The cheeks of his white bum were framed by the elasticised straps of the belt attached to the tops of his stockings. I didn’t hear any words spoken as Kit got onto the bed behind him and then pushed his cock up into Pauline. Dick and I both watched this fucking of his partner by mine in silence, hearing only the grunts of the two of them as they copulated. This was my first time of seeing Kit in action and thought that that’s how it must look when he’s fucking me. I could almost feel what Pauline was getting and knew by the tightening of Kit’s buttock muscles that he was about to come and he held Pauline tight as he shuddered his way through his orgasm.

There were sighs as he pulled out and got off the bed with his truncheon waving about as he staggered off to the bathroom.

‘That makes a change from not being split in half,’ Pauline said after he’d rolled over onto his back. ‘You next Colin when you’re ready.’

I was ready alright. My cock was standing out like a small flagpole and beginning to hurt and needing release after having Dick and watching Kit perform. Though it took me another ten minutes or so before I could even stand up, and even then I wobbled a bit and staggered over and fell onto the bed. Kit had since come back into the bedroom and had sat down with a drink next to Dick and was fondling his still limp prick.

‘Let me help you,’ Pauline said as he got off the bed and found a condom. This he rolled down over my erection. ‘Three in one session. Lucky me,’ he smiled at me and I couldn’t help but smile back and thought of how sexy he looked in this female underwear with his incongruous cock stuck out between his thighs. This I stroked and moved down and took him into my mouth, finding that I could take the head in quite nicely without being choked like having Dick’s there. ‘Not too much,’ Pauline sighed. ‘I still want to fuck Dick later.’

So I released him and moved so that he could roll over and move up onto his knees. Now I could see quite clearly the stretched nylons and straining straps and strange to see a bra strap across the otherwise naked back. I didn’t need to use cream and quickly put myself up inside Pauline and gave him the best fuck I could, and being urged to be harder. I therefore kept ramming myself into him, pulling him back to my forward thrusts and getting a grunt each time until I could hold on no longer and came in shuddering bursts as I held him tight to my thighs.

‘That was great Colin,’ Pauline said softly after I’d pulled out and was getting off the bed.

‘So were you,’ I replied, giving him a smile and went off to the bathroom.

When I got back, Pauline was sitting on the settee and he patted the cushion next to him for me to sit and watch, for Kit and Dick were already lying on the bed. Kit had Dick’s dick in his mouth and was giving him the kiss of life and appearing to succeed for we could actually see it growing and forcing its way back out. He finally released it and had to have help from Dick to roll the large condom down over that enormous length. I was now amazed at how on earth I had managed to have that thing stuffed up my arse and not suffer an injury in the process. Now it was Kit’s turn and I’m glad he had sense to having the cream used. Even then, he still cried out like I had as the head of that big prick was pushed into his backside. He also cried out as his inside was fully filled but quietened down as Dick began to fuck him. There still came the grunts and gasps as he was really being reamed and gave out a gurgle when Dick erupted into the condom and I knew exactly what he was feeling. He also cried out when Dick began to withdraw and it never seemed to end as he pulled back until it finally came out and drooped down, still hard as iron. Kit too fell forward onto the bed and I felt pity for him, knowing how exhausted he must be feeling.

Dick wiped his backside in the same way as before with mine but left him on the bed to rest. Even though, he still staggered a bit when he did get up and I wondered if I had looked as bowlegged as he did then. He sat down gingerly and accepted another drink from Pauline and then nearly choked on it.

‘Christ!’ he exclaimed. ‘Is that the time!’ I then looked over at the bedside clock and was dismayed to see that it was just after ten. ‘We should have been back in the college by now.’ He gulped down his drink and began to look for his clothes.

‘Aren’t you going to watch me fuck Dick?’ Pauline asked a little sulkily.

‘Sorry darling,’ he said as he was getting dressed as I was. ‘We should have been back at ten for our lights out round.’ Pauline asked what was this and I explained as we finished our dressing. ‘Well thanks for having us,’ Kit smirked as he kissed Pauline and gave a wave to Dick still lying on the bed. I too gave Pauline a kiss and thanked them both.

‘Come again any time,’ Dick called out as we left the bedroom, Pauline seeing us to the front door and saying goodnight to us from behind the open door because of his attire and nakedness.

We set off as fast as we could walk with our sore behinds.

‘Well was he a donkey or not?’ Kit asked as we moved along.

‘Most certainly and I’m glad that you’re not built like that,’ I replied.

‘The same goes for you. That’s the third time I’ve had him and it still bloody hurts when he pushes himself inside, but it’s still a good fuck.’ To that I agreed as we approached the lodge and had the porter let us in.

It was eleven o’clock before I’d got the torch and made the rounds for it was my turn that week to make sure that all lights were out in the rooms of our house. I started with the first years and worked my way through to the seventh year, opening the door and running the beam of my torch round each bed and room. It was in this last that I found one bed empty and that the occupant was in with the fellow in the next bed. Two pairs of eyes on the one pillow blinked at me as the flashlight passed over them. I didn’t say anything for I didn’t know what to do and so I just shut the door and went back to our rooms and told Kit.

‘That’ll be Thomas Hawkins and Edward Fontaine. I caught them twice last year. I think they’ve been sleeping together for the past two years now,’ he said as he began to undress. Hawkins was the house head prefect and the college’s head boy.

‘Shouldn’t we tell Phelps?’ I asked.

‘No. They’re only doing what we do, so let sleeping dogs lie. The other boys of the room know of it so if they’re not saying anything, I’m certainly not going to. That reminds me of the two Scot’s fellows that were like us. Patrick Fitzwilliam and William Fitzpatrick.’ I didn’t laugh for the joke was that old, it had a grey beard.

‘Okay,’ I said as I too undressed and got into bed with him. ‘Are you Patrick or William tonight?’ I asked, giving him a grin before I turned the light out.

‘Neither, for I don’t think I could take another dick up my bum tonight. I don’t think you’d appreciate it either,’ he said.

‘There is another way we could fit ourselves together,’ I said as I stroked his chest.

‘You’re right,’ he said leaning up and giving me a kiss, and then turned round in the bed and within seconds, we were sucking on each other’s cock and I was glad that he wasn’t as big as Dick Dickson as I ran my tongue round the head of his growing cock.

So nothing was said about me finding the two boys in bed together but it had an effect later on in my life starting the very next year. It was during the spring one night that I found them together again, but like the first time, said nothing, though I told Kit of course.

Christmas had come and gone. Kit had wanted me to go to his home for the celebrations but I declined as I wished to start the research on my next book of the Americas. The French one now being in the hands of the publishers for printing. With both my parents now dead, I didn’t feel like celebrating Christmas anyway, so he stayed with me and helped me on my research.

It was then June and coming up to the time when I would start preparing the papers for the exams of what I’d been teaching for nearly the whole year. Swimming had been curtailed over the winter months but the weekend camping was oversubscribed again now that the summer was finally upon us.

I thought it strange at the time but didn’t give it much thought that nearly all the boys whose names were down on this list were generally from the younger classes but this particular week, we had Hawkins and Fontaine down on the list. Well they won’t be fucking each other this weekend I thought, for they would be in separate tents. There’s more than one way to skin a cat came to mind later.

That weekend started off as normal and I took note of how the pair of them looked at both Kit and I when naked as we went and joined in the swimming. Of course they were naked too, but I didn’t give it any more thought till the Saturday afternoon when doing a casual head count of the boys I was supervising, I found that those two were missing. I was dressed at the time and so I went off into the woods to find them. They didn’t see me but I saw them. They were a good hundred yards from the camp and both naked from their swimming and one of them was bent over a fallen tree and the other was giving the other a good fucking. I drew back under cover without alerting them to my presence and watched as, it turned out to be Fontaine, finally came and fell over Hawkins back. They then changed places and Fontaine bent himself over the tree trunk and Hawkins got behind him and stuck his prick into Fontaine’s arse. It turned me on so much that I got my own now erect cock out and jerked myself off as I watched this pair of boys enjoying what I also did. I then made my way back to the camp without saying a word but noted when they both returned and slipped into the pool with the others.

Again, nothing was said for I at least was still getting fucked at night by Kit and me doing the same to him, so what was the harm in keeping quiet. The next weekend was to be different in many respects for on the following Wednesday at lunchtime, the Dean informed Kit that his father had just died and he was wanted at home for the funeral.

Both of us missed lunch as I helped him to pack and all we had time for was a kiss as I repeated of how sorry I was for him at hearing this news. He put on a brave face and a taxi took him off to the station with the promise that he would be back before the following weekend.

It was only after the taxi had pulled away that I thought of this coming weekend. I couldn’t look after twenty boys out there in the woods on my own. I would have to see the Dean before supper to find out if another teacher would step in just the once to help out, or failing that, I would have to cut out ten of the boys. I saw to my third year students that afternoon and I was in my sitting room finishing off the day’s paperwork when a knock came at the door. It was the porter saying that I was wanted in the Dean’s office. I hurried off thinking that so soon after Kit’s leaving, it must be about him. He’s had an accident or something like that and I moved even faster hoping that this wasn’t the case. It was about Kit but not in the way that I had thought.

‘Ah, Doctor Smith,’ the Dean said after I had entered to his summons after knocking at the door. I was surprised to see Hawkins in there with him. ‘Young Hawkins here has brought to my attention the following after hearing the tragic news of Mr. Carson’s loss. It’s about the weekend camp that the two of you run. With Mr. Carson away it would have had to either be reduced in size or cancelled this week. Now I know that Hawkins is still a student here, but as he is also the head prefect and due to leave us in a couple of weeks time, has offered to stand in for Mr. Carson if you’ve no objections. I know he’s not a teacher but I trust in the position he now holds, I think I can allow him to do so for this one weekend. What do you say to this?’ He gave me a smile and I also saw that Hawkins was smiling and I thought I could see an almost pleading look in his eye. The picture flashed through my mind of him fucking and being fucked with Fontaine in the woods and wondered if I was about to say the wrong thing.

‘Why certainly sir. I was about to come to see you of the difficulty we would have with the absence of Mr. Carson. Mayhap he will enjoy the experience,’ I caught, or think I did, a hidden smirk from Hawkins, ‘and then think of taking up teaching at a later date as a profession.’

‘God forbid,’ Hawkins said. ‘But I don’t mind stepping into the breach for a short period of time. I might even learn something new under the hands and guidance of Doctor Smith.’

I saw that look again and caught the innuendoes of what he had said. The bugger knows about me and Kit I thought.

‘Well said Hawkins,’ the Dean said. ‘Well I’ll let you get on to supper and you can talk things over in your house common room later.’ We both left without any more being said and I wondered as we walked down to the big hall whether to be pleased or angry at what I think he was referring to in his little speech in front of the Dean.

‘I’ll see you after supper in the common room,’ I said curtly as we entered the hall. I needed time to think.

The meeting only lasted ten minutes for he knew the set up except for the catering which I said I would handle and that was it till we met again at the hall entrance after supper on Friday with twenty of the boys eager to go swimming. I told the crowd that even though they obeyed Hawkins as Head Prefect, he was from that moment until we returned to the hall, an acting teacher and must be treated as such. With that, we went off.

Things went swimmingly, pun unintended, that evening. We all went swimming and he was out of the water the same time as me and I noted that his prick was the size of a man now for I knew he would be eighteen inside of a month. With his towel then round his waist, he insisted that I stay in the sun and he would see to the fire and the drinks and eats afterwards. The senior of the boys didn’t need the showing of how to light the lanterns and knew when they had to be turned down in their respective tents.

With them being told it was time for bed, there was no dissent and they each went to their tents and the lights were soon extinguished. I went into ours with Hawkins following me.

‘I hadn’t realised how cramped you were in this tent sir. Kit….er, Mr. Carson never mentioned the fact,’ he said as we settled down close to each other.

‘In this tent Thomas, you are an acting teacher and so you can drop the sir bit. My name is Colin and you can call Mr. Carson Kit while in here if you’ve a mind. So what else did Kit tell you?’ I asked as I doused the light and lay down.

‘Well, you know that Edward and I are lovers. We have been for nearly three years now, and, and….that you and er, Kit are lovers too. He told me so himself.’ He finished hurriedly. I didn’t say anything but silently cursed Kit for telling this to a student of all people. ‘I…I hope you’re not mad at me for saying this er, Colin,’ he finished lamely, laying his hand on my forearm gently.

‘No Thomas, only disappointed at Kit for saying this,’ I replied.

‘Don’t blame him si…Colin. He’s seen me in bed with Edward the same as you have and the fact that you didn’t say anything, either of you, led us to believe that we were the same.’ His hand was now gently moving on my arm in a small stroking motion.

‘Ever since you came to the college I’ve admired you and though I regret the reasons for Kit having to go off, I saw the opportunity to get closer to you. I knew that you two teachers slept in the same tent and…and so I wanted to be here with you tonight. I…I…really would like you to make love to me.’ This last was said in almost a whisper and had a pleading note in it.

‘I’ve only ever known Edward and have longed to be with someone else to see if there’s any difference but also to see if by doing so I could still go on loving him as I do now.’

His hand was now on my thigh, over the towel I was still wearing and I had an erection at what he had asked of me.

‘I…I don’t know what to say to that Thomas,’ I stuttered. ‘You’re still a student and you know the rules on that.’

‘I’m an acting teacher and therefore have risen above that rule. Please Colin. Please. Make love to me.’ His hand came off my thigh and grasped my hand and put it over his towel and I could feel his erection underneath. ‘This is what you have caused. I’ve been praying that you would say yes and I will do anything that you ask. I’ll even stick my tongue inside you if you say so,’ he pleaded. Now this was something that I hadn’t experienced. Still holding my hand, he pulled his towel away so that my hand was now over and on his cock and my fingers involuntarily closed round his hard shaft.

I’d been at the college for nearly a year now and up until this Wednesday and Thursday, I’d only slept on my own that very first night. Now with only two days gone I was already missing what I now was holding in my hand, a rampant cock to either suck or be fucked with. He then pulled my hand up off him and kissed it and I felt him move and turn over onto his side to face me and his hand let go of mine and his now came onto my chest as he leaned in and kissed me. It was when my two hands moved up and held his face for me to return his kiss did his hand then move down over my stomach and under the towel.

I think we both gave out a groan as his fingers curled round my erection and began to rub it as we kissed.

‘Make love to me Colin, please,’ he begged.

‘Let me find a condom then,’ I said between our kisses.

‘Bugger the condom,’ he said, echoing the very words I had once used to Kit. ‘I want to feel the you, not a rubber sheath.’

‘Okay. Roll over and let me up,’ I said and he moved and I could feel that he had gone up onto his knees and felt and found that he was there waiting for me. I got over his bent legs and behind him and stroked his bare back and felt him give out a shiver as I did so. With one hand on his hip, I probed with the head of my cock in between the cheeks of his bum and found the puckering hole that was giving out quite some heat.

Putting it firmly in place, I pushed and felt his muscle trying to prevent the entry and told him to relax and suddenly the head slipped in and the rest of me followed till I could go no further.

It was nice to once again have a nice warm body wrapped round my cock and I heard Thomas give out a gurgle at now having what he’d desired. If the truth be known, I had wanted either him or Fontaine after seeing the two of them in the woods that day. I was glad that when I had brought the supplies up to the tent during the afternoon that I had jerked myself off for I would now be able to last just that little bit longer in giving this young man’s body beneath me a good fucking.

I was enjoying this as I moved in and out of his backside and suddenly let go of his hips after a forward movement into him and then raked my nails down over his nipples, chest and rib cage to settle again at his waist. His body shook at the, to him, new experience.

‘Oh Christ,’ he gasped. ‘That made me come all over the blanket.’

‘Well I hope it’s your side,’ I whispered back, keeping my voice low and hoping that the noises he was making was not being heard in any of the other tents. I managed to make the pleasure of having my cock slide back and forth inside him last for well over five minutes before the surge began.

‘I’m coming,’ I whispered as I held his hips harder and really thrust myself at him and pulled him back at the same time, our bodies making small smacking sounds as they came together.

‘I know,’ he gasped at my energetic movements. ‘Now I want to feel it coming inside me.’ It was almost if he had been in this tent before and heard me speak to Kit in almost the same words.

‘Yes. Yes. Yes,’ he gurgled out at each surge of my seed into him. ‘Oh you lovely man,’ he breathed out with a sigh as I came to a stop. ‘Stay there for a minute or two,’ he said and I felt his body start to sink down to the blanket and I went down with him, staying inside, gripped tight by his sphincter muscle.

‘Now ride me again so that I can finish coming myself,’ he begged. So whilst laying fully on top of him, I rocked and rode him to his delight, saying that he was coming and he gurgled again as he obviously came to add more mess to the blanket.

I gave him another minute or so laying on top of him giving my cock twitches every now and then before pulling out. He gave out a little cry as I did so though he tried to keep me there with his inner muscle. But out I came and got up onto my knees and fumbled in the dark for my towel.

‘I’ve got to go and wash,’ I said as I got up.

‘Don’t be too long Colin,’ he sighed and I went out and gingerly got into the pool without making any noise. I then cleaned myself as best as I could in the cold water in the dark and got out and dried myself before going back to the tent. I would liked to have whistled at the pleasure I’d just had but didn’t dare. Him being a fit young man, I thought, it shouldn’t take him long to recover and then see to me in the same fashion. So we lay there in the dark, fondling each other’s cock and balls until he finally began to get aroused again and I continued stroking him until he whispered what I wanted to hear.

‘Would you like me to do it to you now? I’ll use a condom if you can find them.’

‘Go bare back and wash in the pool afterwards, but didn’t you mention something about using your tongue?’ I asked, wanting to have this experience.

‘Okay,’ he said and so we moved about, me getting onto my knees and him shuffling round behind me. I felt his hands come to the cheeks of my bum and part them and then had that incredible sensation of having his tongue wiggle about in the entrance to my backside. It sent shivers all up and down my spine and made my insides tingle to feel it dart in and out as it also helped as lubrication. My ring kept puckering up to this touch and he soon moved and I felt the head of his cock touch me and stop momentarily until he pushed forward and entered me.

It was nice to have an erection back inside me and I loved the feel of his hard muscle reaming the insides of my canal and gave myself up to the sheer pleasure of being fucked again after two days lack. He scratched my chest and ribs as I had done to him so at least he had learned something new with me. But still it was nice to have someone moving back and forth behind me, filling me with joy and even better by him not wearing a condom. After a few minutes he gasped out that he was about to come though he didn’t need to tell me for I knew by his body movements that he was reaching his peak. Then he held me tight and began to ram into me in sharp small bursts and I felt his sperm come into me and it seemed quite a lot and even though I loved to feel where it was, I knew that next time I would have him come in my mouth for me to taste him properly.

‘Hold tight,’ I said, breathing heavily after he’d finished coming inside me, and I lowered myself down, keeping him hard and in the right place. I then let him ride me like that for a few more minutes and it was lovely to have his weight on me like that.

He finally pulled out to my dismay and I whispered to him to make no noise in the pool while he washed himself. He left the tent and was back within five minutes shivering.

‘That water’s bloody cold,’ he said as he lay down beside me and I could feel that it was from his chilled damp thigh against mine. So I rolled over top of him to kiss and warm him up at the same time. After a few minutes, I rolled back over, pulling him on top of me now for I had found that I liked the other person on top of me for kissing.

‘Thank you Colin,’ he said to me between kisses. ‘You’ve made my dream come true for I wanted you to fuck me from the first day I saw you but didn’t know how to approach you, you being a teacher and all that.’

‘Thank you for the honour, but it was my pleasure that we both have enjoyed our coming together,’ I replied.

‘It’s now easier for me to ask you something. Term finishes in two weeks and I’ll be leaving the college. Would you and Kit come, in a month’s time to my home where we can spend a week hiking and sleeping out in a tent much bigger than this? Edward would be with us and we can it make a foursome. All mod cons I can assure you,’ he said.

‘Thanks for the offer but I’d better ask Kit before I give an answer,’ I said.

‘I’ve already asked him,’ was the reply.

‘And? What did he say?’

‘That he was willing if you were.’

My heart beat a little faster. A whole week of camping and I would also get to fuck Edward Fontaine as well. The thought of having another different cock up my arse caused me to get another erection. He could obviously feel it growing between our stomachs because I felt his begin to enlarge itself as I agreed.

‘Oh wonderful,’ he said and then slid down my body and took my cock into his mouth and began playing with his tongue around the partly exposed head.

‘Turn round,’ I said hoarsely, loving what he was doing and now I wanted his cock in my mouth and hoped to get a good taste of his sperm at the end of it. He shuffled his body round without releasing me until I felt his erection slap against my cheek and I avidly took it in and began to suck and tease the head of his cock. With both of us having spent ourselves twice already, it took some time before I finally got my wish and had him come in my mouth. I rolled it round and over the head of his cock, enjoying the taste of him before swallowing it and then licking him clean as he was now doing to me.

The next day we let the boys make their own amusement either in or out of the water. When Thomas and I were in the pool, he would quite often swim up to where I was standing and give my cock a swift stroke and then lick his lips in anticipation of the coming night and I had to smile back at him. After supper and with the boys ensconced in their tents with the lights out, Thomas and I made love to each other in our tent, twice fucking each other before having oral sex to finish of the session before sleeping. He was rather frantic in his fucking of me and urging me on to ram myself as hard as possible into him for it would be another month before we would be coming together again. Mind you, I wanted it more than him for at least he would be in bed Sunday night with Edward while I would still be alone till at least Wednesday if not Thursday before Kit returned.

There were tears in his eyes as we walked back through the woods with the boys on the Sunday afternoon. We were behind them and just before we emerged from the trees, Thomas pulled me back and flung his arms round my neck and kissed me fiercely.

‘Thank you for such a lovely weekend,’ he said as two tears ran down his face and he quickly released me and went on ahead before I could say anything and I then followed, seeing him wipe his eyes before catching up with the other boys.

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