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Coming of Age Part I

Louis's Journey Begins.

This is the first of a series that I will be writing. Tonight the first part of the series will be produced. Enjoy!


Young Louis Crandall was your typical straight-laced nerdy kid, right down from the wardrobe to the personality. He would rather play a video game, do homework or watch Discovery channel for fun instead of what a lot of guys do on weekends, chase girls. This lead to him being acdemically superior to all of the other kids but his social life flat out sucked. He did have his circle of friends but he mostly kept to himself as he was worried about getting into Harvard to pursue a degree in Biology. Everyone thought that he was just a nerdy loner and that is how he was viewed. Little did anyone know that he wanted to come out of his shell socially. But he did not know how. Louis sat down and brainstormed how to make this possible. But then, he read an email from a friend that he corresponded with online who told him to let it come naturally to him. With that advice, Louis drifted off to sleep and thought about the next day at school.

The day was a typical one. Boring as hell, and Louis was feeling out of sorts for some reason. During Math class, one of the students was doing a problem on the board which he had done in his head in a matter of seconds. He glanced up at his teacher Ms. Chatman. Ms. Chatman was arguably the finest female teacher in the school. Rumors went around about her fucking students, but they were never confirmed. Ms. Chatman was 5'6 and about 125 lbs with a caramel skin and hazel eyes. Her 38DD breasts were always on display and her ass was shaped like a fully grown pumpkin.  He noticed that Ms. Chatman was sitting down in her chair at her desk going over the problem as well and Louis noticed that he was staring up Ms. Chatmans skirt! He was able to see her light blue underwear and he was getting hard at his desk. Louis tried to hide the fact that he was carrying a huge erection but really he couldn't do much about it.  Louis went back to the board and then class had ended. Louis was getting ready to leave to go home when Ms. Chatman approached him.

"Hello Louis. How is my finest student doing?" She asked him in an innocent manner.

"Doing fine Ms. Chatman." He replied.

She looked him up and down real fast and caught a glimpse of his erect cock through his jeans. Ms Chatman started to wonder how big it was immediately.

"I have a favor to ask. I want to put together a lesson plan for the students and I was wondering if you could give me some ideas." She told him. He thought that it would be innocent so he accepted. Ms. Chatman was developing a plan to get his cock into her mouth.

"Sure Ms. Chatman I'll help out." Louis told her. She gave him the address.


"Good, be there at 12 noon sharp! We have a lot to cover." Ms Chatman said to him. "And bring some shorts in case you want to swim." She said at the end. And Louis walked out and started to head home.

He bumped into Cindy outside and they started walking. Cindy was a lovely girl with a plain jane look that attracted guys to her. She always turned them down though. She had a secret crush on Louis but he was too naive to get the hints. They were talking about their day when Robbie, the school bully and jock grabbed Louis and held him against the lockers.

"Where's my homework at bitch." He siad to Louis in his threatening tone. Louis despised Robbie because Robbie had all the girls and the accolades, plus he had a hot ass ride too.

"Right here man." Louis gave him the papers.

"Good nerd bitch. See ya next week." He shoved Louis hard into the wall. Cindy checked on him to see if she was alright. She felt  hand on her ass and it was Robbie's. She quickly slapped him.

"Freaking Pervert!" She said to his face.

"Shut up. You just mad 'cause you can't get none from me." He and his friends laughed at her.

"I heard about it and I'll pass thank you." She whispered to him doing the mini me measurement.

"Fuck you." He walked off to practice and they went home.

Louis walked Cindy home and she was worried about him because of what happened earlier.

"You have to stand up to him. He is gonna keep doing it until you do something." She said to him.

"Thanks, I hear it all the time." He replied. He did not want to talk about it.

"I care about you Louis, that's all." She said to him and gave him a hug. He felt his cock rise instantly.

"See you Monday." He said and went into his house and Cindy went to hers across the street.

Louis ran to his room and locked the door. He had a massive hard on and he quickly thought about something else to get the hard on down. He changed into some shorts and a t-shirt to relax after his homework was done. He was not noticing that the neighbor Ms. Whitney was watching him change and she got a full view of his cock hard. She was staring at it and imagining the things that it could do to her body. She went over to his house and knocked on the door.

"Hi Louis, I was wondering if you could come help me with some stuff sweetie." She said to him with a smile. Louis thought this was weird as she usually says hello to him and that would be it. Ms. Whitney was a widow and her late husband left her a killer life insurance policy so that she would be set for life. Plus with her being in her late 30's she was ofter confused for a woman in her 20's because she kept in shape by working out everyday. Her light brown skin and caramel eyes made her a stunner. Louis thought she was hot but he never looked at her that way.

"I'll be right over." He said. He grabbed some shoes and went right over to her house. She had him go look at her computer and she had an image of a girl sucking on a man's cock. Louis was surprised at what he saw so he minimized the picture because he did not want to show that he had a stiff cock.  Ms. Whitney came downstairs into the room where her computer with an outfit tht was more revelaing.

"Sweetie, the problem is right here." She was standing in white lingerie in front of him. Her 36DD breasts were right in front of him and Louis thought he was going to pass out. This was the first woman he saw that was nearly naked in his face. He was completely and he wanted to run home but he was frozen in front of her. She grabbed his crotch and felt his hard cock.

"Looks like someone wants to come out and play." She said as she licked her lips.  She then took him and sat down on the couch. She pulled his cock out and looked at it and she could not believe how big it was. his cock was about 10 1/2 inched long and thick as her wrist. Her mouth and pussy were on fire.

"So Louis are you a virgin?" She asked him.

"Yes I am." He honestly told her.

"Even better." She took his cock into her mouth and started sucking him off. Louis felt a sensation in his body that he had never felt before. And he was liking the blow job that he was getting from her.

"" was all that he could get out of his mouth. Louis was about to cum.

"I'm a cum......ahhhhhh!" He yelled out and he shot a couple of huge loads into her mouth. She quickly swallowed them and she loved sucking on his cock. She stroked it some more until he got hard again.

"It's my turn to get off now." She said as she straddled him and placed herself onto his cock and slid down slowly. Louis was losing his virginity ti his next door neighbor and she was hot.

" are fucking huge.......uhhhhhh.........uhhhhhhh" she said to him. She was enjoying having his cock inside of her. Louis had grabbed her hips ahd moved her up and down. Good thing he remembered the stuff from the porns he saw in his room because that is all he had to go on. Ms. Whitney's pussy was in heaven and she was loving his cock as she moved up and down. She was having damn good orgasms from his fuck stick. Louis still could not believe what was happening. And after 30 minutes, he was ready to cum again.

"Ms. Whitney, I'm a cum again. I'm a cum." He said to her.

"Point your cock at my tits and cum on them." She got off of him and knelt down in front of him. He aimed his cock at her tits and came all over them. She licked some of the cum off if them and rubbed the rest on her tits. She was sexually satisfied and Louis felt a change in him the moment he came onto her tits.

"Ms. Whitney that was incredible." He said while panting.

"Glad you liked it sweetie. Come over again when you want another fuck. Word of advice sweetie. I would shave that off." She pointed to his pubic hair.

"I will do that, thank you." He leaned in and kissed her to thank her.

"You're welcome sweetie. Good night." She sais as he went home. He showered and then shaved off all of the pubic hair on his cock, balls and the surrounding areas. He then went to sleep with a smile on his face. He still had to go over to Ms. Chatman's house tomorrow and help her out. Maybe he might get lucky again he figured and he went off to sleep no longer a virgin.

I hope you all like Part I, Part II will be coming soon in the series.

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