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Coming of Age

Coming of Age

My next door neighbor teaches me the finer points of lovemaking.

I was terribly shy at sixteen. Tall, ultra-thin, and totally lacking in experience. I grew up in an upper middle class neighborhood less than an hour's commute to New York City. Our next door neighbors were Joseph 'Joey Goodyear' Buonanno and his wife Angelina.  Mr Buonanno, when asked about his career, would dodge the question, waving  his ever-present Cuban cigar, while he steered the conversation elsewhere. Apparently, he made his money in 'collections'  for a dubious family business in the city, and was rarely home, having to go out of town on a regular basis. My parents were neighborly with the Buonanno's but did not socialize with them. I got the feeling that they did not approve.

In spite of that, I got to know Angie that year. Mr. B's business dealings left his wife home alone a lot. Every now and then she would ask me to give her a hand with something around the house. More often than not it entailed reaching up into high kitchen cupboards which she could not get to, seeing as she was only 5' 3". Such was the case one July morning. I was out shooting hoops, trying to perfect my fade away jump shot when Angie appeared.  Could I "be a dear and get the giant pasta pot off the top shelf in the kitchen?"

"Sure!" I replied, putting down the basketball and following her into the kitchen. Did I mention that she was knock-down gorgeous? While most of my friends dreamed about Annette Funicello, I was fantasizing over Angie Buonanno. As I followed her undulating ass I began to grow. I couldn't help it. She pulled out a rickety stepstool which I mounted with no difficulty Reaching up for the pasta pot, the stool shifted. She grabbed me, to steady me, her hands finding my ass and my now fully rigid cock. 

"There's something else you could do for me," she said as her hand gripped me through my shorts.

I was speechless! Was my hot neighbor trying to seduce me? Before I could say anything, she was on her knees pulling my shorts and my boxers off my hips. My cock sprung out, bobbing in the breeze. She gripped it with both hands and pulled it to her mouth. "Nice equipment!" she said just before sliding her lips over the helmet.

I'd seen dozens of pictures of blowjobs in my older brother's porn stash, but this was a first. I was in heaven! Angie was noisily slurping all over my cock. As soon as her tongue touched my tip, I knew I was not going to last long. Sure enough, my brain short circuited and I started pumping gobs of cum past her tongue and into her throat. It felt like forever as my balls emptied into my neighbor's mouth. "Oh fuck!" I sighed.

Licking her lips and smiling up at me, she replied, "That's next." Grabbing me by my still stiff member, she led me to her bedroom. where she started to strip. As she removed her bra, setting those gorgeous breasts free, she said, "I think you've been wanting to see these, haven't you?" I just stared, open-mouthed, at the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. I tentatively reached out cupping each with a hand. Instant hard-on! She pushed me away and I fell onto the bed, still staring. "Easy tiger! There'll be plenty of time to play with these later."

She crawled onto the bed, straddling my hips, my rampant manhood rubbing against her lace panties. "Tell me the truth! Are you a virgin?" I nodded yes. "That's not a problem," she said, "Just do as I tell you and we will both enjoy this."

She moved up further until her panty clad pussy was inches from my face. "I'd like to introduce you to Kitty. Kitty likes to be kissed." She pressed her lace covered pussy against my face. I took the hint and pursed my lips, feeling the dampness of the fabric as I breathed in her musky scent. She pulled her panties aside, revealing her curly black bush and moist pink lips. "Kitty likes to be kissed a lot." She mashed her wild curls against my nose as my tongue, seemingly with a  mind of its own, snaked out, tracing the line of her lips.

Like her scent, her taste was exotic, mesmerizing. I couldn't get enough of it! Plunging past her lips, what I lacked in experience, I more than made up for in enthusiasm, but with a little coaching from Angie, I learned quickly what got her off. I gathered more of her juices on my tongue. She rolled her hips, smearing her essence all over my face, from my nose to my chin. Curling my arms around her thighs, I held her to me as my tongue ravished her cunt and my nose teased her clit. "Are you sure you've never done this before?" she squealed as she rode my face. I looked up at her, a blissful look on her face framed by bouncing breasts. I grabbed for them squeezing her nipples.

I felt her hand enfolding my re-animated cock as she smiled down at me.  Her breath became a bit ragged. "Finger my clit," she panted as she ground her pelvis on my face. I reached over, my middle finger drawing circles around the emerging button. "Yes! Right there! ... Ohhh! ... Fuck... Don't stop!." Her eyes half closed, her grip on my cock tightening, she was on the verge of orgasm. I kept stabbing my tongue inside her freshening cunt, my fingers strumming her clit. She stiffened, her thighs clamping tight to my head, her breasts flushed, the rictus of orgasm on her face while her body shook with orgiastic fervor. 

As suddenly as it had happened, it was over. Her grip on my head loosened, her body relaxed. Between gulps of air, she panted, "I need your cock inside me!" She rolled off me. We tore the rest of our clothes off and I laid down on top of her, showering her with kisses. Her lips, her neck, her collarbones, and those gorgeous, full breasts. Then she took my face in her hands and whispered, "Fuck me!" I lunged forward, easily sinking into the warm wetness of her cunt, until my balls brushed against her. "Slowly. Deeply. Gently."

I tried to do as she asked. It took a herculean effort not to just ram it home until I unloaded, but I did it, feeling every inch of her pussy caressing my cock as it agonized its way deep inside. My nerve endings were on fire. I wanted to make it last as long as possible, but the tightness of her made that difficult at best. We kissed, her mouth open to my tongue, urging me to explore. My hands all over her breasts, kneading, tweaking, pulling, eliciting groans that I could feel more than hear. I felt a rumbling deep in my balls. I was about to let loose. She seemed to know how close I was and whispered, "Cum inside me."

"But, what if I get you..."

The rest of the sentence was swallowed along with my tongue. I grunted as each contraction sent ropes of young, virile cum jetting deep into Angie's willing, wanting cunt. I was a little surprised that I didn't soften instantly, so I continued to roll my hips, thrusting slowly, deeply inside her. She wrapped her legs around my waist, giving little kicks each time I pushed in. "Don't stop. You feel so good inside me." I kept sliding in and out, but mother nature took over and I slowly deflated to the point where I slithered out.

I started to apologize. She shushed me with a finger on my lips, rolling me off. "Let me see what I can do." Taking my soft, cum coated cock between her lips, she began sucking the dregs of our lovemaking off of me. "So delicious." 

I felt my cock beginning to revive again. She smiled as she crawled up my prone body, kissing her way toward my mouth. Instead of sucking my tongue into her mouth, she invaded mine. Breaking the kiss, she asked, "So, how do you like the taste of fucking?"

"A little bitter, but sweet at the same time."

"Want some more?"

"Do you want me to?"

"Of course. Joey won't do this. He says it's not manly."

Not wanting to disappoint, I rolled her over onto her back and crawled up between her open thighs.  There, inches from my face, her creampied pussy lips, still pink and swollen from our just completed fuck, began to drool my cum and her juices. I tentatively lapped it up. She grabbed my head and pulled it close, allowing me to surround her opening with my lips and invade her with my tongue.

"You're gonna make me cum again aren't you, you nasty boy!" I looked up at her, her face framed by her breasts. She was smiling, her grip on my head still firm. I sucked her clit. She squirmed, smearing her honey all over my face. She threw her head back, moaning, "Oh God. Don't stop!" She froze, her thighs clamping against my head as she came again. Twenty minutes later, I emerged from her house, balls empty and a wide smile plastered on my face. My fantasy had become reality. I couldn't wait to do it again.

A few days later, her husband came over while I was shooting hoops. He said, "I understand, you've been helping my wife around the house. I'd like to thank you for helping her out." He handed me a crisp new $100 bill, and with a wry smile added, "She won't be needing your services any longer."


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