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Confessions of a Bad Girl - Part 2

A story about the night I took the next step towards being a slut!
With all the gossip going on about me, I had decided to move beyond sucking cocks and take the next step! But I wanted my first fuck to be special, one that I'd never forget or regret! What I didn't want was a disappointing, five minute hump session with some random guy that only happened because I was drunk or high! I know it sounds crazy, but even a slut should have some standards!

But to get what I wanted, I needed to be selective; and find just the right guy - which I did! I know that makes it sound like I was actively searching, but I wasn't and he found me!

It was a Friday afternoon, and as I was leaving the school's pep rally for that night's football game, I heard someone yell, "Hey, Alix, Wait up!"

When I turned to see who had called out my name, one of the people who was in the crowd behind me was a Senior named Chris. Chris was a varsity wrestler; he was also ranked, in his weight class, as the number three wrestler in the state. Since I didn't think he was yelling for me, I kept looking for the 'mystery voice.' But then he caught up with me, and we started talking.

That had been a big surprise! Why? I wasn't involved in any of the school's sports, clubs or social activities, and back then I was a bit of a 'Goth'. Odd would be the best way to describe how I was perceived. All of which meant I was definitely near the absolute bottom of the school's social order. Seniors, especially the ones who are varsity lettermen, hadn't even acknowledged my existence; and they certainly hadn't debased themselves by actually starting a public conversation with me!

Even though I had been happy when he stopped me, I did wonder, 'Why was he talking to me?' I was attractive, but not gorgeous or buxom. At the time my dirty blonde hair was styled in a short pixie cut that nicely framed my mocha-brown eyes and full lips. I was 5'6", but considered very slim, not exactly skinny, but I was still 'getting my curves'. Finally, I wasn't a member of his social stratum. All together that made me both curious about his intentions and a bit leery!

But then I remembered, he was one of the guys who had been with Tony at the party. He knew I had sucked Tony's cock; and since guys gossip as much as girls, he'd probably heard I'd gotten down on my knees for Brendon too!

Bingo, he thought I was a slut and was going to be an easy score. Talking to me was his way of stopping by the candy store and checking out the sweets! Well two could play that game, right? As we chatted, I looked him over. Chris was about 5'10", lean and all muscle. He had blonde hair that was cut short; and with his toned body, intense blue eyes and smile, he was an absolute hunk!

Even then, I knew he could have had his pick of any of the girls at our school. But unlike Tony who I'd sucked at a party, and had a girlfriend named Mandy, I was pretty sure Chris was unattached. For me that was another plus in his favor. I had already gotten more than a few 'evil looks' from the girls whose boyfriends had looked my way! I just hoped he liked girls, with wrestlers you just never knew!

After we walked out of the auditorium, he finally got around to asking if I was going to be at the game that night. When I told him I was, he said that he would look for me. We were by ourselves at that point, so I asked him, "What does that mean, look for me? Are you asking me to be your date for the game? Or are you just another guy who thinks I'm a slut, and now you're hitting on me because you're looking for a good time?"

The answer he gave me probably wasn't the one that most girls wanted to hear, but it was honest, "I'm looking for a good time."

For me it was perfect! I immediately flipped on my 'slut switch', gave him a smile and moved real close to him. Then when our bodies were almost touching, I put my hand up on his chest and ran my finger over and around the varsity letter on his jacket. Then I made my decision.

I looked up at him, licked my tongue over my lips and whispered, "Then you came to the right girl. I'll meet you at the main concession stand at half time."

He laughed and said, "I'll make sure I'm there early!"

As I walked away, I looked over my shoulder and said, "I sure hope that doesn't mean you come early too!"

I never heard his answer, but as I was walked away, I thought, 'Did I really say that?'

On the way home from school, I stopped at a drug store and bought some lipstick and a box of condoms. After what had happened when I had sucked Tony, I was going to be prepared for sex, even if the guy wasn't! Even now, I still pack and bring my own!

When I got home, I grabbed a quick bite to eat, reminded my Mom that I going to the game that night; and answered her questions about my day at school. When the inquisition was finally over, I took a shower, went back to my room and changed into my 'parent approved' clothes for the game.

That didn't take long, since I had already picked out a sleeveless white blouse, jeans and running shoes for the game. Why? Because I knew that if I wore that outfit, I would get out the front door of my house! Then I remembered it was supposed to be a bit chilly that night, so I also grabbed a light jacket.

When I was finished dressing, I pulled a midi-tube top, a short miniskirt, some black nylons and a pair of heels out of my closet. I put them into my backpack along with the lipstick and condoms I had purchased. When I was done, I grabbed my small red shoulder purse, left through the kitchen and garage and started my walk over to Heather's house.

Since I didn't have a drivers license, my best friend Heather and her boyfriend Tom, maybe you remember them from the time I played 'Truth or Dare', were my ride to the game. I deliberately arrived at her place early because I knew her parents would have already left it for a 'date night,' and I needed to change.

As Heather and I waited for Tom, I pulled off the shoes and jeans I'd worn over from my house and exchanged them for the black mini, matching black thigh highs and heels I'd packed. Then I took off the blouse and my bra, pulled on the red tube top, and then I slipped on my black jacket. When I was finished changing, I put all of the 'parent approved' clothes inside my backpack; pulled the lipstick and condoms out of one of the backpack's side pockets and put them in my purse. Now I was 'dressed for success' and ready for the ball game!

When Tom finally showed up in his dark blue Mustang coupe, he took one look at me and said, "I see someone is going to be a bad girl this evening! Who is the lucky guy?"

I told him, "No one special, I just want to look good!"

He laughed at me and retorted, "Well I think you're fibbing, but you definitely look like something!"

I had started to ask him what he meant by that, but Heather swatted him and told us both to be nice. Before they got into the front seats of his car, I tossed my backpack inside and squirmed onto the backseat and made myself comfortable. During the whole drive over, Heather was just chattering away and poor Tom was trying his best to act interested.

Me? I hummed some song I'd heard recently. I was also thinking about some of the things I had learned by sneak reading the 'Mommy Porn' books at the bookstore. So far, at least when it came to sucking cocks, my 'research' had come in very handy. I was hoping that after my time with Chris, I was going be able to make the same comment about fucking!

When we arrived at the the stadium, the stands were already filling up. The game was a District one, and both of the teams had visions of a state championship. I remember that during the week leading up to the game, there was a lot of hype and all of the 'sports experts' had predicted a close game.

Well 'predictions' and reality are sometimes two different things. When the first half ended, our team was ten points behind, not a good place to be! As the band moved down to the field for their performance, I leaned over and told Heather I was going to the bathroom, and that I planned to walk around for a bit and socialize.

I still don't know why I even bothered. When she was with Tom, she was in another world! I knew she wasn't really paying much attention to me, or to what I had said, because all I got out of her in response was, "Uh, uh... sure see ya later".

Well I did have to go to the bathroom, but when I got there, I ended up in a 'takes forever' line. As the line crept forward, I saw Tony's girlfriend, Mandy and her friends. Although they were standing off to the side, I noticed they were looking at me as they talked.

I didn't hear everything they said, but I did catch some bits like, "It's all over the school... look at her... it must be true!" When I had finished 'my business', I put on my 'drug store' lipstick. Then I deliberately walked by them, smiled and continued on to the concession stand where I was supposed to meet Chris.

I had been running a late! But when I finally got near the concession stand, I spotted him. He was standing off to the side and he looked real good in his letter jacket, tight dark T-shirt, jeans and loafers. He hadn't seen me yet, so I took a few seconds to enjoy the view. After I noticed that he was checking his watch and looking around, I wondered if he thought I had stood him up; or whether he was just making sure that nobody would see us together. Probably, it was a little of both!

After I snapped back to the present, I walked up from behind and tapped him on his shoulder. I think I startled him, but when he turned my way, he had a look of relief on his face. Then I unzipped my my black jacket so he got a quick glimpse of my red tube top. As he started looking me over, I spread my arms, did a quick turn about, and when I was facing him again, I bowed!

When I straightened up, I saw that his mouth was wide open. Maybe that was because I had been wearing a tube top. Or was it the very, very short black mini that just barely covered the cheeks of my ass, and the thigh highs with black stiletto heels? But after he kept staring at me, what I think really caught his eye was the fire engine red lipstick that I'd put on while I was in the girl's room!

I knew he was stunned! After he looked me over from top-to-bottom a couple of times, he let out a whistle and told me, "You really know how to make an entrance!"

I smiled, accepted the compliment and asked him, "Where to next?"

He told me, that if it was okay, we would go to his van in the parking lot. I told him that sounded fine. Since I thought he didn't really want to be 'seen with me,' I told him, "I'll go ahead and wait for you outside the stadium."

Then I turned away and started walking towards the nearest exit. As he followed me out, I wondered what was going through his mind. Since he was behind me, I'm sure he checked out my ass. One of the things about high heels, they really accentuate a girl's wiggle when she walks! So the view he was enjoying, plus the way I was dressed, probably had him thinking, 'Slut, total slut, YES!' If that was the case, then I had definitely passed the 'dressed for success' test!

Once we actually left the stadium, he caught up with me, put his arm around me and told me how hot I looked. By the time we got to his van, his hand was feeling my ass. I still wondered if he learned that move from Tony? We stopped outside his van and started kissing. He was a very good kisser! His one hand was behind my neck pulling me toward him and our tongues were playing tag; while his other hand was down low and squeezing my ass. My hands? They were inside his letter jacket exploring his chest, and I had begun moving them down below his belt.

Then he broke off the kiss, stepped way, took a deep breath and said, "Uh, maybe we should move this into the van before we get busted by the parking lot security guy."

I replied, "That's probably a good idea, I wouldn't want you to get arrested and end up with a bad reputation!"

He laughed at that, and after he unlocked and slid the side door open, he took my hand and helped me get in. I wasn't sure what to expect, but when he shut the door behind us and flipped on the interior lights, I was really impressed! The van, actually it was more like a camper, had been customized with side windows, a pair of rotating captains chairs, a side table, a pull down bunk and even had a kitchen area. Very nice!

He sat down in one of the captain's chairs and I took the one across from him. As I looked around, I asked if anyone could see into the van. He shook his head and as he pulled down the window screens he said, "No, the glass is opaque and with the screens down... It's private."

When I smiled at that, he said, "You're not the shy type are ya? Why don't you come here and sit with me?"

Well who was I to turn down an invitation? So I moved over to him, straddled his lap and then put my arms around his neck. As I sat down, my mini slid up to the top of my legs, and he got his first view of my thong. Once I was I settled in and comfortable, I asked him softly, "Still looking for that good time?"

He gazed back at me and nodded, so I kissed him full on his lips and followed my kiss with a teasing lick on his jaw. Then I moved my lips lightly across his cheek and started nibbling and kissing his ear and neck. As I was doing that, he pushed my tube top up, felt and tweaked my already hard nipples and began rubbing his hands up and down my sides and along my thighs. At that point my body was tingling and my pussy had definitely become awake!

I hugged him tighter and then locked my legs around his. As I tightened my thighs on his, I moved my hands behind his neck and locked my fingers together. After arching back, I started grinding on him, and I guess that's when I gave my first lap dance! As I slid back and forth on his lap, the only thing that was missing was the music. That's when I really felt the bulge in his pants. As his breaths got deeper, I looked him straight in the eyes and told him how big he felt and how bad I wanted his cock!

He exhaled and told me, "I've never had a girl talk dirty to me before... I like it! You are a bad girl aren't you?"

That's when I gave him a quick kiss and replied, "I am... I'm a very bad girl! But isn't that why you asked me to come here?"

He nodded and it wasn't long before his eyes were closed and he was really squirming under me. But I had already decided that I wasn't going to leave his van without cumming. It was time to warm myself up and give him a show! I slipped off him and moved back over to the other chair. As he started to protest, I held a finger to my lips and said, "Shsssh! Enjoy!"

As he watched, I rotated my chair to the side, lifted my hips and slowly pulled off my my thong. When it was past my heels, I tossed it to the side and blew him a kiss. Then I turned my chair back so I was facing him straight on, slid up my mini and spread my legs. Now he could see everything! I guess I'm lucky since my pubic hair is more silky than coarse, and it's blonde like the hair on my head. Even then I kept it neatly trimmed so he wasn't staring at some rats nest!

After I gave him a chance to savor the view, I leaned back and began touching myself. First, I used the middle finger of my right hand to tease the lips of my pussy. When they began to swell and I was getting slick from my juices, I spread my labia, with my pointing and ring fingers, and started massaging my clit. My middle finger was going in circles, and I could feel the sparks. When I'd gotten myself good and wet and I was on the edge of a cum, I stopped.

The whole time he didn't say a word! He just leaned forward a bit, stared and started rubbing his crotch. Finally, he did manage to say, "Oh my God baby, yes! That's amazing to watch! You're like every guy's wet dream come true! Oh fuck! Jeez I want you now!"

That's when I put my fingers in my mouth, sucked them clean and moved back over to him. I got on my knees in front of him and started to undo his pants. Looking up I asked, "You ready for your good time? You do know what I want, yes?"

"Yeah... Uh, I am ! I do!", he gasped. Then I told him to lift his hips and pulled his pants down.

As expected, his cock was pointing straight up. It wasn't real long, but it was thick! I grasped it with one hand and put my other hand between my legs. As I started playing with my kitty again, I slowly fingered his cockhead until his precum seeped out. I caught the precum on my finger and took a taste. I made a 'memo to self, 'Chris' precum tasted about the same as Brendon's and Tony's.' At that point, he was really squirming and both of my hands had gotten sticky from both his precum and my pussy juice, so I stopped for a few seconds, licked my hands clean again and then reapplied my lipstick. He was still mesmerized!

I had his complete attention, so I wrapped my thumb and forefinger around his cock and squeezed it tightly. I didn't want another surprise like the one I'd had with Brendon! After I took his cock into my mouth, I lightly moved my lips down to the base of his cock until I felt my finger and thumb. Then I pressed my lips tight together for a couple of seconds.

When I pulled back up to see the result, I'd left a nice fire engine lipstick ring on him. It was perfect! That's when I took a shiny packet out of the pocket of my purse, ripped the foil with my teeth and slipped the condom on him. When I was sure it was set, I gave his 'thick guy' a quick kiss.

When I was satisfied that everything was ready, I stood up and straddled Chris again. I placed my left hand on his shoulder, he put both of his on my hips, and I used my right hand to guide his cock into my pussy. Since I was so wet, even though he was thick, he slipped right into my cunt. Now was the moment of truth!

I sat down, hard! Did it it hurt? A little, since it was my first time, but I didn't bleed. I'd had dance and gymnastics classes, so my cherry was probably already gone. Fucking Chris just made it official! Anyway, after the initial thrust, I clenched his cock with my pussy, gripped his shoulders and started riding him. Up and down, up and down. With each thrust I sped up until I had worked up a sweat!

After a few minutes of fucking, it began to happen. First there was a tingle, then twitching. Then I felt this electric shock that started in my pussy and went straight to my brain! My body started jerking, and I began moaning and started to scream, "YES, YES". I kept bouncing up and down, and I got louder and louder as I began begging him to fuck me harder!

That's when he slapped his hand over my mouth and hissed, "Be quiet... Ouch, you bit me bitch! Someone is going to hear us!"

Well I couldn't help it, and at that moment I didn't care! Even though I was muffled by his hand, and I did apologize later for biting his hand, I still moaned very loudly!

As I was hit by wave after wave of spasms... I started cumming! When I lost it, he tensed up, tightened his grip on my hips, and then flexed his hips upward! I don't know how many times I felt his hard thrusts, but when he finally stopped, he exhaled, and said, "Oh FUCK, That was so good! I've never cum that hard before!"

I was sweaty, exhausted and panting when I truthfully whispered to him, "Neither have I!"

Then he took my face with both his hands, kissed me and asked, "Where did you learn to do all that stuff. You are fucking incredible!"

I didn't say, 'I learned it by reading mommy porn books at the bookstore', so I just smiled and replied, "Uh, I guess practice makes perfect"

As his cock began to soften, I held him in me for a bit. When I stood up and his cock slid out of me, I gave him a kiss. We were done, but both of us ended up happy!

After I got off him, I sat in the other chair, wiped myself with a tissue and then redid my makeup. As I was taking care of myself, he rolled off the condom, pulled his pants up and zipped up. When I was finished, I finally took a good look around. I wanted to remember the place where I'd lost my virginity.

That's when I asked him, "You bring a lot of girls here?

I think the question surprised him because he shook his head and said, "No you're the first, I've just taken it to the beach or when I go fishing with the guys."

I laughed and said, "Since I'm the first, am I supposed to autograph it?"

Well that broke the tension and we started talking. That's when I found out that the guys at school had a nickname for me, 'Easy.' So I asked him who called me that.

He looked away while he answered, "Well all the guys that you've blown or fucked do... now I guess it's all over the school and everyone does."

This was all news to me, since other than the two times I'd sucked a cock, he was the first guy I'd fucked, but of course he would not have known that, so I casually asked him who had said they'd fucked me. When he told me, I was shocked. Supposedly I'd fucked at least eight different guys and blown even more. That's when I asked him what they'd said about me.

"Uh, well that you're fun at a party. That you give great head and you are really into fucking. Also that if you like a guy you'll do him. So I guess this means you like me, Uh?"

I smiled and said, "Yeah, I like you. Now where do you want my autograph?"

He looked around and saw my thong on the floor and said "How about on that?"

The thong was gold with a black trim, our school colors by the way, and I thought, 'Don't pro athletes sign jerseys? So why couldn't I sign a thong?' So I picked up the thong and spread it flat on a side shelf. Then Chris handed me a sharpie and I wrote the date, 'Love and Kisses' and signed it with a big 'EZ'.

After I handed it back to him, he looked at it and said, "EZ uh? That's good! You definitely have style!" Then he asked, "Maybe we can get together again?"

That wasn't expected, so I said, "What? For a another good time or are you asking me out on a date?"

That time his reply was what most girls do want to hear, "A date."

Well that got him a smile from me and I said, "Sure, I'd like that!"

Then I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and got out of the van.

When I finally got back to my seat in the stadium, our team was down by one, with fifteen seconds left in the game. I'd been gone about an hour and a half. On the last play of the game the kicker hit a thirty yard field goal, and of course the 'good guys' had another win. I was happy, for them and myself, since that night I'd had a 'win' too.

During the ride home, I was in the back seat and in the middle of changing back into my 'approved outfit,' when Heather turned around and asked me where I'd been during the second half. When she saw I was 'commando' her next question was, "Where are your panties?"

I looked around like I'd misplaced them and answered, "Oh, I must have left them somewhere."

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