Cos we like it rough....

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I heard him take a small intake of breath as my hand......

It was a cold September night, cold indoors yet roasting inside as the fire was lit heavily in the living-room.

Plus the rustling of bodies swarming around the ground kept the heat contained.

Everyone had a drink in their hand, music on quietly in the background and everyone trying to remove themselves from the circle in the middle of the room. There was twenty people wrapped around it, but now there was six. Everyone else had now left the room, bored.

"Spin it then" Drake said aloud.

Anita hand touched down on the bottle caught by Drake' s eyes. He placed his warm hand on her arm before speaking inches from her face.

"Truth or Dare?" he asked, cocking one eyebrow as he waited for her to reply.

"Truth" she said, nervously.

He pondered for a second, placing his finger on his chin and posing in a "thought mode".

"How many people have you fucked?" he asked before yawning.

Instead of going red or blurting out a bunch of randomness Anita stood her ground, gently pulling herself up from her bum and onto her knees.

"Zero" she said, smiling confidently. "... as if you didn't know" she continued. She had already told him earlier that week when he had asked her in private. He must have expected her to stutter and get embarrassed but she stood up to it well, much to his disappointment.

"Kesha?" he asked, looking straight into my eyes.

I smiled, pretending to look flustered before edging to stand up over the top of his height and looked down at him.

"I don't believe it was my truth it was Anita's. Maybe next time?" I laughed and walked towards the living-room door.

"Anita?" I called, ".. a drink?"

In the kitchen, it was empty. The booze that was left was boring old mixers that no-one could be bothered making or using. Having a brother who ran a nightclub helped growing up, I soon started mixing a range of alcohol and pouring it into two glass tumblers.

"So..." I heard behind me, before his hands appeared wrapping around my waist from behind. "....Truth or Dare?" he continued.

"I'm not playing" I said, laughing of his advances.

"Please? Just for me?" he asked, looking down but smiling.

"Truth" I stated, before taking a large gulp of my experimental mixture.

"Are you ever going to let me have you?.." he asked, pulling along with the last word.

I sighed, slugging back the remaining alcohol is the glass, swallowing it hard.

"Maybe, " I cocked my lip, attempting to smile and move out of his arms. He spoke no words as I left the kitchen, back into the living-room where there was only Anita left, waiting for me to return.

"Oh" I stuttered, "...your drink" I pointed to my empty hand and laughed, turning back around to get it from the kitchen.

Walking in past the door, he was already holding the glass outwards waiting for me to take it from him.

"Thanks" I muttered, turning to leave.

Just at the door, steps away from being with Anita again his arm wrapped around my waist again. But this time pulling the back of my body into his. I could feel his neck and his head moving forward, tracing down my hair and onto my neck, before his warm lips smashed against my neck, turning me slowly as he kissed along my jaw line and stopping as we faced each other.

I leaned forward, holding the glass above his shoulder. Using my finger to trail from his neck down past his chest and skimming over his waist, he so works out I smiled at myself, inside. Still trailing my finger down him, I focused on looking where my hand was going. He seemed intent of looking straight into my eyes with my every move. Skimming over the side of his hip, I heard him take a small intake of breath as my hand touch the small bulge in his trousers, now beginning to become a bigger bulge the more I kept my hand in touch. His arm, still wrapped around my waist pushed me back into the wall, his face an inch from mine. I could feel his breaths picking up faster as he got closer, the air leaving his mouth and hitting my lips. Only for me to return the same breath back to him as my heart started to beat faster. His eyes focused fully on mines as I my eyes traced his face, ignoring his eyes. Pulling his arm away from my waist, he reached it up, holding my jaw and chin and leaning more close.

"I have to give Anita her drink" I whispered, trying to bring my breath back. He sighed smiling, and looked down at the floor.

Slipping away from his hold I walked in to give Anita her glass.

"Y' know, I think i' m just going to leave" she said, looking around her bag. ".. My cousin will be waiting up. Thanks though" she said, smiling as she walked past me with my hand held out still holding the glass.

"Okay, well... call me." I said, she didn't reply. It wasn't exactly a question, she knew that.

"Where is everyone?" Drake asked, appearing behind me.

"They, erm... left" I guessed, looking around.

"Ohh" he nodded, his hands firmly in his pocket.

"A game?" I asked, pointing to the vodka bottle on the ground.

He didn't answer but sat down next to the bottle anyway, turning my back I lifted the glass to my lips. Took a deep breath and downed the full glass in one, sighing before turning round to face him.

"So?, Truth or Dare?" I asked.

He smiled and began to laugh.

"What?" I asked confused, sitting down opposite him.

"Last time I checked, it was my turn" he smirked.

I nodded, for him to go.

"I was thinking more.... just questions" he said, smiling again.

I bit the bottom of my lip and nodded again.

"Sure" I said, waiting for him to continue.

"If I strip, will you strip?" he asked, I couldn't help but laugh loudly then. Luckily his face wasn't serious when he said it and he laughed too.

He moved from his knees to all fours and stepped over to where I was sat, again like before just inches from my face. I wasn't sure if his ploy of breathing on my lips was something he had made an art of or if he genuinely wasn't aware how much it sent my whole body into a frenzy.

This time when he looked into my eyes, I slowly looked up to meet his. That was all it seem to take as he pushed his lips against mine, sending not only my body but my brain into a heated moment. My hands reached out, twisting my fingers round his hair and pulling him in closer. He pushed against both my shoulders so I was forced to lie down, his hands tracing down from my shoulders onto my chest and stomach, lifting up the edge of my skirt and touching the side of my knickers. A thrill of excitement blew as he did that, he could obviously feel the wetness from my pussy coming through onto my knickers as he pressed his fingers in deeper. Kissing harder into my lips as I continued to twist into his hair, pulling him closer onto me. The kiss was getting harder, before he stopped. Pulling himself away to sit on his knees. He removed his shirt and un-zipped the tops of his jeans, leaving them on still. Curling his hand under my skirt and pulling down my knickers, past my knees and ankles until they were flung onto the floor behind him. As he threw them I had already pulled of my top, my tits appearing at the top of my bra.


Lifting my leg upwards and onto his shoulder, he kneeled himself down further than before. Using his hands to pull my skirt up, past my hips and waist so my wet aching pussy was on display. Moving his head down onto my hips his tongue softly skimming over my skin, feeling like a hundred butterflies tickling across my skin. The warmness of his tongue just made it all the more heated as he moved his tongue to the top of my pussy, slowly sliding it in. My back arching up and my head staying put I couldn't help but release a small moan of pleasure as he continued to go deep into me, flicking his tongue as he did so. His hands cased around both my hips, he pulled me closer into his lips as his tongue continued to go deeper, his tongue gently flicking as he continued. Lifting my ass of the ground, he pulled my pussy closer before at speed flicking his tongue around and moving in and out with speed. Sending my own brain into a frenzy as I tried to grab something with my hands, moaning loud in ecstasy as he slowed down before pumping fast again, my final moan as I came was loud and clear as his tongue left my still soaking wet pussy.

I now knew what they meant when they said you could see stars.

His lips where soon back pressed against mine, this time he was ruffling his hand through my hair, holding my waist and breathing fast against my skin. I could feel him hard on my thigh through his denims, so I lifted my leg allowing him to lower his denim covered bulge and rub against my pussy and thighs. My hand travelling down to where it had been before in the kitchen, I pressed against him. As I did, his kiss got more pressured into my lips, his tongue thrashing around inside my mouth.

He must like it, I thought before pressing against the bulge again. His jeans where already un-zipped all I need to do was to get them down. Lifting up both my legs, as if to wrap around his waist, I placed my feet at his hips leaning against the tip of his denims and pushing down on them with my feet. They moved easily down past him thighs, his groin still pressed against mine. At first all I felt was warmth, then as he moved further closer to me, the closest he could ever get without actually fucking me, I felt his hard swollen cock press against the lips of my wet pussy making myself push my lips hard against his. Holding his shoulders, I feebly pushed him to roll him over onto his back. Something which would normally be hard, he seemed to go with. Now on his back, I straddled around his hips. The tip of his cock touching the lips of my pussy every couple of seconds, sending us both wild.

Like earlier, I traced my hands down his torso but moving more at speed as I held all of his bulging cock in my one my hands, the other tracing down his torso still as I moved my hand up and down. His moan exciting me more for what was to come. Moving my tongue down further I repeated what he had done to me, licking the front of his hips until I reached the bottom of his rock hard shaft, reaching back and un-clipping my bra and moved his cock into my tits, pushing hard against him as he groaned more. My tongue pressing down and slightly licking the tip of his cock before taking a small suck of the head and pushing my mouth further down, taking every part of him into my mouth. His juices had already started to flow, tasting even better in my mouth as I pulled my head up and down. Being fast, then slowing down as he moaned in climax. Then slowly speeding up and down again. His groan got louder, before he told me he was about to cum. That didn't bother me, I continued to take every inch of him in and out, in and out before going at a speed he continually moaned at. His cock blowing his cum into my mouth, I flicked it around with my tongue before diving down for more. Licking all over his cock and touching his balls with my hand and nails. Making sure every drop was gone. His hands firmly held onto my shoulders, pulling me up towards him and pressing his lips against mine once again.

It took all of two seconds for my body to arch again, his cock full and hard rubbing occasionally against the wetness of my pussy lips. I began grinding my hips, lowering my hips onto his cock before teases him and lifting my hips up in the air. His feeble attempts at holding my hips, trying to push them down onto him failed as I continued to sit down on his stiff cock and springing my hips up again.

"Kesha, please" he groaned, holding strong to my hips. Pushing them hard down on him, although failing again.

Raising his head, he looked up to look into my eyes again. His lips twitching, about to ask please again I sensed before slamming my knees down onto the ground, his cock sliding and slamming inside me. His head lurching backwards and groaning loudly holding my hips and guiding his cock in and out, looking up occasionally. Looking at my eyes, then down to his cock as it disappeared inside me, all of it. Then appearing again, covered in all my juices as he grinded his hips with mine. My hand and nails pressed into his stomach, the other holding onto his hand which was on my hip, pushing him harder into me.

"..De..eper" I moaned as he held tighter to both my hips, slamming my pussy down onto his cock deeper, becoming faster. Both moaning loudly, breathless as he pumped my hips further down onto him. Each time he did this, I ground my hip against his making us both groan in pleasure. His hand reaching up to hold onto my tits as I jumped up and down on top of him, each one leaping into his hot hands as I did so. I could tell he was close to cumming so I started to grind faster making it difficult for him to stay in my wet pussy, both soaking wet he kept slipping in and out. Making it all that much better, moaning and light screaming I orgasmed lightly digging my nails into his stomach. His ass lifted of the ground, when I was leaning up he would pump his cock up into me further. Bringing another orgasm, and another... and another. Before finally, I could feel him becoming less stiff. Still slamming my hips against his I could feel another orgasm coming, we both moaned loudly clutching each other bodies as we did so. I could feel him going soft inside me, his cum released inside and as he slowly pulled out, some still covered his cock. He pulled me down onto his torso, pushing his lips against mine hard but not forceful like before. His hands rounding around my body, past my hips and running his fingers up my back too my neck, before rolling me over onto my back. We kissed for several minutes, still as deep and as wet as before. His hip grinding against mine, lifting my leg again and wrapping it around his waist, pushing his cock against my stomach and moving himself downwards, teasing my pussy with his cock which by now had began throbbing again for more........