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Court is Dismissed

Judge is followed by young woman. The two go on a short trip having sexual activity.
“Court is dismissed” the deputy sheriff called out. The judge stood and left as the crowd of onlookers slowly exited too. The younger woman sat and watched him leave as the people walked out. She did not move. She had a “thing” for the slightly older statesman. In truth, she’d had a thing for him for a long, long time. No, she wasn’t warped in any way. She has known the man for a long while now. At one time, he was a partner with her daddy. The judge was a number of years younger then her daddy too. When she was 18, she noticed how he kind of, when he saw her around, would eye her “differently.” It was almost as if he was eyeing her in an affectionate manner, and then he’d provide the young woman with two actions.

She noticed how the slightly older gentleman would smile at her. It was a very gregarious smile, she thought. That smile alone had her heart rate beating faster already. However, another thing happened too. She also saw him wink at her, which absolutely had her falling in love with the very well developed man and his body.

She wasn’t there in court for herself that day and now that she was older, now seeing as she was 25, she knew she was “in love” with his very handsome looks and by all his physical features she couldn’t see beneath that robe. She was crazy about his endearing personality as well and she reminded herself that his stature as the circuit court judge meant a lot to her for sure.

She did have to see him. That much she knew she had to do. How, she didn’t know for sure but she knew if she told one of those deputies, and he found out, she’d be let inside so she could speak with him. That is if he had enough time.

“Ohhhhhh sure deputy. Send her right in. Do not ever hesitate to send Sandra in. She’s an old friend of the family,” which she wasn’t but for the judge, the soft featured good looking 39 year old great looking man, it would not matter a bit. “Hiiiii Sandra,” he said as she walked in. He wore a big smile for her and his eyes were all lit up too. Coincidentally, he instantly winked at her when he saw her as she walked into his chambers, and she quickly noticed it too.

“Uh, hi your honor,” she said trying to respect his position.

“Oh no, for you Sandra, it’s David. Please David, of course that’s when we’re alone. Otherwise it would have to be ‘Your Honor’ of course,” he went on to tell her. “Sit, sit here,” he said graciously as he eyed the very conservatively dressed younger lady’s body over while escorting her to a chair in front of his desk. She didn’t see it but his eyes still danced all over her. “You have grown all up on me, haven’t you?” he asked.

As she shrugged her shoulders and frugally admitted she said, “yes, I suppose so sir,” swiftly correcting herself saying, “David.”

“You know,” he went on to say, “I have seen you here before. Do you come to watch all the proceedings in this courthouse?” She said no. She quietly replied and told him she lately began coming to watch him in his cases, which stumped him a little, but he liked it. “Well that’s nice. Feel free to come and watch them. I’d like that, a lot,” he said as he smiled right at her, which made her smile back.

They talked, but he could tell she wanted something else. What it was he didn’t know. He asked. She shrugged her shoulders. He didn’t find out. She decided to leave. He saw her a few days later, at another court hearing. She wished to see him afterwards.

“Just a few moments, alright miss?” said one of the deputy sheriffs.

She “smiled” and said okay and sat outside his office, and waited. The deputy let her in. “Well, good morning Sandra. What can I do for you today?” he said as he openly smiled.

“Ohhhhhh nothing David” she said as she looked at the floor but eventually up at him. “I just enjoy coming here. I enjoy coming and talking to you, I suppose,” she said.

He told her that was sweet but he didn’t want to stop her from seeing him. She seemed like a very nice young woman and although she was he knew he had duties to attend to.

“I have an idea,” he added. “Would you have any free time later in the evenings? Would you,” and he paused a moment. “Would you care to have dinner with me some time?” he asked.

With that her face, although never showing the confidence in it, lit up. Her eyes suddenly seemed to glow with happiness. Have dinner with you? You and me have dinner together, she wondered. Wow, dinner with me she thought. “Why yes sir. I mean, David that is. I’d like to have dinner with you. I mean, that is of course, if you have the time for dinner with me.”

“Of course I can make the time,” he told her. “I can pick you up. You can meet me here at say 5:30 tomorrow. Or let’s do this. Let’s meet at,” and he told her where to meet him at.

She was all for it and was there promptly. Even David had a nice time. She was a different person even though she still dressed in another conservative dress which was all the way to her mid-calf. It didn’t matter to Sandra. She was just this way. Conservative as ever. She wore almost everything conservative except many underlying components of her “underwear.” Those became a lot more provocative although she never openly promoted any of it, she truly wished she could, but she wasn’t “able” to due to her personality. It wasn’t like her to do so.

“That was a wonderful dinner,” he said. “We should do this again. Don’t you think so?” he said and quietly, she nodded and agreed to another dinner. “Next week then, alright?”

Back home, she was dancing all over her apartment, and dancing in her bra and panties. She stopped, as she listened to the light-hearted music, and looked at her slim but curvaceous figure. She loved how she looked in the bra and panties and smiled at her half naked figure in the mirror. Her hands came up and once they did she cupped her bosoms. She looked at them and then Sandra smiled jubilantly. She then let go of each of her breasts and slid her hands down over her waist through her curvy hips and back to her boobs.

She started dancing happily throughout her apartment some more.

He stood there, quietly. His wife was downstairs doing something. The door was half closed. He had taken off his tie and shirt. He stood before the full length mirror. He turned half way around, looking at his frame, a well developed frame at that, and he studied his definition as he “hoped” he was staying in great shape. “Damn, I sure wish I could stay in better shape,” he told no one but himself. There were ever so slight soft edges which almost any woman would still go for. He was 39 and not 25 any more and as he looked at himself she came into “view.” Would Sandra like this, he wondered? “No,” he said. “I’m getting way too old for that,” he went on to say.

“What’s that dear?” she said just as he finished his last remark. It was his wife. He spun around. “Looking at your terrific figure again?” she asked, smiling. “Honey, you are in great shape. Trust me, you are dear.” With that, his wife leaned in and kissed his cheek. She was in and out of the room in seconds.

“Yeah, right. No I’m not,” he told himself whispering.

She heard it. “Yes you are,” she called out, merrily. “We have two children don’t we?”

He smiled and thought I guess so. He didn’t need to suck anything in. It was his chest which was slowly becoming soft, although he worked out, with weights, all the time.

A few days later, instead of dinner, they didn’t do lunch, but walked around the public park, and simply talked. She absolutely loved it. She was on top of the world. To be out and seen in public with his Honor, David she smiled all over although she wasn’t showing it at all. On the other hand, he enjoyed her company. Yes, she was a very soft spoken and shy woman, but for him she’d always been more then a little cute though she never showed that any longer to anyone, including him. There were “things” about her he did remember about her body.

“That was nice,” he said and she had to agree although not as openly. “We should do this again, alright?” he told her, which she freely accepted.

This went on for close to four months. Either a weekly walk at lunch or even a dinner and either way the shy Sandra loved being with this man. His presence, to her, was inevitably awesome in ways, she thought, she could never explain.

Back home, again, she turned on the music. Back home, she undressed, and sat on her bed for a minute or two. Back home and sitting on it while listening to her uplifting music slowly had her to her feet. She began dancing in her sexy looking bra and hot looking panties she had purchased the other day. Before she knew it, she was in front of that same mirror again, and she was smiling as her hands cupped her boobs. Finally, they eased themselves downward, slowly, as they passed over her slim waist, and then back out to accommodate her inviting and widening hips.

“Am I really pretty?” she asked herself again. “Nooooo, I don’t think so.”

Four months had passed. He found he really truly liked this woman. He also found he was more then a little interested in her. His wife again had decided to go and see her ageing parents.

He had work to do anyway. He went in. he got started on it. There was a knock at the chamber doors. He told whomever to come in. It was a Saturday but a deputy sheriff was working that day. He told her Sandra had decided to stop by seeing as what she said, she saw his car, and thought she’d stop in.

“Oh, let her in, please deputy,” David said.

Knowing his wife was out of town, the work could wait. He said hi to her, looked at his watch, and although it was only 10:30, he invited her to lunch. She said “Let me look at my calendar for today.” It was entirely empty. She never kept a schedule. She had no schedule to keep. She worked part time, and that was usually only on weekends, so she said no she didn’t have anything going on. “No, I’m free,” she told him.

“Then let’s take a long lunch. I can do this later on,” he told her, which excited her.

She didn’t smile too much but inside she was “burning” with excitement to be with him. They walked a block and half to a restaurant he liked. They sat and talked until 2:30. She was thrilled with the attention he gave her or so she thought. However, he did enjoy being with the younger woman, and knew he wanted something more.

“Let’s walk, okay?” he said, which she freely agreed to.

“Why hasn’t a young woman like you had a boyfriend, Sandra?” he said out of nowhere.

The question, of all questions, had stunned her. “I don’t know,” she said. “I guess I just haven’t met the right one.”

He stopped. He turned towards her. He looked at her seriously which kind of worried her a little. “Have you ever had a boyfriend at all?” he said. She looked down. He knew she felt bad. “It’s okay Sandra. Really it is. I just think a pretty girl, like you, should have one. I mean, if I wasn’t a married man, and if I was a lot younger I’d ask you to be mine.”

Her head and her eyes shot right at him and right into his eyes. It was as if she was asking or saying “You mean me?” He smiled at her. “Honestly me David?” she actually said. “I’m not that pretty,” she went on to say.

“Ohhhhhh sure you are Sandra. Sure you are,” he assured her.

They stood on the sidewalk and stared into each other’s eyes. She was as thrilled as ever. She was as excited as a young woman could be. She became obsessed with him and wished there was lots more.

“Tell you what. I know, next month, my wife is heading out of town to see her parents. I was planning on going to an art festival over,” and he told her about the one in an adjoining town nearby. She listened intently not knowing what he was going to say. “And I’d love for you to join me. I am going to go to it alone. Would you be interested at all?”

“Me, go with you?” she said, almost too eagerly. “You are inviting me to an art festival in,” and she mentioned the town where it was being held. “Where would I stay? For the day, the weekend,” she went on to say. “I can’t afford that David. I can’t” she added.

“I’ll pay for everything. I mean everything. I can get us a hotel room, with two bedrooms of course, and we can stay in it,” and then he accidentally added “together, alright?”

She was a little shocked at his offer. She had no idea what to say but to be with and stay with David, to Sandra, was a lifetime offer she thought she’d never have again in her life.

“Uh yes, yes that,” and she stopped. “That would be soooo wonderful David. I’d love to do that and for you to be so generous like that is also, I don’t know, it’s a great offer.”

He smiled and patted, and then rubbed her arm. It also stunned her. He touched my arm. Ohhhhhh wow, he touched me. He felt my arm, she thought. Oh gosh, I wish he would do that all the time. Just touch my arm and touch my cheek. I don’t know. Ohhhhhh he is soooo wonderful and soooo perfect, she told herself, and for the very first time he saw it. Sandra smiled a smile he couldn’t believe.

“We will have a great time,” he told her.

“We will have a great time,” she said aloud when back at her house. She ran into her room. “Clothes, dresses, oh and shorts as well. I guess I’ll have to show off some of me,” she said aloud as she started picking out what she was going to wear. “Here,” and she opened the special drawer. She looked at it all. Bras and panties and some of her other very special lingerie which she had purchased at one time or another. She also pulled out a very conservative pair of pyjamas. She didn’t want him to know. Or did she, she asked herself. “Yeah so maybe I do” and she smiled a smile indicative to how she had been feeling.

She was packed and went and turned on the music. She “ripped” off her dress and began dancing all over the place. “Me and David and David and me” and her singing, so to speak, went on and on and on. She stopped by the mirror and looked at her body. She smiled and this time Sandra did it a little differently. “Here David. These are my breasts. Do you like them?” she said aloud at her image. “I hope so because I do. Nobody knows it but I do” and then she cupped her bosoms as she watched herself do it. “I love holding them and maybe, if I’m lucky, you’ll be lucky too?”

Her hands held them joyously as they then went down and did the same things over her waist and hips, but then she suddenly did something differently. It was something she never had done before. “Ooooooohh David, I wish you knew,” and then she stopped as her head fell back. She pushed at it. She felt around her pussy. Although doing it with her panties on, she still enjoyed doing it. “Maybe just maybe one day I’ll get up the nerve. Maybe I’ll even let you do this,” she added.

He picked her up. Sandra was more then excited. Although not showing it, her heart’s beat was soaring to a new level she never knew existed. They drove on out of town. They talked about everything. She loved how he could converse about anything too and appeared to be more open as they drove. But the conversation slowed and she found herself simply looking out at the landscape.

Do me a favor, David. Touch my hand, would you she told herself. Feel me somewhere at least. Reach out and touch my arm. Rub it, touch my hand, rub my hand, or even feel my leg if you want to. Then she “screamed” to herself. Gosh darn it all, David. Touch my body, somewhere will you? Come on, touch me somewhere she “yelled” to herself. Oh gosh, I’d love to be touched somewhere. I’d love that. I wish you knew that.

“How’re you doing Sandra?” he asked. And then, out of nowhere, he patted her closest body part. He patted her hand. She smiled like never before once she felt his hand on hers. “Doing well?”

“I’m fine,” she said in a tone of voice indicative of her usual tone. Oh wow, he touched me. He touched my hand. Ohhhhhh wow, he touched my hand. Touch me again. Touch my arm. Touch my leg. Anywhere David. Touch me, she told herself.

They arrived and went directly to their room. “This is yours and that’s mine,” he told her. “You need anything in the next few minutes. Let me know,” he went on to say.

What should I wear? What should I wear for him, she asked herself as she unpacked. This, no this, no this she wondered as she put all her unmentionables into one of the drawers and everything else where they belonged. The door was closed. She stood in front of the mirror and “played” somewhat with her body. Whispering she said “I wish he was in here watching me. Oh gosh do I.”

They went out to eat. It was a good dinner and during dinner he found himself thinking she appeared to look different. She seemed much prettier that night. He wished he could force himself to tell her. Then they went for a walk up and down the uptown district. She loved it. He liked it a lot too but all the while he told himself to tell her. Finally he said it.

“You know something Sandra,” and she slowed and looked at him. “You really look nice tonight.” He smiled right at her and she welcomed it and smiled back at him. “All your dresses,” he went on to say, lying to her, “are really nice dresses.”

She thanked him again and blushed, heavily, which he never saw, but it didn’t matter. It made her wonder. Does this mean he’s attracted to me? No, he wouldn’t be attracted to me she told herself. But he does like my dresses which she always thought were dressy and prettier then ever. In truth, they were okay. They never showed her true physical characteristics and she never noticed that. It was a part of her personality.

Later, at the hotel, they talked about lots more stuff, but it grew late and he decided to “retire.” “I’m going to head to my room. Are you going to stay up a little?” he said.

“No, I suppose I’ll head to mine,” she told him and told herself I wish you’d invite me to your room. I don’t know. Maybe we could lie together and talk, she thought.

In her room, she tried on a “million” different pieces and decided on something unique, just in case. She stood and looked at herself in the mirror as her hands felt her body up and down as she privately smiled at her image.

She loved it. She smiled as she slipped it on. A babydoll halter top. Mmmmm, it felt soooo smooth as it glided down over her body. She looked at her breasts. She appeared to move with so much more confidence with it on. Her neck, her facial expressions, her body motions, and anything else you could think of all seemed to offer up a different Sandra altogether.

“He’d love to see me in this. I know he would,” she said to herself.

Then she pulled on a conservative pair of pyjamas, hoping for any chance at all of being with him that evening. Then finally a final piece of the pie. She put it on and tied it. A robe. She felt sexy. She also felt like Sandra. She turned and walked out of the room.

She knocked. “Yes?” he said. She asked if she could come in. “Sure, sure,” he said and the door opened. He watched her come in. He was smiling as he looked at her. He put down some briefs he was reviewing as he looked at the robe clad and pyjama wearing guest of his. “Hi Sandra. What’s up?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “I was uhhh bored I guess.”

“Sit down, anywhere,” he told her and she did.

They talked and as they did and seeing as she’d grown much more comfortable being around him, Sandra did something. She stood up. He watched without any concern. She walked toward his bed a little. She did not smile as she headed towards his bed.

Out of nowhere and unexpectedly, he patted his bed, with no sexual undertones intended. “It’s alright. Sit down,” he told her. She did without hesitation. They talked a little more. “Well see you in the morning then,” he said at the end of their conversation.

She stood up and walked, slowly towards his bedroom door. She stopped. He looked back at her. She turned around slowly. She hoped and she wished that he was more then a friend. She hoped and she wished that he was a little physically interested in her, although she never once expected anything to happen that evening.

Still, Sandra undid the robe. His eyes grew seriously curious. His head turned a little as he watched her movements. She wasn’t sure about what she was going to do but she proceeded.

Sandra, looking at her male friend, and summoning up all the gumption in the world raised her hands to the buttons on her pajama top. His eyes grew big. He didn’t tell her to stop once as he watched intently.

One button and his eyes grew a little bigger. Another button and his face grew more curious. Another button and, “Sandra. I really like you a lot but,” and another button with three buttons remaining, “we don’t,” and another button was unbuttoned. She didn’t say a word as she undid all the buttons. “We don’t have that kind of relationship. Do we?” he went on to say as he saw visions of her babydoll beneath the robe and pajama top. “Holy shit, Sandra.” He was shaking his head and knowing exactly what he wanted now.

She stood there, waiting for his call. He didn’t call her but he knew he wanted that, her body, terribly. He felt his cock tingle a little as he looked at her sexy baby doll. She could tell that possibly she shouldn’t have done what she did. She turned and walked out of his room. She closed it. She went back to her room, closing the door, and sat on her bed.

“What a mistake. What a mistake I made. I shouldn’t have done it,” she said, softly.

He came right back in to her room a minute later and sat down beside her. Neither said a word as he sat shoulder to shoulder with her. It already was thrilling her that he was there, in her room, and she could feel his shoulder touching hers. Her heart rate zoomed. She felt “feelings” throughout her she never felt only because he was “touching” her by way of his shoulder. It felt, to say the very least, fabulous, to her. She wanted his hand to touch hers. She wanted him closer then he already was. How that could happen, she had no idea, but she wanted it.

Then out of nowhere, and she didn’t know where it came from, she turned and looked at him. “Touch me somewhere. Touch my hand will you David?”

He touched it. He knew she wanted more, probably, and so did he but he never expected any of this that soon. She was more then thrilled as she felt his hand on hers. She sat there “opened” to him with both her robe and pajama top undone and didn’t know what to expect next.

“Would you like something more?” he asked, quietly.

She didn’t know how to answer and so without asking David turned and pushed back part of the robe off her shoulder. As he did, sensations never felt in her life exploded within her. He then reached across and did the same to her other shoulder. Sandra was beside herself as her pussy and body “bled” with great desire.

Inside she was telling herself repeatedly oh god, oh god, ohhhhhh god. More David more. Do not stop doing any of this. Touch me more. Touch me everywhere. Feel my body. Touch my body anywhere you want to David. Yes, you David, you and you only.

It came off. It lie behind her on the bed. His hand reached for it next. The pajama top came off, swiftly, and once it did he heard, “Ohhhhhhh David yes!”

He reached for her head, gently and slowly. He said, “Shhhhh, it will all be fine.”

She quieted down as best she could and when she did she felt him pull her head towards his. His eyes were on her and he was smiling. She looked scared as hell. A hand went back behind her head. Before she knew it she was being pulled into him. His lips touched hers and before she knew it he was “swallowing” her up.

That alone felt sensational to put it mildly. She felt and erupted with astounding emotion she’d never felt in her lifetime. Her body demanded more. Her body needed it all. He even helped her out by making way towards the middle of the bed. They kissed, or he kissed her, and they kissed hard and passionately. It was more than sensational. It was out of this world. Her body already was riveting atop the bed.

He stopped. He smiled as he looked into her eyes. “Are you alright?” he said.

“I uh yes. No, I uhhh want anything you want,” and she stopped. “Will you take off your pajamas? Will you lie with me tonight? Will you feel my body all night long?”

“Yes. I’d love to,” he said and with that her pajamas came off and so did his.

Before she knew it, he was feeling her body all over. Before she knew it, and without even being coaxed at all, she was erupting and having her first orgasm. She didn’t even have his finger down in her. He didn’t even go down on her. He didn’t muff her. He didn’t even fuck his lover once. She simply came. She simply orgasmed for him.

And forever, she was in love with him. The man who brought her the very first orgasm in her life. “Was that my, oh gosh David. Did I just have my very first,” and then she lowered her hand. She reached inside herself. Sandra felt the wetness all over. She had never felt this ever before. “David, I think I had an orgasm. I think I did. And we did nothing, hardly. Wow oh wow David” she went on to say as she shook her head. What else can we do?”

“Lots of things actually?” he said, smiling some more. “I’ll have fun watching you.”

“Like what? Show me, alright?” she asked, almost too excitedly. “Wow, oh wow show me. Show me, okay?” she said as she smiled from ear to ear.

“Here do this” he began. “Women do this all the time” and David took her hand, gently and he placed it down by her soft and luscious feeling pussy. He showed her as best as he could how she could masturbate herself and then asked “You’ve never masturbated before Sandra?”

She looked at him and said no as he told her how to place and hold her fingers down by her pussy. It took a little while but she managed to slowly begin arousing herself as she “picked” at her clitoris and then eventually go inside her pussy. Her eyes seemed to close once she felt the effects. And she paid no attention to him at that point. Before too long, she was climaxing. She was climaxing over and over or so it appeared.

After about almost 25 minutes or so he said “Let me show you something else.” She watched happily. David went down on her and once he did he had her screaming crazily. He had her moving wildly as he licked and ate her out, for her very first time. “Oh and there’s so much more to enjoy,” he said later. “I’ll show you all that tomorrow sometime. I promise. I’ll show you,” he added as they lay there and he smiled at her naïve face.

She was the one who naturally seemed to pull him close to her naked body. She was the one who seemed to hold him firmly. As she looked into his eyes, she kissed him hard. Afterwards, she said, “May I feel your uhhh you know what later on? I mean may I feel your uhhh penis sometime, David?”

He said yes and again they kissed but finally relaxed and fell asleep around two in the morning as her hands never let go of his beautiful frame.

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