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Covet Thy Neighbor's Son - Part 3

Janice has created a monster, but is she complaining?
Co-written by Jaymal and Black Velvet

Brandon’s cock pressed like a rising drawbridge to the crack of Janice’s plump ass, as he carried her down the hallway. He was robust of build and could carry his voluptuous burden with ease. She was wrapped around him tight, clinging to his shoulders, panting out wariness and arousal. He had shocked her, the effect lingering in her eyes.

The high-school student had a sudden strange affinity with the porn-stud who kept showing up in scenes he downloaded – a bulked-up gorilla with the Germanic accent, fucking his way through the ranks of America’s mature adult actresses; wearing a quiet grin each time he advanced on a curvaceous star, as though to assure her she was about to get it good. Technically still a virgin; Brandon was more the porn-stud, one who had taken charge of his scene. That thought alone was sufficient to recharge his dick. Guilt was blown to the horizons by lust. It might come creeping back that night, but for now, the field was clear. As for pride, that was reasserted. She’d wanted a boy-toy, but a grown-up male was what she was going to get. It felt like he was coming into some instinctive manly inheritance.

“So what are you going to do to me, Mr Big-talk?” Janice’s breasts heaved as she spoke the words, the hard-ridged contours of her nipples brushing his chest.

It was a fair question, one to which he had given no clear thought. “Take my time,” he said in lieu of specifics. Having drained his balls down her throat, he felt he could live up to ‘big-talk’. “Take my time and give you what you fucking deserve.”

He paused at the foot of the stairs. What a sight for his mother and the neighbors had Janice’s door been flung open: the lady of the house digging her heels into the muscle of his naked ass. It was a thought that excited rather than shamed him. You can all mind your own goddamn business. I’m a man. This is what men do. They fuck and they fuck hard. Not that he’d delivered a single stroke so far. Nor ever felt a woman’s sex tight around his pole.

The latter thought must have registered in his eyes, for Janice pounced on it. “You’ve no idea what your cock will feel like inside of my pussy. It’ll blow your school-boy mind.”

“I’ll blow your mind, Mrs fucking Cooper, you watch me.” As he ascended the staircase with his hot naked bitch, damn-near half the blood in his body pumped to his cock, swelling it hard against the cushion of her cheeks. Like he was balancing her on his shaft.

“Oh yeah? Bring it on, momma’s boy.”

“What did you call me?”

“I called you a fucking momma’s boy.”She spat out the taunt, eyes ablaze. “Gonna prove me wrong, Brandon?”

He raised her off his elevated prong as they reached the first landing and tipped her back sharply. She lost her grip and he dropped her the final few inches so her ass bounced off the carpet. Take that, Janice. She flailed, tits bouncing, thighs splayed so that the slash of her cunt showed pink beneath clean-waxed skin. Her eyes fixed onto his cock, eyes widening and lips parting like she expected her fucking now. She’d get it, but not yet.

“Turn over.”

“What did you say?”

“Turn over, goddammit.”

When she paused a moment longer he grabbed her fleshy body and flipped her, so that she lay crouched over the top step. Her cunt-lips protruded, puffed, wet and delectable, from between her tanned thighs. His cock quivered at the sight, at the same tangy scent he’d first inhaled on the poolside.

“Now stick your ass in the air.”

“Why, you little shit …”

“Jesus, lady, do I have to do everything my fucking self?” He grabbed her by the upper thighs and hoisted her, so that the swell of her buttocks protruded enough to absorb his next attention. A hand-slap to her round bum, harder than he’d intended and enough to make her cry out. The shock of sound both impact of palm on ass and accompanying yell stalled him a moment. He could not believe his own daring and suffered a stab of conscience. She turned around as though to snipe and he whacked again sharply to prevent her. To confirm the original action. An insanely satisfying noise and how it set that beautiful ass a-quiver.

“You weren’t expecting that, were you?” He grinned, loving her scowl. Loving too how beneath reddened cheeks her pussy trickled moisture down her thighs. His mouth watered. “I wonder how else I can surprise you, Janice.”


“You little…” The sound of his hand making contact with her already stinging ass was even louder than before. “Ohh…” 

Janice’s cheek smarted as if a swarm of angry bees had stung it. The turn of events had left her strangely excited, but she was torn between anger and arousal. There was no denying how turned on she was, her body had already betrayed her with the juice it was spilling down her inner thighs. She knew that Brandon had noticed, and the thought thrilled her that it would make his straining cock even harder. The same cock that would soon be buried deep inside her starved pussy. 

“Like what you see, big boy?” Janice pushed back, ass lifting seductively, thighs spread, pussy lips opening like a blossoming flower. “C’mon… you know you wanna stick that gorgeous cock in there… why fight it?”

She swayed her hips slowly from side to side, moaning softly as his hand pressed down on the small of her back, his fingers caressing sensually up her spine. She felt his body press down against her, his cock nestled intimately between her newly bruised ass cheeks, as his teeth snagged her earlobe. Her confidence grew as she felt his deep moan against her back, the sound vibrating through her and awakening every nerve in her lustful body. 

“This what you want, Janice?” His voice was heavy with desire.

Janice moaned as his breath fanned her neck, the rough hairs on his balls grazing her clit. “Mmm… yes, oh fuck yes. You know what I want, big boy.” 

The feather-light touch of his fingers moving back down her spine sent shivers coursing through her. She gasped as strong fingers curled into her mass of unruly locks and tugged her head back, mouth swooping down to ravage her neck, lips soft, tongue urgent, teeth nipping hungrily. Janice’s body read every nuance as a promise of what he had in store. Boy has she underestimated this virgin treat. She was awash with sensation, muscles clenched in an effort to stave off her long overdue climax as Brandon’s fingers massaged her tingling ass-flesh. She felt his steely cock press down harder, sliding up her cleft with more urgency, coarse hair brushing up against her already-on-fire-likely-to-explode clitoris. Her entire being was on fire. Fuck this arrogant, sexy, brazen shit… she no longer cared if he was winning, that he had taken control of her body and played it like a concert violinist did his instrument. She was going to come. Oh holy fuck! She was going to come hard. 

“This what you want, Janice?” His voice was barely more than a coarse whisper; if his mouth had not been on her ear, she wouldn’t even have heard him. “This what you fuckin’ want?”

Janice yelped loudly as his heavy hand connected yet again with her butt. In her spiralling climb toward lust’s pinnacle, she had all but forgotten the stinging of her ass. She was rudely reminded as he visited yet another loud slap upon her tenderized flesh. 

“What the…” Instinctively her hand flew back to cover her burning ass-cheek.

“Well this was what you wanted, wasn’t it, Mrs. C?” His voice dripped with anger and desire. Janice was not sure whether to be excited or afraid when he pulled her roughly to her feet and pushed her up the rest of the stairs.


In Brandon’s mind was an astonishment―less that he had succumbed to Janice’s tempting, more that he had seized control of the situation and her body. He felt it as he propelled her over the thick carpeting of the upstairs hallway, his erection batting against her thigh. How could he, a schoolboy, be mastering this magnificent sexy woman? How could he have possession of her fleshy curves, when his worldlier peers could only jack off to the dream of such a thing? His control of her was surely an illusion, one that would vanish if he didn’t sustain momentum.

“Which is the bedroom?” Her breasts jogged as she stumbled with him to a frustrating halt, his hands staying firm on her shoulder and back.

“Bad-boy, you’ve just gotta fuck me on my bed, haven’t you? It’s not enough to do me on the stairs.”

He whacked her ass again, making her start, then palmed one of her heavy tits roughly. “Bedroom, Janice, tell me.”

“Fuck me on the marital bed, right? You’re one bold little virgin. Such a bad adulterous boy.”

He slackened his grip at the guilty thought, felt his rigidity and his ardour wilt an iota. She whipped around, grabbing one hand to his neck, the other to the base of his dick. “And it’s okay, sweetie, ‘cos you can’t help it. You’ve gotta do what this big beautiful cock tells you to.” She lavished her hand all over his shaft, reinvigorating it to a granite column. “It wants to be satisfied, doesn’t it?” Then she spat into her palm and grabbed the knobbed head, massaging it vigorously in a slimy grip. “God, honey, the look on your face …”

Lust’s fury engulfed him once more and he grabbed her, ass and back, pulling her to him and kissing hard. Her tongue lashed his as he invaded her mouth, hands grappling his body. She was panting when they broke, eyes dark with arousal. “Door’s right ahead of you,” she said.

He seized her by the wrist, wrenched down the door-handle and propelled her into the bedroom, hard-on bouncing along with Janice's breasts. No guilt, however keen, could touch him now, even on the bed she shared with her husband. His cock demanded to be buried inside this woman. The feminine trappings of the room he scarcely noticed; all his focus was on that broad expanse of white bedspread.

“Get on the fucking bed, Janice.” The strident tone felt less manufactured each time he employed it. Like it was coming from some dark place within him. She clambered onto the linen surface with its embroidered yellow flowers and when she went to climb about, he whacked her on the flank. The action bolstered the strength of his cock. “Stay right where you are.”

She glared over her shoulder and thrust her ass defiantly, pussy-lips lush with moisture. “Goddamn―fucking macho-man, are we?”

He smacked again, made her flinch and scowl. “Yeah. Now everybody knows their place.” That smile curled her lips, the one that said she’d got the cream. He’d damn-well give her cream. The middle finger he rammed into her cunt-hole took the smile off her face. He thrust the digit in and out, loving the squelch and suck of her interior wetness, her juice’s aroma, the yearning on her face. “You like that, Mrs C? You like it?”

“Yeah, I like it.” Her teeth were gritted as she said the words. One hand had rushed between her legs so she could strum herself. “Bring it on, stud.”

He stared at his own finger sliding in and out of that pulpy channel, and knew the rock-hard primal urge to plunge his cock there instead. Still he held off. She was oozing into his palm, getting his wrist slick. Her breath was short, her whole body tightening. His intention was based on instinct, not experience. “This time you’re gonna come,” he said, “and as soon as you do, I’m gonna stick my cock right inside you.”

It struck him as a fine plan.


Janice had no idea who the guy was who’d replaced her timid young neighbour, but she’d be fucked silly before she’d complain. Oh wait! By the feel of things, that eventuality was mere moments away. The friction on her clit, that slow thrusting finger and the sting of Brandon’s free hand on her bruised ass-cheek―it was the perfect balance between pleasure and pain and it stoked the flames of her already incendiary desire. This was not how she had wanted to cum, but her body was beyond making demands; it was ready to humble itself and succumb to whatever would ensure his cock inside of her for the longest time.

“You like that, Janice? Do you?” Brandon’s voice was hoarse with lust; she could hear the breathy rush of his words, feel his length of steel twitching against her thigh and the hammering of his heart as he leaned over her body.

“Ohhh fuck yes.”

She felt him shift his weight, his hand lift off her ass, but she did not dare turn to look, lest he deem it further defiance. She loved a good spanking, but fucking hell… she could not let the boy know how much it had stung. His thrusting finger slowed to a gentle stroke, making her groan with frustration. The touch on her sensitive flank made her flinch, then moan softly as the stinging was soothed by a wet, velvety tongue lapping slowly at the tender flesh. The sheer intimacy of his licking her wounds spread a warm rush from her fluttering tummy to every nerve in her body. She pressed the flat of her palm down onto her clit, her pussy muscles contracting sharply around his exploring finger as her body rushed toward release. She shut her eyes as the room began to spin, every muscle in her body taut with anticipation, breath held as her orgasm washed over her. His tongue continued to lap gently at her flesh as she exploded, her juices gushing forth and flowing down her thighs.

“Ohhhh ahhh fffu… ahhh…”

Janice could not remember the last time she had cum that hard. Her body was still shuddering when he grabbed her hips and pulled her roughly backwards. Before she had a chance to catch her breath or collect her scattered wits, the head of his cock had penetrated her still spasming pussy. She gasped as his girth forced her further open – wider than she’d been in a long time. Oh fuck! This was what she had wanted, needed and coveted―but not what she had expected. He was pumping into her with brisk strokes; from the way he was moving, she could tell that he had not yet fed her all of his cock, yet the sensation of being filled overwhelmed her.

With every thrust it felt as if he was moving deeper inside of her, finding places that had never before been explored, never before been discovered. Her entire being felt as though it was being engulfed in flame, as she pushed back to meet his fevered thrusts. Brandon let out a deep moan with every thrust until his entire length was buried inside of her, grinding his hips as his body pressed against hers.

“Ohhh God! Ughh Janice, ohhh fuck!”


Brandon was balls deep in heaven. It was a hellfire-bating act, so his mother would have insisted, but he found himself willing to take the risk.

For a tantalizing instant his glans had kissed Janice’s pussy-lips, as they spasmed in orgasm, not quite daring to prod between. Then lust had kicked in full-force. He had seized her hips and pulled her onto him, watching his cock-head split her and the first of his inches thrust inside. She opened and stretched as though greedy for him, eager to swallow up everything he had, her tunnel-walls slithering all over him and kissing every nerve-ending. He marvelled at the sight of his own thick pole plunging and retracting, slick from the wet clutch of Janice’s cunt. He pressed his fingers into her buttery hips and sawed, quicker, harder, observing with relish his own progress inside her. So this what it felt like to fuck – to have your sex shafting back and forth in the slippery grip of a woman’s hole. And she was taking him with apparent ease. So good. Better than good. Damned amazing.

He thrust faster and sank deeper, and she shunted her ass in reverse, the dirty bitch, desirous of more. He had it to give as well. ‘Big-boy’, she loved to call him. Well feel how fucking big I am, Janice. He clutched and fucked, each stroke fuller than the last, more probing, more deliriously satisfying. He wanted to be rammed right up inside her and hell did she deserve it. Groaning his enjoyment, he launched big exploratory thrusts into her till he bottomed out, balls smacking ass-cheeks, the head of his cock surging as far as it could possibly go. Immersed in her.

“Ohhh God! Ughh Janice, ohhh fuck!”

Fucking glorious. That life could be this good... He thought he loved his amazing slut of a next-door neighbour. Well, ‘love’ wasn’t quite the word. But his entire manhood was lodged inside her and pumping hard like had never happened with any other woman, so that had to count for something.

Janice turned her head to stare at him and he could see the rage of lust in her eyes. It spoke every word her mouth was temporarily incapable of uttering. She was furious at his presumption, yet loving what he did, demanding all he could give with that rabid stare. It incensed him. Grabbing her shoulder and hauling on it for support he packed his cock inside her with increased force, his throat given vent to crazed pleasure and excitement. Never had he felt so outlandish a sense of his own barbarian maleness. His torso was bolt-upright and proud, the purchase he had on Janice enabling him to fling victorious fuck-strokes inside her. Her gorgeous flesh was quivering on each smacking connection of ass on groin and from her moans; she was as pleasure-demented as he was. He reached around to grapple one of her great palm-filling tits and the sense of unhinged carnality peaked. It was his first time and he didn’t know how to hold back. From her inarticulate babbling and the grip of her cunt on his cock, it seemed she was coming too, or on the verge of doing so.

“Ohhh God, Janice, ohhh fuck!” The jamming of his hips against her ass turned involuntary as his balls clenched tight and emptied, firing a huge hard load deep inside Mr Cooper’s hot wife. He clutched her shoulder and tit fiercely as he pumped her full of cum, earthing the wracking motion of his body in her flesh. His strangled cries of joy did not subside until he had given her all he had.

“Oh my God, Janice. Oh my God…” His upper body wilted towards her sweating back.


Janice flopped down onto the bed, her limbs refusing to support Brandon’s shuddering frame. His weight briefly pinning her down onto the luxurious mattress before rolling them onto their sides. He was spooning her, one hand cupping her breast, the other resting palm down on her still-fluttering tummy, his wilting cock buried yet inside of her. She felt his heartbeat against her back; it was gradually slowing to its regular pace. His arms were still wrapped around her, but his hold had relaxed somewhat. His breath fanned her ear and his calm, measured breathing meant only one thing – he had fallen asleep. Janice loved the feeling of being wrapped up in his arms. It felt wonderful. It felt natural and intimate. Too intimate. What the fuck are you doing, Janice Cooper? This is not how a casual fuck with a young stud ends.

She smiled at the sound of his soft moan, his hips bucking lightly – no doubt an involuntary reaction to her tongue sliding along the underside of his stirring cock. He tasted like freshly fucked virgin, infused with a liberal splash of seasoned temptress. Her fingers ran lightly up and down his sides, nails scraping lightly on their leisurely descent, while she feasted on his awakening cock. He mumbled something incoherent in his sleep, his expression of deep tranquillity gradually replaced by one of lust. It had taken Janice a few minutes of careful maneuvering to extricate herself without waking him, just so she could savour every second of rousing him sensually. It seemed to be working, if his stirring cock was anything to go by. Her lips wrapped around the bulbous head of his cock, tongue delving into the tiny cleft spilling his nectar, sucking him into her mouth inch by delicious inch. Never before had it been that hard for her to fight the urge to mount a man and fuck the life out of him.

She sensed that he had awoken, she could feel the shift in the urgency of his thrusts, and she felt his eyes burning into her as he moaned his pleasure. She felt his gentle tug, heard the clang of metal against metal, followed by an even harder tug and clang. “What the fu… Janice?” She did not look up, her mouth sliding deeper onto his pulsing cock. “What… the fuuuck is this?” Despite his protesting, his hips never lost momentum as he thrust gently into her fevered mouth. “Ge… get this shiiiit off!” She sucked hard as she worked her way up, her mouth coming off him with a loud plop.

“Oh! You’re awake. Good.” She favoured him with her sweetest smile. “I was just about to start this party without you.”


Goddamn it all to hell… The crazy bitch!

Brandon yanked his wrists again to the same frustrating clank. He recalled a movie he’d seen when little—some writer strapped to a bed in a cabin by his ‘number one fan’—and the thought threatened to freak him completely. It was countered by the smooth descent of her mouth towards the base of his cock, lips stretching to accommodate as she sucked and sank. His initial thrusting was spontaneous; a young man’s involuntary response to a woman’s wet mouth. Then as he rattled the cuffs vainly against the bedrail, his hips shunted hard, angrily attempting to fuck her throat. Damn you, Janice, I’ll show you a fucking party!

But she had the control. Her head would rise, mouth shifting to foil him in his upward-driving efforts. She brought her lips right off him and stared wickedly into his eyes, tongue flicking his tip into a fury of wild sensation. He writhed and bucked in response, helpless to stop himself. “Big macho man wants to fuck again. Look, he’s all frustrated.”

“Fuck you, Janice.”

“That’s what I said, weren’t you listening?” Her tongue lathered the head of his cock some more and his head lolled back onto the covers. “Of course,” she said, tongue retracting once more, “if you’re gonna take a pissy attitude, I could leave your cock alone altogether. Then where would you be?”

“No…” He was way too stimulated to countenance that threat for a second. “No, don’t do that.”

Janice shifted her fleshy naked body between his legs, shoving them apart and trailing her tongue-tip up one inner thigh. He gasped in response, his chest convulsing. “You gonna tell me why I shouldn’t?” She stared at him from between his legs, tongue flickering shy of his balls, then followed a wet slithering trail on his opposite thigh. “After you’ve been such a disrespectful boy.”

Brandon groaned at her hot breath all over his nut-sack. He groaned deeper when his neighbour moved again, deliberately avoiding the cock that lay extended and pulsing on his belly, and planted a series of moist kisses from navel to Adam’s apple. She licked upwards, following his neck’s curve to the tip of his chin. “God, a girl would think you’d had no churching up at all the way you treat her. Like all you want to do is sink that big throbbing fucker in her pussy and pump hard. Well maybe it’s time you learned some patience.”

You were the one who went looking for this, you... you… In his circumstances giving vent to his fury would serve him nothing, he knew. “C’mon, Janice, don’t do this.”

“’Janice’? What’s with the ‘Janice’?” She began tongue-teasing back and forth on his erect nipples, tits brushing against his ribs and belly. “Not so long ago I was ‘Mrs Cooper’. I think we need to get back to some gentlemanliness, don’t you?”

“Sure, whatever, Mrs Cooper.” What was the bitch playing at? She began to suck on one nipple, lacquered fingernails stroking up and down on his groin. His neglected cock strained and twitched. “C’mon, cut me a break here…”

“Is that ‘please’ I hear, Brandon?” She circled his nipple, then flicked the tip repeatedly and hard. Fuck!

“Yes. Yes, please.”

“What, are you begging?”

He answered through teeth clenched in anger—anger defeated by lust. “Yes, I’m fucking begging.”

“Begging for what? Tell me exactly what you’re begging for.”

“For you to suck my cock. Please, Janice—Mrs Cooper. Suck my fucking cock. I’m begging, okay?”

She laughed that evil throaty laugh of hers. “Well since you asked so nicely…”

Janice climbed about and straddled his face, her palm closing around the base of his cock and prising it from his stomach. It happened all at once, her mouth closing around him and drawing a sigh of deep enjoyment, as her splayed pussy descended. Brandon registered what was about to happen the instant before it did—he could see the glisten of the semen still flowing from his seducer’s gash. But desire had side-lined caution until too late. Janice’s sticky sex landed on his open mouth and ground itself there so that his own salty ooze slimed his tongue. The reflex to turn his head and spit was foiled by her thighs clamping his head, so that the sperm-glazed folds of her cunt continued to slither.

Fuck! Goddamn bitch! His mind was a turmoil of conflicting emotions. She was threatening to smother him in the taste of his own sperm, even as her mouth sucked him halfway to the balls. Vainly he jammed the chain of the cuffs against the bedrail, wanting to make Mrs Janice Cooper pay all over again. He was rock-hard once more and even the indignity she was forcing upon him couldn’t wilt him a jot. Her hot cunt smeared his mouth and nose as she gobbled him and he thrust desperately, body straining to free itself and take physical control of her once more. He wanted to fuck the living shit out of this woman and he’d do it once he got the chance… God, what had his neighbor done to him? What the hell was she turning him into?

Somehow he had to wrest back control of the situation, but if not physically, how the hell else? Come on, guy, get a grip on yourself.

Easy said. He was fighting desires which seemed to rule him as strongly as the cuffs which secured him to the bed. But every betrayal of his seething lust only served to encourage Janice in her tormenting. He had to play her at her own game, if only he had a clue how. If only he could focus, with the woman’s sex smothering him and her mouth sucking up every coherent thought. Play her at her own game…

Before he had time to consider further she released her guzzling control of his cock and drew her sopping pussy free of his face. He made vigorous efforts to spit himself free of his own taste as she climbed about him, perching herself above, thighs in a V either side of his loins. His erection was a great hard slab, lying there thwarted in doing what it so desperately needed to. Janice swept back her hair with both hands, panting and laughing, her magnificent breasts thrust out like a twin taunt.

“God, sweetheart, if you aren’t the funnest toy I’ve ever had to play with...” She paused and regarded him slyly, as he gasped in air and stared back his defiance. “Now what to do?” She bent down over him and pillowed her tits lightly against his chest. “Make you beg some more or turn you loose? Choices, choices…”

Her self-assured grin made it clear… She hadn’t a clue as to the mistake she was making.


Brandon’s expression was one of unadulterated anger, a newfound passion burning behind his darkly brooding eyes. Janice had no doubt that if he had been unrestrained, he would’ve leapt on her like the ravenous animal he had become – the one she had unleashed – and that one thought in itself was motivation enough for her to want to free him. However, she was having too much fun toying with the boy, schooling him as to the identity of the real alpha. Well that and her smarting flank would not allow her to forget the spanking he had given her – the unsolicited, albeit deliciously sexy spanking that could not go unpunished.

He was her toy. She had chosen him for a reason, one that now eluded her as her pussy quaked with pent-up desire. She had planned for weeks, teasing and enticing subtly until she felt that he was ripe for the picking, ready to do her salacious biding. She had not planned on the boy’s darker nature surfacing and literally slapping her on the ass, but that was just one more thing she would use to her advantage. Fuck you, Janice? Oh yes big boy, you will…

She kissed his neck, tongue and teeth feasting on his flesh, feeling his sharp intake of air as her nails raked gently up and down his sides. Janice’s hips rocked slowly, her moans lost in the fevered kisses she trailed across his neck and strong jaw line, rough hairs grazing her clit as she rubbed herself against his taut balls. Steady now. Don’t you dare lose control, Janice. She could feel his cock harden and twitch against her, its pressure against her tummy serving as a promise of raptures to come.

“Goddamn you, Janice…” His voice trembled, his breathing ragged as she moved higher, her slick folds sliding slowly up the length of his cock.

She ran her tongue along his bottom lip as she slid higher, rubbing up against the head of his cock, her voice a breathy caress as she whispered against his lips, “Does that mean you don’t want me to stop?”

She could feel his thighs tremble against hers, his eyes darkened by a combination of anger and desire as they bore into her, but his only reply was a sharp intake of air to vainly stifle a moan. She admired his control even as it annoyed the hell out of her. This young fledgling could actually match her crafty erotic wiles.

“Or maybe… just maybe you want me to stop.” She flashed him her sweetest smile as her pussy lips wrapped around the head of his cock, sucking him teasingly soft. “All you need to do is ask nicely…”

Janice felt his thigh muscles tighten a mere second before she read the meaning in his smirk. Getting wrapped up in teasing him had made her careless and she was about to pay for her lapse of concentration in the most delicious way. That was her last coherent thought before his hips drove and his cock plunged into her depths with a ferocity greater than any she’d felt before in her life.

Oh fuck, Janice, you’ve created a monster!


Yes! Fuck yes! Back where it belongs! Take that, Janice!

The look of astonishment on her face was every bit as gratifying as the physical sensation. Not so smug now, eh? He withdrew and rammed himself back in again, the thrust fuelled by combustion of pent-up lust. Her hands closed on his hair in response, tugging hard on the roots, her fraught face inches from his. He ignored the pain and surged again, jamming himself deep. Sweet taunting smile was replaced with the darkness of desire. A little patience and a stroke of luck had put an ace back in his constrained hand.

“Gonna prise yourself off this cock, Janice? Are you? I don’t think so. You know why?”

She hovered above him, hands still clutching, eyes ablaze. He held the thrust, hard and fast inside her. “Why?” she asked, her voice a breathless rasp.

“’Cos you need it inside you, don’t you? You need it right… here.” He provided another fierce thrust to illustrate. She cried out and gripped like she meant to uproot his hair. “Mr Cooper’s not providing, is he? Is he? He boned her again, snarling into her face.

“No,” she grated, resentful at either him or her husband, or maybe both. “No, he’s not.”

“And you want me to instead, right?”

She breathed deep, staring sweatily in his eyes, the beginnings of a begrudging amusement in her face. “Yes, Brandon, I do.”

“Then why don’t you unlock these handcuffs, so I can get on with doing what you so clearly want me to do?” He ground his hips into hers, cock squeezing tight inside her tunnel; her eyes rolled in semi-delirious response, even as her one hand went searching around the bedding for the key.

“It’s here. Hang on. Hang on…” She found it and for a few unsteady moments both her hands fumbled with the rattling cuffs. He bode his time, waiting till the metal bracelets had sprung open and he knew himself to be blissfully free. Result.

“That’s more like it.” He could hear the snarl in his own words. His newly-released hands shot up, one seizing Janice around the side of her neck, the other grappling one of her gorgeous tits. Having secured her in this double-hold, he subjected her to a rapid-fire pelvic pumping, the head of his cock jamming deep inside her cunt. Yeah-yeah-yeah, fuck yeah. Take it, Janice, fucking take it. Take it as far as it’ll fucking go. “You like that? That’s what you wanted, right?”

All she could manage was a deep extended moan, punctuated by his jolting thrusts. He firmed up his grip on both neck and breast and gave it to her, every sinew of his body straining. She couldn’t even scowl, such was the brute force of his cock-action. Take it, take it, take it… Fuck!

He pushed her upright and clapped hands to her hips, the better to see those fabulous tits oscillate as he bucked beneath her. Come on, bounce on it, bitch! Let’s see you ride this! The sentiment was way beyond articulation; all his strength and focus was invested in the furious fuck. His fingers sank into her hips like he was squeezing putty and his eyes fixated on the hypnotic up-and-down motion of her breasts. God, she looked amazing, and her pussy was a tight muscle sucking urgently at his length, even as it surged. Incensed, he dragged her down again, lifted his hips off the bed and plunged repeatedly to the core of her. Her sweat dripped on him and fucked incoherence poured from her mouth. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I’ll give you what you need, Janice. I’ll give you what you fucking need and no half-measures…

He clamped his hands to her ass-flesh and lifted. “Come on, get off me.” She did what she was told. Hell, she knew who was in charge now. Once she had un-impaled herself, he slid off the bed and took her with him, clutching by the hair. “On your knees. On your knees, Janice, and do what you do best.” This was sweet. This was how Janice Cooper needed to be treated and they both knew it. He shoved and she went down—on her knees and on him, gobbling him up like the trooper-slut she was and sucking like a state champion.

Hell yeah! He gripped her hair and rammed her down onto his huge wet erection, eyes burning into hers. “Suck that cock, lady, and suck it good. You wanted it, well now you’ve damn-well got it.” This eighteen-year-old guy’s life had just achieved epic.


Janice no longer cared who was in control – there was nothing wrong with being the lucky bitch at the fuck-end of the alpha. Her pussy felt bruised in the most delicious way imaginable and she had a mouthful of cock that promised another instalment in her long-planned-for fuck-fest with her seriously underestimated young stud, what more could a girl ask for?

“Yeah, that’s it, ohhh yes, just like that…” His eyes were locked onto hers, voice thick with desire as he pushed her down onto his cock.

She could tell that he was trying hard to control his thrusts, his muscles knotted as he tried desperately to restrain himself. He was using her mouth to stave off his orgasm. Son of a bitch was using her like a fucking tool. He sure as hell was a fast learner. His entire body was one huge coiled organ as he stood there, rock solid in more ways than one, his grip on her hair loosening as he shunted her head back and forth. All she could do was moan onto his swelling cock, every inch of her wanton body caving to his desires – their desires were the same after all – to fuck and be fucked.

“Looks like I finally found a way of getting you to shut up.” His grin spoke volumes of what he had in store for her. “Much as I hate to interrupt the blissful silence, I’m afraid there is something else I’d much rather be doing to you right about now.” He pulled her off his cock, still gripping a handful of her hair and propelled her backward onto the bed. “Go on then, lift those gorgeous legs, Mrs Cooper. Let’s test the real benefits of having a daily yoga regime.”

Little fucker! How does he know that I do yoga? Been spying on me, have you? Janice lifted her legs dutifully, her eyes never leaving his face. She marvelled at the expressions chasing each other across his face as he watched her spread open, offering all of her treasures up for his perusal. How she wished that her husband could take control the way this young boy just had. All these years she had been the one in control, with both her husband and her lovers alike, she needed to assert herself if there was ever any pleasure to be had. Being submissive was new to her and she liked it. This young stud had turned the proverbial tables on her and she had finally realised that that was what had been missing in her life all along. She had needed someone who would take the time to make her feel wanted – even if it meant being used for his own pleasure.

“Yeah, I can see the cogs turning in that beautiful head of yours, Janice.” Liar! She doubted he could see anything but her wide open pussy, his gaze had not averted for even a split second since she’d raised her legs.

“So tell me, big boy… how wide do I have to open up before you stick that cock in me?” And just for effect, she spread her legs even wider.

His weight pushed her legs down as he leaned forward, forcing them all the way until her knees rested against her shoulders. “I guess that yoga is really about to pay off now.”

His mouth captured hers in a lip-bruising kiss at the same time his hips lifted and thrust home. She wasn’t sure if she moaned with pleasure or pain, but the moan was lost in the kiss as he plunged his entire length into her with his initial thrust. Never before, in all of her thirty-eight years, had Janice Cooper felt as completely filled and fulfilled as she did at that moment. She felt every twitch of his thickly veined cock as her walls wrapped around him, squeezing gently as he sucked her tongue into his mouth. She groaned deeply, hips lifting to spur him on. No more grinding and teasing, she needed to be fucked.

His whisper in her ear was breathy with controlled lust. “Safe to assume Mr Cooper leaves a bit to be desired, right?”

Janice nodded, and then shook her head. Fuck! What was the question again?

He stayed close, soft tingles coursing through her desire-heightened body as his breath fanned her ear. “Ready to be fucked now, Mrs Cooper?”

“Oh yeah. Oh yeah, baby. Any damn way you like.”


Tight inside the recesses of Janice Cooper’s cunt, Brandon found the home for which he’d never known he was looking. This was where his cock belonged, buried to the hilt inside a woman’s hot welcoming sex. Such a delicious fit―that snug sleeve expanding to take all his bulging length. Clutching him, pulsing around him, bathing him in wet secretions. This woman’s pussy loved his dick.

She was panting beneath him, thighs squishing her bountiful tits, her stare fixed on him through the delirium which threatened to overwhelm her. For the first time he truly saw it―the need belied by all her mockery and tease, the gasping desire which cried out to be quenched. How the hell, he thought, could any man leave this woman so neglected? What a crazy waste. Well if Mr Cooper hadn’t the balls to fuck his own wife the way she craved, then it fell to him, the gardener from next door.

With that thought he all but unsheathed his cock and slammed it back in, extracting an other-worldly scream from Janice’s throat. That set the benchmark for every subsequence stroke he launched into her, each one plumbing her molten depths and forcing a howl from her lungs. There you go, lady, what―you―need. Damn it, what I fucking need. God in Heaven, did he. What―was he expected to store it all up till he met some nice girl, when every day lust welled up from the pit of him? When he could plunge his hard shaft between this woman’s thighs into that sinful sucking wetness? He leaned his upper body hard into her and let his pelvis do the work, pumping out push-ups to make his sports-coach proud. Fucking his hot married neighbor’s cunt like a practised stud. Hard and deep and relentless, churning up her juice-box till she screamed.

“Yeah―yeah―yeah―fuck yeah…” His face was smarting with sweat, body slick as he rammed it good to his first ever fuck-partner. And what a partner―reaching around and clutching his hair with both hands, pulling it tight at the roots as he ploughed her. Wailing and sobbing ecstasy in his ear, her channel involuntarily squeezing his shaft each time it bottomed out inside her. This magnificent lusty woman was his bitch and couldn’t help but be happy with the situation.

“You like that Janice? You like it?”

“Oh god, you cocky bastard, I love it. You know I fucking love it. Don’t you damn well stop.” He thrust again, savagely, and her words shattered into another scream.

“God no, I’m not done. I’m not done yet.” He grasped her hair as hard as she had hold of his and stared into her face, letting sweat-droplets fall onto her as he shafted. He was swollen like intractable granite inside her, powered by the inexhaustible energies of youth and lust. Goddamn, he was a king, a fucking sex-master. “You wanted it, now you take it. That husband of yours can stay the fuck away, ‘cos I’m gonna fuck you all summer long.”

“God yes,” she groaned, clinging to his hair and his back. “Yes you are. You’re gonna sweat, gonna sweat yourself dry. Keep it up, sweetheart. Keep going…”

“Oh yeah, I’ll keep going all right. I’m good for… for…”

He knew as he said it that he’d talked up his own game too much. Today was still only the first time he’d played after all. The rush came on him with virtually no warning. “Oh god…” He searched too late for a way of applying a brake.

His dismay must have been apparent, for Janice kissed his face and whispered, “It’s okay, stud, let it all go. Give it me now. Give it me.”

He released, and she clutched his taut body as he emptied spurt on ball-clenching spurt inside her, shooting her full of his thick hot man-spew till the round was spent. He thought his soul was going to leave his body as the final drops squeezed clear.

His bravado if not his soul appeared to have been pumped free of him with his cum. Post-orgasm he drooped onto Janice and did not resist when she wrapped her arms about him and cradled him like a schoolboy. Like the schoolboy he still was. “It’s okay,” she cooed in his ear. “You did good. You did so fucking good, baby. Thank you. Thank you. God, those college girls don’t know what’s on the way. Lucky little bitches haven’t the first idea.” She laughed and then kissed him again, and his surge of affection for her took him quite by surprise. He kissed her face in return and as they regained breath together, he set about easing himself off her perspiration-glazed body, his spent cock from the gluey resistance of her cunt.

He rolled away from her and onto his back and the two of them lay, panting at the white stuccoed ceiling. Lassitude overcame him and he let his head loll back. “Wow.” Normally he could hold his own as a conversationalist, but words were proving elusive. “Wow. Damn, that was… Fuck.”

“Yup,” she agreed. “That was ‘fuck’. Good, isn’t it?”

“Yeah.” He started to laugh and his hand found hers. “Yeah, it’s outstanding.” Then they laughed together.


“I have to commend you on a job well done; you certainly live up to your promise - ’No job left undone’, indeed.” Janice tried hard to keep a straight face, but broke out into a fit of giggles when Brandon playfully poked her in the ribs. “You sure do take customer satisfaction to a whole new level.” 

“Yes ma’am, no job too big or small…” Brandon teased right back. 

“Or too hard… don’t forget that one.” Her fingers found his spent cock and squeezed gently. “Well, maybe sometimes not so hard.”

“Hey, gimme a break, woman, I’m not made of latex you know.” Janice could tell by his tone that he was as comfortable with her as she felt with him. No more shyness, no more feigning to be a reverent altar boy, and no more trying to prove that he was a man. “Always thought you insatiable suburban housewives were just an urban legend.”

“Oh we’re no urban legend, sweetie. In fact, I might take your mum up on that offer to join her church. I could hand out your flyers to the other desperately suburban housewives.” Janice smiled contentedly as his arms wrapped even tighter around her. “You have all summer to work your way up to a sterling reference from me.” 

“Only if you’re sure you want to share me…”

Janice’s lips silenced him. He was right; she did not want to share him with anyone – at least not yet. 

Find a nice young plaything, Janice. The young ones are easy to manage and damn near impossible to disappoint. They’re easier to train than a puppy and even more eager to please. That was the plan. It seemed like a good, solid plan too. But even the best laid plans could go awry, right? And this one had been well laid―fuck and be fucked, then kick his ass out. Yet here she was―here they were―cuddling up like long-time lovers, making plans for the summer.


Drifting on Janice’s rumpled covers, Brandon knew a serenity unparalleled in his memory. He was a boy no longer. The deed was done. Pussy had been plundered. Twice, and satisfyingly so, with the promise of more to come. Much more, a whole damn summer’s worth with this fabulous crazy woman. The thought bathed him in a delirious joy. To think he had put up such a fight… All his resistance had been futile and when he succumbed to that truth, his day had got so much better. He’d given Mrs Janice Cooper all she’d ordered plus the fixings. That thought made him laugh.

“What’s so funny?” the naked married woman who he’d just fucked inquired of him.

“Wondering if you’re happy, that’s all. That you’ve led the young guy from next door into sin.”

“Don’t give me that.” She swatted him. “You enjoyed the sin plenty once you got led into it. Turns out you got a natural talent for it, buster, so don’t go blaming it all on me.”

Talk of sin got to him, a blade of guilt stabbing through his blissed-out calm. Shit, I fucked another man’s wife. There was shame, but it was undeniably fused with a sense of macho achievement. “Mr Cooper… Your husband… He due back anytime soon?”

“Right now he’s in Missouri at a sales convention. There seem to be a lot of those right now. So he’s not coming through the door with a shotgun, if that’s what’s worrying you.” Her voice was wan. “I might like it better if he cared enough to do that.”

“So you wanna see me shot?”

“No. No honey.” She propped herself on an elbow, running a hand over his chest and kissing him. “I wanna make good use of you between now and when you start college.” Drained as he was, he experienced a pulsing in his cock at the words.

“Who said I was definitely going to college? Maybe I’ll stick around and develop my gardening business.” He went to caress her, but she smacked his hand like a reprimand.

“Oh no, don’t go there honey. You’re going to go to college and rack up some business smart, then you can really make your fortune.”

“You’re sending me to college then?” Brandon tackled her naked form once more and this time got a good hold. “You and my mom have something in common after all.”

“That and nothing else,” she asserted, fingernails teasing his upper chest and neck. “And yeah, I’m training you up for college; you’re extra-curricular life at any rate.”

“Training? I thought you said I was a natural.”

“Oh you’ve got a lot of raw ability, that’s for sure. You’re quite the hot surprise. But I’ve still got all sorts to teach you. Techniques and tricks and positions you’ve never dreamt of. By the end of the summer, you’ll be a stud among studs. You’ll ruin those sorority girls for any other guy.” Her words and the pressure of her tits against him sent his dick rearing all over again. “But you’ve gotta be man enough to let me teach you. Show you how to channel all that power and aggression to maximum effect.” Her fingertips brushed his face and her mouth caressed his jaw. “Train up this amazing sexual athlete.”

Brandon’s ego swelled with his cock. Damn, he was glad she’d defeated him. Talk about a win-win. “Yes ma’am,” he said. “I’ll be your student.”

“Best choice you ever made.” The grin they exchanged was long, conspiratorial and alive with warm sexiness. It only terminated when Janice whacked him on the ass. “Hit the shower, pool-boy, or your mom will kick you out the house.”

He kissed her hard on the lips and rolled off the bed onto his feet. “She’ll threaten it, right up to the bit where I threaten to shack up with the wicked woman next door. That’ll shut her up good.”

“Look at you,” Janice said, and she did, eyes lingering on his newly tumescent cock. “And yesterday you were all shy and trying to cover up.”

“I guess twenty-four hours can make a big difference.” He stood casually, allowing her a full-frontal view. “Care to join me in the shower? Maybe you’d like to do the soaping this time.”

Janice laughed from where she luxuriated nude on the bed. “Sure I’ll help.” She arose, took him by the cock and began leading him to the shower room, her ass a swaying hand-printed invitation to badness. “After all,” she said, “it’s only neighborly.”


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