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C's Daring Time

C's first trip to an Adult Theater
C’s Daring Time

G's perspective. C is a very attractive almost 60 year old MILF. Sexy, pretty, 5’ 2”, busty with the cutest fanny around. And it is nice, firm and round. We met two weeks ago and had a
great time. By now the fire was more than smoldering.

Our next weekend was in a new city. We met and settled into a nice hotel. After
a warm greeting that lasted an hour and a half we were looking for new
adventures. I thought I knew a good Greek restaurant downtown but it turned out
to be a disappointing college dive. She bravely swallowed the food and let me up
from my mistake, the one of many in this relationship.

Now the adventure started. First,a strip club. She said she had never been to
one. We were both disappointed. The girls were mediocre and were more interested
in each other than in the paying guest. I waved off a lap dance and left.

Next stop was the adult theater. A really new experience for C. She had no idea
of what laid ahead. She boldly entered, I paid the $8 and we entered the
theater. The scary site of several men in the hallway and the back of the
theater was intimidating. In the back row one girl was sprawled out, naked and
alone in the corner seat and a guy was orally satisfying a pretty young brunette
on the aisle.

We took our seats in a middle row and started watching the movie. It wasn’t long
before a rather swarthy gent set down next to C. Before any action started I
asked if she was uncomfortable- we could move, and we did.

Of course the same thing happened at the new seat but this time the gent
displayed a ridged 10” cock. If she saw it out of the corner of her eye she
denied it, but she was excited. We played. I kissed her and fondled her tits
without baring them. She was excited, curious but intimidated. We left after
about 10 minutes. She kept giggling and shaking her head back to the car and
all the way to the room. She kept saying “I don’t believe I did that.”

The next day I mentioned going back. She paused and said “maybe?”

After some very good horizontal time we ventured out again. Another strip club
with two lap dances for both of us, the girls liked C and gave her a lot of
attention, a C&W dance club, where I should have given her some space to make a
move on those unsuspecting cowboys, a visit to a big adult toy store and finally
back to the theater.

On this second visit in two days it was not going to be a mystery to C. Even
though scared she boldly strode in the front door and turned to the theater. I
fished a five and three ones for the entry fee. The clerk advised us that a
couple had just left. Fifteen people were in the theater. We proceeded to a wide middle row and took the two end seats, I sat on the aisle.

I helped C off with her coat. We proceeded to kiss passionately. For the
longest time we had no response. I was beginning to think that Saturday was gay
night and then all that changed.

A handsome looking 40ish, we’ll call Fred, sat down next to C. While the aisles
were wide he still had to slip by us while we were passionately kissing. I thought C
didn’t even know that he was next to her.

As we kissed and I fondled her breast I occasionally glanced at him. While he
pretended to watch the movie his sidelong attention was on C’s lovely form.
After a few minutes I motioned with the wave of my left hand for him to
approach. Fred carefully and gently reached out and touched the dress the
stretched over C’s thigh and bottom. As he lightly touch the fabric I asked C ,
in a whisper, if it felt good. When she answered in the affirmative I slide the
dress and bra straps from her left tit, down over her shoulder and off her arm,
exposing where glorious left breast. I suggested to C that she welcome his
advance by gently touching his arm, which she did. It wasn’t long before Fred’s
hand joined mine in caressing C’s breast and manipulating her nipple.

Fred took out his cock and moved C’s hand over to stroke it. She did such a good
job that soon he whispered in her ear that he didn’t want to come too soon. She
went then from jacking him off to a gentle fondling.

By now we were gathering a crowd. The large older man that had been observing us
from a few rows down and across the aisle positioned himself directly in front
of me. He was soon joined by a gent we’ll call Garcia in front of C and another
to Garcia’s left.

The row behind us filled up also. Behind me a gentleman had slipped in and
would be content to set and watch the action. Behind C a guy stood looking over
the top at the action underway.

I freed up her other tit for my personal attention and reached under her dress
to massage her panty covered pussy. My fingers were soon joined by Fred’s. I
looked at the guy standing behind, pointed to my lips and C’s breast. He
immediately bent over and engulfed her tit in his mouth.

By now C was moaning and wiggling in her seat. My kissing would quell the moans
but she still continued to writhed in pleasure. Soon she said “ should I take
my panties off?”. What an easy question that was to answer. Soon they were off
her legs and in my jacket pocket for safe keeping.

As I pulled her dress higher we had the complete attention of the row in front.
It wasn’t long before Garcia turned around in his seat, leaned over the back and
joined the crowd at C’s wetness. I did a similar thing by looking him in
the eye, pointing to my mouth and then C’s pussy. He got up, moved to our
aisle in front of C and commenced to worship her sex.

After gently sliding two fingers into her wetness, Garcia orally pleasured her
for the next 25 minutes. And there was no doubt she was being pleasured. C
really enjoys oral sex and we had found a pro. She lovingly fondled his sweating
head as he applied his skill. As C raised and spread her legs, the other two
guys in the row in front, grabbed the heels of her boots and held them over
their seats.

There was a line of “want-a-bes” but the main participant carried on. At my
suggestion and Fred’s obvious invitation, C slipped his sheathed cock into her
mouth for several minutes. He unsheathed and ejaculated on the left breast that
he had been adoring and came, and came and came. I wasn’t sure it would ever
stop. C was enjoying herself but getting tired. I tapped Garcia on the head, he
got up and hands withdrew. Several folks told Garcia “good job.” We put on C’s
coat and made our way out of the theater. There were a lot of “Thank You” from
the men as we left.

C' perspective.
WOW was all I go think when we left the theater. I had never, ever ever done
anything remotely like that. I kept shaking my head, but I was grinning ear to
ear. My body felt sated and satisfied.

When G had asked if I wanted to go back to the Pussycat Theater, I thought about
it. We had gone the night before and basically made out while he fondled me. I
had felt safe and of course, turned on by the men looking at me. It had
surprised me how well behaved they were. Not at all what I expected. Of course,
since then I have learned there is basically an etiquette or protocol if a
couple comes in. What G calls pussy rules- she who has the pussy rules what
happens and her man controls the action. He reminded me that if I felt
uncomfortable or unsafe, we would leave. Because I trust G, I agreed with a mix
of trepidation and anticipation.

The night before a nude woman was stretched out in the back row. The sight
hadn’t bothered me but in my mind, I was sure I couldn’t do anything that came
close to that. Was I wrong!!!!

It started out like the previous night but I was a bit more relaxed. I knew the
men would be watching. All I can say is I went into a sexual haze I had never
felt. G is a world class kisser and breast fondler. I kind of knew someone had
sat down in our row. I didn’t know that G invited him to sit next to us.

Fred was very gentle and caressed my thigh through my dress. I am sure that G
gave Fred a devilish grin when he motioned that it was okay to fondle my breast.
With the two of them fondling me, I reached over and stroked Fred’s cock. It was
like holding a steel bar. I think that was about the time the man behind us
starting sucking my tit and Garcia was finger fucking me. I looked down and
couldn’t tell whose hand belonged to which man.

Garcia kneeled in front of me. Again, I didn’t know this was G’s doing. The imp,
the devil!!!! He knows I love oral sex. Garcia was unbelievable. His tongue was
so talented. He slipped two fingers inside me then began running his tongue
along the crease all the way up to my clit. I began writhing and groaning more
and more. I got wetter and wetter. I couldn’t tell if it was me or Garcia’s
tongue. Both. I wanted to get closer to his tongue so I slid down the chair and
put my legs up. The men in front stretched my legs and held me by my feet so
Garcia could go deeper with his tongue and fingers. It gave them a better view,
too. I realized I was holding his head against my pussy and running my fingers
through his silky hair.

Fred stood up and wanted me to suck his cock but he had been nice and put a
condom on. I didn’t really like to taste of the condom but I really needed
something to suck on. I reached over to G and grabbed his hand. His eyes burned
as I took one of his fingers into my mouth and sucked hard. That really
surprised the men around me. As I came and came and came, I forced my eyes open
to look at the men who had pleasured me. As Garcia got up, I thanked him. He
didn’t say anything but the others told him good job and patted him on the back.

I snuggled with G and he kissed me and told me how adventuresome I was. I was
ready to go home with G. It was because of him that I was pleasured, satisfied
and had had multiple orgasms. He is the most unique man I know. I knew that we
would go to bed and cuddle and in the morning we would make love but for that
night he gave me an adventure I will never forget.

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