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..Go ahead, touch me however you want to...

I had been in a bit of a dating slump recently. The problem
was, every guy I met was either married or a creep. I just couldn't find anyone
that stimulated me.

One afternoon at work, I was complaining about my problem to a coworker, Angela . She suggested a try letting some people set
me up on a blind date. The thought hadn't even crossed my mind.

"That's a great idea! You got anyone in mind?" I asked, thinking she
might, considering she came up with the idea.

"Well, now that you mention it," she smiled. "I have this one
friend. I've known him since high school. He's a really nice guy, and really
cute too. I think you two would really hit it off."

"Sure," I said. "What the hell. Maybe I'll even get lucky."

That Friday night I was sitting in a private booth in the back of Tomaso's
awaiting my date. Soon after my arrival, a seemingly shy man pulled up to my
table in an electric wheelchair. Angela
hadn't mentioned that part.

" Paul ?" I asked.

"That's me. You must be Iris ."
His voice was surprisingly low, and he constantly flexed his jaw as he spoke.

"It's so good to meet you. No offense but Angela
never mentioned..."

"That I'm in a wheelchair? No, she wouldn't would she. She likes to
surprise people," He chuckled. "It doesn't make you uncomfortable
does it?" He asked, preparing himself for the worst.

"Not at all. I just wouldn't have chosen a booth." We both laughed.

"Let's go somewhere more private and wheelchair accessible. I know a good
place just down the street," He nodded towards the door.

After a few blocks we came to a little yellow bungalow with a ramp leading to
the front door. I followed him up and through the front door. It was a cute
little house with everything build chair-height. I followed him into the living
room which contained only one couch. I sat as he continued into the kitchen to
make coffee and grab some cookies.

We talked for a while and he told me about his accident and how it left it
mostly disabled. He still had used of his left arm most of his chest, head, and
right hand. He could still feel most of his body just simply no control over
it. Soon we came to the subject of relationships and I learned that he had
never had sex because none of his relationships ever lasted long enough.

"God man, you must have a lot of pent up energy!" I exclaimed. He
threw his head back and laughed.

"Well, I do what I can to help with that," He winked. I suddenly felt
a tingle between my legs. I felt my pussy getting wet and hot thinking about Paul masturbating.

"Wait.. How do you..?" I began to ask. Again, he laughed.

"Well, I have control over my left arm but I find it really tiring, so I
prefer to use a vibrator." My pussy was really getting wet now.

"Have you ever even touched a women sexually?" I asked, needing more.

"Not really no. When I was younger a friend of mine let me see whatever I
wanted, but I never got to touch." He admitted suddenly looking very

I don’t know what came over me but suddenly I lost all
inhibitions. I stood in front of him and slowly slipped my blouse and bra off
letting my large tits bounce free. I slipped off my skirt and turned around to
let Paul see my ass. I slowly bent
forward and took off my panties. I handed them to Paul
who shamelessly began sniffing and licking the wet crotch. I put one leg up on
his chair, spreading my legs as far as they would go.

“Go ahead,” I said. “Touch me however you’d like.”

He dropped my panties and slowly reached for my pussy. His
cool fingers met with my clit and I shuddered. He looked up at me, eyes wide,
mouth slightly open. Then without hesitation he shoved his first three fingers
deep into my soaking wet pussy. I let out and involuntary groan and threw my
head back. He thrust his fingers as hard and as fast as he could, in and out of
my pussy. Then suddenly he pulled them out and shoved them in his mouth,
licking up all my juices. He pulled me closer and devoured my pussy. He sucked
my clit hard and slurped up the juices. He flattened his tongue and licked my
entire cunt in one shot. He stuffed his tongue in my hole and licked as hard as
he could while shoving his thumb in my tight virgin asshole. I moaned as it
entered. It felt so good. All at once and pulled everything out of me.

“Let’s go to my room.” I followed him without a word.

He lifted himself onto his bed and I made my way over. I
carefully took off all his clothes, allowing my hand to brush his hard cock
several times. Pre cum began to drizzled over the head of his dick, so I leaned
forward and slowly licked it off. He shuddered and moaned several times.

“Please, do that again”, he whispered.

I didn’t do it again. Instead, I suddenly took his whole
cock in my mouth, slurping my tongue all over it and slamming it into the back
of my throat. He blew his load within seconds, filling my mouth and back of my
throat. With difficulty, I swallowed it all.

“Oh my god,” He panted. “That is the single best orgasm I
have ever had.”

I flipped over and stuck my pussy and ass in his face. I
groaned and wiggled and he licked my pussy and asshole, exploring every nook
and cranny. I made him eat me until I saw that he was rock solid again. I
pulled my pussy away from his face and straddled his waist. I hovered my pussy
just above his cock, allowing the head to graze my clit. I leaned back and
eased his dick into my pussy. It was a tight fit. I sat down and pushed him in
all the way. He looked as if he would blow again right there, but he didn’t. I
pumped up and down, slamming his cock harder and harder. My juices dripped from
my pussy lips and down his balls. As I rode him, I put a hand behind me and
felt out his ass. He groaned when I touched his hole. Slowly, I slipped one
finger deep inside, and wiggled it around. That was it. His eyes shot open and
he came. I felt his hot load shoot up inside me, filling my pussy. I rocked a
few more times then sat back on him. I let him get soft in me then slowly
pulled away. His cum poured out of me, soaking the sheets. He smiled.

“You’re amazing,” he sighed. I laughed.

“Well thanks. You’re not so bad yourself.” I collected my
clothes and looked at him stretched out on the bed. “Same time next week?” I
asked. He looked up at me in shock.

“Sure. I’ll be here.” He smiled.

Since then we’ve increased our sex nights to Monday, Wednesday,
Friday, Saturday and he still can’t get enough. I let him do whatever he wants
to and I do to him whatever he wants me to do to him. We explore our deepest
and dirtiest fantasies together and I never want it to stop.

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