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Cyber Love

When two people meet from an online chat room...
When I wake up, I see my white nightstand. I see my phone with a green light flashing. You've texted me, again. I quickly grab the phone reply. I love it when you text me first, it makes me feel wanted.

"Good morning babe." You say.

"Good morning hun, how was your sleep?" I would always reply.

"Oh. it was good except you weren't here."

"Awwww, lol I wish you were here too babe."

"That's going to change today you know. I'm almost there I can't believe its been this long we've waited for each other."

"Yeah how far are you from Kansas?"

"About 10 miles."

"Okay (: I'll get ready. I can't wait to see you."

"Me either, I've waited so long to hold you in my arms."

"Me too, I can't stand it any longer."

"Me too. Well traffic is getting pretty crammed I'll text you later K babe?"

"Okay. (:"

"Love you."

"Love you too." 

Hunter is going to be here! It's been 5 years we haven't seen each other. We meet on a AOL chat room and feel in love the first time we saw each others pictures.

We tried to meet each other, but we were to young. But it's ok now. We're both 18 and in love, and hes coming today! I get dressed and put on some makeup. I get the bedroom ready just like we talked about the other night. Candles, roses, and a bottle of wine. He such a romantic type. He loves sensual and soft sex. I'm more of the rough-and-tough type that likes to be penetrated.

I'm honestly not going to like it, but I don't wanna hurt his feelings. I'm at least just glad I get to see him. I dim the lights and put on a pretty song. Everything was perfect.
I was fluffing the pillows when suddenly I hear a knock on the door. It was him! I open it up to find Hunter. He was as handsome in person as he was in the pics. He was wearing a nice polo, some tight fitting jeans and a gangster cap on. He smiled as his dark brown eyes looked at me. I gave him a hug.

"I can't believe I'm actually hugging you," he says.

I kiss him. I want to do more but I don't wanna scare him. Something was different though. While he was kissing me he started to hold me really tight and really push into the kiss. I didn't think much about it until it felt like he was trying to add tongue. It got me turned on. I slipped my tongue in his mouth, I couldn't bare it any longer, I had to do it.

He doesn't seem to push me away. I knew he liked it. I slipped my tongue in deeper. He started to grab my hair and pull a little. I loved the sensation and the excitement he was giving me. But why though? I thought he was a romantic. I could feel his tongue wiping against mine, I could feel the circling motion his tongue was giving mine and I could feel him trying to push his tongue in deeper as he was pulling my hair. I could feel myself getting wet. I started to drip.

I put my hand on his pants and started caressing his inner thigh. Very softly as I caressed, he placed his hand on my breast. He gripped it as he took his tongue out and put his wet lips on my neck. His tongued swiped against my skin and then started to bite a little. I started to moan a little and put my hand on his shirt. Gripping it as he made me moan. His tongue made sensations all over my body. I couldn't stand the tease anymore.

"Take me to the bedroom. Please," I pleaded.
At this point I didn't care what he was or what he liked, he was turning me on so much I couldn't stand it. He nodded and took my hand. Time slowed down as I showed him the way to the bedroom. He pushes me in the bedroom and shuts the door. He grabbed my waist and threw me on the bed. I remember telling him I've always wanted a man to do this to me before. That was a year ago. I started to smile knowing that he remembered. He jumped on top of me kissing me again. I could feel him getting hard. He ripped my shirt off.
I was shocked but then I remember telling him not to hold back. He took his shirt off while he was still kissing me with his tongue. We start to slowly undress each other until I'm in my bra and panties and hes in his boxers. He starts to gently caress my breast. He then begins to kiss my neck again while reaching behind and undoing my bra hooks. My bra is now off. He looks at my big breasts. I can tell he like them. I've sent a pic of them before.

He would always tell me how nice and big they were. He started to squeeze one and clasped the other with his mouth.His tongue moves in little motions while you start to nibble. I moan so loud, I love force and I love that hes not holding back. I'm so wet right now my panties are soaking.
He takes his mouth off and starts to rub my stomach and kiss on it. He kisses go more down. He takes off my panties with a big amount of force. He rubs my clit. I moan for him to keep going. He plays around with it and then puts his tongue on it making his tongue go in back and forth motions. I moan so loud this time. He starts to put one, then two fingers in. Thrusting me and thrusting me while his tongue plays with my clit. Hes getting excited. He keeps trusting and thrusting faster and faster the louder and louder I moan. I think I'm going to cum but then he stops.

Before I could say anything He pulls his boxers down. It's so big. The biggest one I've ever seen. I wondered how that could fit inside something as tiny as me. He grabbed my hair and slipped his long and hard dick into my mouth. He pulls my hair and starts to thrust. I start to gag. He starts to caress my face.

"Shhh shhhh, its alright," he says softly. He starts to thrust faster faster until he cums deeply in my mouth.
I pull his dick out of my mouth and catch a breathe but before I can, he grabs me and lays me down. He immediately pushes his dick in. I moan so so loud. Its so big. He starts to thrust really hard. It hurts for the first couple times but then it feels amazing. It's a sensation I never felt before. On one hand it felt like it hurt but then yet on the other hand it felt amazing.

I didn't want him to stop. "Harder! Faster! Oh god please!" I say over and over again. He than proceeds to fuck me faster. I wanted to cum but I wanted it to last longer so I held it in. He stops and in seconds he bends me over. SMACK! "Oh baby!" I scream. The tingle went through my whole body. The smack made me red a little. I loved it. I loved it all.

"You've been such a bad bad girl," he said with a second SMACK!

"Ah! Yes, yes I have. Very very bad," I replied with moans and screams

"I want you to say it." SMACK!

"Ah! Alright! I've been a bad girl."

"What? I can't hear you!" SMACK!

"Ahhh! I've been a very very bad girl!"

"Yes baby, yes you have!" SMACK!

He pulls me up and bends me over the bed. My ass is so red from the slaps. I was getting even wetter than before. He starts to rub my ass. Then he slips his hands on my soaking wet pussy.

"Awww baby girl, look how wet your getting. You must be enjoying all of this," he says.

"Oh baby, yes, yes I do, very much don't stop. Please, please don't stop!" I say.

"Your wish is my command," he replies with a devious tone.

He shoves his dick in without mercy into my ass. "Ahhhh!!!!!!" I scream. It kinda hurts while its inside. He starts to pull my hair and smack my ass again.

"Oh, yes baby, yes, take it, take it all!" He said.

"Ahhhhh! Oh baby, it's so so good. Don't stop! Please, please don't stop!" I reply.

His grip on my hair gets tighter and he starts to moan loud. Louder and louder the faster he goes. "Ahhh! Baby I'm cumming!!! Oh god!!!" He gives me one final thrust and holds me there why he cums inside my ass. After he's done we both fall onto the bed and he starts to hold me. 

"That was amazing! Baby girl," he says with a smile

"Why thank you. I never knew you could be so dominating. What happened to sweet and sensual sex like you always talked about?" I reply with a chuckle.

"Well, I mean, I think I've gotten passed that and tried the more dominating sex. I actually quite like it better."

"Well, that's good. You did amazing, you know that Hunter?"

"Haha, well I'm glad. I'm also glad I get to finally hold you in my arms like we've talked about."

"Do you think now that we are here together we'll stay this way?"

"Yes of course. Forever and always."


"Promise babe."

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