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Daddy's Friend... Part 1

sadly this is a fictional story but oh how i wish it were true

It was the second week of the summer and Leah had already become bored, she was home from college for the summer. Leah was 17 years old and had coppery blonde hair that fell loosely down to her shoulders , she was of average height but her most noticeable feature were her 38C breasts.

All of her friends were away for the summer and she could'nt help feel slightly reliece that her familys annual party only a week away. They had had the parties Leah was a small child and most of her parents had watched her grow up she had always thought of them as family. However she had always had fondness for her fathers friend Joe who was barely 26 but there was something about him that she just couldnt help but like. Granted he was about the same height as her and had blondish hair but it was his strong manly muscles and cheeky school boy smile that she found herself weakening to.

Noone knew how she felt about Joe and she had no desire to tell anyone either but she never missed an oppurtunity to flirt with him even though he had a girlfriend Britney or Bitchy as Leah often referred to her as. She couldnt see what Joe saw in her she was mouthy, rude and was often aggressive even towards Joe.

The day of the party arrived and as usual it was a mad dash of last minute checks by 2pm Leah was exhausted and found this the perfect oppurtunity to change. She often dressed simple and casual but girly enough. Tonight however she was dressed to impress. She wore a tight fitting blouse, her cutest mini and knee high boots. She had even gone to the trouble of selecting a tight bra that her breasts half spilled out of and her cutest thong.

At 6pm guests started arriving some new unfamilar faces joining the normal crowd. Leah waited and watched hoping the next person to arrive would be Joe. By 8pm she had given up and gone to the dancefloor. She swayed and moved along to each new song and giggled as she was lead off the floor by her favourite cousin Carrie. Carrie dragged Leah to the bar and grinned whispering into Leah's ear looks like Joe's all alone she winked and nodded in the direction of the garden when Joe stood talking to Leah's father and uncle.

Grinning she walked outside walking casually over to her father who she hugged greeting him turning on Joe she smiled oh Joe hey i didnt know you were here she smiled as innocently as she could. Leah... woah i hardly recognised you you've grown since i last saw you as she looked at him she couldnt help notice that he couldnt take his eyes off her, she was flattered but at the same time she was worried about what her father and uncle would say if they noticed Joe's look. She didnt need to worry her father and uncle had spotted her younger cousin messing around near the pool and had gone off to sort him out.

Well i'm no longer the little girl you used to push on the swings Joey smirking slightly he nodded at her you can say that again she suggested they talk inside where it was warmer and saw he had no objections to this at all.

They walked in silence to the living room which was deserted apart from the family's beloved husky Sino. Smiling Leah closed the door allowing the music to be blocked out. She turned to say something to Joe and found herself pressed against him. Her heart pounding she looked at him. Joe I... before she could speak Joe had pressed his lips against hers.

For so long she had imagined his lips pressed against hers and now she never wanted it to stop. She pushed him onto the sofa and continued to kiss him. His hands began to wander slightly. Her hands trembled as she ripped at his shirt her fingers stroking his muscular chest. Her lips stayed against his as his hands fumbled with her bra and finally managed to unhook it.

Smirking he pulled it off and stared at her chest her large erect nipples almost calling for him to play with them, as if my command he started sucking and licking her nipples, she fumbled with his trousers as he did but let out a soft moan as he bit into her sweet little nipples. She wanted him now more then ever and prised off his trousers slowly moving his boxers down his legs. Gasping she saw his dick for the first time it was huge atleast 9.5 inches long.

Her lips met his again as her fingers glided down his semi erect dick, her top finger circling the head as small moans filled her ears. she knew he liked it and so did she. Pulling away from his kiss she moved down kissing every inch of him as she did her lips locking around his dick. She moved slowly sucking him her head bobbing up and down slightly as she started to spead up. for ages she sucked harder and harder feeling his tight skin hit her throat with each movement she made as she sucked him. he was getting even harder in her mouth and as pre cum dripped from him she moved down looking up at him as her mouth locked onto his ball sacs and sucked on them smirking as she saw the enjoyment on his face. more and more she sucked on his balls untill she felt his cock twitching.

She removed his ball from her mouth and turned her attention back onto his dick deepthroating him as her hands played with his balls flicking them and tugging on them lightly. oh fuck yes Leah baby dont stop i'm cumming just then his dick gave a huge jerk and squirt after squirt of cum filled her mouth oh thats it swallow it all like a good girl thats right she crawled up to him slowly and kissed him passionatly as she remet his lips.

He turned to her come on baby now its my turn...........


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