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Damn I love college

College is supposed to be fun right.

Damn I love college


Well I’m in my second semester of college now, its fun but some of the classes stink.    I mean, come on.   I’m majoring in science, why do I have to take a music class?   Anyways, my name is Thomas Parker, construction worker turned college boy.    This year I get the joy of taking a couple classes that any sane person wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole; Biology, Music appreciation (oh joy), Psychology (great now I can figure out how messed up I am in the head), and Speech.    Well since I go to a community college its only one class a day, followed by my invigorating job standing behind a counter at a gas station.  


The first week wasn’t too bad; my Biology teacher seems to be ok even if he is half deaf. My Psychology teacher is a hag, there are only 6 people in the Speech class, and I have already fallen asleep in Music appreciation.   Life sucks, my job stinks, school is boring, and go figure my girlfriend Lisa dumped me.  


Week two was decent, Monday during Psychology there was a late entry student, and WOW was she hot.   Red silky hair just past her shoulders that shines beautifully when the sun hit it through the window as she walked by holding her binder against her chest.   She has a body that Victoria’s secret models could admire, a slender frame with curves in all the right places.   When she got closer to me I realized she caught me staring at her by the smirk on her face, great, busted.   As she walked by me I could smell her perfume, heavenly, it reminded me of a meadow filled with flowers on a warm summer day.   Class went on, I couldn’t help but to glance over at her perky breasts every chance I got.


  After the hag was done lecturing us on something about bulimia I made sure that I left the room after her so I could get a good look at her from behind.   Her body from behind looks just as good as the front for sure. With that tight round ass in those skin tight jeans, it’s incredible the way it sways from side to side as she glides down the hall.   Figures, while staring at her ass wiggling she turned around and saw me, I tried to hide by looking at a picture on the wall but I still got busted, damn.


A couple weeks went by, and we saw each other a few times both in and out of school, she made an attempt at conversation once, too bad I was too tongue tied to actually form words, damn.   Life goes on.   I figured out her name is Melissa West, we talked to each other a few times at the gas station and in the halls, small talk really, I ran into some guy while looking at her talking on the way to class, he was pissed.   That class discussion was pretty thought provoking though, about needs and sex drive.   I couldn’t help it, I got stiff thinking about Melissa during class.   Afterwards I thought I’d try to have some fun, while everyone was crowding the door trying to get out I brushed my hand across Melissa’s ass, and oh it was firm.


Another pitiful paycheck from work meant it was the start of a new week.   Got to the campus a bit early and saw Melissa waiting in the lounge, so I sat down and we talked for a bit until we had to go to class.   The only thing that kept me awake during class was thinking about Melissa and her oh so fine body.   After class I saw a friend of mine in the hall so I had to stop and bullshit with him for a couple minutes until he had to go.   While walking to the exit I heard someone call my name, it was Melissa.    As we started talking I noticed something was different, her voice changed, and she was holding her books against her body causing her breasts to stand out, incredible.  


About a couple minutes into the conversation she noticed that I had looked at her breasts. Melissa smiled and told me that she has noticed me checking her out more than a few times, and knew that it was me that touched her ass after class.   Hearing this got me thinking about it again, I started to get hard right there in front of her with no way to cover it up, damn.   She looked down and noticed my penis growing and pointing straight at her, her mouth opened a bit as she got a big smile.   Knowing that I was wanting this, she started pushing her chest out a little more and moved in closer to me.   So close that her leg brushed up against my still hardening penis.   I immediately backed up; she was enjoying torturing me like this.   She got a puzzled look on her face while still smiling when she asked, “you’re a virgin aren’t you?”   Busted again, damn. I told her that I was and her eyes widened and her mouth opened a little, then as she lowered her eyebrow and bit her lip a little she looked around up and down the halls.   Seeing that nobody was in the hall she grabbed my arm and pulled me into a room across the hall from us that wasn’t shut, the sign on the door said, “Electrical Room.”  


Now I was a carpenter for a little while, until I found that it sucked, so I knew a little bit about the electrical equipment and that humming sound meant not to mess with it.   With the door shut behind us and the lights turned on, I got a decent look at the room; there wasn’t a lot of space in there.   I turned around to notice that Melissa put her books down and she moved up close to me.   Hot girl, horny kid, locked in a small room together, ya I was fully erect at that point.   Melissa moved up close to me and put her arms over my shoulders, my erect penis was rubbing against her.   She asked me in this soft, goddess like sexy voice, “Are you ready for this?”   I was too much in shock to form words much less answer.   She backed up a couple steps and lifted her sweater off, revealing her incredible breasts.


Melissa rubbed her breasts a little as she approached me again, this time she placed one hand on my belt and the other on my hard dick.   She looked me straight in the eye as she started rubbing me a little.   I’m surprised I didn’t pop right there.   Ya I’d thought about this before, but it really happening scared the hell out of me.   I managed to contain myself as Melissa knelt down and removed my belt and unbuttoned my pants, holy shit.   She pulled my pants about half way down my thigh and started stroking my penis, and then she looked up at me as her tongue started caressing my head.   Her lips were like velvet when she took me in her mouth, her head moving slowly back and forth with one hand on my shaft and the other gently squeezing my balls, I didn’t know what to do.   I was moaning pretty hard when I couldn’t hold it any longer, semen burst out of me as my eyes rolled back.   If I didn’t grab onto something I would have fell over my legs were so weak.


Pleased with what had happened Melissa told me to strip and lay down on the floor, so I did.   She removed her jeans and the red thong she was wearing, exposing a neatly trimmed patch of hair over her vagina.   Still smiling, she stood over me and knelt down placing her hands on my chest and positioning her firm ass over me.   Her body started moving, grinding, on my penis, she was wet.   I was so hard at this point it hurt, I couldn’t believe this was happening.   One hand moved down and held my penis upright; hovering over me she looked me in the eyes wanting to see my reaction to what was next.   At first just my head went in, I started shaking, slowly she lowered herself onto me, taking all of me inside of her; it was so warm.   Moving her hips around with me inside of her, she let out a moan that was intoxicating. I felt her hand; she was rubbing herself while riding me.   I tried but I couldn’t keep my eyes open, the sounds of the two of us moaning drowned out the humming sounds from the equipment in the room.    Faster and faster, the faster she moved the louder the moans were. Her body was tensing up, muscles in her legs stiffened. Her fingernails started digging into my chest. She was almost there, so was I.    My whole body started shaking, I couldn’t contain this feeling.   She let out a shrieking moan as we both climaxed together, I was paralyzed.


After a moment of the two of us lying on the floor together, Melissa got up and started putting her clothes back on, I was barely able to move.   She had fixed her hair and grabbed her books; I was just starting to get dressed.   As she opened the door to leave, she turned back, looked at me and said, “Thomas, you’re wrong if you think I’m done with you.”   With that said, she left and closed the door behind her.   Sitting there in the room with all of the equipment humming around me, I had to pinch myself to make sure that what had just happened was real, that was a stupid idea.


Well, school is still boring, the classes still suck, my Psychology teacher is still a hag, but damn I love college.

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