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Dark and Wonderful Things

Cass Raven walked slowly through the crowd of guests, smiling occasionally when she saw a familiar face. It amazed her that she barely recognized any of these people. But then again, it wasn’t her party so she wasn’t that surprised. She scanned the crowd of people in search of Leo, but to her disappointment he was nowhere to be seen. Trust him to disappear from his own party. She smiled wryly to herself and accepted a flute of champagne from one of the many hired waiters.

She’d known Leo wouldn’t be into a party like this. It had been his parents who’d organised it; inviting all their rich friends from their social circles, Cass’ father included and then Leo had insisted that she should come too, saying he’d have no-one else to talk to, that she’d make it fun for him. Yet here she was and it was seemed like it was her who had no-one to talk to. She was considering whether it would be rude to just leave when she finally caught sight of him across the room, speaking to his mother, apparently expressing his dissatisfaction at how boring the night was turning out to be. Cass smirked at his attitude. Sometimes he acted like an arrogant teenager but that was part of why she liked him so much. That, and the way he always made her laugh.

Leo seemed to sense her watching him as a second later he glanced up, his eyes connecting mutely with hers across the room, the green irises rendering her incapable of motion. He said something else to his mother and then he was moving in Cass’ direction, cutting through the guests, stopping now and again to thank the well wishers. It took a while for him to get through and Cass couldn’t help but admire his physique as he moved gracefully, dressed as he was in his white linen shirt and black jeans. His top shirt buttons were undone, as were his cuffs, and his sleeves were rolled up to the elbows. He was meant to be wearing a suit, Cass thought briefly, but apparently he’d managed to talk his way out of it.

“Hey.” He finally came to a stop in front of her, green eyes running slowly down her body before moving back up again, wordlessly admiring, “You look great.”

“Great?” Cass raised an eyebrow, “So do you. Only I was going to say the words pretty-damn-hot, especially in those jeans.”

“Not fair.” Leo’s white teeth flashed as he grinned, “I was going to say fucking-sexy-as-hell but I was going for the polite approach.” He smirked, “Didn’t want you to take it the wrong way.”

“How is there a wrong way to take a compliment like that?” Cass stepped closer to him, losing herself slightly in his ever-familiar scent.

Leo pushed her long coffee-coloured hair back behind her ear, “Well, you might take it as me saying I want to just do dark and wonderful things to you when we both know I’m about more than that.”

“Yeah, right.” Cass felt her stomach squirm at the look he gave her and she leaned up to whisper in his ear, “What do you mean by ‘dark and wonderful things’?”

A chuckle rumbled in Leo’s throat and his hands slid down her back to rest on her ass, “I could show you. Only you haven’t let me get that far yet.” The implied desire in his words made Cass shiver slightly as he brushed his lips lightly against hers. “I’m getting out of here.” He whispered, “You want to come back to mine?”

Cass tried to ignore the heat building inside her as a trip to the unknown beckoned enticingly, “I’d love to, but you can’t just leave your own party, Leo.”

“I can. It’s my party. I can do what I want.” Leo glanced around the room at the countless number of guests, “These people are just here to socialise. They’re not here for me.”

Cass rolled her eyes, “Oh, really? What’s that then?” She pulled away from his embrace to point through the open French doors to the patio area where his birthday cake sat, an enormous chocolate and cream affair, complete with twenty six candles which glowed softly in the dark. “It’s your cake. Your birthday. These people are here to celebrate it with you.”

“It’s just an excuse for people to get together.” Leo ran his finger from her temple to her chin, tilting her head up and drawing her attention back to him, “Let’s go. Please.”

Cass stared back into his hazel eyes, trying to figure out what he was thinking. “Why?” Her question was a soft whisper.

“So we can do what we want. What we’ve always wanted. Only we won’t have your bloody father hanging around us.” Leo ran his finger along her bare shoulder and down her arm, making her shiver slightly, despite the warm August night, “You look so beautiful Cass.”

Cass tore her eyes away from his intense gaze and scanned the crowd for her father. It was a minute before she located him and for once his attention wasn’t on his daughter. He was knocking back the champagne with a young blonde, clearly not having any regrets over his latest divorce. Cass sighed.

“He’s happy.” Leo’s voice brought her eyes back to his, “Don’t worry about him.” His hand brushed her wrist and his fingers tangled into hers, “You ready to go?”

Cass hesitated wondering if she was ready to go. Wondering if she was ready for Leo. In the years that she’d known him, they’d only become close in the last couple of weeks and right now she was afraid things were moving slightly too fast. But tonight was the perfect night, wasn’t it? Just them, back at his place. And she could back out later if things felt weird, right?

“We could always steal the cake. Take it with us, if that’s what you’re afraid of missing.” Leo raised a conspiratorial eyebrow at her but behind the joke she could see the hope in his eyes and it was that hidden little emotion that triggered her response.

“Let’s get out of here.” And as Leo smiled broadly and led her outside to his car, Cass felt her heart begin to beat a little faster inside her chest.


The elevator pinged to a halt on the sixth and final floor and Cass let out a sigh, unaware that she’d been holding her breath the entire ride up. She could hardly believe she was here. And that she was actually going to do this. I’m going to have sex! The words screamed themselves around her brain and she couldn’t tell whether the funny feeling in the pit of her stomach came from fear, nerves, or excitement.

Leo stepped out of the elevator, looking enviably calm and collected as he tapped in a code next to the door. 7598426. Idly, Cass wondered if a code could ever really be unbreakable. Keys were a much better idea, unless of course they got lost or stolen. She shook her head to clear her thoughts as Leo pushed open the door and motioned for her to go in first.

She walked slowly inside, her heart beating fast with more than a little trepidation. The door led straight into the main living area. The first thing that struck her was the sheer size of the place. To the left, was a huge glass window, giving an awe-inspiring view of a night-time London. Pictures hung on the endless white walls, landscapes mainly, giving at least a little regularity from one end of the room to the other. There was a large oak dining table to the right and sometime after that, the room turned into a kitchen, all gleaming white units and expensive appliances. Somewhere behind her Cass heard the door click shut.

“Drink?” Leo walked across the polished hardwood floor to the kitchen.

Cass cleared her throat. “Yes. Please.” Stepping forward, she set her purse down on the small mahogany coffee table in front of the sofa. “This is a nice place.”

Leo raised an eyebrow as he handed her a glass of pale pink champagne. “Nice?”

“Yeah.” Cass gestured vaguely around the room, “You know… nice.”

She saw the beginnings of amusement in his eyes and frowned. “Don’t laugh at me.”

“I’m not.” Leo dropped himself onto the couch. “Why don’t you sit down?”

Cass obliged, sitting gingerly on the edge of one of the dining chairs. She took a small sip of alcohol and then a somewhat larger second one as her nerves threatened to get the better of her.

Leo watched her, the expression in his eyes unreadable. For the first time around him, she felt insecure. Like some inexperienced teenager. And if this had been six months ago, that’s exactly what she would have been. It didn’t help that he was so confident, so suave, so much more than her. She wondered whether he was nervous at all, whether tonight would mean as much to him as it would to her. How could it? She tried not to imagine how many women he’d been with before her and whether she would just be another in a line of many. Her hand was shaking slightly and she gulped at the rest of her champagne before setting the glass down onto the table. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, well aware that Leo’s eyes hadn’t left her for a second.

The silence was unbearable. She had to say something. Anything.

“So, how long have you lived here?” Inwardly, she cringed. It would have been more fitting to have asked what he thought of the weather but Leo didn’t seem bothered.

“Just over a year.”

He rose from the sofa and retrieved the bottle of champagne from the kitchen, sitting down across from her at the dining table. He refilled both their glasses. “It’s the first place I bought myself. Y’know, away from my parents and all their money.”

“Do they annoy you?” Cass could sense that her voice was too high-pitched and she hated herself for it, “Your parents, I mean.”

Leo pulled a face, “Not so much anymore. They just want to be close to me. Kind of like your dad and you, I reckon.”

Cass rolled her eyes, “My dad annoys the hell out of me.”

Leo looked amused, “Really? Why’s that?”

“Well look at him!” Cass drank some more champagne, “He’s been married like ten times to all these young women but when I even say the word ‘boyfriend’ he has a temper tantrum. He’s such a hypocrite.”

“He’s just looking out for you. Protecting you from all these evil men who want to do dark and wonderful things to you.”

Cass laughed, a little too loudly, “If he knew I was here now, he’d probably have a heart attack.”

“Probably.” Leo leaned across the table, “Don’t worry; I won’t tell him.” And he winked.

Cass rolled her eyes, “You telling him would be like suicide. He’d recover from his heart attack and kill you. Then he’d lock me in a tower like bloody Rapunzel or something.” She giggled at her dramatic thoughts, “I’m kidding by the way.”

“Yeah, I figured.” Leo smirked slightly, “So, is your dad the reason you’re still… inexperienced?”

Cass shrugged, secretly loving the way he avoided the v-word. “Not really. I could’ve got around him. Only I didn’t really want to. I guess I thought it was wiser to wait.”

“For what?” Leo’s voice was soft but she could hear the seriousness behind it, “What were you waiting for?”

Cass glanced into his eyes and felt the blush creep across her cheeks. She could hardly believe she was discussing this across his dining table, “I don’t know. Someone who ‘got’ me.”

“And do I ‘get’ you?”

“I think so.” She was suddenly aware that she was whispering and she cleared her throat, “At least I hope so. Why else would I be sat here?”

Leo smiled slowly, “So, you’re ready for this?”

Cass took a gulp of champagne in an attempt to drown the butterflies in her stomach, “Ready as I’ll ever be.”


Leo’s bedroom was even bigger than Cass had expected. It looked like one of those all-white set-ups that she’d only ever seen in Ikea catalogues, complete with white sheets, white fitted wardrobes, white drawers, and through a door, a gleaming white en-suite. There were two huge sash windows and between then, a large white bookcase. Cass almost let out an inadvertent yelp of glee when she saw a tattered copy of Oliver Twist, but somehow managed to contain herself. Leo closed the door behind them and somehow the sound brought everything back into perfect clarity.

Cass turned to look at him, “I never had you down as an avid reader.”

Leo shrugged, “I am. Occasionally.”

“What’s your favourite book?”

He pulled a face, “None in particular.” He smiled, “My favourite food’s ice cream though.”

Cass giggled, “I guess that’s good to know.”

“I guess so.” Leo tugged his shirt out of his pants and began unbuttoning it “What’s yours?”

“My what?” Cass couldn’t help staring as button by button, he revealed centimetres of tanned muscular chest.

Leo laughed, “Your favourite food. If I ever piss you off I have to know what to bring you, right?”

Cass dragged her gaze away from his bare skin “Right. Erm, well, I like ice cream too.”

“Great. Won’t have any trouble remembering that.” Leo walked leisurely across the room, easily removing the distance between them “Anyway, I don’t know why we’re still talking.” He looked down, deep into her eyes “I was under the impression we were going to make good use of what’s left of my birthday.”

“Good use?” Cass’ voice was barely audible and she swallowed hard, silently telling herself to get a grip.

“Good use.” Leo repeated, the expression in his eyes pulling on her, drawing her in as his hands passed lightly over her shoulders, running down her back “You sure about this?”

“How many times do I have to say it?”

He grinned “Just making sure.”

“I’m ready, I’m ready, and I’m ready.” Cass muttered, feeling as unready as humanly possible. “Only I don’t know what to do.” She felt the colour rise in her cheeks as embarrassment rode through her.

“You’ll be fine.” Leo’s voice was reassuring, “Get undressed and we’ll take it from there.” He pulled his shirt back off over his shoulders and let it drop onto the white rug. “It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it.”

“I’ll take your word for it.” Cass mumbled. She reached around to undo the zip on the back of her dress and felt the silky material loosen around her body slightly before she let it fall to the floor around her high heels.

Leo paused in the process of unbuckling his belt, his eyes running up and down her almost-naked body, hovering appreciatively on her tight curves before coming to rest on her face. “You are perfect.” His voice sounded almost awed and Cass felt immensely relieved. She knew it would have been unlikely for him to tell her she was fat and ugly but still, the compliment gave her at least a little confidence. She stepped out of her heels and watched as he pulled off his shoes and jeans, leaving them on the floor.

She was about to ask, “What now?” but before she got the words out Leo grabbed her forearm and pulled her to him before kissing her hard, his tongue pushing into her mouth, his hand flat on her butt, pressing her up so she could feel him hot and hard against her stomach. Cass gripped his arms to steady herself, feeling her way up his biceps to hang onto his shoulders as he lifted her up off the ground and dropped her gently back onto the bed.

I’m going to have sex! I’m going to have sex! The words ran excitedly around her brain as she moved backwards up the bed, until Leo pulled on her narrow hips, dragging her to a halt. His hands moved up over and across her flat stomach to squeeze her small breasts, pulling harder than she’d expected, his jaw clenched in barely restrained control as she stared up at him, unsure of what to do. His eyes met hers and the laughing expression she’d become accustomed to had gone, to be replaced with something dark and hard. He leaned down so his nose touched hers, his mouth millimetres away. “Don’t look so scared.” He whispered, “This’ll be fun.” And then he was kissing her again, lips pulling hard on hers before trailing down her neck and across her chest as he slid his hands south and hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties. “Let’s get rid of these.” He slid them down her legs and then kissed his way back up her thigh, slowly getting closer and closer to her pussy.

Cass squirmed beneath him and he paused slightly before letting his lips skim over the smooth skin before moving up onto her flat belly. “You smell so good.” He murmured, and then he pulled himself up, sliding his finger down across her navel before pressing between her legs, dipping his finger in the pool of moisture running it up and down at an infuriatingly slow pace. Cass lifted her hips slightly to press hard against his hand and he grinned wolfishly, his finger sliding up inside her for a few wonderful moments.

“You look so beautiful.” Cass whispered, her eyes drinking in his features, the dark desire in his eyes, “So beautiful.”

The corner of Leo’s mouth lifted slightly, “Beautiful? I was hoping for handsome.” His finger pulled away from her and she felt his hands on her thighs, pushing them apart before he took hold of her hands and held them down on the pillow above her head. “Maybe you’ll change your mind when I’m done here.”

She felt the head of his cock pressing against her, rubbing against her pussy, making her hips squirm slightly at the delicious sensation.

“Don’t move.” Leo whispered, and he held her hands tight before pushing hard into her.

“Aahh!” Cass squeezed her eyes shut tight as he filled her suddenly, somehow finding space to thrust up into; space she hadn’t even realised existed. “Fuck!” She sucked in air as she tried to adjust to the new feeling, her heart hammering away inside her naked chest. The words in her head had gone into overdrive; I’m not a virgin anymore! I’m not a virgin anymore!

“I’m gonna let go of your hands.” Leo’s voice seemed to come from some distance away and she had to open her eyes to fully appreciate the fact that he was still on and inside her, “So don’t scratch me, OK?”

“How romantic.” Cass let out a crazy breathless giggle and flexed her wrists as he released them, “I thought you’d have something more endearing to say than that.” She reached up and let her fingers push through his dark hair, gripping it gently as she pulled him down for a kiss, vaguely aware that he was slowly moving, pulling out of her before thrusting back in with more patience than she could have expected. It hurt but somehow it didn’t bother her; she pushed up off the bed slightly so their torsos were pressed close as he slid back in, his breathing shallow and rough.

“I can’t think romantic.” Leo pressed his mouth against her neck, moving it down over her shoulder as he kissed and tugged at her smooth skin, “I just…” He let out a half-laugh, half-groan as he eased back out of her, “I can’t fucking think.”

His words barely registered in Cass’ mind, all she could think of was how brilliant it felt when his hips touched hers every time he fit inside her. He began moving slightly faster now and she became used to the feel of it all, his movements getting harder and less reserved.

“Tell me if I should stop.” It seemed like it pained him to whisper the instruction but he needn’t have worried; Cass didn’t think she’d ever want him to stop. He bit down a little on her shoulder, making her gasp out and then he kissed her once more on the lips before he pulled his weight up off hers resting his hands either side of her head as he hovered above her. And then he was moving again, gaining more and more force with each thrust he delivered, slamming deep inside her, making her body jerk every time he hit home. Cass clung tight onto his forearms and looked up into his determined hazel eyes as he slammed in harder, a sheen of perspiration covering his face.

“It’s not too much is it?” His voice was something between a whisper and a grunt, his mouth dropping to her forehead as her hands moved further up his arms to hold onto his biceps, fingernails digging in as she tried to absorb his thrusts.

“It’s fine.”

Her legs tightened either side of him, wanting him closer, holding him in as her thighs clenched, her eyes staring in wonder up at his face. “Leo… I…” She didn’t know what to say. All she knew was that her mind was a mess of thoughts and her body was wound so tight she was afraid it would snap. She just needed a bit more, a little bit more… Leo slammed into her hard and her hips rose up off the bed to meet his, her back arching as she felt a shudder run through her, making her break out in a fresh sweat. She clung hard onto Leo’s shoulders as the pleasure crashed through her, making her moan out into his mouth which was covering hers again. She could feel her hips jerking, yet Leo was still going strong, still plunging into her, slick and slippery as he whispered unintelligible things in her ear, his tongue flicking inside it.

“Oh god… oh fuck…” Between her gasps, Cass felt Leo sink inside her for a final time, and then she felt him stop, pulsing inside her as he exhaled long and fast, the breath rushing out of him as he groaned gutturally, his arms giving way as he let himself drop down on top of her. She could feel his chest pressing down on her breasts, his legs draped heavily on top of hers and she lay there a while, taking it all in, trying to regain control of herself, absentmindedly running her fingers through his sweat-dampened hair.

I just had sex! I just had sex! The words running around her brain had changed this time and she smiled to herself as she added a few more to the procession; And it was fucking AWESOME! She felt Leo shift slightly on top of her and then his face lifted from the pillow to look into hers. “So?”

Cass stretched and grinned, “What?”

“What did you think?”

“Hmm.” Cass squirmed underneath him so he rolled off her, “Not bad.”

“Not bad!” Leo’s face appeared in front of her again, “Not bad! For gods sake, woman!”

“I’m joking!” Cass rolled her eyes, “It was… okay.” She grinned as Leo raised an eyebrow, “Ok, fine! It was fucking awesome. Is that what you want to hear?”

Leo grinned, “Exactly what I wanted to hear.” He sat up suddenly, looking at the clock on the bedside table, “Hey! You’re not too tired are you?”

“Not really.” Cass sat up, “Why?”

“We could still make it back to the party in time for cake!” Leo jumped up with impressively renewed energy and half a minute later she heard the water running in the en-suite, followed by the sound of his voice, “Come on!”


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