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Deidre - Chapter 1

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After severasl false starts, Deidre finally loses her virginity to her girl friend's guy

Paris Waterman

High School – Senior Year I am a very, nasty, very promiscuous lady; if anyone really considers me a lady at all. Even though I started doing gang-bangs at the age of 18, it still took me quite a while to formulate my current perverted outlook on sex. Do you find that surprising? You shouldn’t. It really takes a while to get as extreme as I am. But if you’ll read on, I’ll tell you all about how I got there.

I never knew my father. My mother had me in the backseat of an old Desoto when she was a teenager. It’s a miracle I survived. My grandmother was the one who raised me while my mother grew up. Eventually she married a guy who was twenty-five years older than her, and a drunk, to boot. But he had a job, and we had food on the table and a roof over our heads. All in all, he wasn’t so bad; he was always loaded, and would come home, and either watch television, or fall asleep in his recliner. The big thing was he didn’t beat my mother, or me, as some of my friend’s fathers did them. And to his credit, he never fucked around with me.

Here I was, just turned eighteen and still very much a virgin. Not by choice, mind you, but let’s call it happenstance. As you read on, you might think I intended to get laid that day; with the skimpy little outfit I put on. But I never even thought of it as a possibility. That was just how my girlfriend, Elsie dressed; and I wanted her to feel comfortable enough with me to tell me the juiciest details of what it was like getting laid. Besides, it wasn't uncommon for girls our age to dress skimpily when our hormones were reverberating up and down our spines and MTV led us to believe that as far as sex was concerned, everybody was doing it except us.

Excuse me – Elsie had set out to get laid the night before, and I was hot to hear all, and I mean all the smarmy details.

True to form, Elsie was barely out of bed when I got there. When saw her face in the window of her side door, she looked pissed at being disturbed. But when she saw it was me, her eyes widened in surprise, and then her face lit up. She flung the door open, and greeted me with a big hug. I could smell her hairspray, and a hint of some perfume she'd put on the previous day. I let myself melt into her, as her embrace tightened into something more than just a friendly hug between school chums. I felt very close to her at that moment, and I even remember the sting of tears in my eyes; although for some reason I'm not sure why to this day.

She finally pulled me away, but left her hands on my shoulders, and from only inches away, she stared into my eyes. I had to look up at her, since she was several inches taller than me.

“I did it Dee,” she said, and hugged me again.

“Tell me! Tell me!” I crowed.

“Get that boney ass of yours inside and I will.”

Moments later we were both curled up on her dilapidated couch. Yeah, the rest of the house was a mess too. (Elsie’s parents both worked to support their drug habit. They pretty much left her to fend for herself. I can’t recall ever seeing any food in the house other than cupcakes, which were a favorite of Elsie’s, and always to be found hidden away from her parents who had no qualms about taking them for themselves with no thought of her hunger pangs.)

“So, you and Stevie did it, did ya?”

“Did we ever!” Elsie chirped. Stevie Coglin lived across the street from Elsie. The two of them had been friends since early childhood. They had been in the same class every year up through the first semester of senior year. But his Dad had been transferred across the country to California, and they had no relatives with which Stevie could stay until he graduated.

“He didn’t know what hit him,” she said and started jumping up and down. “So tell me!” I yelled to get her to stop jumping and to keep me from doing it too.

“Okay, okay. I shucked my usual bra and panties and wore this ‘new’ (read Goodwill retread) almost transparent, white sundress, which was perfect for the occasion. My folks were out supposedly working, but I knew they had to renew with their supplier, so I had the dump to myself. I cleaned off the couch….”

“This very couch?” I asked.

“The very one,” she said, beaming happily at me. “And made sure I had a package of condoms available.”

“Did you have to buy them?”

“You bet I did, and it was easy too. I just browsed the condom section and waited until this woman made her selection. I picked the same brand and paid at the register. It was easy as pie. Stevie came over a little after six. I was taking no chances and made it earlier on purpose. It turned out to be a good idea, ‘cause it left us time for seconds and thirds.”

“More than once?” Now I was jumping up and down.

“You bet your sweet ass, Dee. And he went down on me.”

“No way!”

“As God is my judge,” she replied, holding her right hand in the air. I believed her. She had no reason to lie, and besides, we were best friends. “Anyway, once he got there I had him sit on the couch. Now, Dee, I have to tell you I practiced standing so that the sun was behind me. That meant that Stevie could actually see me through the white sundress. I mean really see me! Remember, I wasn’t wearing anything under the dress.”

I squinted, trying to envision her standing like that. My pussy twitched. It was startling how hot my imagination made me get. I had to resist rubbing my puss while Elsie went on with her seduction.

“I told him I had a going away present for him. He asked me what it was, and I replied, ‘Me, silly!’”

“You really said it?”

“I did, and what’s more, I went on to say: ‘I want my first time to be with someone I really care for - and I do care for you, Stevie.'

Before he could say a word, I sat on his lap and kissed him. When the kiss ended and it was a great kiss, let me tell ya… he started unbuttoning the sundress then slid the dress off of my shoulders. He touched my tit and I grabbed his cock… it was rock hard. The next thing I knew he was sucking my tits. I let him until I started going crazy then I had him stop and take his shirt off.

“He’s a swimmer, did you know that?”

“No way! At our school?”

“Yeah fucking way, Dee. And I rubbed my hands over his chest. It was fucking smooth that I was kissing his abs and tasting the salt around his belly-button while he was digging his fingers into my pussy.

"Did I tell you my sundress was up around my waist by this time?”

“No, but I get the picture and it’s sooo fucking hot!”

“Dee, I had to see his cock! I mean I would have fucking died if he stopped me.

"He didn’t tho, did he?”

“No way! In fact he wasn’t wearing any underwear.”

“I thought so, he’s a guy; they want us to touch their cocks.”

“And you know this how?” Elsie asked defiantly. I blushed and admitted that my mother had told me. Elsie nodded, accepting my story, anxious to continue hers. “Anyway, his cock was fucking beautiful! I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I wanted to play with it so many different ways at once. I mean, it fucking scared the shit out of me the way it jumped out of his shorts like a jack-in-the –box, ‘BOING!’

“I went to grab it and somehow he made it jump. I screamed because it scared the shit out of me. He did explain that when he’s excited it jumps like that sometimes. He said it kind of throbs when it’s a boner. Boner, I never heard it called that before, but if you think about it, it does resemble a bone, or a Rhinoceros horn, you know?”

“Did you blow him?”

“Ewe! Don’t be so fucking crude, Deidre. I ignored her, and asked her again,

“So did you blow him?”

She waved a hand as if dismissing me, but answered my question, saying: “Yes, I sucked his cock if you must know.”

“You made sure your teeth didn’t scrape him, right?” I asked, because I had heard it was something to be avoided all costs.

“Do you think I’m stupid? Of course not. I found a couple of X-rated videos belonging to my father. There were a couple very instructive scenes.”

“Did you practice on something? I heard a banana is good to practice with.”

“Who told you that?”

“Jenny Altomisto. She also told me she has the hots for Jimmy Smarro. He’s in the Navy.”

“Did she suck him off?”

“I don’t know. But if I hear he’s been home on leave, I’m gonna ask her.”

“Knowing Jenny, she’ll want you to suck him off too.”

“He’s kinda dreamy looking, and he’s twenty-two. Maybe I’ll let him do me.”

“You wish. With all the hot to trot girls in their twenties looking for guys you wouldn’t stand a chance with him.”

“You think?”

“You’re too young for him, believe me, I know about guys.”

“Oh, yeah, you fucked one. And that was last night.”

“This morning too,” Elsie smirked.

“No way!”

“It must have been around two in the morning. He got hard after we made out for a time and I put him back into me.”

“Did he cum in you?”

“I told you, I bought the rubbers, and….”


"Holy shit! We did it that last time without using any protection!”

“Oh, shit, Elsie! What are you gonna do?”

“What can I do? I wait for my period.”

“When is it due?” “About the same time as yours, a week from Tuesday.”

“I’ll pray you’re not,” I said. Elsie nodded, but I don’t know if she heard me or not. I think her mind
was definitely elsewhere.


“Want to talk about it? I mean, you don’t I can go home, or I can stay.”

“Stay, Dee. I’d like for you to stay.”

Elsie seemed lost, so I began asking her leading questions about her and Stevie. “So how did it go? I mean the blowjob?”

“Oh, okay, I guess. Well, if you must know I was playing with him, you know, squeezing him and practicing jerking him off. Then I kissed the tip… did I mention there was this clearish fluid oozing out of it?’

“No, you taste it?”

“Yeah, I did. I didn’t mean too, but when I kissed it I kinda moved my lips over it and then I licked
my lips, so yeah, I tasted him.”

“So how did it taste?”

“It tasted just like cum supposed to taste, you’ll know it when you do, believe me.”

I had some doubts about whether Elsie was telling the truth, but didn’t call her on it. All doubt vanished with her next words. “I squeezed it again and leaned in to give it another kiss. Well, maybe I was gonna suck it some, but before I could do anything he came, spraying his jizm right into my face. I thought he’d blinded me when it went in my left eye.”

“No way!”

“Fuck yeah. And he kept spurting; I mean he came a ton of that shit. It was all over my titties, and half my face had globs of it dripping off and onto my neck and chest.”

“Oh, my God!” I was so fucking hot I was willing to risk Elsie’s scorn and rub my pussy in front of her. It wasn’t that we hadn’t jilled off together a couple times, but here I was pretending to be sophisticated about hearing about her first fuck. I couldn’t let her know how I felt cause she would have laughed at me, being as I was still a virgin.

“Stevie came to my rescue, grabbing a box of tissues and handing it to me so I could wipe myself off. When I had cleaned up some, he confessed that he used tissues all the time to clean his jizm up after jerking off. “He was very apologetic about coming like that and I told him it was okay. Then he told me he’d be hard in a couple minutes, especially if I let him finger me for a while.”

“I bet you didn’t turn that offer down, Elsie.”

“You bet your boney ass I didn’t. Turned out it was the first pussy he’d ever seen close up. And I mean close up. His face was inches away from my bush. I took his hand and showed him how I jill off. He didn’t do so bad, but he wanted to go faster and faster.”

“You weren’t quite wet enough, huh?”

“Right, I mean, I was wet, but not enough for that rapid finger fucking. You know how I like it,” she said.

“I don’t know how YOU like it, Elsie!” I shouted out before I could pull the words back.

“Oh, I didn’t mean anything like that. I know you’re not a lezzie. I mean you know how it is with your fingers, you go to fast and the friction becomes unbearable unless you’re really wet. Then it’s fast as you want.”

“I prefer to go slow, myself, Elsie.”

“Well, me too. But Stevie didn’t know, so I held his wrist and stopped him, and then I showed him
how I liked it, and he was such a sweetheart… he did it exactly the way I liked it.”

“He make you cum?”

“Not quite. I was close when I saw his boner bobbing up and down and I threw a leg over his and started dry humping him and his dick. He got the message and a second or two later he was tearing the wrapper off the condom. I helped him put it on his boner, and told him to put it in me.”

“Elsie, tell me the truth, did it hurt really bad?”

“Let me tell the story, will ya, Dee?”

“Okay, okay, go on.”

“He surprised me by kissing me. It was a really dreamy kiss. I wanted it to on and on and on, but of course he had other things on his mind and….”

“And what? For Christ’s sake, Elsie!”

Elsie laughed at my discomfort and confessed that it was she who had taken him in her fist and inserted him against her vaginal slit. “I was wet, I made certain of that by running a finger in and out of my hole. He shoved it in, burst through my hymen and didn’t stop until a good four inches were in me.”

“Did it hurt?”

“Yes, it hurt, but not as much as I thought it would. Anyway, he was smart enough not to move again until I told him to, even then he went slow.”

“How big was his cock?”

“I don’t know for sure.” Elsie held her fingers apart, perhaps five inches or so, and I nodded, which told her nothing, but Elsie seemed to think I was in awe of the size cock she had accepted into her pussy.

“You won’t believe what happened next,” Elsie said, and then told me. I wrapped my arms and legs around Stevie as he started to pump me. Dee, each time he pumped into me there was this burst of pleasure; this unbelievable pleasure throughout my whole body, but especially in my pussy.

“Suddenly I was shouting at him to go faster, to fuck me harder. And he did. Oh, my God, Deidre, fucking is wonderful! I couldn’t get enough of his cock, his wonderful, gorgeous, magnificent cock.”

“When he stopped to rest… they do that you know, on account of fucking hard only lasts a short time, but while its going on… there’s nothing close to it. But that darling Stevie… when he slowed down he made up for it by kissing me. Ummm, long wet kisses, soft kisses on my lips, neck and titties.”

“And when I asked him to fuck me hard a couple minutes later, he did, and I came and came and came.”

My hand was in my jeans, rubbing frantically at my pussy. If Elsie saw me, and I think she did, she didn’t say a word about it, then or later. I have to respect her for that, even if we are best friends.

“I was pleading with him to make me cum again, but he could help himself and he came, filling the rubber with his stuff.”

“What did you do with the condom?” I asked innocently. Well, maybe secretly I hoped that she would show it to me. What I would do if she did, I had no idea, then or now, but I suspect I might have been tempted to taste it.

“He flushed it down the toilet. I mean it was filled to the brim with his jizm. Anyway, I played with his cock and balls for a while. Oh, the balls are so silky soft, and you have to be careful not to hurt them.”

I was filing all this vital information away in my brain.

"I asked him if his friend Dick Burns knew you,” Elsie said, and my antenna went up. “He said Dick had seen you around and thought you were hot.”

I was trying to remember who this Dick Burns guy was, but couldn’t place him. That told me something in and of itself. Still, he thought I was hot. That had to count for something.

“Anyway,” Elsie said, not having stopped talking while my mind raced around in circles. “You wanna meet him?”

“Who, Stevie?” I blurted.

“No, silly. Dickie.”

“What does he look like?”

“Not bad,” Elsie said.

My mind went into overdrive. Obviously Elsie had mentioned my virginity to Stevie. In all likelihood, he had responded by mentioning his buddy Dick. Was dick also a virgin? Had Stevie been a virgin before popping Elsie’s cherry? The one question I didn’t have to ask was if I was ready to lose my cherry. I was; I definitely was ready for that. But shouldn’t I be the one to picky the cherry popper?

I made up my mind on one thing. “I want to see this guy, Elsie.”

“Which guy, Stevie or Dickie?”

“Elsie, did Stevie offer to do me too?”

Elsie delayed answering long enough so that I knew he had.

“Well… yeah, he did. But I….”

“I know, Elsie, you want him for yourself. I don’t blame you.”

“I know,” Elsie said. “So, you wanna meet him?”

“I guess so. But if he turns me off, I’m out of there.”


It didn’t turn out that way at all. In fact, I never laid eyes on Dick Burns, a funny name now
that I think about it. What happened was later that day I got a phone call from Johnny
Marston, a classmate, asking if I’d go to the prom with him. I was thrilled, I mean, Johnny was a good-looking guy, not at the top of the ‘A’ list, but I wasn’t exactly the Prom Queen myself, anyway, we made a date to meet at the local hangout.

He had a car! I hadn’t known that. Not many guys in school had their own car. Most borrowed their father’s or older brother or sister’s cars to go on a date. Stevie certainly didn’t have a car. I doubted if he even had a driver’s license. (I was dead wrong on that, but he didn’t have a car until several months later.)

I called Elsie and told her about Johnny. The first words out of her mouth were to ask if I wanted to double date with her and Stevie.

As politely as possible, I turned her down, telling her it was a first date and we weren’t going to jump in the back seat and fuck our brains out first time out together.

“Why not?” Elsie replied, and I started to wonder about what she had for brains.

And so that night I dressed carefully, triple checked my makeup, and met Johnny before he could knock on the door. I didn’t mention my date to my parents, preferring to answer questions after the fact, not before.

We drove to the local hangout without speaking, but he ran around to my side of the car to open the door for me and I felt regal at being treated so nicely.

Once inside, we walked past several classmates. I felt like I was walking the gauntlet from the looks a couple girls threw my way, but by the time we reached our booth, I was shaking my ass like a fifty dollar hooker. Eat your hearts out, bitches, I thought as I sat down beside Johnny and not across from him like the others had done.

We talked about our day, although I left out the part of Elsie losing her cherry to Stevie; we shared complaints about our parents and gossiped about our mutual friends and classmates; and before I knew it we’d finished our sodas, paid the check and we weaving our way out of the place and getting back into Johnny’s car.

“I know a quiet place,” Johnny said in a voice so husky it sent thrills up and down my spine.

“Wonderful,” I told him as I squeezed my thighs together. I recall thinking: It might not be tonight, but he’s going to get my cherry.

After a few torrid kisses, Johnny suggested we might be more comfortable in the back seat. I agreed without giving his suggestion another thought and our unhurried necking resumed. And when mere necking became tame, Johnny slipped a hand underneath my blouse to caress my bra-encased breasts and discovered my aroused nipples that were all too obviously delighted to be found. He quickly learned to unclasp my bra with one hand, and I was all too eager for him to do it. Once my bra was on the floor of the car, his hands and mouth alternated between my boobs, teasing my sensitive curves and hardened nipples to the point that, by the end of the evening, my pussy was so wet and achingly aroused that I climaxed with a mere minute or two of furious diddling once I got home and into my bed.

Now Johnny got me home before midnight, my curfew, and after jilling off, I called Elsie to tell her about our date. I could almost swear that she masturbated while I regaled her of how we made out in the back seat. She swore she didn’t, but I knew her fairly well, since we were so alike. I would have. I mean, I had my fingers in there as soon as I got to my bedroom after leaving Elsie’s, soooo.

Johnny and me were dry-humping by our second date, which took place two nights later. It left me more frustrated than ever. Like he only played with my tits a little before mounting me. We were still dressed, well he was, my tits were out and jouncing this way and that as we rutted in the backseat. In my mind’s eye I pictured his cock as a cylindrical lump as he rubbed it against my pelvis, getting me saturated down there, but not getting me off until he shuddered and came in his pants.

I discussed this with Elsie the next day. She had had a second session with Stevie and apparently it had gone swimmingly well. He did her three times and she wanted me to believe she’d had a million orgasms. I wanted to believe her, but having to masturbate again after our date, I wasn’t up to believing anyone could manage a million orgasms from the old in and out.

Looking back on it, I suppose my frustrations and listening to Elsie’s hot stories caused me to take an action that I’ll call my one-girl Sex Education class.

“Touch me,” I finally whispered to Johnny on our fifth date after the car’s windows had fogged up. It was a hot and humid Friday night, and having permission, he inched his hand inside the elastic waistband of my shorts and inside my panties, down across matted pubic hair until he struck pay dirt and discovered how open and juicy I was.

“Jesus,” he muttered, a sentiment that I echoed with moans. Soon my shorts were down around one knee and completely off the other leg, and Johnny’s hand was stuffed inside my panties and his fingers were wandering up and down my labia, encouraging them to blossom into fat petals. His fingers played in my slickness, from dipping inside my twitchy vagina to strumming across the bone-hard length of my swollen clitoral shaft and its supersensitive little nubbin.

Like Stevie, he was a quick learner and eager to please. He flickered at my clit, until my legs strained wide and my butt rose off the seat and my arms wrapped tightly around his neck. My breathing became frantic, and suddenly my orgasm just smashed into me, knocking me into the next week. Well, not really. But after I came, and he knew damn well that I had, he began rubbing his dick against my panty-covered sopping wet pussy and got himself off by pounding against my pubic bone.

Having gotten off so sweetly I didn’t mind that I still had my cherry. I knew one thing for certain. I loved sex.

We didn’t stop there, of course. “I want to come with you, Deidre,” he begged one night with his hand jammed between us and fiddling with my pussy inside my underpants. “Let me rub against you for real,” he pleaded. The thought of that sent a ripple of excitement through my body and a warm rush where his fingers were playing. “I won’t go inside you,” he promised.

He had my clit trapped between two fingers. I was desperate to come. “Okay,” I replied in a small voice.

His fingers withdrew and he fumbled with his shorts with one hand while holding himself up with a straightened arm. He got them down to his knees then maneuvered his underwear down to join his shorts. His shirt draped over his cock. I couldn’t see anything. My head was spinning.

When he eased back down on top of me, though, I could feel it, a long ramrod jutting up and out, nudging against the heat inside my panties. Johnny put his hands underneath my shoulder blades and kissed me, breathing hard through his nose as his tongue tried to reach my tonsils. His erection prodded and jabbed at me, trying to find the right angle to rub against me. I tried to adjust my own hips to get him there. We seemed to be in an incredibly clumsy tangle of bodies and limbs and clothes.

“Please let me feel you,” he repeated.

I knew it was time. I snaked a hand between us, brushing past an alarmingly large, stiff shaft of flesh, and pulled aside the crotch of my panties. He sighed and then I felt the first electric jolt of his erection, felt this alive, mysterious thing against my own intimate folds.

“That’s it,” he whispered, “I won’t go inside.”

“I know,” I replied, but didn’t really care. I knew this was the moment I’d leave my virginity behind. I was about to become a woman.

Johnny scraped against me, snagging friction turning to slippery after a few tentative strokes. His cock notched lengthwise between my lips and he pressed forward, scrubbing me with the underside of his shaft and sending shivering ripples through my clit that radiated through my pelvis in waves that are probably still rolling somewhere in outer space.

He started and stopped, started and stopped, giving out little grunts and moans. I was overwhelmed by the newness of the sensations, his heavy body pressing me into the upholstery, the heat boiling off his chest, his turgid flesh and crinkly pubic hair brushing past my fingers, the top of my heat edging against the padded armrest, his hairy calf against my smooth-shaven one.

And when he quickened his motion and gasped “Oh Dee!” as he prodded the tip of his dick farther up inside my panties and onto my pubic hair, I nuzzled the crotch of my panties back over his shaft and pressed it against my body, capturing the full force of its spasms as he ejaculated fiery globs against the naked skin of my belly.

I could feel the pulses along the underside of his shaft against my clit, and it drove me half crazy. My fingers wobbled his throbbing erection back and forth against my raw pussy and then I came, too, gasping and quivering and sharing happy little grunts in his ear.

But I was still a virgin, technically speaking of course. He had yet to pop my cherry.

A big surprise came when he announced a little later that he was able to do it again, and I think I screamed with joy and kissed him feverishly. We got even bolder after that. Johnny managed to hold off coming for the longest time. I soon learned that men take longer the second time as a natural occurrence, and even longer the third time, if there is one.

Of course I tempted fate by not having thought to ask if he any protection. Soon enough, accompanied by the sound of creaking seat springs, Johnny spurted right into my inflamed pussy while I unabashedly frigged myself with his sticky juices. At the time it seemed our biggest fear was staining his upholstery.

I couldn’t wait to tell Elsie of my discovery of the thrill found by masturbating while he pressed the tip of his cock at the entrance to my vagina then nudged the mushroom-shaped head partway inside. And that led to getting the entire head inside, and then penetrating what must have been a delicious two or three inches. (More on this later.)

Johnny didn’t move a muscle once he’d worked his way inside. He’d just insert himself there, his cock erratically twitching, and my fingers would strum wildly on my clit until my body shuddered in those huge cresting waves as my pussy pulsed around his thick intrusion until he pulled out and came on my stomach, groaning and moaning, while I kept on frigging until I had my joyous climax.


Elsie couldn’t understand why Johnny didn’t pound it into me. I, on the other hand, couldn’t understand how we could possibly be doing it wrong. After all, I came hard each and every time we did it, how was that wrong?

“He doesn’t fuck you,” Elsie said over and over.

“What’s he doing then? I mean he’s in me and I love the feel of him in there; he comes and I come. What’s the problem, Elsie?”

“I… I can’t really explain it. I mean, it sounds to me like he’s fingering you with his dick, not fucking you with it. But I can’t explain… wait.”

“What? I said, wanting to clarify why she thought we were doing it wrong.

“If you really want to see what it is to get laid, I can get Stevie over here in fifteen or twenty minutes.”

“What, you two going to get it on while I watch?”

“Or you can let Stevie do you and see for yourself,” Elsie said.

“You’d let your boyfriend bang me?”

“I’m your friend, Dee, you need to know.”

I wasn’t overly shocked by Elsie’s announcement; in fact, I was kind of excited by the idea. She was willing to let Stevie fuck me just to demonstrate that me and Johnny hadn’t been doing it correctly.

It did occur to me that she might have an ulterior motive, but my panties were already wet and I was nodding yes, before my mind had actually given me the green light.

Thirty minutes later, Stevie came bopping in Elsie’s front door. We had forty-five minutes to do the deed before Elsie’s mother came home from work.

Stevie’s eyes devoured me from the moment he walked in the door, but he still took a minute to swap spit with Elsie before approaching me where I sat on the couch.

“Better to use my bedroom… you know, just in case,” Elsie said, pulling Stevie in that direction. I followed, not hesitating for a second.

No doubt about it, I was nervous and hotter than hell. Stevie’s hands were already roaming my body as if we’d know each other forever. And Elsie, why Elsie stood next to us taking everything in. I had had doubts that she’d let her boyfriend do me, but she seemed okay with it. Shit, she was telling him what to do!

"You look marvelous, Deidre", she said. "You have a great body."

I must have moaned, for her words and his hands, which had gotten under my T-shirt and were fondling my breasts, cupping them and pressing them against my rib cage. Stevie whispered something to Elsie that I found unintelligible, but it must have had to do with touching my pussy because that’s where his hand went next.

I opened my mouth to capture more air and he kissed me. My brain flashed an image of a fat pink, wriggling tongue slithering over my white teeth. My eyes were closed, so I actually saw nothing, but the mind is a very powerful thing and my visualization was as good as the real thing as far as I was concerned. I kissed back and our tongues met somewhere in the middle and dueled away with no one winning, although both of us would claim victory on ending the kiss.

Stevie was good. He was practiced as Elsie would tell me later. He was also very hard, and big; much bigger than Johnny.

His hand was rubbing over my crotch, forcing them ever wider. I responded by pushing my cunt against his hand and covering his hand with my own.

Stevie took his hand away, but only to shove it under my skirt to probe around in the black moisten hair of my pudenda.

I heard Elsie cry out, “Finger her, Stevie!” as if from far away.

He did, and I moaned. I was a sobbing sweet sound, filled with passion. I wanted him inside me; wanted it badly. Not once did I think of Johnny, I was lost in rapturous expectations.

“Get your clothes off for him, Dee,” Elsie called out, bringing me out of my stupor long enough to comply. She told me later that she helped me, but I have no recollection of anything other than Stevie’s finger in my twat, bringing so close, so quickly, that I had trouble believing this was anything but a wet dream.

I sat up moments later, I saw myself in the dresser mirror clad only in a lacy pink thong that hugged my swollen, pouting cunt lips and disappeared between my ass cheeks.

Elsie giggled. And said as she pointed at my crotch, “Look sweetie; see how dark the pink is at the center.”

“Oh,” I managed to say by way of reply, but Elsie wasn’t listening to me.

“Do her, Stevie. Do her now!” she barked and Stevie quickly mounted me, tossed my legs up to his shoulders and speared me with his cock.

“OH!” I groaned weakly as he ruptured my hymen. Johnny certainly hadn’t taken my cherry. It seems he entered me but hadn’t actually penetrated me to any appreciable extent. He had, focused on my clit, from which I derived the greatest of pleasure to be sure. But he never managed to get the dammed thing inside me.

Ah, but Stevie did. Thank you Elsie, you’re a true friend, and thank you Stevie, for making that first time a memorable one.

He was pumping away; had been for a while when I croaked, “Tell me when you’re going to come.”

“You know I will,” he answered dreamily in the world of the back-and-forth trading of his twitches and my clenches.

By this point, I had one ankle curled around his leg, the other foot on the floor. I was open wide for him. And Stevie was definitely inside me, as I felt his balls slapping against my ass. We were both enjoying the sensations of deep slow-motion fucking.

I learned quickly to hump my hips up; to squeeze my legs tighter around him, thereby capturing his whole length inside me again.

He groaned and drove into me, faster and harder, sending shivers through me every time he bounced off my clit. I felt his rigid maleness, felt his strength and his urgency and my own. When he jammed himself into me that one last time and squeezed his arms tightly around me in a primal embrace, I gazed with wonder into his scrunched up face and heard his soft moans and felt the familiar rhythmic twitches in their unfamiliar surroundings.

“I love you, baby,” I gasped. I imagined I could feel the hot splash of spurts, and then in a mad glorious rush I came, too.

I watched as Stevie dressed and at Elsie’s urging, hurriedly left the bedroom. I lay back with my head against the headboard, reveling in the afterglow of my first time. I looked down at my mound, which was sticky with sweat and his cum. On the bed where I had been lying was a puddle of clear womanly fluids and a few drops of blood.

“You were right, Elsie. I have now been fucked, and fucked royally. This only goes to show how little I knew at the time.

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