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Our platonic relationship disappeared, along with my virginity.
I drove up to Wabasha that night wondering what the night had in store. Diane had invited me to come up to stay overnight on her parents' boat. We had been friends in high school, really more a friend of a friend (namely my girlfriend Shelley’s friend).

My mind wandered to thoughts I didn't know if I dared entertain. I knew the rumors from high school about her promiscuity but had always ignored them. I suspected she had ulterior motives but things had always stayed pretty non-physical in the past.

Many nights she had come to the hotel where I worked the overnight shift and when I napped on the floor of the office she had joined me. We snuggled together and held each other but it had all been very platonic. Once I had awoken to find my hand was on her breast and got all flustered. She had laughed it off and made nothing of it but I remembered the feel of her soft small breast and often fantasized about it.

I had heard rumors that she had said she knew I was still a virgin and wanted to be the first to have me. I didn't put much stock in talk like that, but then here I was driving up to spend the night with her … alone … with much more privacy than the hotel manager’s office could offer.

I got to the marina and found the boat. Diane asked if I’d like to get a beer at a small tavern there next to the marina. We went in and I ordered. She said she didn't like beer so she just got a Coke. We talked and drank for a while and then headed back to her boat. We talked some more sitting at the table in the galley until she said we should go to bed. I went into the head, the beer getting the better of my bladder, and when I emerged she had turned down the covers in the forward berth and climbed in, still fully dressed.

“You can sleep in your underwear if you’d like,” she told me. I hesitated, then told her I wasn’t wearing any.

“That’s alright,” she said. “I don’t mind.”

I took off my shirt, slipped into bed and covered up and then shimmied out of my jeans. It was strange lying so close to her with nothing on, strange and exciting. Even though she was still dressed my cock was quickly erect. When she snuggled in next to me it pressed against her and I felt her discreetly rub her leg against it. I put my arm around her and pulled her nearer and then kissed her. My hand traveled across her chest to her breast. The clingy little Lycra stretch bra she wore under her tank top hid nothing and I felt her nipple harden when I touched it. I was nervous, excited, aroused all at once and could barely speak.

“Would you take your top off, Diane?” I whispered. She reached down to grasp the hem of her top and in an instant both her top and bra came off over her head. I had expected her top to come off but not her bra with it. Amazed, I stared at her nakedness for a moment. Lying there topless her small breasts flattened out against her chest leaving her nipples erect and inviting. I leaned down and gently kissed her nipples and fondled her and we kissed some more. Her breath quickened with my touch. Emboldened by her response, my hand went lower and slipped into her pants.

“Can you take these off too?” I asked. She squirmed out of her shorts leaving her panties on. They were simple white cotton, not the sexy things my fantasies had conjured. I stroked her pussy and felt a warmth and wetness between her legs. She moaned and pulled at me to get me nearer, nearly on top of her.

When my hand went inside her panties, she lifted up and slipped them down her legs. She was naked next to me now. Her soft skin felt incredible and her ample curves molded into my still boyishly angularity. She rubbed her hip against my hard cock. I wanted to bury it inside her but would she let me? Did I dare? I started to move down to lick her as I’d done so often with Shelley but she stopped me.

She pulled me on top of her and I settled my narrow hips between her widely spread thighs. I thought about Shelley and me in this same position, rubbing our most private parts together as near to intercourse as she would allow without actually penetrating. Shelley would keep her legs pretty tightly closed, just letting me rub my cock on her mound. This was different. When I rolled on top of Diane her legs quickly spread wide.

She reached her hand down and grasped my erection. Eagerly, masterfully she guided me to her pussy. I felt the wetness of her on the tip of my cock and without hesitation slipped easily into her.

The rush of sensation made me gasp when her wetness and heat totally surrounded my cock. I had never felt anything so good, so incredibly sensual. We began rocking together, her pussy wet, her legs wide spread and willing and my cock more and more eager to bury itself there. It wasn't long and my orgasm started building. I pushed deep into her to unload all of my cum deep inside her. It was the most intense feeling I had ever known.

Masturbating, even a blowjob or two, could not even come close to that! Slowly, reluctantly my cock slipped out of her and I kissed her nipples again. I lay back along side her and we held each other, kissed good night and drifted off to sleep.

Later that night I awoke and found myself erect again. As casually as if we’d been doing this for years I rolled over onto her again. Half sleeping, her legs spread open and she guided me into her again. Without foreplay, without even a kiss or a word between us she opened her pussy for me again. Wet with her juices and my cum, her pussy welcomed me and I fucked her. I didn't make love to her, I fucked her.

Without reservation my cock plunged in and out of her. Faster, harder, deeper, as deep as I could. Her legs and hips rocked and my balls slapped against the juiciness oozing from her. I came in her again while her hips flexed and she pulled on my ass to keep me buried inside her. I was addicted! I guess if the first time hadn’t relieved me of my virginity, the second one made sure.

I was hard again in the morning when she woke me. I wanted to fuck her again but when I reached for her she stopped me. She said her parents were going to be there soon and she couldn’t let them catch me there with her. I put on my clothes, said good-bye and walked up the dock to my car in the quiet cool morning.

We never had sex again, really barely even saw each other again. Years later Shelley told me that Diane had bragged to her about being my first and I realized what I had suspected was true. It was not me she wanted but my virginity. It didn't matter. Anytime I thought of that wonderful rush as my cock first entered a woman and remembered the wet heat of pussy surrounding cock I wanted that feeling again and ‘virginity’ just seemed like such a useless word.

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