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“If you really loved me you’d…”

OK Girls, we’ve all heard that one!   But what if, just for once, the guy saying it is actually not the stereo-typical slime ball who seems to say this sort of stuff?   Miracles can happen you know!   Take, for example, my friend Susie.   Now, don’t go thinking that Susie’s a kiss-and-tell operator, but we girls do have to stick together on these things.   Purely out of a well-intentioned wish to further my sexual education she told me about an evening that started very much like this.

She’d been going out with this guy for about 3 weeks.   They’d discovered quite a lot about each other in this time, partly through talking, partly through sharing the same bed after talking.   Anyway, this particular incident started with “If you really liked me you’d…”

“I’d what?”

“Let me show you.”

Paul turned over, opened the bedside cabinet, and withdrew some lengths of soft rope from the drawer.

“If you think I’m going to let you…”

Paul silenced here with his finger on her lips.   “I’m not thinking anything.   Just let me show you something.”

He doubled one of the pieces of rope, wrapped the folded end around her upper arm and slipped the loose ends through the resultant loop.   The rope felt soft against her skin and didn’t bite into her flesh in the slightest.

“What does that feel like?” he asked.   “Is it harsh?   Is it painful?”

She had to concede it was neither.

“Now, let me show you something else.   He took the two loose ends and wrapped them (in opposing directions) around her body.   One strand lay above her breasts, the other was below.   Each strand he twisted so that it lay above one breast and below the other.   He wrapped each strand around her body once again in exactly the same manner, then encircled her upper arm and tied them in a neat knot.

Again he asked.   “Is that harsh?   Is it painful?” and once more she had to agree that it was neither.   He now sat her up on the bed and turned her to face the mirror.   The effect was interesting.   It was as if she was wearing a rope bra.

He now took a second piece of rope.   “Just let me show you now what happens if we do the same on the other side.   He repeated exactly what he had done before.   The strands of rope all lay neatly side-by-side.   Now, however, the additional rope gently squeezed her breasts into greater prominence.

Once more he showed Susie her reflection in the mirror.   “Just look at yourself, and firstly tell me what you see.”

She looked at herself with surprise.   Her lower arms were free to move at the elbow, but her upper arms were held closely, yet gently, to her sides.   She was interested to see there was no mark of any pressure on her arms.

The tidiness of the way the rope strands lay across her body was impressive.   Her boobs were held firmly and the strands were tight enough to make them stand out as if supported, but caused her no discomfort.   It was quite artistic really what he had done.

“Now tell me what you feel.   Think about it for a moment, and describe how this feels.”

How strange!   She did as he said, and found herself focussing on the sensation of the ropes binding her.   There was no pain, even though her arms were held quite firmly.   Although forcing her breasts upwards and outwards, she was not squeezed any wore than if she had been wearing a bra.

“Think about the ropes.   How do they feel?”

That wasn’t easy.   At first she could feel nothing specific about the ropes.   But as she concentrated she started to identify feelings about those ropes.   They were soft and supple.   As she breathed they allowed her chest to expand and contract, yet they didn’t loosen.   They felt warm.   And most surprising of all, as she thought about this she found herself relaxing into those ropes.   They held and supported her, almost to the point of making her feel secure like a young child’s security blanket.   How weird was that?

“Go on, tell me how they feel?”

“You’ll laugh at me, but they actually feel almost nice and comforting.   Soothing – that’s the word.”

Paul smiled at her.   “Interesting.”

“But don’t go thinking that I want…”

“Not at all.   There’s no hidden agenda here.”

He noticed that Susie hadn’t asked to be untied.   She was sitting looking at herself in the mirror.   “Paul?   What else do people do when they use ropes like this?   I mean, surely there’s more to it than this?”

He weighed his words carefully as he answered.   “You said the ropes felt nice, comforting and soothing.   Well, to some extent that’s where the pleasure lies.   Already you’ve found yourself almost …” he thought about the word to use.   “You were almost trusting the ropes.   That means you can relax into the ropes.   This then increases any additional sensations you might feel.   Or might be given,” he added.

Susie thought about this for a moment.   “Given?   How do you mean?”

“Watch, I’ll show you.”   Gently he laid her back onto the bed on her back.   He bent her right leg up so that her foot lay flat on the bed.   He took another strand of rope and again doubled it, threading the loop beneath her knee and passing the loose ends through the loop.   He did the same to the other leg.

“You’re going to have to trust me now Susie,” he said, and without waiting for a response he took both pairs of loose ends and passed them under her arms, over the ropes there and back to her knees where he deftly tied them.   It was all done so easily and so efficiently that she had no time to protest.   Now she found herself laid on her back with her knees drawn gently toward her chest, her legs held apart because of the direction of the ropes running up either side of her body.

It wasn’t exactly uncomfortable, and Susie found herself contemplating her situation.   Although her hands were free to move, they couldn’t really do anything of any consequence.

“Imagine,” said Paul quietly, “just imagine I choose to stroke the backs of your thighs like this.”   He ran his finger tip very slowly down the back of her right thigh, starting at her knee.   The effect was amazing.   She couldn’t squirm away.   Furthermore she knew exactly where the direction of travel was leading.   He stopped his finger after just 10 cms, and repeated the gesture on her other thigh but, this time his touch was even lighter.   Again his finger travelled a mere 10 cms down her thigh.

Susie saw Paul smile to himself as she moaned quietly beneath his touch.   “Mmmmmm I’m liking that.”

Paul took another very short piece of rope whose end was frayed somewhat, and trailed it down the back of her thigh.   The sensation was totally different for Susie.   This time he trailed the rope slowly right back along her thigh and over the cheek of her bottom.   He raised the strand of rope and repeated it on her other thigh, but now he allowed his finger to follow its path.   The rope trailed along her thigh and over her bum.   His finger followed, coming to rest against her rosebud.   Susie’s moan was louder, more of a groan than a moan, but loaded with desire.   He traced a circle around her rosebud, as light as a butterfly’s kiss, then allowed his fingertip to stray towards her pussy.   He followed the line of her lips and then drew his finger over her exposed clitoris.

Susie bucked beneath the tantalising lightness of his touch.   Of course, she was unable to escape his touch, but sit wasn’t a question of wanting to escape it.   Susie wanted more.   Now, however, she discovered the purpose of the ropes.   She was powerless to take matters into her own hands.   Instead she had to submit to his touch, accepting both what he was doing and the pace at which he was doing it.

Paul whispered huskily in her ear.   “Think now about the ropes, how they feel, and what they mean to you.”   As he spoke his fingers found additional work, this time with her pussy and her rosebud at the same time.   Susie moaned and groaned in synchronised rhythm with his touch.   She could neither move away from or closer to his touch.   She thought about the ropes.   Or rather, she tried to think about the ropes, but his touch was driving her wild with desire.   His fingers would not stay their relentless caressing pressure on her most sensitive parts.   Her moans were now more a wail of desire but there was absolutely nothing she could do about it.   She had to lie there and simply accept the pleasure he was giving her.

An orgasm started to burst from her, quickly followed by another.   She felt her juices flowing from her pussy onto the creases where her thighs joined her body.   Still his fingers played her like a musical instrument.   They coaxed themes of thrill and abandon from her.   They prised passion and submission from her.   They drew crescendos of climax from her innermost depths, and as her body tired they discovered diminuendos of delight.   All throughout ,Susie was helpless.   She now found she was giving herself to the ropes that bound her.   They held her with a surety that allowed her body to relax completely so that Paul’s fingers could work their wonderful magic.

Her breath was fitful with the energy she had expanded beneath his relentless touch.   As she panted the lips of her pussy opened and closed reaching for his fingers.   But Paul was shrewd.   He held them from her, just allowing her lips to touch his finger at their maximum reach.   The ropes held her from him, but at the same time they held her for him.   Now she started to learn how those ropes were complicit in her wishes.   She wanted him so much, and they made sure she was available to him.   They took the strain now that her body was tiring.   They were her friend and her support, and she gave herself completely to their binding.

Paul reached into his bedside cabinet.   He withdrew a bottle of lube and liberally applied it to the slit of her pussy.   He trailed it back from there to her rosebud.   She felt herself opening to his touch as the cool liquid touched her hottest parts.   From the drawer he withdrew a vibrator which he lightly applied to her clitoris.   At the same time he placed the tip of his cock against her rosebud.   She instantly yielded to his touch, opening herself to the warmth and firmness of his shaft.   She had lost control of her body to such an extent that the muscles in her rosebud yielded immediately to him.   Slowly, but very firmly, his shaft filled her bum, stretching her to a point where she felt she would burst.

The long and steady strokes as he pressed himself into her filled her with his warmth.   The vibrator played with her clitoris, and wave after wave of clitoral orgasm flowed from her.   His own climax into her caught her by surprise and she actually screamed with the shock as his scalding explosion into her filled her with his cream.   He emptied himself completely into her, resting within her tightness until the strength had gone from him and he slipped from her grip.

Now he rolled Susie onto her side and gently untied first her legs and then her arms.   She lay there, spent.   Her pussy and her bum glowed fiercely.   They ached with the most delightful soreness she had ever experienced.

Paul lay down beside her and took her face in his hands.   “I could only show you.   I couldn’t have explained.”

Susie looked into his.   “If you think…”

He interrupted her.   “What?   You didn’t like…?”

Now it was she who interrupted him.   ““If you think I’m going to let you get away without doing that again, you’ve another think coming!”

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