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Doctors Visits Part 2

Older school teacher get's fingered for first time and then has sex, finally
The following morning she wore a smile which rested on her face almost all night long. Amanda, after having orgasmed four times the night before, due to what Lucas had done for her now was in another world. That smile on her face remained there all day long. Throughout the following day, she could still feel them. His fingers, up inside her pussy like they’d been, and moving about endlessly, turned her on and turned her on some more as she got wetter and wetter and came for almost forever.

He had thrust his fingers up inside it. She could feel it too. How it automatically made her feel and how she wished she could do it all over again. Yes, do it again Lucas, she told herself as she closed her eyes as if thinking she could feel his warm fingers up inside her thick, spongy, but wanton pussy.

As far as work was concerned that day, she was worthless. She was unable to teach and practically knew it too as all her thoughts were somewhere else that day. Yes, that night before with Lucas proved to be something special. He was excellent. All the hours she spent with him well they were perfect. Her sexual encounter with him couldn’t have been any better then it was.

In truth, he’d blown her mind away last night.

He had won her over. He had “worn” her out. Even though the two never “did it” with one another, being fingered like she had been was more then enough she told herself. Yes, despite that they didn’t even have intercourse, he still left her with a feeling nothing could ever make her feel like. He did it in a manner which left her body “feeling” exhausted. She thought about it throughout the night, even after he left her, and she also thought about it that following morning as she showered and when she drove into work.

How he kissed her in a way she didn’t know could be done. He petted her breasts and even lots of her body. She felt as if he was going to do a lot more however all he did was start to finger her.

“Oh god, that was so great,” she said. “Mmm oh yeah,” she added

With that she lowered her hand and she kind of did it herself, rubbing her crotch and wanting those feelings to come again.

Of course all she did was drive to work. As she headed in, she smiled and spoke to herself while driving. “Oh lord mmm, I easily could do that again.”

She thought about his cock. Oh yeah his long and hard cock which she was able to get that way. It was her very first time. She was very proud of herself too. How she stroked it and how she got it erect and hard and how she was able to watch him cum like he did, she told herself. Oh wow, that was so perfect, and she smiled even more as she thought about the whole sequence of events.

His body, although structurally a little on the softer side, didn’t matter. She was too and seeing as she was, she was more then happy to be with him, to be against his body, and to be able to do what she did the night before.

“Wow, when he came he really came didn’t he?” she said as she pulled into the school’s parking lot. “Oh god, I wonder what that stuff really, you know, taste like?”

She pulled into her parking space and shut off the engine. Once she did she sat back and closed her eyes so she could recall the events of last night again. How he caressed my boobs, she told herself. Uh oh, that felt so good. Mmm, he did that so nicely, didn’t he, and with that while she sat back in her car seat she smiled and again pictured his cum as it came out of the tip of his cock.

“I should have tasted it,” she said aloud.

Something jolted her attention. She jumped, somewhat, and right away she looked around. It was Lucas. She immediately smiled. He waived and smiled back. A warm rupturing feeling passed through her body as curling and tingling feelings kind of “pinched” her inside her thighs. Yes, she felt it, and as she did she pushed her thighs together. She grabbed her stuff and got out, smiling as she did and saying said hi to him.

“Wow, you’re in a good mood aren’t you?” Lucas said.

“Yep and it’s all due to you coming over last night,” she told him. "I had the most wonderful time of my life. Can you believe that?" She wore that perpetual smile still.

“I think so,” he said. He looked into her face and finally said, “There’s something totally different about you. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a really good look. I mean it.”

He looked around, quickly, and finally leaned in and kissed her on her cheek.

“Wow, what was that for?” she said, blushing. “Either way, thank you.”

They went to class and afterword, feeling as “prosperous” as she did she told herself she had to tell someone about her adventures and accomplishment. It was a long day of course but for Amanda it didn’t matter. There was only one person she knew of that she could tell. She hadn’t spoken to him in ages. But for her, Kenny was her best friend in the whole wide world. Kenny was the only person she knew of who would be there for her regardless of the situation.

She had to tell someone she told herself. Every girl needs that, right?

She got his voice mail, which she hated, but left a message for him anyway. She realized they hadn’t spoken in three years but as she left the message to her close, close friend she realized she oddly had always kept the fact that she was still a virgin, and still hadn’t ever told him she was. She had always kept that to herself.

Not even Kenny knew about it, she told herself, and for some reason she felt bad. For whatever reason, she rationalized that it was due to he was a guy and this was a female issue but she didn’t have any female friends in which to really talk to about it.

He got her call and called right back. “Hey, I can take a few days off. I’ve got time coming to me. Why don’t I come up this weekend? How’s that sound?” he said.

Upbeat as ever when she got his call she said she was more then up for it and so he came up a few days later. Kenny, built a little like Lucas, was to her, a sweetheart. She “loved” him through and through although the two of them never were romantically or intimately involved in all the years they’d know one another.

“Hi,” she said upon opening the door.

They immediately hugged, then sat down, and talked forever about life in general. She even had filled her refrigerator with food and drink. The two sat and talked about their lives all afternoon long, enjoying one another as if their lives never changed much.

“So what’s so important that you called me up?” Kenny finally said with a straight face.

“Oh uh, well, I don’t know,” she initially began.

She looked down at the floor. He watched and waited. “So sweetheart, what’s going on?” he said in that tone of voice which always “forced” her to open up to him. He looked at her and wondered. “Is this about a guy?”

She nodded, still looking at the floor.

Silence “zoomed” in suddenly.

He watched her face closely. “What’s his name, Amanda? Did you two have sex?” he said. He looked at her and then she abruptly, without looking still, nodded her head again. “You want to tell me about it, right?”

Still looking at the floor, which he didn’t know why, again she nodded her head.

However, instead of simply looking at her, he said, “You want to tell me about it?”

“I think I do,” she said quietly.

“Tell me what happened then,” he said.

She finally looked up. “Well, first off you know we’ve been friends for I don’t know how many years, right?” He said right. “All of this is going to sound strange and I mean really, really strange Kenny.” She looked into his eyes, "As of Monday and I mean Monday I was...", and she stopped a second and looked at him. He looked back. “Kenny, I was a virgin until recently. I mean I hadn’t ever had sex, with a man, ever in my life.”

She looked at him so she could get his reaction to her remark.

“So what?” he came back. “I assume there are lots of women who probably are virgins at your age.”

“What?” she exclaimed. “Oh come on, Kenny. Being a virgin is like, oh god, I don’t know, but it’s like nothing in this world.”

“You want to be a virgin?” he said.

“Oh no,” she said. “I mean the experience and everything about it was, I don’t know,” she told him. “It was fantastic. It was so terrific. I mean the things he did to me and what I kind of did to him were well, all of it was out of this world.”

“You want to tell me about it?” he said.

He didn’t say a word thereafter and simply listened to her.

“Oh my god, yes Kenny. I mean he uh we kissed and when we kissed, he and I kissed madly. We kissed passionately and right here on this couch too. But I should go back. Let me explain something.”

He stayed quiet and listened.

“The other day I went to the doctors. She told me I was fine which was great but she knew something was up, something was wrong. We talked, briefly, but she and I got together. She fingered me and almost got me to have an orgasm. Before that point I had never even had any desire to cum. Never Kenny,” she told him. “But when I almost came it was incredible. That feeling, those sensations I had in my, uh vagina,” and she stopped a moment. “Oh lord almighty,” she went on to say. “Something and I do not know what it was drove a stake inside me.”

She looked right at him as her voice seemed to get louder. “All of a sudden I became hornier then ever. I was trying to hit on a couple students. And then I hit on one of the teachers. He and I kind of got it on. He fingered me, after we kissed romantically and heatedly liked forever.”

His eyes grew wider and more passionate then she ever expected as heat rolled throughout is body. He found he wanted to do the same things with her which she was describing to him.

“My, uh pussy was burning wildly, Kenny. I could feel him inside me even though he wasn’t and as we kissed heatedly I found my hand on his groin and his hand or hands all over my tits as he rubbed and caressed them like forever. Then afterward, after all that, and because I got hornier and hornier and even hornier he slid his hand down my belly and let me tell you something. Uh oh,wow Kenny, I felt so so alive that I screamed. I yelled out. I told him to touch my pussy. I told him to feel me out.”

He was so into her story at this point and felt it inside him too.

“His fingers went inside my pussy, Kenny. And once they did, he fingered me nonstop. Oh my fucking god, excuse my language,” she said. “But he would not stop. Nope, he wouldn’t stop. He fingered me like forever. And I came like four freaking times. I mean can a woman do that, Kenny? Can she really do that?” She asked. “I mean I know I did but is that really normally possible?”

“I don’t know,” he finally said. “I’ve never experienced something like that.”

She got up and went into the kitchen. She started making dinner for them and he looked on, noticing her physique, and wondering for one of the very first times if it was possible. He shrugged his shoulders but her story, about how the guy fingered her, like forever, and causing her to have multiple orgasm caught on.

He couldn’t really believe it. Amanda had never had an orgasm before? Really, honestly he told himself. She was a virgin until the start of that week? Man oh man, he thought. The things she could romantically, and passionately, experience he thought.

And he was also a little horny at this point too.

He was still looking at her as she stood in the kitchen against the counter. The more he looked at her the more he became sexually fascinated by her figure. He never, in his whole life, felt that way about her before, but suddenly he did.

He stood up slowly as he looked at her from behind and gradually he began walking her way, still staring at her waist, hips, and that “delicious” looking ass he recently noticed. It looked “juicier” and “juicier” as he came closer and closer.

“So you two didn’t have intercourse you said?” he said standing 3 feet away from her.

“No, Kenny, we didn’t,” she replied.

“Had you thought about that at all afterward?” he said.

She turn around as she kept preparing dinner. “No, not really,” she said.

Silence filled the kitchen other then the banging of utensils.

“Would you consider that?” he asked, calmly.

Still she didn’t turn around as he took another step closer. He was 2 feet away from her and still looking her body over and she answered but almost turned around.

“Sure, why wouldn’t I?” she replied.

With that, the heat jumped up, out of nowhere, and filled her bosoms and heart as if it was in a race of some sort. She felt it too. It was powerful. Once inside her like it was that surging, commanding surge of heat “soared” down inside her thighs. She pulled her thighs together. Her shoulder tightened up. Amanda suddenly closed her eyes once she felt that surge down inside her thighs.

Oh god, she thought. Not now, she told herself. Not now, not ever she went on to think.

However, all of a sudden she felt something. With her body all rigid and tight, she felt Kenny’s hands on her hips. She tightened up even more. She felt another powerful surge command her and all of a sudden her hormones ruled the roost, so to speak.

Oh god no, not now she told herself. No, Kenny no she thought.

But his hands didn’t stop. She felt them on her waist. She got more and more rigid all over as his hands seemed to caress her waistline. “Kenny, what are you uhm, doing?” she said knowing full well what he was up to.

He didn’t say a word as his hand went up higher on her sides.

“Kenny, should uh, you um be doing what you’re um doing?”

His hands were on her sides but to the side of each of her boobs. “Amanda, would you care to make love with me?” he said as his hands felt her around her breasts.

“Oh my lord,” she said as she whipped around and instantly put her hands around her best friends cheeks and instantly started to kiss him on his lips.

She pushed him back, kissing him madly as she did, and as she did she pressed her body into his. He didn’t hesitate one bit at all. He kissed her back too. Their lips, and soon their bodies, were ravenously linked. She couldn’t get her soft and hot lips off him but she also knew he didn’t want them off him either.

They moved all about as she kissed him. From here to there to this counter and that counter, she kissed him, and while she did she found she was the one taking off his shirt so she could get at his chest.

She got it untucked.

Yes, it was untucked, but she had to get it up and off his body next. And while she kissed him too she figured. The heat inside her seemed to get hotter. For whatever reason, she already knew what she wanted. Amanda wanted him. Amanda wanted him in her bed. Amanda wanted his body in her bed and she wanted his body naked, like hers would be too she told herself.

“Oh god, come, follow me,” she said as obsession filled her eyes.

And so he did.

In her room, she didn’t wait for him. She had her top off, she had her bra off too, and with that she reached across and took off his top as well. She pushed him back. He fell to the bed and she was on him and kissing not only his lips but also his chest, nipples, and soft fluffy belly.

“God, I love this. I hope you do too,” she said and went right back to her dutiful kissing.

He sure did and let her do her thing as it went on and on and on.

Finally he flipped her over and began his own thing. He kissed her all over, including not only her lips, but of course her breasts. Once he finished doing them all over, he concentrated on her big fat nipples, getting them hard, and getting them fatter then fat.

He seemed to love her body and seeing as he did, his lips “melted” all over her soft fluffy tummy. He kissed and petted her tummy and aroused her more and more. Once “done” doing that he went down on her.

He “floated” down to her freshly shaved pussy and instead of fingering her he started to mouth it slowly and warmly. She was overwhelmed by it, letting him know she was by her muttering and moving around. She grabbed him. She pulled at his body. She felt his tongue go deeper and deeper into her pussy and as it did she began to orgasm and her cum started to ooze out of her “generous” looking pussy which he soon came to adore and love in due time.

She orgasmed four times again, just like with Lucas, but with Kenny her oldest and dearest friend things seemed different. She wasn’t sure why but she told herself she’d figure it out.

And then, finally, she learned how to suck a guy’s cock off.

She licked him a lot, starting with the very tip of her best friends cock, licking it all the way down, but she came back and then swallowed it whole. She got him hard and although he wanted inside her he didn’t push it.

He came, she was fascinated, and he told himself there would be other times.

He came away, after all was said and done, with a smile, and so did she. She instantly grabbed him up and held on to his warm, friendly body, and told him how elated she was that he made the trip to see her.

Laying side by side she looked into his eyes and wondered. As she did he said, “You know I didn’t come here to have any kind of sex with you.” She smiled as he spoke and simply played with his chest. “I came here because you called me.” He then shrugged his shoulders and continued. “You said you needed to talk to me so I came.” With that, she leaned in and kissed his cheek. “But once I heard your story uh how can any guy resist a chance like I had? I mean, heck Amanda, you’ve always been a very beautiful woman. At least to me you have. I’ve always known that and the chance for me to make love with you was staring me in the face. I had to,” he told her. “I just had to make love with you. I sure hope you understand.”

“I understand,” she said while her hands played around on his body. Thank you Kenny,” she added and lowered a hand so she could toy a little with his limp cock. “But you know what I’d really, really like I think? I’d love it if I could feel this” and she then squeezed his limp cock with her hand. I want this inside me. How’s that sound to you?” she asked.

Without hesitation, he smiled, and looked into her eyes. He said yes which made her smile and she started to pet it at first before taking it in hand and stroking it so it would get hard and of course slide inside her wholesome, horny pussy again.

He finally mounted her. With his legs straddling her wide frame he positioned his cock down at her wet pussy and she took hold of it and slid it inside her. They closed their eyes as he slid it up inside her.

“Oh my god, oh my fucking god Kenny,” she said. “Oh god! Yes oh fucking yes, don’t stop. Oh god, don’t stop doing that! Please oh please keep doing what you’re doing. That feels so, oh, so fucking good to me!”

She kept moaning and muttering statements which made him keep going at her. He went on and on and she did too as to how it all felt when he pumped her full of lust and desire.

Life for her, and him too, was great that day for sure.

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