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Doctors Visits

Older teacher who's still a virgin gets help with her status as a virgin
She was at her usual visit to the doctor’s office. However, this time, instead of seeing the older male physician, she met with a new female doctor. Amanda loved her although she didn’t “show” it, wearing that same forlorn look which almost always presented itself on her face.

“You’re as healthy as they come, Amanda,” Dr. Rachel Peters said. “However, I get the sense something else is bothering you. Would you like to talk about it?”

Amanda liked this doctor. She felt she liked her a lot too. She didn’t get up off the examining table, like she always did, and get dressed, instead she sat there thinking about what she wanted to say, if anything.

Dr. Peters, assuming she didn’t, began to turn and walk out, saying “Well you have a wonderful weekend, alright. Hope to see you soon, kind of.”

“Dr. Peters, wait!” Amanda exclaimed, stopping the slightly older doctor in her tracks.

The doctor stopped, dead in her tracks, and turned around, smiling. “May I help you?”

“Maybe, I don’t know,” Amanda began to say, her eyes looking down and away. She was silent for a moment but then said “Are you married at all?”

The doctor said she wasn’t. Although Amanda was 31, the doctor was only a couple years older, and looked about as spry as they came.

“Well, as you’ve probably already figured out, I’m not,” Amanda went on to say. “I mean I wish I was, sometimes, but well I think I have a huge and I mean huge, huge problem.”

“What’s that?” asked Dr. Peters.

Amanda shook her head, lowering it as she did. Her tone of voice softened even more as she spoke. She already spoke with a quiet tone of voice as it was so to hear what she had to say, Dr. Peters walked closer and eventually took a seat close by.

A minute later, Amanda spoke up. “I must make an assumption. You’re a very pretty woman, Dr. Peters. I mean that too.” She then looked up and into the doctor’s eyes. “The reason I say that is because I’m assuming you have or have had a boy friend or two, which lasted longer then a month. Am I right?”

Quietly, Dr. Peters answered her question. “Yes, that’s right,” she told Amanda. “But why are you asking me?”

Silence cropped up and hung in the air for a minute. Dr. Peters sat there watching her.

“I haven’t,” Amanda said.

Still, she was confused as to why Amanda said what she did. She waited for more while being patient with her patient.

“I mean I have a boyfriend, if you want to call him that, but it didn’t last and as a result, well,” and then she stopped speaking for a moment. Finally she went on to finish her comment. “It didn’t last. It would break off suddenly. Out of nowhere he would simply just tell me he didn’t want to go out anymore. I didn’t understand. I’d cry and cry. I’d cry for days. It just didn’t make any sense to me.”

“Hmmm, that is unusual. Most guys will give you some kind of reason, be it lame or not, they will say something whether justified or not.” She looked at her watch, knowing she had another patient to see, and so she said “Have you ever talked to anyone about this?”

“No, no I haven’t.” The doctor asked when her last boyfriend was. “About a month ago he broke it off. “How old are you now?” Amanda told her. And for whatever reason the doctor asked Amanda “So have you ever had any sexual relations with your boyfriends?”

Silence crept up again. It hung like molasses in the air. “Amanda?” Dr. Peters asked.

“No,” she said as she looked down and away and shook her head at the very same time. “I’ve never had any sexual relations with any boyfriend I’ve ever, ever had. I am a,” and then she stopped speaking. They stared at one another. Then she said it. “I’m a virgin.”

That “slammed” Dr. Peters. It was hard to believe that a “worldly” woman such as Amanda could ever be a virgin. To the doctor, Amanda was quite pretty. She seemed to have it “all.” She wasn’t fat, although she wasn’t skinny either, but she was a well built woman with vivacious and healthy looking curves on her body. Yes, she had her added lines of fat, but overall Amanda was a very, very fit woman who could attract any male man’s eyes at any time of the day or night. Her breasts were full. Her waist wasn’t bad either, she thought, and as far as her hips, ass, and thighs were concerned Dr. Peters began to surmise that this was all mental, for whatever reason.

She thought about it a moment. “Well Amanda, when I’m done with you I guarantee you one thing.” Amanda asked what. “You won’t be. I promise you that you will no longer be a virgin.” Dr. Peters looked her in the eye and simply and proudly smiled.

“Now this is what you are going to do. You’re coming to this address, tonight, and you and I are going to work on this, alright?” Dr. Peter’s said.

It concerned Amanda but she said, with some reservation, alright. She got the doctors address and went there that evening, not know what to expect at all.

“Listen, first off, let’s get one thing straight. We are in no way romantically or physically involved with one another. This is for you and this is all free of charge. I am only here to get you to have your very first orgasm, although you will not have it in my house. Do you understand me?”

Confused, Amanda said yes anyway.

“Now do me a favor and do like I do. Undo your top.” They both removed their tops. “Breathe in, deeply.” They both breathed in, deeply. They exhaled and repeated it. “Now take off your skirt,” the doctor added. She did and the doctor took off her slacks. “Sit back and relax. Close your eyes. It will make you feel more comfortable and don’t get nervous when you feel my hand and fingers on you.”

Dr. Peters reached across to caress Amanda’s soft fluffier tummy. It was warm. She liked it. She was told to breathe in slowly and she did. She kept her eyes closed as Dr. Peters lightly rubbed her soft and somewhat bulging tummy with its slightly extra layers of fat, if you will. It seemed, to a degree, arouse Amanda every so often.

She smiled a little.

Then, out of nowhere, Dr. Peters went up closer to Amanda’s boobs, running them under them before rolling her hand over the outer area of her bra. “Do you like how this feels?” the doctor asked.

Amanda smiled and nodded her head, wondering what was next.

Then the doctor proceeded with reaching inside the bra, feeling Amanda’s actual flesh, and finally touching one nipple and then the other. Amanda adored how that felt.

“Has any guy ever done this with you before?” the doctor asked.

Quietly, but with her eyes closed, Amanda said “Uhhh no.” The doctor asked her how she liked it. “It feels really nice doctor. I like that a lot.”

That’s when she did it. Dr. Peter’s then went south, way south, and she laid her hand down inside Amanda’s thighs. She caressed them. She moved about. Her fingers moved closer and closer to her pussy’s opening.

“Ohhh uh ohhhhhh,” Amanda called out. “Oh ohhh my lord,” she cried out quietly.

Dr. Peter’s smiled. With that, she entered Amanda’s pussy, fingering her slowly and gently too. She watched Amanda’s face. Amanda’s face contorted as she moved about. Dr. Peters went down inside Amanda’s busy area even further.

“Ohhhhhhh my, oh my god!” she clamored as her back rose off the couch.

That gave Dr. Peters and idea.

She went down on her knees and put her head up inside Amanda’s legs. Within seconds her tongue was all over the insides of Amanda’s pussy, drilling her, and making Amanda began to get wetter and wetter.

She stopped dead in her tracks and pulled away from her, smiling.

“Now Amanda, that was exciting to me too, and if I still did that sort of thing like I did in my college days I’d do it again and again. Ohhhhhh those college days were soooo fun, weren’t they? Oops, maybe they were for you, but you’re going to do something for yourself. Go home and shave this, shave it all off, and you’ll feel sexier and more adventurous. I assure you of that.”

No, she hadn’t orgasmed yet, but wished she did. However, when she got home she went straight to the bathroom, stripped down to practically nothing, and she shaved it all off. Once done, she went and laid down, stripping down to nothing so she could relax and try and play with clean, hairless “toy.”

Finally, she orgasmed and the cum would not end.

She felt it. She felt it oozing out of her for some reason. It was a blessing she would always remember no matter what. It brought a smile to her lips, which seemed to never end. And the after affects, well that brought on inner perpetual joy to her.

It sure did last too.

In school the following day, they walked in, all 28 of them too, and she’d look at each one of them, hungrily. Would he do it? Would he go down on me, she asked herself. Mmmmmm, I wish he and I could get together she told herself. And Jarrod, ohhhhhh Jarrod, if only you knew how much I clamor for you. That chest, of yours, your body, and uhhh oooooohh I bet you have a nice, nice looking penis too. Do you Jarrod?

She was still all smiles as they sat and waited, thinking only about sex, and the seniors she was supposed to be teaching. All those sweet and naïve young 18 year old men, she told herself.

She was “hungry” alright.

Class had ended. She really didn’t teach anything that day. They were surprised as ever. “No homework,” she said. The young men, at this catholic all boys school, were surprised but it happens. “Jarrod, can you come up here?” she said.

He collected his stuff and walked up to her desk. “Yes mam?” he said.

“Ohhhhhhh Jarrod, don’t call me mam. I’m still a miss I think, okay honey?”

The “honey” word threw him off. What teacher calls her student “honey?” he thought.

“Sweetheart, we should get together sometime, and you know possibly get to know one another?”

She liked Jarrod for a number of reasons. He wasn’t the typical big, bulky, and athletically built guy with a body trimmed and dressed up with muscle. Rather, yes he was big of course, but he was a little like her in that he carried a big frame but his was softer and to her a little on the sensuous side of it all. In her opinion, she imagined, he most likely had a nice sized cock too seeing as his feet and frame were big as well.

“Uhhh pardon me?” he said.

“Ohhh, I like you. You seem like a wonderful young man. I just wanted to get to know you a little more. That’s all, honey.” She looked right at him and smiled directly into his eyes.

However, he turned her down. She figured he would. Still, she smiled anyway and thought about it. She knew for sure who would say yes. She knew who she’d love to get to know a lot better.

Amanda was simply horny. That’s all. She needed sex in the worst way too.

“Hmmm, maybe Lucas would like to get together tonight.”

She saw him and watched him a little bit. At first, she didn’t realize it but Amanda began to become a little more “aggressive.” Once she saw him she smiled openly, her hormones now taking command of her situation a little bit. She didn’t mind. She simply and quietly followed him out of the building. He didn’t know it at first as he left the building to go home but she couldn’t think of any other way to do this.

She had become obsessed due to her newfound desires in a man like him.

There was only way to proceed with this, she thought, and that was simply to get him to come to her place and make love to him, have a long standing night of endless sex with him. She could feel it. She started to feel it all over. She felt a hungering burning all of a sudden. She felt it in her stomach. She felt it in her bosoms as well. However, in addition to those places all of a sudden she felt her thighs and it was her inner thighs too. They unexpectedly started to tighten up a lot.

“Ohhh my god,” she said in a hushed tone of voice. “Oh lord not now,” she added.

He slowed down. She appeared to catch up to him. She was only a few yards away from him when all of a sudden he slowed down some more. He thought he heard someone but who it was he didn’t know for sure.

He slowed some more, turning his head to see who it was. “Hey there Amanda,” he said. “How are classes, how is everything going?” He didn’t expect much of an answer but he got one anyway.

He got one, even as horny as she was. Her thighs tightened up some more all of a sudden as she replied and said “Ohhh hey there Lucas, hi uhhh what’s going on?” she didn’t really answer his question and went on to say “How’s it all going?” She smiled freely as ever and told herself how unusual it was for her to approach anyone, like she had with him, like this.

“I’m really good. How about you?” he came back.

“Oh I’m well I’m uh doing, I don’t know, but I’m well I’ve got uhhh things on my mind, but I’m okay I guess.”

He watched her face as she spoke. It was an unusual expression or so he thought it was. Still he smiled as he looked her in the eyes and paid close attention to her. It made her feel more aware of everything about herself, including her physical appearance.

She wondered how she looked to him. Did she look fat? Did she look sloppy? Did her appearance, to him, make her look undesirable? She didn’t know until he said something.

“I saw you earlier today and I have to say that what I thought still stands.”

“Uhhhhhh what’s that?” she said, confused as to what he meant.

“Well don’t misread this and don’t please don’t take this the wrong way either but when I saw you earlier I had to admit, to myself of course, that you looked, how should I say this? I thought, wow, she looks really, really umm healthy,” he said with a smile.

“Really?” she said as a smile, bigger then his, appeared on her lips. “Do you really mean that, Lucas?”

She stood there but so did Lucas and as they did both smiled into the other’s eyes. Neither looked anywhere else as they remained “frozen” as to where they were. She had no idea what he was thinking but she knew exactly what was on her mind.

Invite him over, she thought. Invite him over for at least dinner. Then go from there.

Invite her out, he told himself. Ask her out for dinner. At least show some of your romantic side to her. Maybe she’ll like it. Who knows, he told himself.

“I was,” she began to say just as he opened his mouth too.

“I was thinking,” he started to say as he realized she was starting to talk too.

“No go on,” she said, smiling.

“No you first,” he said.

There was silence for a moment as she looked down at the pavement in the parking lot. Of course, he smiled and waited for her to speak. Finally, Amanda looked up and saw her fellow teacher smiling, which made her more then a little curious as to why he was smiling.

She spoke quite slowly but in essence she said “To be honest with you, Lucas, I wanted to, well, I was going to invite you over for dinner. At my place of course,” she told him.

With that she instantly looked down at the pavement again and assumed he’d reject her offer. She wouldn’t look at him. Of course meanwhile her thighs and her stomach were still burning with the same hormonal juices that had been in charge of her throughout the whole process.

“Really, you really mean that?” she heard.

He didn’t say it in a way which sounded all that excited but his words registered with her nonetheless. She looked up with surprise written all over her face, showing her that he was totally interested in having dinner with her. It didn’t matter. He didn’t care. He would’ve had the date with her anywhere. He was more then a little interested.

They stared at each other. Gradually, a smile began to appear on her face. His face showed all the signs of total and utter awe that she had invited him to dinner. He could not believe what he’d heard and seeing as she had he smiled freely and happily too.

She had nodded her head and with that he went on to say “I’d love that! I really would, Amanda. And you mean tonight, right?”

“Umm yes,” she said in her usual quiet voice.

“Should I go home? I mean I know it’s only, what, 4:30?” he said.

“No, I don’t care,” she said, now with a smile which blemished her whole face. “To be honest with you, come over now for all I care.”

She was burning even more. Her hormones were running through the roof/

“Okay, lead the way,” he said.

And so about 20 minutes later they were at her apartment complex. He “jumped” out as she got out of her car and they headed inside. Her place was clean, thankfully, and she immediately realized she had hardly anything to offer him other then wine or water. Her place was bare.

She had no food nor did she have anything to drink seeing as her “planned” opportunity with him, her impromptu guest, was never planned earlier in the day or week The only thing which ruled in her area, so to speak, were those “raging” hormones within her.

“Oh gosh,” she said. He asked what was wrong. “Oh uhhh nothing,” she told him.

“What do you mean?” he said.

“I uh, well, umm nothing,” she told him.

He followed her as she walked into her kitchen. The whole place looked “different” to him. It was as if nothing existed. He was right. There was hardly anything in her place whatsoever. She tried hiding it but was unable. He saw it too. She hardly had anything in the refrigerator except for her water, wine, and some left over scraps of food.

He didn’t say a word, at first.

“Uhhhhhh, see this?” she said and he looked. He saw it. “I’ve got nothing to eat?”

She went silent and he suggested ordering out. She knew she was broke so he offered to pay anyway but then he suggested he cook a meal with what leftovers she had. She watched him prepare the leftovers. She was amazed at how he was able to reheat and redo what was left over from what was in her fridge.

It was as if he was a genius of sorts. It turned her on. She couldn’t ever do that, she told herself. She watched closely as he made a knew meal out of older, leftover foods she put away.

“You’re a miracle worker Lucas. I mean the way you’ve cooled these,” but she stopped and thought about everything for a moment. “Lucas, I’ve uhhh been lying to you.”

“What do you mean?” he said, calmly.

“I’ve invited you over for one reason and one reason only.” He asked what she meant. “Lucas, I’ve invited you over on false pretenses. Sit down, will you?”

They sat down. He waited for her to explain. The room was quiet as she prepared her explanation. She was looking at the floor, thinking about what words to use. Still, he remained silent.

“First of all, you have to know one thing,” she began as she finally looked at him. “I do like you. I like you very much as a matter of fact. Umm, I like you because I’ve always thought of you to be a very, very nice guy. You’re a very sweet guy too. But there’s more of course.”

“Okay,” he told her as he remained relatively quiet.

She swallowed as she tried to figure out how to say what she wanted to say. She looked away but looked back at him. She stared right at him as she again felt the hormones cruising heavily throughout her body.

She closed her eyes and uttered, quietly “Ohhhhhh my lord.” Her legs pinched together.

“What’s wrong? Are you alright?” he said.

“No,” she told him as she shook her head and closed her eyes. “I’m not.”

He grew seriously curious about what was going on and as she did he paid attention.

“I have to be honest with you. I mean, now that you’re here, I have to do this. I must tell you the truth Lucas,” she said.

He asked what and waited, keeping his mouth shut.

“Alright,” she said. “Here it is. Lucas, I’m a virgin! I am probably one of a handful here in this United States of Americas 31 year old virgins that you’ll ever meet in your life,” she openly and finally admitted while she looked up and into his eyes. Finally, she took a deep breath of air as she looked at him.

No, he didn’t show any surprised, although he was deeply surprised internally, but he knew what she probably wanted and needed at that point. He waited for more.

“You’re probably saying to yourself that this woman needs sex, right away, and she needs it badly, right? Well, yes, yes I do need it badly and yes, I do need it probably right away too. The thing is, Lucas,” and she stopped speaking a moment.

They looked at one another. He had thoughts in his head but it didn’t matter what he was thinking. He knew what she needed. She needed a man in which to love her but also love her in a physical manner.

“If you want Amanda,” he began. “I’ll lay down with you and make love with you. But that’s only if you want me too.”

She was stunned by his words.

“You will?” she said. “Even though I’ve brought you here under false pretenses?”

“Listen Amanda, I’ve always found you to be a sweet woman but I’ve always and I mean this, I’ve always found you to be a highly attractive woman too,” he said straight faced.

“Me, a highly attractive woman, really?” she said. “I mean with all this fat and everything?” she added. “You have to be crazy, Lucas!”

“No, I’m not crazy. I’ve always felt you were a sexy and attractive woman. It is just that with us working at the same school and all, I didn’t think it was ever appropriate for us to ever get together. You know,” he told her.

Her hormones had gone in to high gear at this point.

“Ohhh god,” she unintentionally let out as her face showed signs of sexual misery inside.

“What’s wrong?” he said.

“I, I can’t tell you,” she said. He asked why. “Because, well I just can’t Lucas.”

He looked deep into her eyes and studied her face. All of a sudden it all came to him. Lucas smiled and moved closer and closer and even closer to her while she became a little worried at why he was doing what he was doing.

He laid a kiss on her lips. She jerked back once she felt it but realized his kiss felt powerfully good and wanted another one, immediately. Her hormones raged forcefully and as a result they took control.

“Ohhhhhhh, I’m sorry Lucas but I have to do this,” and with that she laid him out, flat on his back, and Amanda went down on her guest.

She started kissing his lips without abandon and as she did she found her hands wrapping around his body more emotionally then ever. As she kissed him, the power residing within her had grown.

She wanted his cock. She wanted to feel it in her hands although his slacks of course covered it up. That didn’t bother her. She continued to kiss him and as she did, Amanda reached down and she rubbed his crotch.

“Ohhh mmmmmm, that ohhh feels soooo nice,” he said.

“If you don’t care, tonight I’d love to go all the way, alright?”

“I think that’ll work,” he said, smiling and with that she pushed him back down on the couch. They easily continued kissing madly.

Finally they rolled off accidentally and she said “Is it alright if we go to my bedroom?”

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