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Doing The Right Thing With Virgin Gloria

Another 99% true story regarding an evening with young Gloria, an eighteen year old virgin.
Let’s face it. When it comes to an opportunity to have intercourse, it’s almost always a no brainer. Obviously, there are situations that are taboo or simply inappropriate, but for the most part, if it’s legal and we’re in the mood (or sometimes not) we will go for it. But every now and then, there are moments when confusion can arise and the head above the shoulders interferes with the head down below. I recount one of those occasions.

After graduating from college, my girlfriend Maria and I had decided to relocate to another city and move in together. Having graduated a semester before me, Maria packed up and moved while I was still in school. As my graduation day approached, I could only fantasize what it would be like having full throttle sex with her in an actual bed. As recounted in a previous story, Maria and I had only had sex in an empty classroom on campus. (see Sex in an Empty Classroom)

A few months later and with my bachelor’s degree in hand, I decided to spend some time with my family at their home before moving away and in with Maria and starting my new life with her. My parents were happy with my intentions and gladly welcomed me home for a week or so of parties, dinners and quality time prior to me departure.

They were proud of my accomplishments and I was happy for them. Having been the first college graduate in the family, they boasted to anyone who would listen. I guess that’s what hard-working, blue collar parents do. Throughout the week, a parade of neighbors and other well-wishers flooded the house, some of whom I had never met.

One in particular, a lady named Ana, approached me in the front yard one morning. She greeted me and made small talk. She had moved into the neighborhood while I was away at school, so I really did not know her, but I politely conversed with her. Ana was somewhat stocky, with wide hips and medium sized breasts. Her dyed blond hair contrasted with her honey toned skin. She was Hispanic. She appeared to be in her mid-forties.

She asked, “I was wondering if you could do a favor for me.”

“Of course,” I responded.

She continued, “I have a niece who just graduated from high school and she really does not know what she wants to do with her life. Can you sit with her and give her some advice… maybe convince her to go enroll in college?”

“Absolutely,” I replied with a smile. “Does she live with you?”

“No, but she is coming to spend the weekend… maybe you can talk to her then,” Ana asked.

I explained to Ana that I would stop by on Friday night to meet her niece, and that I would speak to her regarding her future plans then. Ana thanked me, turned and walked across the street. My eyes followed her, noticing for the first time that she had a robust rear. She glanced at me and waved before entering her home and closing the front door.

The week rushed by. Every day saw more visitors and distant relatives coming by to say goodbye. Early Friday morning, as I dressed for my morning jog, my mother called out my name. As I walked to the living room I heard her add, “You have company.”

“Hello, my name is Gloria. I am Ana’s niece.”

I introduced myself, shaking her hand respectfully, and added, “I was expecting to see you later tonight.”

She explained that she had gotten in early and that her aunt Ana had ordered her to come over and meet me. Not really being in the mood to go running in the morning heat, I asked Gloria to follow me to the family room. She sat on the leather sofa while I pulled up a chair.

Gloria had a similar body to that of her aunt Ana's but with some obvious differences. She was slightly taller and a few shades darker. Her unblemished face held large slightly slanted light brown eyes giving her a feline appearance. Although heavy like her aunt, she was much more voluptuous. Her gray cotton V-neck shirt hung loosely on her torso. I could easily ascertain that she had huge breasts concealed underneath. She wore a pair of white tight fitting Capri shorts that revealed her fleshy calves but restrained her round ass in its place.

“Well, Gloria, how old are you?” I opened.

“I just turned eighteen two months ago,” she responded.

Immediately, I thought that she was way too young for me. Although chronologically speaking we were four years apart, I sensed that we were separated by light years of experience. Her voice had a tone of innocence. I felt guilty for just having undressed her with my probing gaze.

“Your aunt tells me you are not sure what you want to do with your life, now that you are a high school grad,” I prodded.

She shrugged and smiled. “My aunt tells me you are moving away to become a doctor.”

I let out a hardy laugh and corrected her, “No, Gloria, that’s it for me and school.”

I abruptly realized that expressing this would be counterproductive in my attempts to convince this young girl to consider enrolling in college. We spoke for the next forty five minutes; exploring her likes and dislikes, her motivations, and her nebulous plans.

Noting that she was slowly growing bored with our conversation, I got up from my chair and asked her if she wanted to continue this conversation later in the day. She enthusiastically agreed to meet with me later that evening as I escorted her out. Again, like I did with her aunt a few days earlier, I surveyed her ass intently as she crossed the street. I could sense that she knew that I remained locked on to her ass as she walked away; her buttocks rocking with more rhythm and purpose with each successive step.

Having no plans for the rest of the morning I reconsidered going out for my morning jog only to mutter to myself, “Fuck it, I’ll go running tomorrow.”

The sun had set when there was a knock on the door.

“Hey Gloria, long time no see,” I joked as I opened the door to let her in.

She giggled and entered. Gloria had returned wearing a pink short sleeved shirt with a large rounded collar buttoned nearly to the top. Her black skirt hugged her hips snugly. A slit at the side ran a few inches up her thigh.

“Are you here alone tonight?” she asked.

“Yeah, my Dad is working tonight and my mom went out with her friends,” I responded.

We walked to the family room where we had our initial conversation earlier that morning. She returned to exact spot on the sofa. Rather than sit in a chair in front of her as I had done earlier, I sat a few non-threatening feet away at the other end of the sofa.

“Now, Gloria, where did we leave off?” I began.

I asked about her academic interests. She spoke of her desire to please her family but she was unsure of her discipline when it came to studying. The conversation meandered aimlessly for the next hour when she interrupted, “My aunt told me that you had a girlfriend waiting for you when you move away. Is that true?” she asked with a tone bordering on accusatory.

“Yes,” I responded firmly but with hesitation. Although the question was not entirely inappropriate, the tone seemed rather odd coming from someone I had just met a few hours earlier.

I continued, “I met Maria at school and we have decided to move in together.”

“What is she like?” she followed up.

I began to feel uncomfortable with the personal turn our conversation had taken. I answered her questions vaguely.

“Well then, Gloria, since you brought up the subject… Do you have a boyfriend?” I asked.

“Are you crazy?” “My parents would kill me,” she shot back at me.

“There was this kid in one of my classes that I liked, but he was so immature,” she continued. “He took me to the senior prom, but that was it.”

A few years past my time in high school and already a college grad, I had forgotten what it was like going to a prom; the excitement… a rite of passage of sorts.

We conversed for another thirty minutes about her high school experiences. The night wore on. The conversation slowed and began losing its drive. She got up from the sofa.

“It’s getting late and I need to get back,” she informed me.

“Yeah, I need to start packing my suitcase,” I responded.

She stepped towards me.

“It was nice meeting you, Gloria,” I said, “I want to wish you the best of luck in your future.”

I leaned over as she approached to give her a goodbye kiss on the cheek. As our faces met she turned at the very last second and planted her kiss on the corner of my lips. It was no accident. Stunned, I pulled my face away but stood firmly in front of her. My shocked expression at her attempt to kiss me appeared to catch her off guard. She lowered her eyes seemingly embarrassed.

I reached towards her face and lifted her chin. I lowered my head towards hers and still pinching her chin planted a light kiss. She responded by pushing towards me, opening her mouth, and kissing me passionately. Our standing bodies inched closer until we embraced. I gently leaned my chest onto hers, signaling that I wanted her to sit back down onto the sofa. Slowly losing her balance, she inevitably sat down. I sat next to her, our thighs making contact and resumed our ardent kissing.

I stretched and gently placed my hand on her left breast over her shirt. I squeezed and then began to massage her breast in a circular motion with the palm of my hand. With my free hand I tugged on her shirt and pulled her towards me creating a few inches of space between her back and the sofa. I slowly began to lean on her and we sank onto to sofa, the back of her head now nestled on the arm rest.

I deftly began to undo the buttons of her blouse. Once all the buttons were unfastened, I lifted myself from her. Like opening the window drapes to let the sun in, I spread open her blouse and let her bra covered breasts out.

Her white bra confined her massive tits. With one hand I reached underneath and felt the under wire bra support. Realizing that one hand would be insufficient for the task, I grabbed her bra on either side with both my hands and jerked firmly upwards. Out spilled two massive dark colored breasts.

They plopped immediately onto her midsection. They were full and heavy. Her coaster sized areolae were a shade darker than the rest of her breasts. Her nipples barely protruded; residing at the center of the circle, flat yet thick. I lifted one of her colossal breasts to my mouth and licked and squeezed. I did this for a while alternating between both left and right. I glanced upwards to her face. She stared at me frozen. She wrapped her around the back of my neck but she neither reinforced nor discouraged my actions.

I nudged at her thighs. She responded by opening her legs slightly. I placed a hand between her legs and separated her legs even more while lifting her skirt higher up her thick thighs. With one last nudge her legs widened and her skirts slipped higher revealing her black cotton panties. Deliberately, I allowed my hand to slither up the inside of her thigh until it could go no further.

The palm of my hand could feel the humid heat emanating from the crotch of her panties. I touched her crotch and could feel the trapped moisture. She lifted her hips slightly in response to my touch. I continued to rub her crotch ever slowly increasing the pressure of my hand against her now soaked panties. A slick soapy substance now drenched her entire crotch region enabling me to feel clearly the flesh of her pussy.

Starting again at her thighs, I ran my hands gently upwards. I grabbed the elastic waist of her panties and pulled down. As the panties rolled down, she lifted her butt slightly allowing their removal. I again opened her legs and lowered my face towards her wet and inviting region.

Her pussy appeared freshly shaved and meaty. Although her legs were opened wide, her labia remained hidden within plump flesh. With two fingers of one hand I pried opened her pussy revealing two thick dark labia. Spreading my fingers wider, her small clitoris was exposed. My lips were suddenly kissing her opening, stopping only to flick my tongue onto her clitoris.

She let out a barely audible grunting sound; the first indication that she was enjoying what was transpiring. Her breathing became more rapid and her hips began to lift slightly. I continued to lap her pussy, consumed with the salty and tangy fluid that was freely oozing from her vagina. With every other lick I would swallow and taste her juices.

Raising my right hand back to her breast, I squeezed tightly while using my other hand to unzip and lower both my pants and underwear. I stopped licking her vagina and began to kiss her mons while turning my head from side to side burrowing lips on either crease of her upper thighs. I stuck out my tongue and guided it up to her navel and made circular motions around it. I kissed and nibbled at the sides of her belly where I stopped at the center of her abdomen. I began to kiss slowly making my way up to her chest where I lifted my body and pulled my pants further down my legs. I lowered my body onto hers. My mouth now firmly placed at the side of her neck, I began to nuzzle into her neck as my pelvis swayed gently from side to side; my hard penis rubbing against the fatty flesh above her vagina. Feeling my penis against her pubic region, her body tensed.

My penis glided easily over her moist mons. I inched slowly downward until I felt my head squarely over the outside of her vagina. Gently I stabbed. Her labia parted slightly allowing the top my head to peek inside. Her body again tensed.

I got on my knees while I grabbed one of knees and opened her legs wide. Her vagina was now fully exposed and vulnerable. I lowered my body, guiding my rigid cock to her inviting penis. Again, the head of my penis entered through her portal. I nudged slightly.

As my penis edged slowly inside, her body froze with one sudden spasm. She placed both her hands on my chest and pushed me hard. Jolted by her gesture, I stopped and arched my back forcing my cock to retreat. She placed her left hand over her vagina and covered her eyes with her right.

“What happened?” I asked Gloria.

She did not respond.

“Are you okay?” I again asked.

She lowered her hand from her eyes and covered her mouth.

“I have never done this before,” she murmured, “This is my first time.” Her voice trailed off as she turned her face away from me, as if looking for a place to hide.

I lifted my body off her and sat stunned next to her. She closed her legs until her knees were touching while not removing her hand from her pubic region.

“Did you do it?” she asked dejectedly.

“No, Gloria,” I responded, “Not all the way.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am sure,” I said in a voice conveying comfort.

I stared across the room; my now flaccid cock and making contact with the leather of the sofa beneath me. She just laid there, her knees bent, her legs closed, her hand still standing guard over her vagina. She laid motionless while I remained speechless.

“I am so sorry,” she apologized, “I did not mean for this to go so far.”

I turned and smiled to reassure her. “It’s okay, Gloria… it’s okay.” 

I placed my hand over her left knee slightly shook her gently. We spoke for a few minutes. Unlike our earlier conversations, she spoke emotionally of her desire and fear regarding losing her virginity.

“One day you will meet the right guy at the right moment,” I added, “but tonight will not be that time,” I said.

She sat up on the sofa, her blouse still open, her breasts exposed and her skirt still rolled up at her waist and leaned towards me placing her head on my shoulder. She remained stationary. Moments later, she took several deep breaths and lifted her head from my shoulder and turned to face me.

“Let’s just get it over with it… I want to,” she stated with new found confidence and sureness.

She shifted her body and laid back on the sofa, opening her legs as she descended. Her pussy, again in full view, prompted my penis to involuntarily snap to attention. I stared intently as she waited for me to mount her. I reached for her face and with an open palm caressed her cheek.

“We shouldn't, Gloria,” I whispered. “I can’t”

She grabbed and turned my hand. Gently, she nodded repeatedly as she guided the back of my hand up and down her cheek, as if seeking the security of my caring and reassuring touch. A few minutes later she was dressed and gone. 
The bitter two-headed debate finally over, I knew I had done the “right” thing.

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