Dream Five

By 1941aaa

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A neighbour wanting to experience male sex for the first time.


A series of pictures or events in the mind of a sleeping person.

Oxford Dictionary.

A dream is a type of mental activity that occurs during sleep. It

usually consists of visual images that tell a story, although the

sequence of dream events is usually mystifying. They may be

influenced by internal physical factors such as hunger, thirst or

indigestion. External factors may affect dreams too, such as an alarm

clock can be transformed into a dream telephone call and therefore

carry on sleeping.

Dreams are often an illogical combination of events from the past of

the dreamer, from his or her daily life, and of his or her imagined

future. Though erotic dreams are often inspired by desire, lust or pure

covetousness. These too are somewhat disjointed but when on

waking, if the person can recall the dream it then runs in a logical

sequence, which is the form used in the following dreams.

Dream Five.

Part One.

I was in a mess when I woke up from my dream to find that the mess was of my own making for I had had an emission while sleeping on a lounger up on our sun deck. The dream had been so real that I had actually masturbated myself while lying on my front, rubbing my body up and down on the lounger’s covering so that my erection was being stimulated by being squashed between this long cushion and my stomach.

The dream had been so vivid that I remembered it all, even those inconsequential thoughts that intruded which I’ve since blocked out as I had gone straight inside to write down what I had dreamed, which I will now relate in the form of talking to the other main person of this dream.

A couple that I had known for quite a few years now came out to their holiday home about three times a year, spending from two to four weeks out in the sun, while I lived out here permanently. They were out for a month this time as I found out when I went and visited them the day after their arrival. As usual, it was the wife who opened the door for me and we had our usual welcome kiss which was in the Gaelic fashion on both cheeks. As she went back inside, you came out and held each other’s upper arms as we had this Gaelic kiss though this time, with your hands holding my arms quite firmly, leaned forward and gave you a kiss on the lips too.

Your eyes had widened at me doing this but didn’t remark on it till after you had gone back inside and brought out two drinks, one which you handed to me as we sat down on the small two seater settee.

‘Did you mean to kiss me?’ he asked in a low voice after taking a sip from his glass.

‘It was impulsive of me I know, but yes, I did. Especially after what you had whispered in my ear when we last parted with you leaving to go back the next morning,’ I replied.

‘What was it that I, er, whispered?’ you asked.

‘That you loved me,’ I said.

‘Oh. No, I remember now. I said I liked you. You were fun to be with.’

‘Oh,’ I now said, feeling my face flush. ‘I thought you said love and not like. I really must have been pissed that night, for I know that I went home with many thoughts running through my mind and wondered if it was because of some of my remarks said much earlier about me not having had full sexual relations with another of the same sex. I’m sorry, but I still liked giving you that kiss,’ taking a big gulp of my drink.

‘I liked it too,’ you grinned at me, ‘but it’s something that we shouldn’t do again in case of, well, it being seen.’

‘Would you again if we couldn’t be seen?’ I asked.

‘I might,’ he smiled in reply.

‘I...I hope that you will,’ I stuttered, ‘for ever since I told you of my past experiences with men, having had them suck on me, I...I have had many desires lately to do the same to another man. And...and having the thought of what I thought you said to me last time, that...that you would let me suck on you. There! I’ve now said it and I hope that it doesn’t stop our friendship by me saying it, even if you say no.’ My face now I knew must have been bright red at finally coming out with one of my deepest desires that kept coming up in my mind as I was getting older in years of having this penultimate act of male sex.

Your face now had a flush to it as you took another sip of your drink and could see that you were having deep thoughts about what I had just uttered. You took your time in thinking of what to say, but eventually cleared your throat before speaking.

‘I don’t really know what to say except that I still value the friendship that we have for I do like seeing you get pissed for you do come out with quite some outrageous remarks that are both amusing and your rather direct approach to all things in what you say when you are in your cups. As to what you’ve suggested, I think it would be quite interesting, never having had it done to me by a man, but it would only be one way for I don’t think it is something that I could do,’ you said with a smile on your face.

‘I wouldn’t dream of asking you to do it to me,’ I said, putting my hand on his thigh next to me. ‘It is just my own desire to try this as I feel that it is something that I missed when I was much younger.’

‘But where, er, would you want to do this? It can’t be here.’

‘I know, but we could back at my place some afternoon. You know she goes out with the girls every afternoon for at least an hour, why not come round then for a drink and...well, you now know what I want to do,’ I said, giving his thigh a squeeze. I finished my drink and he took the empty glass and went and refilled it and our conversation went onto other things which I was glad for now my throbbing erection inside my shorts began to subside.

I declined a third drink and soon went off home in a state of euphoria that he had agreed to let me suck on him in the very near future for me to realise one of my dreams. I was on tenterhooks the next afternoon but he didn’t come round and my exuberance was somewhat deflated but how my heart leapt into my mouth when you turned up the following day.

We both gave each other a shy smile as you came in and I was quick to get us both a drink and got you to sit down on the settee.

‘Thanks for coming,’ almost giving out a giggle at the last word, ‘and now you’re here, I’ve got massive butterflies fighting their way round in my stomach. You will still let me do what I asked?’ I said, fingers crossed.

‘Y...yes,’ you stammered, your face somewhat flushed, taking a big gulp of your drink. I got up and pulled a small table to the side of the settee and put my glass down and for the first time for years, let another man see my erect and throbbing cock as I dropped my shorts and getting them off my feet before kneeling down in front of your legs. I pushed them apart and shuffled forward in between them and rested my arms on your thighs.

My heart was thumping away at not only letting him see my naked cock but at what I was about to do. My hands were trembling as I reached forward and undid the button at the top of your shorts and pulled down the zipper to reveal that you were wearing underpants. This would make it a bit awkward, but I parted the front of your shorts and used my left hand to pull down the front of these underpants and put my right hand down inside and felt your hot and hard cock. With my fingers closing round it, felt it throb as I pulled it out of the pants that were now down below your groin and brought your erection out into the open.

My hand had stopped trembling as I gazed at the bulbous head that was quite red that showed through the stretched foreskin and couldn’t stop the automatic movement of my tongue that had come out of my mouth to lick my lips. Now was the moment as I held it firmly in my left hand and felt my own cock really throbbing now between my thighs, and I leaned forward and blew into the eye of your cock that opened as I squeezed your cock to make this happen.

I felt the quiver you gave out being transmitted through the thighs I was leaning on and then opened my mouth and bent my head down to take the head of your cock inside.

You gave out a groan and I a sigh as my lips closed round the base of the head, feeling the heat and the throb as I did so. I also felt my own cock twitch and some of my own semen start to dribble out of its own accord at me now having a man’s cock in my mouth. I had to pause to wait for saliva to collect in my dry mouth before I began to move my head up and down, slowly, feeling you tremble as I began to suck on you. You gave out another groan as my tongue was able to push the foreskin right down for it to touch the G string.

I’m doing it! I ‘m actually now sucking on an erect cock, my mind shouted out as I ran my tongue round the bare flesh, sucking at the same time as I moved my hand up and down on the shaft. The outer skin was moving so easily over the solid bar of muscle that it covered as I felt my own sperm now slowly easing itself out of my own erection and I now couldn’t wait for you to come and let me get a taste of yours.

My hand was now moving a little faster, the grip firmly round the shaft as it moved in the opposite direction of my head as I gently chewed on the bare flesh as I also tongued and sucked on the head. I was in a kind of heaven at having you there and feeling your pulse rate throbbing inside what I was enjoying the sucking of.

‘I...I’m nearly there,’ you managed to gasp out and I felt your body start to tense up and you began to start lifting your hips. I held your cock in a firmer grip as I squeezed it a little more and felt the head start to swell a bit more and then, wonder of wonders, felt the first surge of you semen coming up the shaft and had it erupt into my mouth.

It seemed quite a lot as most of it hit the back of my throat and closed my gullet just in time to stop it sliding in and making me choke. You can’t believe how much my heart was thumping away in my chest at having this event now happening to my utter joy and pleasure as more semen was pumped out to join the first emission and then to have another two come to add to the rest before I felt your hips stop moving and heard a big sigh come from you as you finished coming in my mouth.

I was ecstatic at having your cock in my mouth along with all the emissions from your balls, moving it round the head with my tongue, getting a taste which surprised me by being rather bland. I moved my right hand down from your thigh and took hold of my own still throbbing cock and really squeezed it as I jerked out what was still left in my cock, to spray the lower part of the settee as I then swallowed your essence. I just loved the feel of it sliding down my throat and wished that there had been more, but I was satisfied with what there was and thoroughly enjoyed at you giving me this new experience in the sucking of a throbbing cock and taking in the emission of sperm.

After the swallowing of this, I briefly lifted my head off to see that the bare flesh of the head was a bright red and still had a coating of semen over it which I then quickly licked off, running my tongue all the way round in this cleaning up process. Your body was still trembling at me doing this and didn’t stop until I gave the clean, shining head a final kiss before looking up at your face.

Your eyes opened and you gave me a big smile and a hand came up to stroke the side of my face as I slowly eased the foreskin back up at the softening of your penis.

‘That...that was incredible,’ you said, your eyes shining as I think mine were too.

‘It was,’ I said, still holding his cock in my hand, squeezing it gently. ‘You’ve made me very happy in doing this and I loved having this experience of sucking on you and wouldn’t say no to doing it again if you want.’

‘Well having had the pleasure now of you doing it, and the courage I might add, I would like to have you do it again,’ he said as I began to fold him back inside his pants before pulling the zipper up and fastening the button up.

‘I’m glad you came,’ and didn’t stop the giggle this time at the double entendre, ‘for it was as good as I had hoped it would be,’ I said as I got up from my knees and took my glass and sat down next to him to have a drink, not having bothered to put my shorts back on as yet. He too picked up his glass to drink and when both glasses were empty, got up and put my shorts back on before getting us another drink.

The hour of us being alone together was nearly up before we said our goodbyes and you didn’t mind me holding you and giving you another kiss on the lips which you returned before us breaking apart and you going home.

I sucked on your erect cock another five times over the next ten days and I think that we both enjoyed it immensely, well you must have done by coming over to my place that often. Though on that tenth day, I managed to get you into the bedroom, by now, you didn’t mind taking all your clothes off for me to see you completely naked with your erection really outstanding from your groin.

I’d got onto the bed first and pulled all four pillows down for me to rest my head on and got you to get astride of my head so that I was then able, in that position to be able to take your balls into my mouth. This was another first for me, to have a pair of testicles in their sac in my mouth, to gently move them about, visualising them as being small plums that produced that life giving sperm. With them in there, I was able to see the base of your cock just above my eyes, moving about as it throbbed and what I was sucking on then, knew that I was agitating the seeds inside. So I released your balls and got you to lie down so that I could lift up your erection and once again, take it in my mouth to suck and chew until I had all that you had to give, come into my mouth for me to savour before swallowing.

Part Two.

On your next visit, a couple of days later, I managed to get you to join me in the upstairs bedroom that led out to the sun deck. It wasn’t long before we were both naked on the bed and me having your erect cock in my mouth to suck and chew on as well as tease you with my tongue. But I didn’t do too much for I was about to ask of you to give me the last and ultimate act in having male sex. I lifted my head up from the sucking of you and finally asked the question.

‘Will...will you fuck me with this?’ I asked, looking up at him, holding his erection upright, but still giving it a slow gentle rub. ‘I’m sure that you will like it and I want to know if I would like it myself.’

You were already smiling down at me where I was lying so I couldn’t really say what it was you were thinking, and I gave your cock a gentle squeeze to try and give you the idea that I really wanted to try this ultimate act. Joy of joys! For your smile got wider and you said yes!

I was quickly off the bed and went to where I had hidden some condoms and cream and was quickly back on the bed with them. I tore open the wrapper of the condom and got it out and on lifting up your cock, gave the head a suck before rolling the rubber down over it and down the shaft.

‘Move and let me get ready,’ I said, opening the pot of cream, and as you rose up onto your knees on one side of the bed, I smeared the head of the condom covered cock with some cream and put a blob at my ring piece. With this done, I moved into the middle of the bed and on my knees, leaned my upper body down to rest on my forearms, presenting my backside up in the air, moving my legs apart for you to get in between them.

One hand rested on my hip as you shuffled round and got into position behind me and my body trembled as I felt the head of your cock touch me there for the first time. Not only touch, but be pressed again the blob of cream there as you must have let go of your erection for your other hand came up to rest on my other hip.

Now was the moment of truth! Would I like having and erect penis pushed up into my back passage? Well I was just about to find out.

Which I did as you leaned into me and I felt the head start to enlarge my ring piece until it was really stretched and found that I was unable to really relax myself and felt some pain at my backside being forced to open, but then the head slipped in to be followed by as much of your cock that you could get inside me.

It was just incredible! Feeling it throb away as it slid in, the pain dissipating as you did so as your thighs came up to the cheeks of my bum where you paused. I didn’t realise that I had been holding my breath and it suddenly came out in a big gasp.

‘Wow!’ was all I could say as I began to flex the only muscle I had there, feeling it tighten around the shaft which made the whole cock twitch inside me. The initial pain had gone as I felt it throbbing away inside me and began to drool at now having this last act of either bi-sexuality or homosexuality, I didn’t know which at the time but settled for the first on reflection. It was incredible the emotions that flowed through my mind and body with you hard up inside me and felt my own cock rise up hard as you began to move and plough the meadow that had never been used before for this purpose of giving pleasure to the both of us.

Your fingers began to dig deeper into my hips as you started to pull me back onto your thighs as you were then ramming yourself even harder into me, a smacking sound could be heard at every contact of our bodies in the throes of you coming. The throbbing of your cock had increased and I could swear that I felt the head of it expand a little more as you held me tight to you with only your hips pumping away at my rear end as you came inside me.

What joy it was to actually feel a man having the same thrill of coming inside as he fucked me. My own cock was now throbbing the same as yours as it bounced up and down to your movements and I even started to have some of my sperm start to seep out of it. You had been giving out grunts as you heaved yourself against the cheeks of my bum, coming into me at the same time and when you came to a halt, you let out a big sigh and leaned heavily over my rear end.

I had a big glow in my heart when you stopped moving, for I still had your erection inside me, still throbbing away, just loving the feel at having had my first male cock up my backside and wished that I had started having male sex much earlier in life. Now I knew just what pleasure that I had given to those men that I had fucked those many years ago and had wanted me fuck them more than once. Well I now, flexing my muscle to really feel what I had inside me, wanted it more than once too.

I used that muscle even more when I felt you start to pull out, trying to hold that lovely weapon that was now sliding back out of me and gave out a cry when I felt the head slightly enlarge my ring piece as it left me, feeling a cold draft waft around my shrinking ring. I even had a sob at losing that organ of pleasure and quickly turned round to see the bemused smile on your face at having had your first fuck of another man, and grabbed some tissues and pulled the used condom off your prick that was still up and hard.

Discarding the condom and tissues, I quickly bent down and took the head of your cock which still had a coating of your sperm covering the head, making it glisten in the light. It was still pulsating as I sucked this semen off and even squeeze your erection to bring up any residue for me to take into my mouth to taste before swallowing.

I finally let you free from my mouth as I straightened up and picked up the used condom and tissues to take into the bathroom and throw both into the toilet. Not only those, but leaned over the pan and jerked away at my own throbbing cock to get rid of my semen that had been paining me, just waiting to be released, so with only a few jerks of my swollen erection, I dumped that too into the toilet bowl before flushing it all away and returning to the bedroom.

You were now lying on your back on the bed, your penis rather limp between your legs but still had that smile on your face as I got back onto the bed with you and had objections no when I leaned in and kissed you.

‘That was good,’ you said. ‘I’ve never done that before.’

‘Neither had I and must confess that I enjoyed it,’ I said, almost simpering, ‘and can’t wait for us to do it again.’

‘Not today,’ he said looking at his watch, ‘as much as I would like to. The others will soon be back.’ Which I had to admit was true and tried not to sulk as we got off the bed and both of us got dressed and were downstairs having a drink when the pair of women came in.


It was another two days before you came again and it didn’t take us long to get upstairs and get undressed for both of us to show that we were aroused as we got onto the bed, your lovely cock falling back onto your stomach. It didn’t stay there long for I lifted it up and took the head into my mouth to suck and tease as I pushed the foreskin down with my tongue to tickle the G string. But I didn’t want you to come just yet, and let you go to roll over and get a condom out of the bedside drawer and quickly unwrapped it and rolled it down over your lovely hard and erect cock.

Even with it covered in the rubber, it was still a lovely sight to behold and it was all for me, to not only give you pleasure in the fucking of me but also for me to have the same with it throbbing inside me. I was quickly up onto my knees and bent my upper body forward to have my shoulders resting on the bed as I felt you move behind and in between my open legs. A shiver ran through me as your hand came onto my hip and actually trembled again when I felt the head of your cock nestle itself at the entrance to my backside.

No Cream, my mind shouted out! No cream!

But it was too late as you began to push yourself into me and felt you expanding my ring and as much as I tried to relax, it was still painful having it stretched so much. Then you were in and the pain lessened as the head of your cock started to throb and also had the pleasure of feeling the rest of the shaft following, filling me not only with your manhood but pleasure too.

What a wonderful internal massage your tool was giving me as you moved yourself in and out of me, ironing out little kinks that had formed since you were in there the last time. That was just two days ago yet it seemed much longer and hoped that you would last longer in your fucking of me this time. But, alas, it wasn’t to be. Though with you moving inside me, stirred my inner parts and I now had a throbbing erection bouncing up and down as you moved in and out. Not only that, but had my balls swinging beneath like the pendulum of a clock, but time was ticking away as you began to hold my hips tighter and started to pull me back on to your forward thrusts as you began really ramming yourself into me. Our bodies, that being your thighs and the cheeks of my bum began smacking against each other until you held me firm and I felt the head of your cock start to swell as you began coming inside me.

I gave out a groan and wished that you were fucking me bare backed so that I could feel you sperm hitting and coating my insides instead of shooting it out into a condom, but I was happy enough with you throbbing and massaging my inside with your erect flesh. You were panting when you’d finished coming inside me, leaning heavily over my rear end and I was groaning that you had finished, but was still pleased that you were inside me, still throbbing away and I flexed my muscle to make it twitch and still have it excite me when it did so.

‘No!’ I cried out as you straightened up and began to pull out. I was losing that which had pleasured me, trying to hold it there inside me by squeezing that departing shaft as hard as I could with the only muscle that I had there inside me. But I lost this battle and felt you slip out for me to feel the air that seemed cold, waft round my shrinking arsehole, and gave out a sob at this feeling of emptiness. But then had the pleasure of stripping off that condom and being able to suck the semen that was still coating the head of your cock and drawing out the last drops too before feeling it start to subside, giving it a final kiss.

You fucked me another five times before your holiday was up and the last one was as good as the others because of the change where this took place. It still meant you pushing your erection up into my backside but I wanted it out on the sun deck. You protested, saying that you didn’t want to be seen fucking me, but did when I pointed out and you checked, to see that we were not overlooked and so wouldn’t be seen in this act.

The lounger was there with its cushion for me to get on, naked, with my bum in the air out in the sunshine and just loved the way your cock moved as you came over and got behind me. Again, we didn’t use cream and it was a lovely short pain spasm that heralded your entry into me crooning as you filled me once again with your throbbing organ. What heaven it was having you ream me out in the open. Feeling the heat of your body inside me as well as feeling that of the sun’s rays at the same time.

My own cock was as hard as iron as you moved in this fucking of me, soothing the itch I had there just waiting to be scratched by your lovely piece of meat. But again, it was too short your lasting powers and soon had you holding my hips as you rammed into me, your cock head swelling as you came. That pulsating throb was pure joy as you jerked away at my rear, and I was really wanting to come myself with my own cock nearly bursting in needing my release.

‘Hold me tight and stay inside me,’ I said as I began to ease my body down slowly until I was prone on the lounger, my cock being squashed up to my stomach by the weight of our two bodies joined in this way. ‘Now, carry on moving inside me to make me come,’ I grunted, and had your hands come up under to grip my shoulders as you began to ride on top of me.

It was lovely to have you there on top of me, feeling you still moving your cock inside me, making me move at the same time to masturbate myself by the pressure of my stomach and had the thrill of still feeling you inside me as I came on the cushion, coating that and my stomach with my coming.

‘What a lovely fucker you are,’ I said and then, all of a sudden, you were gone and I was empty in all senses of the word, for that was when I woke up, lying in my own coming and really wishing that you had really been there fucking me.

* * *