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Dream Six.

Meeting a husband and wife for first time sex with a surprise event.
Dream Six.



A series of pictures or events in the mind of a sleeping person.

Oxford Dictionary.

A dream is a type of mental activity that occurs during sleep. It

usually consists of visual images that tell a story, although the

sequence of dream events is usually mystifying. They may be

influenced by internal physical factors such as hunger, thirst or

indigestion. External factors may affect dreams too, such as an alarm

clock can be transformed into a dream telephone call and therefore

carry on sleeping.

Dreams are often an illogical combination of events from the past of

the dreamer, from his or her daily life, and of his or her imagined

future. Though erotic dreams are often inspired by desire, lust or pure

covetousness. These too are somewhat disjointed but when on

waking, if the person can recall the dream it then runs in a logical

sequence, which is the form used in the following dreams.

Dream Six.

I woke up this morning with a massive erection, something that I’ve not had for quite some time now. I was very warm in bed and had a glow inside me as I ran my hand up and down the hard flesh, wondering what had I dreamed to make me rise up like this. But try as I did, I couldn’t recapture the, what must have been a dream of a very erotic nature, to savour the delight again that I must have enjoyed.

I lay there, gently rubbing my hand up and down the shaft, feeling the skin glide easily over the hard flesh that it covered and drifted off into another dream which I was able to recall when I woke up for the second time.

It was actually in the form of a letter and me writing it to describe what had taken place, for we had corresponded before, getting to know one another through the medium of sending e-mails to each other. Telling each other some details of our sex life, which I think prompted this dream.

We had agreed to meet in a bar for, with you being bi-sexual, had agreed to show me just what it was like to have the experience of having sex with another man. There was one drawback to this and that was because of our ages, that we were both nearly past the means of having a full arousal without some form of stimulation

What surprised me was the form this took with you and that your wife agreed to use a strap on dildo to service you to give you the erection to then be able to give her the satisfaction of you making love to her. This would be the only way for you to be in the state to give me the ultimate act of two men having sex together which prompted me to ask if your wife would agree to this, for I was having these urges to have the experience of male sex and so begged you to see if she would do it to you so that you could see to me.

She agreed, rather reluctantly, which was understandable, but with the rider that I did not try to touch her or expect sex with her too. This I promised that I wouldn’t do or attempt to and so the meeting was arranged.

So we met as agreed and I think that with her present at this meeting, it wouldn’t have gone ahead if she had had some reservations about me at this meeting. I must have appeared okay to her and we had the one drink in the bar before going off to your home. I followed you in my car and was pleased to see that it was quite a nice house that you lived in, the street quiet and plenty of parking space.

I admit, on entering your home, that I had butterflies fluttering about in my stomach at the reason of my being there but was resolute in wanting the experience of not only me sucking on another man’s erect penis but also having it pushed up into my backside. In was in these later years of my life that I felt it was something that I had missed. For in my youth, I had fucked several men and had them suck on me but had never done the same back and it was this that I felt, was something that I had regretted in not doing. It must have been enjoyable for them to let me do this to them, so now I wanted to know just what I had missed by not turning bi-sexual when, I suppose, was the chance or road that I could have travelled on.

We went straight upstairs to your bedroom that was nicely laid out and big enough to have this double divan bed, which dominated the room, a dressing table with stool as well as a chest of drawers. The wardrobes were built in so there was still plenty of space to move about in, unlike the cramped bedroom at my house.

You started the ball rolling by getting undressed first with me following you in doing this. Your wife was a little shy at first as she slowly took her things off, but I didn’t see her doing this for something else had caught my eye.

This was your cock in its flaccid state, just as mine was, that I was looking at, not your wife disrobing, and so I really started what we were in your bedroom for by going down onto my knees in front of you and taking hold of your penis. You had been circumcised as I had been and was about the same size as me in this state and it then hit me that this was the first time that I had taken another man’s cock into my hand. It was as soft as mine and now I did what I had come for and that was to take it into my mouth.

My heart jumped when I took it in, feeling the soft rubbery flesh fill my mouth for I was able to take the whole thing in and had my nose up close to your pubic hair. My body trembled as I moved it about, gently chewing on it and running my tongue around the flesh of the bare head. In fact I was enjoying this first time of actually having a cock in my mouth despite the fact that it was flaccid and hoped that it would later be a full erection and that I would be able to have and taste your semen before the act of swallowing it.

It was then that I saw your wife out of the corner of my eye wearing this strap on dildo that swayed from side to side as she moved that I reluctantly let you go to move so that you could get into position to have her use this on you, well in you really. I noticed that there were several condoms on the dressing table with a box of tissues and you agreed that when you were brought up to a full erection by being fucked with this dildo, that I could then roll a condom down on your cock to then have you fuck me with you being the middle of the sandwich between the two of us. Her fucking you as you fucked me.

You leaned on the dressing table, bending over as your wife got behind you and I watched it slowly disappear up into your backside, you grunting as it moved inside. Some cream had been used on the head of this and knew that I would have to have some too with it being my first time of having a cock pushed up into me.

It was a grin that you gave me when she started to move herself in the fucking of you and I watched as I saw your cock start to rise up, slowly at first, growing in length and girth as it started to swell until it was sticking out from your groin at a downward angle because of you being bent over.

You can put the condom on now you said between grunts and so I quickly got one out of its wrapper and by sitting down beneath you, managed to getting your swaying cock still enough for me to get it on over the head and roll it right down. I then fumbled with the cream pot and smeared a fingerful over the head as well as putting some to the entrance to my backside.

Now I was approaching the moment of truth as you told your wife to hold where she was as you moved back a little for me to get up and turn to bend over and leaned the top of my body on the dresser.

I was trembling as I heard you shuffle towards me and flinched when I felt the head of your cock touch between the cheeks of my bum and your hand fumble to get it in the right place. Then you leaned over my back and I felt the head of your cock trying to gain entry into me.

Relax yourself, relax, you said as the pressure built up against my ring piece, feeling it starting to widen and began to get a little pain as it began to stretch, and try as I might, I couldn’t relax myself properly. But then. Then I felt the head slip inside quickly followed by the rest of your shaft as it filled me with you coming to a stop with your thighs pressed up tight to the cheeks of my bum.

Christ! That hurt a little I gasped when you came to a stop, your cock throbbing away inside me. Giving me all strange manner of feelings at having it pulsate and set all my nerves on edge. But as you began to move back to then to be pushed forward by the movement of your wife behind you, the pain disappeared at the soothing motion as your cock easily slid back and forth inside me.

Yes, yes, yes, my mind was crying out. You are now being fucked and one wish is being granted, and gave myself up to the pleasure that I had denied myself for years. It was a strange kind of heaven to have you moving inside me, feeling it throbbing away as it slid about in the movements of you fucking me. You grunted out that it was a pleasure to you too, to once again at being able to fuck the tight orifice of another man again.

But like all pleasures, it didn’t last long enough for me for you said that enough was enough of having that dildo moving inside you, for too much would make you sore and so we came to a full stop and you gave out a little mew as the dildo was pulled out of you and then I gave out a similar sound as I felt you pulling out of me.

The air seemed cold as it wafted round my shrinking ring piece and I felt desolate at losing what had just been giving me a pleasure to really be beyond words. It had been such a wonderful experience that when it had actually been moving inside me, I didn’t want it to end.

Oh how I wished that I had turned bi-sexual earlier in life if that is what it was like.

You had already pulled off the condom when I turned round and your wife had taken off the strap on dildo and put it to one side. It was only then that I realised that I now had a massive hard on and it hurt as it swayed about as I moved.

You looked at it and said that I could now fuck you while you went down on your wife. She was already getting onto the lower end of the divan bed, just enough for her to have her feet on the end and you indicated the condoms on the dresser to me as you went down onto your knees at the end of the bed and leaned forward and buried your face into the sex of your wife.

I quickly got a condom out of its wrapper and rolled it down over my cock, seeing your bare backside up in the air as you sucked and teased at the sex of your wife. I moved over and knelt down between your open legs and parted the cheeks of your bum to see my target and put the head of my covered cock there and held it there with my body weight as I put my hands up onto your hips before leaning forward, feeling my cock slowly start to enter you.

It had been many years since I last had my cock compressed so much as I slid inside you, feeling the inside heat of your body and felt the flexing of your muscle as I did so. So as you sucked and licked away at what you were doing, I was moving myself in and out in the fucking of your backside and thoroughly enjoyed it. You said that you enjoyed it too afterwards, having a throbbing cock once again inside you instead of the hard rubber of a dildo.

I actually crooned as I held you tight in my grip as I came, ramming myself hard up into you, then groaning that even though I’d had the pleasure of fucking you, it was coming to an end as I finished, panting away at the exertion I had put into trying to give you the same pleasure that I had received. I think you groaned when I pulled out but I’m not sure on that as I then got up and got some tissues from the box on the dressing table and pulled off the used condom. I sat down on the stool as it started to deflate and watched you bring your wife up to an orgasm at your ministrations to the inside of her sex.

Like all dreams, time flitted by and it must have been quite some time later that I was lying on the bed alongside your wife with her in the middle between us. She was fondling both of our flaccid cocks and though I had hoped, she didn’t take me into her mouth as she did to you, but that would be enough to raise it up for me to suck on properly.

Then she was strapping on the dildo, unabashed at me seeing her naked body now as we got off the bed for me to sit down on the floor as you leaned above me, your penis looking small at the moment. But as you, for the second time, had the dildo pushed up into you to fuck you once again, I saw it start to rise up again.

There was just enough space for me to get up onto my knees and take hold of your growing cock and once again take the head into my mouth. What joy flowed through me as I sucked and tongued the head as it expanded to its full size and only just enough for me to have the whole part for me to suck and tease the eye with my tongue.

With it now hard and solid in my hand, I began to move the soft skin up and down the hard flesh as I sucked and tongued you. My heart was jumping about in my chest as I did this, knowing that you would shortly be giving me your sperm to taste and savour before swallowing. I didn’t really have to use my hand for your body was being pushed forward by you being fucked from behind by the dildo which was keeping your cock up hard to give me the pleasure of sucking on it.

Then you almost straightened up as I felt your body tremble and also the slight expansion of the head of your cock and then had the first surge of your sperm erupt from the eye to shoot out into my mouth. I nearly pissed myself at the thrill I was getting at actually having you come in my mouth. Not just once but another three spurts though not with the same force as the first emission.

What joy and pleasure you were giving me, this first time for me to have a man come in my mouth, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, moving the sperm round in my mouth with my tongue, getting the slight taste of you and then gathering it all together, swallowed it without letting go of the head. It slid down so easily and I was over the moon at having had this wonderful experience and carried on sucking to try and find if there was any more left inside.

It was only then that I lifted my head up off of you, licking round the circumcised head before blowing into the eye, making you flinch before giving one last kiss before looking up into your smiling face. I’m sure that the smile on my face mirrored yours in this moment of joy for me.

You gave a slight grimace as the dildo was pulled out of you but the smile was quickly back as you helped me to stand up and didn’t have any qualms about me kissing you for the pleasure you had given me. Time flashed again and we were getting dressed, me with that silly smile still on my face as we did so, and even got a peck on the cheek from your wife as we said our goodbyes, me thanking the both of you for taking part in giving me the thrill of my life, one that I would remember and never forget.

I came out of this doze with, I think, that same silly smile that I had in the dream, my cock still up and hard and so jerked myself off and came on the bed sheet. I didn’t care, because it had been such a lovely dream, one that I wouldn’t mind having repeated over and over again.

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