Dream Ten

By 1941aaa

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A birthday present after swimming is having male sex for the first time.


A series of pictures or events in the mind of a sleeping person.

Oxford Dictionary.

A dream is a type of mental activity that occurs during sleep. It

usually consists of visual images that tell a story, although the

sequence of dream events is usually mystifying. They may be

influenced by internal physical factors such as hunger, thirst or

indigestion. External factors may affect dreams too, such as an alarm

clock can be transformed into a dream telephone call and therefore

carry on sleeping.

Dreams are often an illogical combination of events from the past of

the dreamer, from his or her daily life, and of his or her imagined

future. Though erotic dreams are often inspired by desire, lust or pure

covetousness. These too are somewhat disjointed but when on

waking, if the person can recall the dream it then runs in a logical

sequence, which is the form used in the following dreams.

Dream Ten.

What pleasure it is to be able to lie out on the sun deck knowing that you no longer have to work for a living. I started out working when I was twelve years old, part-time of course until I was fifteen, and now I was near retirement age and could really appreciate the leisure time that age brings to you.

Lying there, naked in the sun, though late afternoon when it’s not quite so hot but enough to give a sun tan, watching the odd cloud drift by. But then realise that it is not the cloud that is moving but the Earth itself. Rotating anti-clock-wise to the sun at a speed of a thousand miles an hour making you wonder at why you don’t fly off and only having gravity holding you there.

This then leads to thinking just how many miles does the earth cover in its rotation round the sun in the space of a year? With it being 93 million miles away and we travel round it in 365 and a quarter days, was too much for me to work out without a calculator as I pondered this question. Also considering that the moon, being much closer to Earth, seems to be the same size as the sun, so just how huge is that bloody great fireball that gives us the pleasure of feeling its warmth?

But I’ve digressed with these thoughts as I lay there naked, drifting off to sleep to have my dream which I recorded when I woke up later as the air was getting a little chilly.

It was the day of my retirement, having now reached the age of sixty five, and we’d had a wonderful party at a local restaurant, twenty four of some friends and close neighbours. It had been a great day and with it being my birthday, I didn’t have to drive as we were offered a lift by Felix and Rosemary. They agreed to stop and have a few more drinks at our house as did Gregory and Mavis.

We got two lanterns out, the type that is also a mosquito zapper as well as giving us light at the table down by the pool. A variety of drinks were brought out with glasses for us to sit in the cool of the evening to drink and chat. It was me, after an hour, suggested, being now half pissed, that we could do some skinny dipping if they wanted. Me, not being ashamed at what I had between my legs, stripped off and jumped in the cool water. Followed by Felix, Gregory and surprisingly, his wife Mavis. Now I knew that she was a couple of years younger than her husband which put her age at about forty eight for he was fifty, and she still had a good looking figure and tits that still held their shape and moved nicely as she jumped into the pool too

Just the sight of those lovely tits, which also acted as two floats, gave me an erection in spite of the coolness of the water. I swam a few lengths with Felix as her and Gregory fooled around in the water. My wife and Rosemary refusing to strip off and join us.

Felix and I had done several lengths of the pool which wasn’t that long only being about ten yards from end to end and roughly four across. The deep end was just over six foot deep whereas the shallow end was about three and a half, well the water level there was below my navel but above my groin. Felix was standing at this end after several lengths, his chest heaving at the exertion as I came to a stop by him. As I stood up, my arm brushed against his groin and felt that he had an erection.

‘What’s this?’ I asked him in a low voice as I took it in my hand, the first time I had ever touched another man’s prick. ‘Has the sight of Mavis’ tits turned you on?’ I had also given his cock a rub as I said this.

‘No,’ he replied in the same tone as myself. ‘It was seeing you when you stripped off. I must be pissed telling you this. It was seeing your cock sway from side to side before you jumped in the pool that gave me this hard on. I must admit that for the past couple of years I’ve had this urge to have sex with another man and it’s made me think that I’m turning bi-sexual.’

With him being nearly sixty, it didn’t surprise me at this revelation as I had had similar thoughts too over the past few years and now had an erection too at hearing at how the sight of my cock and balls had aroused him.

‘Here,’ I said, letting go of his erection and pulling his hand down to mine, feeling his fingers curl round it as he grasped it. ‘It’s turned me on with what you’ve just said, for I’ve had the same desire too and wondered if I was turning too.’

‘What, er, well… er,...would....could....? he stammered, not being able to get the words out to finish what he was asking for.

‘Yes,’ I breathed out, knowing the question he couldn’t get out. ‘For I’ve never done it either and would like to experience what gay’s seem to enjoy.’

‘How? Where?’ he asked, his hand firmly moving the soft skin over the hard flesh of my erect cock.

‘Upstairs,’ I said.

I should say now that my house had been built on a slope and because of this, there were some stairs at the back that led up to the house with it being built on some stilts for it to be level. It had given the house quite a large area below the building that had been bricked up to give us what we called the under-build and I had over the years, managed to level off most of the garden and where the pool was.

‘Look. We haven’t got any towels down here but there are some upstairs in the bathroom. We get out and go up saying we need them to dry off.’

‘I can’t get out of the water with this hard on! They’ll see it!’ he said.

‘It’s dark enough now and if we move quickly, we can move round the back of the girls and be up the stairs in a flash. Come on, if you want to do what we’ve both been talking about,’ I said and he now nodded after a pause and so we got out and quickly moved behind the seated girls and onto the stairs.

‘Just going to get some towels and dry ourselves off,’ I said as I passed behind the two girls who were facing the pool. ‘Gregory and Mavis will want some too,’ I added as I quickly followed Felix up and into the house. ‘There,’ I said to him when we were inside. ‘They didn’t see a thing,’ I chuckled, leading him through to our bathroom which was on the opposite side of the house. I looked back as he followed me and saw that he still had an erection and it was swaying from side to side as he walked and I licked my lips at what we were going to do to each other.

We went into the bathroom where I shut the door and passed him a towel to dry off as I dried myself and the dropped the towel onto the tiles in front of me.

‘Have your dream come true, and then I can have mine afterwards,’ I said, looking down at his cock that was throbbing as much as mine was. He gave me a shy smile and licked his lips and slowly went down onto his knees in front of me and his hand came up to hold my pulsating cock still as his eyes flicked up to mine as he opened his mouth and took the head of my cock into it.

God, the inside of his mouth was hot and tremors ran through my body at having him start to tongue the bare flesh as he began sucking on my erection. His hand wasn’t still either as it slowly moved the soft skin up and down the solid flesh beneath it. I couldn’t stop the groan I gave at the pleasure he was giving me in realising his dream and knew that I wanted to suck and tongue him too. Not only doing that, but working his cock to have him come in my mouth for me to experience this form of sex with another man.

It wasn’t long before I knew that I was about to come and my hands went up and held his head gently as my hips began to move in a forward motion as I really began to face fuck him. Wow! Did I come or not? I’m sure I filled his mouth with my semen as there seemed to be so much coming up from my balls. He gagged slightly at that first surge, but, give him his due, he kept his lips tight round the head of my cock as the rest came out to join back up with my first coming. I came to a stop, breathing heavily and released his head and felt a little bit more of suction round the head of my cock and realised that he had just swallowed my come. His eyes were shining as he looked up at me, his tongue still moving round the head of my cock before giving it a mighty squeeze before letting it go and still licking round the exposed flesh before giving the head a final kiss before getting up from his knees.

‘Wow! That was just great! I didn’t think it would be as good as that,’ he said, his face bearing a big grin, his tongue now licking his lips. ‘It even tasted great.’

Seeing his lips still glistening with his saliva, couldn’t resist moving in close and embracing him as well as giving him a kiss for the pleasure I’d just received of him sucking on my cock.

‘My turn now,’ I said, my hands sliding down his sides as I went onto my knees and had his throbbing organ there in front of my eyes. It must be an automatic thing to lick the lips as he had done as I looked at the fiery head of his flesh, stretching the foreskin halfway back down the head before taking it into my mouth. God he was hot and I could feel it throbbing away as my lips pushed the foreskin right back and could feel the G string with the tip of my tongue and it made him give out a shudder, knowing the erotic sensation he was getting with what my tongue was moving across.

I’m doing it, my mind cried out. After so many thoughts and dreams of doing this after reading about oral sex I now had another man’s cock in my mouth and I was sucking on it. I was over the moon at all the sensations that flowed through my body as I moved my hand up and down the solid shaft, feeling the cock head throbbing as I tongued and sucked it. But like me, in the first time of having my cock sucked, it didn’t last long and the same was happening to Felix as his hands came up and held my head as his hips started to move in towards me.

I held the base of his cock hard in my hand as he began to face fuck me, having him move his cock in and out of my mouth, knowing that he would very soon be giving out the essence of his body. I kept my lips tight round the base of the head as I felt his semen start to come up the narrow tube that was on the underside of his cock and had the first surge shoot out to hit the top and back of my mouth. I had managed to close my gullet in time as his come seemed to be an enormous amount and the thrill ran through my body at experiencing the fact of having a man shoot his load into my mouth as several more shots came in to join up till I had a mass of his sperm to move about over his pulsating cockhead before swallowing it. Another thrill I got at feeling it slide down my throat, loving the fact that I was proving to myself that I was at least partially bi-sexual in this act.

I now licked all round the head of the last traces of his seed, getting the taste now with my tongue and found it not at all unpleasant but had a slight tinge of possibly being a condiment. Coriander? Sesame? I couldn’t tell, but maybe he had a curry for lunch. Anyway, it had been a sheer delight for me to have sucked on a cock and taken in the seed of the man who’s cock I still had pulsating in my mouth. But time was passing and so I finally released him and gave the now bright red head of his cock a kiss before getting up from my knees.

In fact he helped me up and pulled me close to him so our cocks, his still hard, clashed as they met in our embrace as he kissed me, just as I had done after he had sucked on me. There was passion in his kiss and I enjoyed this sensation of kissing another man and added my passion to the kiss, brief as it was, and I think we both enjoyed this new found pleasure.

‘God, that was wonderful,’ he gushed, panting heavily when we broke apart. ‘I wish we had time to try the other part of being bi-sexual.’ I too, like him, now wanted the final part of male sex and having him fuck me with what I had just been sucking on and knew that he wanted me to fuck him too.

‘Later,’ I said, ‘for we’d better get back with the others.’ I picked up the towel from the floor and wrapped it round my middle and gave him one to do the same. I also collected another four towels from the cupboard as we left the bathroom and went down to the poolside where Gregory and Mavis were still in the pool. ‘Towels!’ I said to them as I turned a chair round and put them on it so that Mavis wouldn’t be embarrassed getting out of the pool in her naked state as we would now be sitting with our backs to her.

‘That’s good,’ Mavis said from the water. ‘I’m getting a bit cold now.’ I sat down and let them get out of the water unobserved as I sat down next to Felix and opened my cigarette packet and offered one to him as he smoked too. He gave me a shy smile as he took one and we lit up and I really enjoyed that to go with the glow I had inside me for what I had been doing for the past ten minutes.

Gregory and Mavis had dried themselves and now with him having his towel round his waist and her with it tucked above her breasts, came round and sat down with us.

‘That was just great having that swim,’ Gregory said and Mavis nodded in agreement.

‘Yes,’ I said. ‘Along with the birds I saw.’

‘Birds? What birds? I didn’t see any,’ Felix said.

‘Well I think they were,’ I replied with a smile. ‘I’m sure I saw two blue tits in there.’ This made them all laugh and Mavis blush at knowing to what I was referring to. The talking became general then till I’d finished my cigarette before asking if they would like coffee and some brandy. All agreed to the coffee but two declined the brandy.

‘Come and give me a hand Felix,’ I said getting up and had him follow me back up the stairs and into the kitchen where I got out two trays and put the kettle on. ‘Felix,’ I said, stroking his bare arm, speaking softly. ‘Would you like us to do the ultimate act?’ This being the fucking of each other.

‘Yes,’ he smiled.

‘Well get out the brandy and glasses while I get some condoms and cream, it being our first time,’ and went off to get them. The kettle had boiled by the time I returned and made a pot of coffee and added to the tray, six mugs, milk and sugar with the coffee pot and took them out and down to the pool. I carried a small pot of cream in my hand with the condoms wrapped up in the fold of the towel round my waist and put the tray down on the table and Felix put down the one that he was carrying.

I had a job of trying to control the erection that was begging to stand up as the coffee was poured out as well as the brandy. Felix and I had another cigarette with both the coffee and brandy and when these were finished, whispered to Felix about what we were going to do. I had to keep my back to those at the table as I got up, Felix doing the same, and we put our feet into our sandals as we started to move off.

‘Where are you going?’ my wife asked.

‘To show Felix the under-build,’ I replied over my shoulder. ‘Won’t be long,’ and took him round and into the under-build.

As I said earlier, the house had been built on a slope and I had been here to watch a lot of the construction, so at the door end of this under-build the ceiling height was just over nine feet high whereas at the opposite corner, the height was a tad over six foot. Down the middle where two massive pilings, making a total of four that supported the middle of the house having the same number four the outside walls. These were a third of a metre square and I know that they had been six metres in length, having watched them excavate the holes where this pilings were lowered in by crane to be supported my an enormous amount of concrete being poured into the hole to support them. I was told that the depth of three metres was to make them safe from the occasional earth tremors that the region was prone to.

So the height and length of this under-build was enough to have at least four cars garaged there if I’d wanted to, but I hadn’t as it was now used as storage as well as the central heating boiler and oil tank. Even with all this space, it still seemed cluttered and after turning the lights on, led Felix round to the far corner where I had a table that couldn’t be seen from the doorway, also there were boxes that obscured it from view too.

‘Moment of truth,’ I said to Felix, taking my towel off to reveal that I was up and hard as I put the towel, condoms and cream onto the table. He gave me that shy smile again and took his towel off to show that he too was erect and ready.

‘Will you fuck me first?’ he asked somewhat shyly as he stroked my erection, ‘in case I bottle out.’

‘It’ll be my pleasure,’ I said.

‘Mine too I hope,’ he smiled and pulled me towards him and we kissed. It was a long kiss, our mouths opening for our tongues to stroke each other, but I broke off as my cock was now beginning to hurt, such was the need for release. I quickly got a condom out of its wrapper and rolled it down over my cock and then put a liberal amount of cream over the head.

‘Lean over the table,’ I said, my mouth being so dry that it came out rather hoarsely, ‘and relax,’ and as he did so, now really saw the pale white cheeks of his bum for the first time. I moved behind him and stroked each cheek, parting them to see the target to aim at and added a blob of cream there too.

‘Be gentle,’ he begged.

‘As gentle as I can be, but you’ve got to relax or it might be a bit painful,’ I said, moving in closer and guided my covered cock to the entrance to his backside. I felt his body give out a tremor as he felt the cream covered head touch him there, and by holding my prick in place with my body weight, put my hands onto his hips. ‘Now relax,’ I said, repeating myself and then leaned in closer to him, looking down to see the head start to slowly disappear.

I could feel the tightness already as it was beginning to be compressed as it moved ever more inside him and he gave out a gasp at having his ring expanded to accommodate my prick. Then suddenly, it was in and felt the whole length of my shaft being held tight and could feel the heat of his inside canal as my thighs came right up to the cheeks of his bum and could go no further.

‘Wow!’ he gasped as I felt his inside muscle flexing itself around my throbbing cock. ‘It feels bigger than it looks.’

So I began to fuck my first male up the rear and simply loved the tightness that was surrounding my cock, feeling his muscle keep squeezing me as I moved myself backwards and forwards in my moving in this act of sodomy. I think that this was better than fucking a woman with it being tighter and not so slack though the canal itself didn’t have the extra muscles that a woman had inside her vagina. But what the fuck! A fuck was a fuck and I was enjoying this and hoped that he was too, which proved to be the case as he gave out a gurgle.

‘This is incredible,’ was his muted cry. ‘I can feel it really throbbing.’ This pleased me and felt that I was nearing my peak and so I gripped his hips tighter and really began to ram myself up into him as I pulled him back onto me with every forward thrust until I started to come inside him. Here I held him tight and just let my hips move and pump out my seed into, albeit, the condom until I was empty and then leaned over his rear end and found that I was really panting hard as though I’d just run a mile.

I straightened up and moved myself back, feeling my cock start to slide out him to a little cry from him as the head came out.

‘I didn’t hurt you, did I?’ I asked, a little worried.

‘No. It did a bit at the beginning, it’s just that with having you there, I didn’t want you to pull out,’ he said, stilling lying over the table and I could see traces of cream surrounding his ring piece which I wiped off with a towel. ‘But it was great,’ he said as he straightened up. ‘I think you’ll enjoy it too.’ Well I would soon find out I thought as I passed him the other condom which he quickly got it out of the wrapper and rolled it down over his cock which seemed to be pulsating as it bounced up and down. I saw him put some cream on the end as I bent the upper half of my body over the table, quivering in anticipation of having another man, for the first time, push his cock up in my backside to fuck me.

His hands felt soft as he stroked the cheeks of my bum and have them parted and gave a little jump as the cold cream touched my ring piece and felt the head of his cock nestle there, and took in a deep breath and tried to force my body to relax as he pushed himself forward. As he had said, there was a little pain as the entrance to my backside was widened as it never had been before and suddenly his cock was inside me and felt the whole thing move into where no man had been before.

It was incredible to feel this throbbing and pulsating piece of hard flesh move in making me break out in goose pimples as his thighs came up tight to the cheeks of my bum. I found I was now drooling at the mouth as I flexed my inner muscle round the solid flesh of his shaft as he began to move in his reaming of my backside. It was lovely to feel the hardness smoothly move inside me, making me quiver all over as he fucked me and wished that it could go on forever. But his need for release was like mine had been and he was soon holding be tight as he moved up into his ramming speed, feeling it move faster inside me as he began pulling me back onto his thrusting tool until he began to shudder and knew that he was now shooting his load into the condom.

What would it be like to be fucked bare back and actually feel his sperm pouring out to coat my insides I wondered as he gave a final shudder before feeling his weight come onto my lower back, hearing him panting as much as I had done. His cock was still throbbing away inside me and I was flexing myself as much as possible, loving both and I too gave out a little cry as I felt him pulling out and then had what seemed like a cold wind moving across my shrinking ring piece.

‘God that was incredible,’ I panted, using almost the same words that he had uttered when I had fucked him. ‘It was great. I didn’t know that I would ever have such an experience,’ and felt him wipe off the excess cream from my backside before I straightened up and turned round. His face held a big smile, his eyes positively glowing as he opened his arms and I went into them for us to kiss and let our tongues play with each other again.

‘I’ll never forget tonight,’ he said when we broke apart.

‘Neither will I,’ I said, rubbing my groin up tight to his now deflating cock. ‘That was the best birthday present I’ve ever received and wouldn’t mind being given it again.’

‘Me too,’ he grinned as we both started to wrap the towels round our waists again before going out of the under-build, turning the lights out and locking the door.

We found that Gregory and Mavis had now put their clothes on and we knew that the party was now starting to break up as Rosemary said to Felix that it was time that they went home too. So, not being ashamed of what I’ve got, dropped my towel and put my own clothes on, Felix being a little more bashful, had turned round to put his on.

Goodbyes were said, the girls giving each other a cheek to cheek kiss while us men shook hands, them thanking me for the party and getting an extra squeeze of the hand from Felix as I thanked them for attending my party, and waved them goodbye.

I slowly came awake from my dream to find myself stroking the erection that the dream had brought about and turned onto my side and ran it through my mind again as I masturbated and wondered if I would ever get to suck and fuck another man as I came, shooting out my sperm onto the sun deck tiles and smiled to myself wondering if in fact I really was bi-sexual. Only the future would tell me that.

* * * * *