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Dream Two

A young man seduces another into sex because of a photo.
Dream Two.



A series of pictures or events in the mind of a sleeping person.

Oxford Dictionary.

Dream Two.

Part One.

This dream I had really began in odd flashes without coherence until one night it coalesced into a full erotic dream.

It appeared that I had a sister, one year older than myself and we both lived in the same flat. Ever since we were young kids, we would often see each other’s naked body so it wasn’t at all unusual for us to move about the flat in a state of nudity. We’re both in our early twenties and she has a figure that many women would be jealous of. Not blowing my own trumpet, I am a fine figure of a man myself.

More than once she has said that it was only the fact that we were siblings that she hadn’t taken me to her bed. But the crux of the dream was when we were having a holiday on a Greek island when she wanted to take a photo of me, naked, in the pose of David, that famous statue. That was because of an ancient wall that looked just like the background of that picture often displayed of David.

With not a soul in sight, I had no compunction in taking my clothes off and letting her get me into the same pose and must say that at least by limp cock hung below my balls instead of sitting on them as depicted in David’s statue.

She took several pictures of me in this pose and I thought that that was the end of that, but I was wrong. For I found out later that she had picked the best one taken, and had it enlarged so that the picture was three feet high by one and a half, and had it framed and hung it in her bedroom. What else I didn’t know was that the shop she had had this developed and enlarged was partly owned by the occupant of the flat above, who I met much later.

My sister, Sally is her name, was a fashion designer, and a good one at that, while I, my name being Douglas, was a tour guide for a rather expensive travel agency. This meant that I would be out of the country for most of the year with a group of holiday makers in various countries. This meant a lot of studying to gen up on the places we visited, thanking God for having quite a good memory retention.

Being a lusty young male and quite good looking, I bedded many a woman on these tours, though mostly women who were old enough to be my mother, for these were the type of people who could afford to be on one of these tours. There were the odd chick or two that I had in their bedroom of the hotel we would be staying at.

It was a year and a half after my posing for that photo in Greece that I had my first Christmas and New Year at home for several years. We spent Christmas at our parents house but returned to our flat for the New Year where Sally wanted to throw a party for her friends on the eve and to see in the New Year. Also included in the invite were several of the occupants of the flats above and below us as well as those on the same floor.

Though we hadn’t been there for Christmas day, the lounge was still decorated with chains, mistletoe, balloons and a real tree with all its lights and tinsel. There were lots of snacks and drinks for everybody to help themselves and I think that everybody enjoyed themselves.

The strange thing was that the young man who lived above us came up to me just after we had sung Auld Lang Syne and asked if he could kiss me under the mistletoe. Now I wasn’t drunk, though you might say quite tipsy and didn’t refuse and he held my arms and gave me the sweetest kiss I’d ever had. None of the women that I’d kissed while on tour had been anything like that which I received from Phillip, which was his name. In fact, it was so nice that I even kissed him back for a second feel of his lips on mine. But with everybody else getting kissed under various sprigs, our kiss went un-noticed.

He went and got me another drink and we started talking and that’s when I learned that he worked in a photo studio that was also a shop in developing photos either brought in or taken there. He said that he had one photo that he would like to show me up in his flat, so thinking nothing of it, went with him, slipping out un-noticed from our flat and went up to his.

I was taken into his bedroom and got a shock, for there on the wall facing the bed, just the same as Sally’s, was the large framed photo of me as David.

‘I was so taken by this picture when it was developed for Sally, that I couldn’t resist in keeping a copy for myself,’ he said, his face slightly red in colour. ‘And when I saw you in the lounge, my heart stopped beating for a second and then started again at twice the speed. The living man of the photo and because of this, couldn’t resist the urge to kiss you.’ Here his face really went into a blush as he looked at me. He pointed to a piece of paper attached to the wall next to the framed picture and I saw that it had many crosses on it.

‘Every night, undressed, I stand before this picture and kiss it, just as we kissed downstairs where my legs trembled and shivers went up and down my spine. I’ve kissed this picture four hundred and ninety nine times and tonight would bring up the five hundred, though that number is not quite true, for it should be doubled, for I kiss this too,’ he said, putting his finger to my flaccid penis in the photo.

I was lost for words and stammered something quite incoherently not really knowing what to say to this declaration of his.

‘Would....would you let me kiss you again, in the flesh instead of the photo?’ he asked in a tremulous voice. I’m sure there was moisture in his eyes as I looked at them, seeing what appeared to be a plea in the question asked. Dumbly, still not quite sure of myself, nodded.

He then moved in close to me and held me in an embrace as we kissed for the third time and my arms involuntarily went round to hold him the same as he was holding me. In this close embrace with our bodies tight up to each other, I couldn’t stop my penis from rising up into a hard state inside my trousers. He felt this and pressed his groin tighter up to mine as we held this wonderful soft kiss that we were having.

We broke off the kiss, our faces red, but still holding each other tight.

‘Oh Douglas,’ he sighed, leaning his head down onto my shoulder. ‘You don’t know how much I have dreamed of us doing this instead of just kissing the picture. Would.....would you let me kiss the other part in the flesh instead of.....?’, he broke off from saying the picture again. His eyes having this pleading look again as he raised his head up from my shoulder. I was lost for words again and though I had quite a few of the women I’d had, kiss and suck my erection, this would be the first time that a man had offered to do this. Somewhat of having the thrill of the kiss from him, now wanted him to do just that to my now throbbing cock, and so I nodded, not being able to speak.

His eyes lit up and a big smile came to his face as he released me from our embrace and went down onto his knees in front of me. I was wearing jeans with a zipper that he then pulled down and he didn’t have to fumble inside for I wasn’t wearing underpants. My knees started to tremble as I felt his hand take hold of my erection and have it pulled out.

‘Beautiful,’ he sighed as he looked at it and I’m sure he licked his lips as I did as he bent his head forward and gave the head a kiss. Tremors ran all through my body at having the first man ever to kiss my cock and gave out a gasp as he took the head into his mouth and felt his tongue move over the exposed flesh. His mouth was hot as it closed over me and had his tongue move round and excite the G string and couldn’t help the shudder my body gave out as tingles ran straight from my cock right up and throughout my whole being.

His head began to move back and forth on me as he sucked and gently used his teeth to nibble away at me and my hands of their own accord, automatically came up to gently hold his head that was bobbing up and down on me. What with his teeth, tongue and mouth were doing to me, couldn’t stop the sudden feeling of having my semen start to move up from my balls to then start to come in his mouth.

His hand was now holding me tight as my hips began to move, my hands holding his head tighter as I began to come, jerking my hips up to him as I began shooting the whole load into his mouth. I’m sure I heard him give out a gurgle as I came and came again until I was empty of sperm, my whole body starting to sag at the relief of easing the tension that my body had been in at having this experience of a man taking me in this fashion.

My hands, releasing the tight hold, stayed on his head and gently stroked his hair as I felt the sudden suction as he must have then swallowed what I had given him before feeling his tongue roving round the head again before he moved back to release my cock and felt him once again kiss the head. His hands were gentle as he put me back inside my jeans, holding it almost reverently as he did so, pulling the zipper back up once I was inside.

‘What a lovely man,’ he sighed as he looked up at me, his eyes shining, his lips glistening and parted slightly as he smiled up at me. I helped him up from his knees and it was me this time that held him tight and kissed him for giving me the best head that I’d ever had.

‘Thank you Phillip,’ I said when we broke the kiss, both of us panting. ‘That was wonderful.’

‘The pleasure was all mine,’ he replied with his lovely smile.

‘Not quite, for I enjoyed it too,’ I said, pulling him back to me for another kiss. ‘But I think we’d better be getting back to the party before we are missed.

‘Yes,’ he breathed and seemed to take a deep breath before he spoke again. ‘But can....can we do this again, later? Tonight? Would...would you sleep with me too?’

Again I saw the pleading look in his eyes and now having had him suck on me the once, felt my cock twitch as if it was saying yes please, and so I nodded and got a hug. Now I can’t explain why I agreed to this, but I had and wondered just how far he wanted to go and if he wanted more, would I be able to? That we will find out later my mind said as we left his flat and went back down to the party.

There was still quite a crowd there so I don’t think we were missed for that twenty minutes or so, and it was another hour before people started to leave. Most of the food had been eaten but there was still quite a bit of drink remaining as we said goodnight to the departees until there were just Phillip, Sally and myself left.

‘Well that went off quite well I think,’ said Sally, flopping down onto the settee.

‘It did indeed,’ I replied.

‘Yes,’ said Phillip. ‘A wonderful party and I haven’t enjoyed one any better,’ his eyes finding mine and giving me a smile.

‘Well I’m for bed,’ said Sally getting up. ‘I’m knackered.’

‘Well I fancy another drink,’ I said.

‘So do I,’ Phillip said. ‘Why don’t you have that drink up in my flat?’ he asked, turning to me.

‘Yes, why not,’ I said and turning to Sally. ‘You get off to bed and I’ll be quiet when I return. We can clean up in the morning.’

‘Okay,’ she replied, and moved over and gave me a kiss goodnight and also gave Phillip a kiss on the cheek. ‘Thanks for coming.’

‘Thank you both for having me,’ he replied to her, but I think I caught a trace of it being somewhat of an innuendo for what might happen later, though in respect of me, not Sally. With that, she left the lounge and Phillip and I went up to his flat for this drink and for me to, for the first time in my life, to go to bed with another man.

We entered his flat and into the lounge where he went over to the sideboard that held several different bottles of drinks.

‘What’ll you have?’ he asked, hand poised above these bottles.

‘Oh, a gin and tonic please,’ my mouth quite dry with my mind going a bit haywire as what might happen shortly. He poured out two drinks and passed me a glass which I took a sip of.

‘Shall we take them into the bedroom?’ he asked. I nodded in reply and followed him to where the action was to take place. He put his glass down at the table on the right hand side of the bed and began to take his clothes off. I went round to the other side of the bed but took a big gulp on my drink before putting my glass down and on turning, saw that he was now fully naked and had an erection sticking out in front of himself. It bounced a little as he moved round and stood in front of my photo on the wall and kiss the mouth before bending a little and giving the penis another one.

‘Would like to kiss it too?’ he asked turning to me. I wasn’t sure if he was referring to the picture or his erect penis.

‘I’ve never kissed myself, or my cock before,’ I said with a shaky laugh.

‘Well there’s a first time for everything,’ he said, his tongue giving his lips a quick lick with his tongue. ‘Clothes off first though.’

Feeling a little embarrassed, began to take my clothes off, being unable to hide the fact that I too had an erection which was revealed when I was naked like him. I moved down to where he was and with a shy smile having him see me undressed and in the flesh, and leaned towards my picture and gave myself a kiss. Then with my face feeling quite red, kissed my flaccid penis.

‘I should do a picture of myself so that it can be kissed in the same way,’ he said as I straightened up and found his arms come round me and his lips meet mine in a kiss, our cocks clashing as they got squashed between our bodies.

Both of us were breathing heavy when we broke apart and his hand went down from my shoulder and onto my throbbing cock and gave it a squeeze and a rub.

‘Let’s get onto the bed so that I can kiss it properly,’ he said in a hoarse voice and I moved with him still holding me by my erection, him only letting go so that we could get onto the bed. I laid down on my back as he got on and rolled onto his side and leaned over and kissed me. It wasn’t a long kiss before he then kissed my chin, throat and chest, taking his time to kiss and nibble on both of my nipples. Next it was my lower chest and stomach as he moved further down until the tip of my erection brushed his cheek. He smiled back at me as he opened his mouth and turned his head and took the head of my cock into his mouth for the second time.

I gave another gasp as I felt the heat from his mouth as it closed over the head and felt him once again, tongue and excite me with his ministrations. My body flinched when I felt his hand take hold of my balls and relaxed as he moved them gently in his hand as he continued sucking on me.

He lifted his head off of me and the air felt quite chilled as it wafted over the exposed flesh after his body heat that had been transferred to it. He rubbed his cheek along the underside as he held it erect.

‘Would you put this inside me? Fuck me with it?’ he asked, eyes shining again as he rubbed it with hand and cheek. ‘Please say yes. It’s throbbing now and I would like it so much to feel it throbbing inside me.’

I guessed that this would come up, no pun intended as both our cocks were at a full erection at this point and had already decided what my answer would be, not ever having fucked another person up the backside. Well now it was being offered for me to do just that.

‘Yes Phillip, but.....’

‘You wonderful man,’ he gushed, interrupting me as he quickly slithered up my body to kiss me.

‘But you never let me finish,’ I managed to get out by breaking off the kiss. ‘Yes, I’ll fuck you as you want me to, but don’t think that I will have you do the same to me.’

‘That’s a pity with what you would be missing,’ he said with a pout, ‘but maybe a kiss like I do every night to your picture?’

‘We’ll see,’ I said, putting off the answer but then wondering what it would be like it my kissing the head of his cock. He enjoyed it, so maybe I would, but I let it pass me by for the moment as he moved by rolling over to one side of the bed and pulling open the drawer of the bedside cabinet. He rolled back towards me with a condom in his hand and tore open the wrapper to pull out the rolled up rubber.

He moved back down the bed and with some expertise, managed to hold my erection upright and deftly put the condom to the head of my cock and rolled it down to cover the whole of the shaft.

‘There!’ he said as he moved back up the bed and raised himself up onto his knees. ‘You shouldn’t need telling where to put it,’ he giggled. I gave out a sigh at what I was about to do, and that was to commit myself to buggering another man. I rose up onto my knees and shuffled down the bed and moved myself between his open legs, seeing really for the first time, the naked open backside of another person.

I looked at the cheeks of his bum and in between the two halves I saw where I was expected to shove my covered cock which made me tremble a little. Moving in closer, I put my left hand onto his hip and held my erection with the other and placed it to the entrance of his backside. I felt his body shiver a little as the head touched where it was going to go, and with my body weight behind it to keep it there, let my right hand move up to hold his other hip.

Now for my first foray into a foreign field I thought as I began to lean my hips forward, looking down to see the head of my cock start to open him up. Slowly, oh so slowly I began to see him open up and the head start to disappear until all of a sudden, it was inside him. He had given out a grunt when the head went inside and then gave out a big sigh as I watched the rest of my cock, the shaft to be exact, move out of my sight as my thighs closed up to the cheeks of his bum.

The heat was incredible, as hot as his mouth had been and I could feel his inside muscle flexing itself around the shaft as I came to a halt. I could feel my own cock throbbing away as his muscle kept squeezing me, and had him still doing this as I began to pull back, feeling myself sliding back in the grip he was using on me. Forward I went again and began to get into the rhythm of fucking the body beneath me.

I then realised the difference as I moved myself backwards and forwards inside him, between where I now was and the orifice of a woman. Here I was being held more tightly all round as opposed to the somewhat slackness of a woman’s vagina, getting more feeling by fucking in this confined space. The only difference being that his muscle was only gripping me in one place whereas with a woman, there were more muscles moving along the whole length, but not with the same intensity that I was now feeling as I fucked him.

If the truth be told, I was beginning to enjoy my fucking him, looking down and seeing my rubber covered shaft moving out and then in as I moved, holding his hips firmly as I pressed my hips up tight to the cheeks of his bum. With every forward thrust he gave out a grunt and was soon crooning as I began to move faster, knowing I was nearing my peak and holding his hips even firmer in my grip as I really began to try and ram myself even further into his backside.

I was then starting to pull his hips backwards to meet my forward movements and as I started to come, held him firm up to my thighs as my cock, now really throbbing, began jerking my semen out into the condom. It wasn’t until I came to a full stop, half leaning over his rear end did I know just how exhausting this was, feeling sweat running down off my forehead to splash onto his lower back.

‘Christ!’ he gasped. ‘That’s the biggest and best I’ve ever had,’ his muscle flexing itself like mad round the base of my shaft, my cock still throbbing away inside him. ‘Noooo,’ he cried out as I started pulling myself out him, a sucking plop was heard as I came free from the heat of his body and fell back onto my heels, panting at the exertion I had just gone through in my fucking of him.

‘That’s the hateful part,’ he began as he turned himself round, ‘when what has been giving me that pleasure, the pulling out,’ as he grabbed some tissues and pulled the condom off my still up and throbbing cock. These he cast aside and was quickly down to take the head of my sperm covered cock head into his mouth to suck and use his tongue to clean up the residue that was on and still inside my throbbing penis.

‘You’re a lovely man,’ he said looking up at me as he licked his lips. ‘Not only have you a beautiful cock but you taste lovely too. I can’t wait for you to rise up and have me again.’

He rose up and moved to lay back on the bed and opened his arms into which I went and had him hold me on top of him as we kissed, having those soft lips once again pressed to mine only this time I felt his tongue pushing up to part them. With me opening mine, I got an erotic thrill at feeling it moving in and out as though he was fucking my mouth with his tongue. It was a strange taste to feel his tongue up against mine as his moved over and under it and quite enjoyed the many pleasurable sensations I got from this erotic encounter. I was quickly learning more about sex than I knew before not having ever done this with a woman.

I could feel his hard cock throbbing as it was being squashed between us and his eyes were shining as we broke off the playing with each other’s tongue.

‘Will you kiss me down there now?’ he asked in a low voice, trying to gently ease me off of him. Why not, my mind said, it’s only a kiss he’s asking for, and so I rolled off of him and eased my body down until I was on my side and had his erection just before my eyes, lying there on his stomach.

It was with a tentative hand that I could see and feel trembling as I took hold of his erection and held it upright, this being the first time of actually holding another man’s penis. It felt hot and could feel it pulsate with the blood being pushed round it to keep it up hard. The skin felt so soft and easily moved over the solid flesh beneath it. The foreskin was stretched and halfway down the head that was a reddish purple in colour and I could see the eye half open and if I squeezed his cock, it appeared to be winking at me.

I gave my lips an unconscious lick before I lowered my head and half closed my eyes as I put my lips to the exposed flesh and gave it a kiss. Not one, but two and suddenly had the urge to suck it and therefore opened my mouth and took the head inside me.

I felt his body give out a shiver as my mouth covered this head and felt that it was like a hard and yet pliable piece of hot rubber. I also felt that in doing this, that his foreskin was pushed right down and only had the solid flesh in my mouth. I moved my tongue round it as he had done to me and felt that piece of thin skin called the G string that joined the foreskin to the flesh. As my tongue moved over it I felt his body give another little shudder and knew exactly how it felt.

This emboldened me to move my head up and down a little on this hard flesh and knew then that he was getting the same pleasure that he had given me in the doing of this. So much so, that I began to gently use my teeth to rake the flesh in my head movements. My hand automatically began to move up and down, feeling the soft covering skin to slide easily over the hard muscle beneath and got a thrill at my doing this and felt my own cock start to rise up again.

I should have realised that with his hips beneath now moving up and down in opposition to my hand and head movements, that he was approaching his orgasm and was unprepared when feeling the slight increase in the hardness of his cock that he suddenly erupted and I had the first surge of his coming hit the top of my mouth and into my throat. I nearly coughed with a choking sensation as this first surge began to slide down my throat as another spurt came into my mouth. This time I had managed to close my gullet and had it collect there as still more shot out of the eye, joining up with the second surge of his semen. A few more shots came out before I felt his body subside beneath my arm and a definite relaxation in both body and cock.

What do I do now was the question in my mind with a mouthful of his sperm, and he must have known what I was thinking.

‘Swallow it Douglas or you might choke,’ I heard him say, his voice sounding as though he was miles away. So with my eyes closed, did just that and had it slide down quite easily and it really surprised me at what I had just done. Sucked on another man and taken in his emission of sperm and suddenly felt quite proud of myself in having had the courage to do this. I lifted my head up off of his cock and gave the tip an unconscious kiss before looking up his body to see his smiling face.

‘Come up and let me kiss you for that you wonderful man,’ he said, and I’m sure that I had a stupid grin on my face as I moved back up and into his arms for that kiss. ‘That was your first time then?’ he asked as we broke off the kiss and I nodded. ‘Well it was bloody good for a first timer. What did you think of it?’

‘I...I can’t really say,’ I stammered, suddenly feeling somewhat ashamed of myself for doing it. ‘I...I didn’t think I would ever do such a thing, but, well, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be.’

‘Well it really affected you,’ he said as his hand moved down and grasped my hard erection. ‘Only having come yourself a few minutes ago and this is up and hard again is a good indication that you must have enjoyed the thrill.’

I have to admit that it had. Not only the holding of his cock but to actually suck on it and have him come in my mouth and to have swallowed his seed, and now felt quite proud of myself and now wanted him to suck on me again.

‘Yes I did and I would like you to go down on me again,’ I said.

We both had oral sex again after which, we both dozed for a little while, his hand fondling both flaccid penis and my balls until he had aroused me again. No mean feat considering how many erections I’d already had since being in bed with Phillip, and giving out my sperm.

‘I think you’re ready again,’ he said sleepily, his hand now holding the solid bar of meat I now had. I shook myself fully awake and leaned over and kissed him.

‘Do you want me to fuck you or do you want to suck it?’ I asked.

‘I’d rather have it inside me,’ he said, giving my cock a squeeze.

‘Well get a condom out then,’ I said and his hand left me as he rolled over and opened the bedside cabinet drawer and got one out. He opened the wrapper and dropped it on the floor before rolling back to me and sat up and put the thing on the head of my erection and rolled it down to cover the shaft.

‘Now you can use this lovely weapon of yours in me and I’m going to love it,’ he said as he rose up onto his knees in the middle of the bed as I rolled away to give him room. I gave his semi erect penis a quick rub as I got up onto my knees and shuffled myself round behind him, moving his leg to give me room.

I gave the cheeks of his bum a stroke as I rose up, seeing the cleft that I was going to move in between, the entrance to his backside all puckered up and waiting for me to open it. With my left hand on his hip, I used the right hand to guide my covered cock to the right place and with it nestling at the portal, let go and held his other hip. I looked down as I leaned forward and watched the head start to enlarge him, feeling the resistance of his muscle that soon gave way and saw the head of my cock disappear, followed by the shaft as my thighs came up tight to his.

I still marvelled at the heat I could feel of his inner body and tightness that surrounded my cock as I also felt him flexing that muscle, giving me a minor thrill at where I was at the present time. So for the second time, I fucked Phillip and enjoyed moving myself in and out of him as I did before and it wasn’t long before I began to pull him back onto my forward pushing to ram myself tight up to his thighs as I began pumping my seed out into the condom.

In between grunts as I rammed forward, he was crooning at having me tight inside him and gave out a groan when I came to a stop, leaning over his rear end, panting away.

‘God! That was lovely,’ he said, gasping for breath. ‘Stay where you are,’ and I felt his muscle contract to hold me firm as I felt his body start to slide forward onto the bed until he was prone with me on top and still inside him. ‘Now, move again so that I came come too.’

He wanted me to use my weight on his back to create more pressure to his front, squashing his obviously erect cock to the bed and have my movements on top to help him in this form of masturbation. I moved my hands up under his shoulders to grip him tight as I began to rock myself on his body, my cock still hard and moving in the same fashion as before.

‘Lovely,’ he gasped beneath me. Keep going, harder!’

This I did, really pressing down onto him as I carried on shafting him this way and it wasn’t long before he gave out a gurgle and knew that he was coming on the sheet beneath him.

‘Okay, I’m done now,’ he panted and so I stopped and brought my hands back down and lifted myself up and began to pull out. ‘This is the part I don’t like,’ he grunted as I could still feel his muscle gripping me as I moved back and out of him. Such was his grip, that he still retained the condom inside him as I was stripped of it as I pulled out. It looked incongruous, the open end of this rubber poking itself out from his backside which I grasped and pulled it out and dropped it on the floor as he rolled over onto his side before turning round and taking the head of my cock into his mouth to suck out any residue of sperm.

From one heat into another was my thought as I watched his bulging cheek as he moved the head around in his mouth, his tongue lapping up the excess that hadn’t stayed in the condom. It was a final suck before he let go of me, giving the head a kiss before coming up to kiss me as I lay there next to him, glad that it was him that was lying in the mess he had made on the bed sheet.

I then noticed that his bedside clock showed that it was almost five in the morning and knew that I really should go back downstairs to be in my own room before Sally woke up, just in case she looked into my room. That would give rise to her asking some awkward questions with me not being there if she did so. So it was with some reluctance that I said as much to Phillip and got up and dressed and after another kiss, left him on his bed as went downstairs to my flat and within twenty minutes was in my own bed and went straight off to sleep.


Part Two.

It was now New Years Day and I still had another week before going back to being a tour guide. Sally decided to do some work and so the lounge was full of her drawings when the door bell rang. I went and answered it and found Phillip outside.

‘Hello,’ he said in greeting. ‘Would you like to come up for a drink?’ I had felt my cock begin to move at seeing him there in the doorway and now it rose up to a full erection inside my trousers.

‘I’d like that,’ I said, and turning round, shouted out to Sally. ‘Going up to Phillip’s for a drink.’

‘Okay,’ she called back. ‘Dinner’s at seven.’ I looked at my watch and saw that I would have five hours. I smiled at Phillip and went out and up to his flat. We entered and he went to where the drinks were.

‘Beer or something else?’ he asked.

‘A beer would be fine,’ I replied and watched as he opened two cans and poured them into glasses and handed me one.

‘Would you like to kiss the picture?’ he asked with a shy smile.

‘Yes,’ I answered with the same smile on my face, and so we went off into the bedroom, taking our beers with us. As he put his down bedside the bed, I did the same as he began to take his clothes off. I too, took mine off as he moved to the picture opposite the bed and gave my picture first a kiss on the mouth and then one on my penis. He stood back and smiled at me, noting that he was fully aroused and his erection was standing out proud in front of him. He could also see that I was in the same state as I moved forward and kissed my picture in the same places before turning round and had his arms come round me as he moved in close for a kiss, our cocks clashing against each other as they got squashed between us.

‘There,’ he said, licking his lips after we broke off. ‘I’ve kissed the top half, now for the other,’ and pulled me to the bed where we got on, but this time he laid upside down to me. With us being on our sides, each erection was just in front of our faces. I looked at the hard cock with its head half out of the stretched foreskin thinking that before yesterday, I had never ever thought that I would or could kiss and suck on another man. But here I was, looking at what I had sucked and chewed on the day before and wanting to do the same again today.

I took the hard, throbbing piece of meat in my hand and took the head into my mouth. God, I was loving this as I felt the head of my erection being enclosed in the heat of his mouth. Being my first time of the two of us doing this at the same time gave me a thrill as I felt his lips push my foreskin down and his tongue move over the G string sending tremors throughout my body. I began to follow him in the way of using the tongue and teeth on a male erection, enjoying what was being done to me and what I was doing to him. Such was the thrill and excitement of doing this oral sex, brought me to my peak much sooner than I really wanted and couldn’t stop myself from erupting in his mouth.

Taking my slugs of sperm triggered him off and I felt his cock stiffen even more and actually felt it coming up and had him come in my mouth. I’d learnt yesterday how to close my gullet and hold his seed there as more came surging up to mix with the rest until he finished and felt that extra bit of suction on my cock as he swallowed my coming and I then swallowed his, letting it slide down my throat in one go. I felt so proud of myself in doing this and continued to suck and chew on him as he was doing to me until we both felt the penis start to deflate after quite a few minutes of these ministrations. With a final kiss on the exposed cock head, we released each other and he turned round on the bed and slithered his body up mine till we could then kiss each other on the lips.

‘That was delicious. Better than oysters,’ he said when we broke apart. ‘Whether it’s in my mouth or up my backside. Will you fuck me again when it’s ready?’

‘Of course. I like doing that too,’ I replied, giving him another kiss.

We lay together softly talking to each other as we stroked and caressed our bodies until we came back up to having another erection. I told him of my being a tour guide, adding that I’d never had sex with any of the male clients but managed to bed a woman on each tour, but maybe now, I might have another man to suck on and get to fuck too.

He told me of the work he did but didn’t have any chance with either sex in the taking of photos but occasionally came across some rather erotic photos that he developed looking at the picture of myself on the wall opposite the bed.

‘I’d like to take some pictures of this,’ he said as his hand was now fondling my semi aroused prick. ‘To look at and remember how nice it is to suck when you are away. ‘Not only of this but some of me sucking on it too. We could even take one or two of you stuck up inside me. Now that would be great. Tomorrow’s Sunday and my partner won’t be there, would....would you agree to doing some of these photos with me.’ He must have seen some kind of alarm on my face at being in such pictures for he quickly added. ‘There won’t be any other copies made and I’ll destroy the negatives. Please, say you will and then I can look at them and jerk myself off and believe that it is you doing it to me.’

He had such a lovely pleading expression on his face that I couldn’t say no to him and so agreed, well my cock was already now up and hard at the thought of actually seeing a picture of myself being sucked and of me fucking him.

With me being as I was now, he got a condom out and quickly rolled it down over my erection and got up onto his knees leaving me room to shuffle round behind and get in between his open legs. There I again had the pleasure of parting the cheeks of his bum and pushing my cock up into his backside, loving the compression of the head and feeling the heat of his body as I slid up into him.

He gasped again at the entry but then began crooning as I moved myself in the fucking of this tight orifice, feeling his muscle constantly squeezing the shaft as I moved. This was much better than jerking myself off and wished that I’d started doing this years before. It wasn’t long before I was holding his hips tight, pulling him back to my forward thrusts as I came inside him, loving this form of relief that I was getting and comparing the difference between fucking him and fucking a woman. It was not going to be the same again for me for I would always be thinking of his tight backside when in the slackness of a woman’s vagina.

It was a small cry he gave as I pulled out and he told me that it wasn’t pain, but the loss of the hard cock that caused him to cry out and then bemoan the emptiness that he then felt.

Even using a condom, there is a certain amount of sperm still coating the head and after using some tissues to pull off the condom, he bent down and licked this off and also sucked to try and pull out any residue left inside my still hard cock.

‘Lovely as ever,’ he said after cleaning me up and giving the exposed head a kiss before pulling me down onto the bed to kiss me.

‘Would you let me do the same to you?’ he asked.

Now was crunch time. Could I? Would I? Well he enjoyed it my mind said, so it can’t be that bad. I started to tremble at the thought of having his big prick pushed up into me. Would it hurt?

‘No,’ he said in answer to my question. ‘Maybe a little with it being the first time, but not if you relax. Relax the muscle there and it shouldn’t hurt. We’ll use some cream to help.’

It was with some trepidation that I watched him go into the bathroom and come back with a small blue tub that must hold the cream which he opened and placed on the bedside cabinet and got a condom out of the drawer. This he then put it to the head of his rampant cock and rolled it down before getting a blob of cream out of the tub and smeared it over the head. It looked a bit ludicrous as he stood there looking at me and knew that what I could see would soon be up inside me. He waited patiently there, waiting for me to move, which I did, slowly. I rolled over onto my front and came up onto my knees and watched him moved behind me and felt the bed dip as he got on.

He used a knee to poke at my right leg, making me move it further apart from the left as he then moved himself in between them. I was already trembling when his hand came onto my hip and flinched as another blob of cold cream was put to the entrance of my backside. This puckered itself when I felt the head of his cock touched me in the middle of this cream and took in a deep breath.

‘Relax Douglas,’ he said. ‘Relax,’ as his other hand came to hold my other hip and felt him lean forward and had pressure against my ring piece. I just couldn’t seem to relax the muscle there as he said, and really felt the head of his cock winning the battle over it, for I felt myself being widened as he really began to enter me.

There was a little pain as I was stretched to the limit and all of a sudden, the head was in me and I then felt him slide further in and had his throbbing cock in me as his thighs came up to the cheeks of my bum.

Wow! It was like having a crap in reverse, but better. I could feel it throbbing and creating all kinds of tingles to nerves that I didn’t know I had inside me as his hands now held me firmly as I felt it start to move backwards and forwards inside me. It was incredible and noticed for the first time that I now had a steaming hard on myself and by bending my head, could see it moving up and down to his movements behind me. I also found that I was drooling at the mouth as he slid back and forth in this first time of being fucked by another man. At every forward thrust, I felt him touch something inside me that made me jump a little each time and couldn’t help the groan at the multitude of feelings that ran through my body.

It wasn’t long before his fingers were digging into my hips as he pulled me back onto his thighs at his forward thrusting, ramming his thighs up to my bum as he neared his peak and then he gave out a groan as he held me tight to him and felt his cock head jump about as he started to come into the condom. I was really getting a thrill at feeling this, knowing that he was spending himself inside me and wondered if I would have felt it if he wasn’t wearing a condom.

He came to a stop and leaned heavily against my rear end and I heard him panting for breath and knew just how he felt then and a moment or two later, I felt him move up and started to feel that wonderful cock start to slide out of me. I gave out a little cry as he widened me again, feeling a lesser pain than the entry and now felt what like cold air wafting around my backside when he was completely out.

I fell forward and turned round to see him sitting back on his heels and he had some tissues in his hand that he was using to pull the condom off his still upright hard cock. I had really liked having him fuck me and now wanted it in my mouth and with the condom off, I could see that the head was glistening with some of his sperm which I tasted as I took the head into my mouth and sucked it off and also squeezed the shaft to bring any that had stayed behind inside.

‘I didn’t know that it would be as good as that,’ I said in a happy voice as I pulled him down on top of me as I lay back on the bed before kissing him. He felt as light as a feather lying there on top of me as we kissed, my erection getting squashed between us.

‘I can feel that it aroused you,’ he said with a smile and moved off and down my body and took me into his mouth and began to suck and chew on me till I came. ‘That was great!’, he said, licking his lips after he’d emptied me once again. ‘I wish I could have a picture of me sucking on you. Hey! That’s a great idea,’ he began after kissing and laying down next to me, propped up on his elbow. ‘Tomorrow’s Sunday and the shop’s empty, we can go there and take such a picture. Would you come?’

‘I just have,’ I grinned up at him.

‘Not that, silly. I mean to the studio. I can just see it now, you standing there and me with the head of your cock in my mouth. Even another one of you fucking me. They would be just great for me to drool over when you’re not here.’

He knew that next week I would be away for at least three months on my touring duties and I could understand what he meant.

‘You wouldn’t show these to anyone else now, would you?’

‘No fear! They would be just for me, or would you like some copies too?’ he said.

‘Definitely not,’ I replied. ‘I wouldn’t want Sally to find them.’

‘Okay, but will you let us do these pictures? Please say yes.’

His eyes were alight at the thought and it gave me a stir at wondering just what did it look like with him down on me and another of me fucking him.

‘As long as you promise that nobody else will see them,’ I said.

‘Cross my heart,’ he replied and so I agreed.

I’d had breakfast and was just leaving the flat dead on the agreed time, as he came down from his and we went out to his car which took us to his studio. There was a small cul-de-sac at the rear of where this was with spaces for the shop staff to park and we went in by the rear entrance, which made me snigger, where he turned off the alarms after entering.

The total area was quite large being very deceptive from the shop’s entrance, for this space was quite small, but it was this other two parts that were bigger. One room held the copying machines and printers while the other was what he called the studio. Here he took photos of people that wanted studies done of themselves. It also had a bed made up to one side and he gave out a little snigger as he told me that when some of the visitors saw this, would coyly ask if he ever took pictures of couples making love on it. ‘You’d be surprised at just how many I’ve taken for couples for them to drool over later. What they don’t know is that I kept a copy for myself.’

‘Have you taken any of two men doing it together on the bed?’ I asked somewhat shyly.

‘Yes. Let me show you,’ and he went and brought out a big album and sat down and the end of the bed and indicated for me to sit down beside him. He leafed through the pages showing quite a few of a man and woman having sex and also poses of them, all being of them naked. This included the males having sex and it turned me on looking at these pictures of men with rampant cocks either sucking each other in various poses and also of them fucking each other.

‘You don’t show this to anyone else, do you?’

‘Not on your life. If it got round that I did, I’d lose a lot of business. No, this is just for me and you’re the first person who’s seen it.’

He pointed out the poses that he would like of us to do.

‘How could you take the picture and be in it at the same time?’ I asked, a really stupid question to ask when I got the answer.

‘The camera has a timer on it. I just set up the pose and join in before it triggers the mechanism to take the picture,’ and felt rather foolish at not having worked this out for myself.

‘Now come and kiss the picture,’ he said as he closed the album.

‘What picture?’ another foolish question as I suddenly had an idea what it was going to be, and he pulled me up and over to where I hadn’t noticed before, was the same picture of me on the wall next to another blown up picture of David’s statue alongside it.

‘You mean other people see this of me?’ I said in an almost shrill like voice.

‘Yes, but they don’t know who it’s of. It’s just to show the difference between you and David and it’s this picture that brings me to take pictures like those in the album.’ I was a bit miffed that this picture of me was on display for other people to see, but on reflection, I was quite pleased to see the difference, my limp penis most definitely bigger than that of the statue. Even my balls were bigger.

‘The picture at home I always kiss when I’m naked. This one I kiss too, but wearing my clothes. This pattern I will change today,’ he said as he started to take his clothes off and I could see that he was already aroused as he stood there naked and kissed both the lips and penis of my picture. ‘Come on. You can do it too,’ he said, so I undressed and like him, had a hard on before I went and kissed the picture of myself twice.

So we both stayed naked as he set up the camera facing a blank screen which was of a pale blue colour and told me where to stand as he fiddled with the camera on its tripod. I felt rather self-conscious standing there naked with an erection sticking out in front of me as he suddenly moved from the camera and came and knelt down before me and took the head of my cock into his mouth. He didn’t move as he normally did when sucking on me nor did he use his tongue until the flash went on the camera, then did he give me a suck before getting up and going over to check the picture.

This seemed to be okay and he kept me standing there as he took several more, like with him just looking at the head as he held it in two fingers, up against his cheek as he smiled up at me. Another with as much of it as he could get inside his mouth and much later, after we’d had sex in another, took a picture when it was limp where he could then take the whole of my cock inside and have his nose buried in my pubic hairs. Some of them were long shots getting me fully in the picture, others were close ups, which then did emphasise just how big I was in that department.

The next set were with me on the bed and having him on his knees in front of me with me just having the head of my cock inside him and another with having him tight up to my thighs though you can’t see my prick in this one being really buried in his backside. Here, some close ups were taken of my cock head just inside him and a couple taken from underneath with my balls fully in the pictures as well as certain degrees of my shaft in view.

Finally, after being asked several times, agreed to have my picture taken in being fucked and sucking of his cock which, when printed, looked quite good, though these would stay in his album for I didn’t dare take any home with me.

During the whole day there, we sucked each other off three times and fucked each other twice in between getting these pictures out of the camera and having them printed out. A couple of which we took again as the originals hadn’t come out as good as he had liked. To me, they all looked great and they helped me get another erection to use in my fucking of him.

My dream came to an end with us both kissing each other’s cock head as we said a tearful farewell a few days later after having as much sex as we could manage before I went off to work and said that I couldn’t wait for my three month stint to end and be back with him.

* *

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