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Being far apart doesn't dampen the passion

After being best friends for 3 years the transition to being a couple was turning out to be the most fun Matt and Mia had ever experienced. Being virgins, they both had their own ideas and fantasies of what their first sexual encounter together would be like. Mia knew she wanted it to be totally spontaneous and full of passion but she had no idea if Matt was planning a rose petals on the bed special, full of meaning and tenderness or a beginners bondage experiment full of dominance and submission. After a long time apart with numerous Skype ‘dates’, phone calls and texts Mia knew that when they next saw each other their sexual desires for each other would be impossible to resist. Returning home after a hard semester at university, Mia was desperate to get over to see Matt. She took a long shower letting the coconut scented body wash caress and illuminate her skin with softness and warmth before applying the perfume Matt had brought her for Christmas along with her favourite pair of jeans and a sexy top with highlighted her perfect 36C breasts and drew in at her waist. Underneath she had chosen her sexiest thong accompanied with matching bra. One last look in the mirror, with her hair falling down either side of her face in loose curls which highlighted her features, assured Mia of how great she looked. Excitement began to set in as Mia jumped in the car. With music blaring she began looking back on how the transition had been so easy given the close friendship beforehand where kissing and discussing any reference to sex had only been secretly thought of in their dreams, well Mia’s anyway!

One last squirt of perfume, ruffle of the curls and pout of the lips in the rear view mirror calmed her excitement before Mia knocked on the door. She hadn’t even been able to knock for the 3rd time before it was thrust open and Matt’s muscular arms devoured her. Her feet lifted off the floor as their lips met. Mia tasted the minty signs of freshly brushed teeth and giggled. He had been as prepared as she was.

“Hi, you look beautiful and smell amazing, who brought you that perfume?!” Matt said sarcastically, wrapping his arm around Mia’s waist and kissing her neck right over her freshly squirted perfume.

“I’ve missed you so much, being able to be held tightly in your arms, kissed by your lips. I hate us being apart for so long!”

“Well were together now, although I wish it could be longer, 3 weeks of Easter sucks. I can’t wait till summer to have you all to myself for a few months.” He winked “Drink? Fancy a cup of tea or we could crack open one of those bottles upstairs I’ve had saving for a special occasion such as this!?”

“A bottle would be lovely; I’ll grab some glasses quickly.”

The couple made their way bare foot up the newly carpeted stairs along the hall into Matt’s room. Whilst Matt poured them both a drink she checked herself in the mirror once more remembering why she calls these her favourite jeans. Matt gazed over and almost spilt the wine as he became mesmerised by his girlfriends gorgeous curvalicious ass in those sexy butt hugging jeans which always got his mind racing.

“You look hot enough to me, now come over here and try some of this” He winked handed her a glass.

“Oh it’s sparkling, mmmmmm I love the feeling of the bubbles on my tongue!”

Matt leanted in to kiss her again but this time with a tongue just tingled by fresh sparkling bubbles. Mia felt the tingling on her lips as his tongue explored her mouth, now sweeter from the wine. Mia pulled Matt down onto the bed and the pair lye facing each other close, legs entwined. With glasses soon empty, he leaned up to grab the whole bottle but as he turned around she had propped herself up and kissed him. For a few minutes they became lost in a passionate kiss, more passionate than any other. This was the longest time they had been apart as a couple, it was tough, but Mia had been constantly sending Matt pictures and stories to keep him entertained and she knew this kiss was the result. Gently, Matt leaned his weight on top of her and his hands found their way to her hips and up her body to her waist. She was glad she’d made the effort because she knew she felt as soft as silk beneath his hands.

“Do you want a little more wine?”

“Sure why not?”

Mia grabbed the glass from his side and put it to the floor before grabbing the bottle, laying flat and pouring a little into her belly button. Matt’s eyes grew wide.

“There you go, just a little,” she giggled and smiled up at him, her hand holding up her top, pushing up her breasts.

His tongue tickled more than the fizzing sensation in her belly button but his tongue lapped up the small amount. He kissed her stomach, leaving glistening patches, which he gently blew on. Mia smiled as she felt her whole body tingling.

“More?” she softly whispered as she poured a little more fizzing liquid into her belly button. This time Matt placed his moist lips over the pool of liquid and sucked. She loved it more this time and went to pour again until Matt took the bottle from her, set it on the floor and passionately kissed her. His hands explored her stomach sensually before he placed one strong arm beneath her waist, lifted her slightly from the bed and with the other hand slid off her top. Mia felt her nipples hardening as Matt fondled tenderly with her thin silky bra. She opened her eyes to remove his shirt and reveal his toned muscular body that she had so greatly missed. Overcome with passion she pushed him off and rolled herself on top. She lightly kissed his forehead, then the bridge of his nose and down his face, missing his lips till she felt his warm chest against her moist lips. Her fingers found his belt and underneath the band of his boxers, both of which were quickly strewn across the floor. Her hand found his hard cock as she never broke eye contact. Ever so gently, she stroked and teased him until he had become rock hard when eventually she broke her gaze and kissed the tip of his penis. Her tongue slid along the underside as his eyes rolled with pleasure. With one had stroking the bottom of his penis, the other caressing his firm balls her tongue was free to explore. She took his penis in her mouth slowly, bit by bit, teasing him, circling with her tongue. She could taste the sweet pre-cum seeping out as she drove further onto his slippery cock. She enjoyed the satisfaction of dominance but knew her efforts would be rewarded. As he shot cum into her mouth she swallowed whilst letting some leak out over her fingers. Kissing him back up his body, he had a twinkling in his eyes which she had never seen before and it excited her!

“Now it’s my turn!” He said deeply as his strong arms embraced her again and flipped her over. His fingers found her wet pussy and he began tickling her hard clit as she moaned joyfully. After kissing and sucking her belly button, his tongue found her sweet hard clit between the clean shaven lips of her wet pussy. As he gently drove his finger into her wet pussy she cried out with pleasure and writhed beneath him, but now he was in control and had pinned her at the hips. Thrusting his fingers faster and deeper inside her he kissed her as passionately as he had done on the lips and she climaxed loudly.

Mia looked up into Matt’s eyes and whispered loudly, “I want you to fuck me right here, right now. I want you to take me. I want it to be you.”

He moved up her body and as their lips met so did his penis and her pussy.

“I want to take you. I want to fuck you so deep and hard. I want you to feel me inside you.”

With that he gently drove his penis inside. She let out a gentle scream but urged him on. The pain was less than the feeling of connection and passion that Mia had been waiting for so long. Once her wet pussy had taken all of his hard cock, he slowly began to fuck her, gently thrusting in and out. As her moaning became greater his thrusting became harder until Mia could feel his balls slapping against her.

“Oh Matt, yes, fuck me harder, oh Matt mmmmmmmm.”

Mia felt herself tighten at the same time as she felt his throbbing cock within her. Matt’s cock exploded with cum as Mia felt her first orgasm sending her to a world of euphoric numbness that took hold of her whole body. Matt rested his now shining body over Mia and hugged her tightly. As their eyes met they shared the same feeling of joy which linked them together for the rest of the night.

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