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Early on

Shy boy slowly catches on
As a teen I was socially awkward and shy, you know: a nerd. So there wasn't a lot of sex in my life, at least not with other people. So I read everything I could get hold of on the subject and spent a lot of time with my cock in my hand. The desire to fuck a girl was intense but I couldn't even imagine a path that would lead to sex.

When I turned 18 I went to my first adult theater. I was a bit scared and almost didn't go in but my horniness and curiosity won out. It was a big place that used to show regular films but had become a bit run down. The darkness inside made me pause by the door while my eyes adjusted enough to find a seat. Then I walked down the aisle and into an empty row. I was already hard from what I was seeing on the screen and kept my hands on my lap to hide the bulge. This also allowed me to use one finger to rub my cock through my pants without anybody being able to see. Of course there were other guys that had there cocks out and were openly jacking off but I ignored them.

After that first trip to the movies I was hooked and started going quite often, always sitting away from the other patrons. One night a couple sat in the row in front of mine a few seats to the side. I could see them quite well from where I was and soon noticed they were doing a bit more than just watching the film. The sight of the guy's hand up her skirt was incredible and I'm sure I watched them more than the movie. Eventually she went stiff and then started shaking; it was the first real female orgasm I had ever seen. After calming a bit she put her head down in the guy's lap giving him a blow job. Then he zipped up and they left.

I loved that experience (though I would have preferred to be the guy she was with) and hoped for more. And, in fact, I got to see such play quite a few times now that I was paying attention. It especially got good when I found some small porn theaters in Hollywood that ran 16mm movies instead of the big screen stuff. The movies were less “acted” and the people in them often weren't as jaded which made the sex scenes better (at least for me) and couples coming to these little places didn't have a lot of room to be away from everyone.

One slow night the place I was at didn't have more than a few guys in it. I was sitting in the back hoping watching the movie and hoping for a couple to come in, but I didn't have much hope for it. I heard the door and looked over but it was just another guy. What surprised me was he picked my row; what surprised me more was when he took the seat next to me. Then he just unzipped and whipped out his hard cock. I had seen plenty of cocks in the theaters but never one this close. And to my surprise it turned me on.

Being shy I tried not to let him see me looking but I don't think I fooled him. He just took my hand and put it on his cock before I could even think about reacting. It felt incredibly hot and the shape seemed very different, not at all like holding my own. I worried a bit about being turned on by a cock but did a mental shrug as I decided it wasn't hurting anyone and so there was nothing wrong. As I jacked his cock he rubbed mine through my pants. Then he surprised me again: he put a hand behind my neck and pushed my head towards his cock. I resisted a bit but he whispered that I would really like it and not to be afraid.

So there I was with a stranger's hard cock in my hand and my face just a few inches from the head. It was at that point I really started seeing the shape of his cock and how the head looked built to spread open pussy lips. This turned me on even more so I wasn't all that reluctant when he pushed my head down to the point where his cock was touching my mouth. I put my tongue out and when nothing bad happened from that I let my lips be spread open as a cock entered my mouth for the first time.

It didn't take me long to get really into it with my head bouncing up and down on him. Then he shoved his cock in deep and I felt him start to cum. I hadn't planned on him cumming in my mouth but realized at that point it was too late for anything else. So with spurts of cum hitting the back of my throat I swallowed as quickly as I could until he finished. Then he just stuffed it back in his pants, zipped up and left.

As I sat there thinking about what had just happened I realized I liked it. I also realized that sucking cock wouldn't turn me gay, all it did was open new possibilities.

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