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Easy Money- 3

Tricia goes back for more, and gets a double surprise
James texted me to say he'd be in town for the weekend, and asked if I wanted to meet up. The choice between working all day Saturday at the DIY store, or earning an easy two hundred for getting fucked took less than a micro-second, so I texted him back telling him we were on, then made a call to my boss.

"I'm sick. Won't be in tomorrow."

I could hear the disbelief in his voice, "What, again? Always at the weekend?"

"I'm having my fucking period, you shit. You want me bleeding all over the place?"

He got the message, never one for confrontation he said he'd see me later in the week. First chance I got I'd blow that shit-hole. My phone pinged again, James asking if I'd be okay with a threesome. "Same terms" I texted back. A cool five hundred and some mind-blowing sex, I thought, sweet deal.

I spent Friday daytime getting ready. My latest tattoo, the word 'Cumwhore' just above my right hip, had healed nicely. I thought James would like that one. I made sure I was neatly shaved, and looked at myself in the mirror. My purple hair was all spiky, my eye make-up just right, my blood red lipstick showed off my pale skin. 

I wore all my piercings, guys seemed to like that, Both nipples stood proud of my small breasts, and my clit ring drew attention to my tight pussy. I slipped on my black french knickers and push up bra, my black tights and mini skirt, a black silk blouse, a size too small for obvious reasons.

I zipped up my thigh-length shiny leather boots, shrugged on my long leather coat, and headed off to the hotel.

As usual, the reception staff gave me long hard stares as I waited for the lift. I stared back, a sneer on my face. I was off to earn overnight what they didn't earn in a week. Fuck them, the bitches. I resisted the urge to flip them the middle finger as the lift doors closed, and I made my way up to James' room.

I knocked loudly, and James opened the door. He had the lamps on, the room had a warm glow. He'd pulled off the quilt and overthrow from the bed, just the plain white sheet and pillows left on it. I turned and kissed him, our tongues mingling, his hand on my arse, pulling me close. I could feel him, already stiffening against me. I liked that I turned him on so much. 

I broke the kiss, making small talk as I took off my coat, dropping it on the floor by the wardrobe. James picked it up, putting it on a hanger, and pulling the mirrored door closed. I sat on the bed, unzipping my boots, then took off my tights. His hands were all over me, groping my tits through the blouse and bra, pressing his semi up against me.

I could feel myself dampening already. He dropped to his knees, slowly lifting up my skirt and pulling down my knickers, exposing the tattoo. He read the words. "You get that one for me?"

I'd never had a guy cum in my mouth before I'd met him, and now I loved the taste, so I guess it was for him. I nodded. He'd introduced me to quite a lot in our short time together James licked the skin around the tattoo, his fingers rubbing my cunt lips through the cotton.

"Who's this threesome with?" I asked, wanting to get on with the fucking.

"Tony's gone to the bar to get some champagne." he said.

I reluctantly pulled James upright, my hands undoing his shirt as his undid mine, the clothes being discarded on the chair. He undid my bra, my small tits free, and his mouth got to work on my nipples, flicking at my rings and sucking the flesh into his mouth. I reached my hand down the front of his trousers, rubbing at his rapidly engorging cock. There was a knock at the door.

"One second," he said. I smiled at the sight of him, his trousers tenting in front of him, bare chested as he answered the door.

I did a double take- a woman about James's age entered the room, bottle of champagne in hand.

"This is Toni," he said. 

I shouldn't have been surprised, James had a habit of springing things on me- a couple of months before he'd initiated me to threesomes with his mate, Paul. I'd never been with a woman. I eyed her over, about my height, dark, mousey hair, too much make-up, a bit overweight but well dressed. Fuck it, I thought, I'd tasted myself often enough, another woman's cunt couldn't be much different. I shrugged.

"Alright, Toni? You gonna open that bubbly?"

She smiled a hello, and made a fuss of opening the champagne, filling two wine glasses and a tumbler. I took the tumbler, rather that the offered wine glass, and swigged it down. I stifled a burp. James whispered something to Toni, then led me to the bed, slipping off my skirt and undoing his belt, his trousers dropped to the floor. 

He dipped his head down, kissing my stomach as I lay back on the bed, my eyes fixed on Toni's. I moaned as James's fingers brushed hard over my pussy, the cotton dampening further. His tongue tried to penetrate me through the material, before he slid the knickers down, my pussy now exposed, the clit ring catching the soft light from the lamps.

"Like what you see?" I directed my question to Toni. "Wanna get your tongue working?" 

James spoke. "Toni wants to watch for a while, she's nervous, ok?"

Instead of answering I spread my legs wider, and pushed his head down. "Eat me."

He didn't disappoint, his mouth closed over my lips, his hot breath on my wetness and his tongue probed my slit. I pinched my nipples and massaged my tits as I ground my cunt into James's face I looked at Toni, mouthing obscenities as he lapped at my clit, his fingers dipping in me.

He licked one finger and probed my arse hole, pushing sharply into me as he tongue fucked me. I could feel my face and chest redden, I was close to cumming.

"Fuck, get your tongue in me, make me cum for you, eat my cunt...." I pushed hard against him, my hips bucking as I came. James didn't break for a second, quickly slipping up the bed and feeding his thick cock into my mouth. I gagged as he thrust his whole length in, before I could slide my hand around his shaft and dictate the speed.

I was getting good at blowing him, I knew what he liked. I ran my tongue over the frenulum, then took his purple head between my lips and ran my tongue over it, my tongue pushing into the slit, licking his precum, then pulling him deep in, back down my throat, squeezing at his balls, then wanking him hard, my spit coating his shaft.

Toni had drunk her champagne, and started to remove her clothes, she wore a two piece powder blue trouser suit and a cream blouse. She got down to her underwear, her bra barely keeping her big tits under control. Her knickers didn't match the bra, and she wore a garter belt with tan stockings.

She sat on the edge of the bed, transfixed as I continued to swallow James's cock. He knelt on the bed, beside my head, his right hand moved down to tease at my cunt lips. Toni reached out, her hand on my leg, 

"Touch me", I said, taking James out of my mouth. Toni looked at me, then at James. He smiled. She knelt further on to the bed, her hand on my leg, stroking my thigh. He spread my legs wider and slid his fingers into me, then withdrew them, offering them to Toni. She took his hand, then sucked on his fingers.

James replaced them inside me, swirling them around inside me, then offered them to Toni again, who eagerly cleaned them. James's cock was getting harder, I could feel him getting close, and heard a throaty grunt from him as he let loose. I closed my lips around him, wanking him fast. His spunk hit the back of my throat, and he pulled back slightly, dripping his cum down my chin and tits.

"Wanna clean her up?" he said, and Toni moved up the bed, her tongue touching my skin as she licked up James's cream. I looked down as she flicked her tongue over my nipple. I had a mouthful of cum, and offered it to her, but she shook her head, concentrating on sucking on my tits. I swallowed, and licked the end of James's cock clean. 

"Shall we lose those undies?" said James. Toni undid the bra, her heavy breasts falling, her nipples big and round. I told her to lie back on the bed, fondling her tits and pulling at her nipples before moving down the bed to slip off her panties. She was partly shaved, just a tuft of hair above her clit. 

Her pussy was plump, her undies had been tight and dug into her skin, the garter belt and stockings framing her nicely. I put my hands on her thighs, her skin cold to the touch. Pushing her thighs apart, I dipped my head forward for my first taste of snatch. 

Toni shuddered as my tongue lapped at her lips, her musky scent reaching my nostrils, a not unpleasant smell. I dived in, the extra money a great motivator. I began to tease her, flicking my tongue over her enlarging clit, the hood getting wet under my ministrations. I ran my fingers across her hole, feeling her juices start to flow.

James sat on the edge of the bed, fondling her tits, while Toni gripped his cock which was stiffening again. She moaned as I pushed two fingers into her fat cunt, spinning my hand so my fingers were up against the top of her vulva, rubbing her g-spot as I sucked on her clit.

I bit her, gently. She pushed hard against my face with her hips, grinding her cunt into my face. I responded by flicking her clit hard with my stiffened tongue, fingers frigging her hard and fast.

Toni moaned louder, her breathing shallow and hard, and I gave my first orgasm to another woman. She came hard, whimpering as her body pulsed. Her face reddened, her grip on James's cock tightened, and her arse lifted off the bed, pushing herself fully at my face.

I drove my tongue in as hard as she pushed against me. She shook again, then fell back on the bed, gasping. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, catching his eye. He winked, and mouthed 'Good job.' We shared a deep kiss, James tasting Toni's juices on my lips and tongue.

I poured Toni and myself another glass each, drinking the cool liquid down in one. She sat up on the bed, chest heaving from her orgasm. I took another swig of champagne straight from the bottle, then leant forward and took James's semi hard cock in my mouth, the bubbles fizzing around the head. He groaned and pushed into me. 

I got into the rhythm of sucking him hard again, mouth and tongue and hands working on his shaft. I felt Toni kneel next to me, and James pulled his cock from my mouth and into hers. She took him greedily, one hand gripping his balls. I reached over and pulled at her nipple, feeling her tense, then relax into the sensation. 

Leaning over , I closed my mouth around the nipple, feeling the weight of her breast in my hand. Toni groaned, her mouth never losing contact with James's prick. She continued to blow him, while I sucked her tits and dipped a hand between her legs, getting three fingers in deep.

James gestured for Toni to lie on the bed, a string of spit looping from his cock to her mouth as she released him. She lay back, legs spread, as he slid into between her plump pussy lips.

"Sit on her face, Tricia." 

I looked at Toni. "Let me lick you," she said. I shuffled up the bed, straddling her big, bouncing tits, and squatted over her face. She gave me a tentative lick, not sure of what she needed to do, then her hands were up on my tits and she was pulling me down on to her tongue.

I was careful not to push down to hard on her, letting her set the pace. James pumped his long cock into her wet hole, her tits bouncing beneath me, and I felt behind me and grasped at her nipples, pulling them gently at first, then harder. Toni's tongue prodded into me, flicking at my clit ring, chewing on my cunt lips, then sucking at my clit.

I started to ride her face, pushing my cunt down on her face. She looked into my eyes, a look of wanting in them. She pulled on my nipple rings as she fucked me with her tongue. I felt myself cumming, rubbing harder on her face as I climaxed.

James skillfully fucked her, his cock sliding almost all the way out before pounding back into her, and it wasn't long before she came, her body trembling, boobs jiggling, face all sweaty. She begged him to stop.

I pulled James off her, and pushed him onto his back on the bed, quickly scooting round for some reverse cowgirl action. I dropped straight down on his cock, all wet from Toni's cunt juices, and began to ride him, my feet up on his thighs, arms back. James's hands on my hips dictated the speed, driving his cock deep inside me. I fucking loved the feeling, spread wide, cool air on my pussy and James's hot prick like a big dildo inside me.

Toni had recovered somewhat and was crouching in front of us, her face close to my twat. My cunt was stretched by James's cock, my youth allowing my lips to accommodate him without being permanently disfigured. Toni's tongue started lapping at my exposed clit as I went up and down on James. I felt her stroke a finger against me, then she pushed it inside me.

Fuck, that felt good, but a little uncomfortable, my cunt felt well and truly stretched. She added another one, driving me harder. She moved her hand to meet my motions, fingering the inside of my sweet spot. I felt a wave of pleasure I'd not experienced before, and then something happened.

I squirted.

Never done it before, but the combined pleasure of James's cock and the pressure of Toni's fingers triggered something inside me. Liquid gushed from me, soaking Toni's face, a look of disbelief on her face. I let loose another torrent, this time all over the sheets. 

James was oblivious to this, as he could only see the back of my head. Toni realised it wasn't piss, and curiosity took over, her tongue flicking around her mouth, then, as I squirted again, taking a flood direct to her mouth. Her fingers slid from my stretched, soaked cunt.

I rammed down hard on James's cock and he came inside me, pumping his creamy cum in me, mingling with my juices. I yelled obscenities as the pleasure washed over me, James slamming in to me to release the last of his jizz. I collapsed back against him, my cunt open, juices dripping out.

Toni leaned forward, her mouth closed over me, and began to eat me out, all of James's cum and the juice I'd produced, her face sticky with it all. Her tongue licked all around my hole, before dipping back inside me. I pulled at her hair, forcing her to move up for a kiss, our tongues sharing the spunk and squirt juices.

James laughed, "I knew you two would get on well," and slid out from underneath us.

He stood at the foot of the bed, looking at the soaked sheets.

"What the fuck happened?" he said, astonished.

Toni and me laughed, and got back to the job of clearing each other up. 

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