Elvira, my Spanish neighbor

By marcosurbina

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To fix home appliances pays it; never imagined this mature didn't wear panties if climbing ladders

This story I’m about to tell you is a real one. My name is Ricardo and my story goes back to when I was 18 yo, an insignificant person, weird;  rather a short guy, but strong. 1.68 tall.

Those high school chicks claimed I was very unattractive… horrible, nice and polite, though.  I was too skilful, capable, at  moving around without problems to flatter girls, court and finally conquer them. I liked to clown for them. Your next question would be: “Why should this guy be so ugly, and referred to as “the bug”?

Well, here comes the answer: my cock is a monster cock,  20 centimeters long and 5 centimeters thick; the biggest one in town and among my classmates too.   This fact had been so evident, not a secreet at all, so  half neighborhood had learned about this, and would comment on my good attributes. One or another chick had seen my large penis; others had not only seen it but  touched it  as well.

We used to live in a neighborhood with chalet houses, of good standards, middle class and our next door neighbors were a young couple. Their names were Elvira and Rafael -nickname Rafa.  He was 33, a vessel captain  on the Spanish Mediterranean Shipping Company.

Elvira was the owner of a sculpture like body, well shaped, 1.72 tall, I reckon. She was a petite with a bright mahogany straight hair.  Her eyes were of an ardent, intense blue and stood out, too evident in her dark brown skin, a bucked nose, and fleshy rosy lips.  She had a long neck, joined to a gorgeous torso, breasts 100/105 and then it continued through a small waist approximately 65.  If we resumed our tour through this splendorous body, you’ll inevitably come to Elvira’s hips and a killing ass. Her hips, along with her pretty ass, would measure not less than 96. Our tour finishes in a set of legs, so brilliant and beautifully shaped, precious legs, that they looked as if had been  turned in a lathe by a skillful carpenter.

This all made a fantastic body, and this mature had outstanding, fine good manners. She  always smiled at you, so delightfully, like a jolly, ebullient, jovial, girl.  She had become my best mom’s girl friend since time back,  but also was an excuse  for my  jerking off in my bed room having images of her. She used to mess with me, joyfully, and if having a chance, would run a hand over my pants saying:

“I already know about this place where I’d find some kind of treasure;  gonna salvage that some day. They say it’s a monster cock. Well, yes, I’ll check this soon.”

I had to jerk off immediately after listening to these words or it’d explode within my pants.


This story started developing on a good, glorious day on Easter holydays. We were having breakfast as my mom inquired this:

“Oh, Richard, could you do me a favor? Go get to Elvira’s house after breakfast and try to check both her lamps and stereo. They stopped working and  I know you love electronic stuff and can handle it quite skillfully, no matter how tricky the problem be.”

I began to protest, for had to attend to a foot ball game with buddies, as scheduled.  Mom began to get mad: I’d do her this favor or she failed to pay my income next week end.  This threat worked out fine in my mother’s case, and I mumbled a few words, reluctantly heading for Elvira’s place. I was fucking mad but this vanished as soon as she opened the door for me, and I saw how she dressed up.

“Good outfit, ain’t it?”  I thought to myself.

She wore a long shirt or dress, pretty fine, and a small robe on  top of it, which matched perfectly.  She was gorgeous this way, while I stood there  staring at her, dropped jaw, speechless.  Elvira, on the other hand,  burst out laughing, saying: “What’s the matter with you, boy?”  -I was 19yo.

“Never seen a woman IN A NIGHTGOWN IN YOUR LIFETIME?” She said:

Like I said above, I’m a good talker, gift of gab,  and despite my amazement, fascinated by the woman’s body, my good  reaction came to aid, and fight back.

“Oh, yes, that’s right, Mrs. Elvira… of course I have… oh… I’ve seen my mother in a nightgown but… she won’t match you, Mrs. Elvira, you know, you’re so daring charming. Never seen such a beautiful woman dressed like that… so early in the morning…”

She replied: “Come on, flatterer. You should figure out how a woman looks after I’ve gotten up. Must look horrible.”

I said: “Oh, d..d..dun’t you say that, Mrs. Elvira”,  shattering. “You’re so charming. Your husband would be jealous if I were elder.”

This confession made Elvira look at me in the eye,   thoughtful. A wicked smile danced in her lips, with a bright in her eyes, like never.  She led me in to the room I’d have to work on this stuff. This problem turned out to be too simple: the wall plug, or cord, perhaps broken.  I wasn’t concentrated at all, fixing the problem,  for it was more important to just looking at her as much as I could, while pretending this was difficult, too happy delighted byu the scene. She said:

“You listen to me,  Ricardito, I think this stuff seems complicated, but it’s the lamp here the most important of all. Try to fix it now.”

I said: “It’s ok with me, no problem. Let’s check the lamp first, then get back to the video.”

The lamp had some thread wires burned caused by an earlier short circuit, so it was necessary   to dismount it, carefully. I had some trouble at this,  for the ceiling was too high. After installing new replacements -spare parts- we faced the worst: to get it back to the roof, using a small ladder -I must say I’m a short guy.  She offered to assist:

“Let’s switch; you just hold the small ladder for me so I hold steady and screw the base onto its plate.

She climbed to the last step on top. I almost faint at seeing she had nothing on, or panties.   This way, I had a perfect view of her hairy mound, a reason for my cock to stretch out within my pants having a hard on. She kept on working on the lamp, to hang it and be suspended; took it easy, and got down the stepladder slowly to stare at the bulge in my pants.

“Oh, come on. Seems you have seen something important here, by the way? She said, pointing at the prominence in my jeans. Then continued:

“I’m the one to blame here, so proud.  This boy is moved by an old woman!!”

I said: “You’re not old; just a chick that has just made a show for me here. You got me a real hard on!!

She stared at me teasing… “Come on, flatterer, you creep, I wonder who might have taught you so fine manners, Mr. sugar daddy?” She added:

“Ok,  let’s keep on. Want a soda? You drink it while I’m in the shower and get dressed… ah don’t you dare to peer through the key hole, you little rascal.”

I was not a dumb to comprehend she had tipped me:  she meant it was a must to peer  through the keyhole, oh yes!  and started to come near the door, easy man, so she knew I already was on the other side.   Suddenly, the door was opened, her wearing only a long shirt; her tits aiming right towards me, with erect nipples; her bush  -Venus Mount-  was too hairy, well trimmed in its contour, shaved to the sides and upper side.  My dick was so hard, fighting to get loose off my pants.  Spaniard Elvira grabbed my hand and said: “Why not take a shower together? You ought to soap my back here.”  Showed me in.

Saying this and stroking my penis sweetly. She took off my shirt, then the pants. My hard on was too evident as the boxers resembled a circus tent.  She only used two fingers to slide my boxers down a little, but enough for my rod to spring up forward which made this woman standing in amazement, jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe her eyes…

“Oh my God, fuck, this is a real  dick, boy” she uttered. Is this what they call a monster cock? 


“Never seen such insignificant fucking penis, a monster cock like that in my lifetime.”  She continued.  “Darnit, how marvelous!!”

Her hand had begun to go down to feel the huge rod, her fingers stroking the veins softly.  Veins run round the penis, projecting like  tree roots. Her mouth paid attention to this, attracted   as if by a magnet,  and  hurled forward to begin an attack on the bulbous head, so big that she barely could get it into her. The woman’s small pretty mouth didn’t give up though, and opened wider, then swallowed up the dick slowly.

The Spaniard woman held the balls with one hand while massaging softly with fingers; the other hand grabbed my rod by its root making the skin slid up and down, while the mouth never left the head, sucking insistently.  I was becoming fond of this infinite taste and pleasure, so used my hands to push her head forward and my dick would go into her as much as it could.  She was doing me a fantastic blow job, oh, my God, so delicious!!

My dick continued to go deeply into her,  needless to say she was deepthroating my dick!!  I began to cum, spurts of cum,  and this almost made her choke.  Her mouth hardly could masnaged this, get rid of it,  seeing my dick spitting out cum all around face and hair. 

“What the Hell!!” she uttered. “We have a real spring of cum load here.  This is unbelievable!! You had time without cumming, darling?”

Saying this and licking the cum oozing out of the head, without wasting a drop, using the tip of her tongue.  My dick was still hard as a baseball bat. As seeing this, Elvira turned around, her back to me, placed her hands on the bath tub edge not bothering in taking off the nightgown first…

“I can’t wait to have it inside me”, she said so I lent a hand and slowly pushed my rod slowly so  it  wouldn't hurt.  Occupied as  I was in my new job here,  she insisted in having it into her pussy now.  Carefully placed the monster head cock at the entrance of her hot cavern.  This cunt, being tremendously hot and wet, aided in the rod to penetrate  with difficulty, though, but the head no sooner had cleared the entrance, than the  rod had began to make an easy way into her.  "I's a piece a  of cake", I thought,  getting finally to the deep end. My balls had already touched her ass, and she made sure about this by passing a hand through them, meaning it was already inside. “This isn’t true”, she probably thought.  My cunt has finally  made it. 


She said: “Come on, honey, nice and easy, move on slowly.  I remind you this is a monster cock inside me!!”

Saying this and shaking her ass with marvelous lewdness. My hands reached out to grab her nice tits above the nightgown, and noticed her stiff nipples about to explode. I massaged her tits at the same time as gripping her nipples with a rhythmical movement; I kept on crushing them, pressing down to get her into shaking her hips and matched me.   I had never fucked this doggy style before!!

This made me to have body cramps; I sensed my balls like boiling and began a wild, reckless slide in and out. At this moment I  cummed into her vagina, made her scream, and a howl was so loud that probably it was heard outside and around the neighborhood as well. My cum load had been finaly jet wthin  an immoral ass shaking recklessly, out of control.

Elvira cummed like never in her lifetime. We calmed down and headed for the bathroom to take a bath. I was happy giving her a hand at washing her little cunt, and felt it smooth, lovely and pleasant. I Had never touched a pussy before.

Spaniard Elvira was longing for a second orgasm, so got hot again after we cleaned. She ordered me to sit on the bath tub bottom. She sat with a leg to my side, the other on the bath tub rim. She parted her cunt labia with her fingers and asked: “Come on, lick my pussy! here."

This seemed nauseating at the beginning –even made me sick-  but as soon as my tongue touched the cunt with the tip, and I began to inhale a nice scent coming from a pussy, I decided to go ahead and got comfortable to do her a good pussy eating, carefully tongued fucked this mature taking care of any event, in case something wrong happened. It tasted wonderfully!! This was another glory hole.

Her clit had now gotten trapped between my lips and never came loose; my tongue licked around it.  This made her to moan desperately, letting out another growl as laud as the previous one, when I noticed a thick liquid: it was white and to my amazement, it had begun to turn whitish, oozing out of her, so good that I didn’t waist a single drop, or let it drip either. As my dick was hard again, I came up with another idea:  take advantage of the woman, as she was now half confused, stunned by the orgasm she had just had. I turned her around softly, getting her on her 4’s, by spinning her body on the bath tub, got the gel, spread it gently in my cock. Farther on, I got to her asshole where it was impregnated on all sides. My hand stroked the pussy on and off. I parted her asscheeks, sliding my finger slowly into her anus. She bucked at feeling this, but didn’t resist. 

Elvira had now two fingers inside her vagina, while the other one was within her tiny asshole. I had to make them go in evenly, so it was necessary to put the remainder finger in her anus deeper, slid more into her. This one had begun to slide in and out to make her widen. She already had her pretty eyes closed, still clutching the bath tub, shaking the ass smoothly, apparently enjoying the pleasure supplied by the finger contact.

I had plot this beforehand; would be the moment for my bulbous head to begin an approach to her landing strip, and I could see her ass crack at shooting range. I took my fingers off her with a swift movement and replaced them, equally fast, by the head cock.

Elvira let out a loud scream for the intense pain produced, and tried to withdraw, like a horse that bucked the rider. This turned out impossible: I had grabbed the hair firmly to secure her, won't get loose.   She said aloud:

“Oh, you motherfucker, get that thing off me!! Don’t you know my asshole is virgin? Nobody has ever fucked me from behind, you stupid!!. You’re a brainless unintelligent person, how dare you?”

I replied: “This is your chance now for you to have one of these. You're an adult hooker, aren't you? Don't fucking move!!"

Saying this and sliding my cock slowly within her.  This  Spaniard began to cry, weep, complaining it hurt, yet she slowly calmed down, and composed, beginning to shake the ass softly while I pocked along the hole smoothly like a hot piston, stroking her tits of an on.  This mature  kept  howling from pleasure, while I puffed, breathing hard. Out of the sudden, our bodies arched. I slid back my cock, pushed into her again and penetrated to the deep end, where a cum spurt flooded her.

She begged: “Oh yes, darling, oh, yes, like that, fuck me like that, please, give me more, that fucking cock!! Oh, tear my ass, it’s  delicious!!”

Elvira's loud scram was heard around the house: “Ooohhh, I’m cumming like a real  bitch, this is so incredible… more, darling, how delicioussshhhh!!!!”  uttering obscenities.

We almost fell off the bath tub due to the excellent cum we had had. She dangled off my neck and kissed me passionately, saying she appreciated and treasured what I had done to her, but I was the one who should show gratitude here. A real bitch had introduced me into the marvelous world of sex and its  many options.  We finished bathing and she said:

“Oh, Ricardito, I remind you gotta  drop by my house tomorrow and  try fix my video, remember?

I replied: “Don’t you worry, Elvira, I’d be glad to, with much pleasure.”

Starting from this day, there was always a chance, an excuse to get to my neighbor’s house, coz items   happened to break down so frequently…this one hot virgin had given up her petite ass to a hard fuck with me.  She was better in bed than a pillow and got fucked hard!!