Englishman in New York

By writingvixen

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The entire security office will be watching me ravage you.
I watched the people as they walked through Times Square. I followed his instructions to the letter.

I am wearing a black bolero sweater silk blouse, grey, his favorite colour and I am minus my 36-C bra (per his request), a size 8 black pencil skirt that falls just below my calf and had a back split up to my mid-thigh (sans panties again another request), black stockings and 3-inch open toe pumps to show off my perfectly pedicured steel grey polished toes. My caramel skin is glowing and my long brown hair gently sweeps against my shoulders.

I can feel my excitement building as I search for him amid the roaring hustle and bustle. Each step I take through the busy plaza reminds me that I am finally going to meet him face to face today.

After six months of getting to know this man online our general chats about our lives, his in London and mine in Los Angeles quickly turned into something so much more! One night after sharing our sexual fantasies we decided that we would meet in New York for our six month anniversary and consummate our relationship formally. I never dreamed this would happen but I'm so glad it did. Our love stood the test of time and we agreed to meet here in Times Square. I know its an odd place to meet someone for the first time.

No more LUSH messages, YM's, off-hour telephone calls or Skype meetings. Today I would meet my cyber love for real! The thought of touching him and finally feeling him touch me made my nipples stand erect on this beautiful spring day.

The mood in Times Square is electric, vibrant, and brewing with endless possibilities for this beautiful lovesick girl and an Englishman in New York. The irony that neither of us is from here does not escape me at this moment.

I think I see him under the Argent Hotels ten-story billboard of Sean "I Am Diddy" Combs among the crowded square.

"I can see him," I say as my heart begins to flutter.

He looks exactly like the picture he sent via email six months ago. His alabaster skin, brown doe eyes, strong nose, chiseled cheekbones and puffy lips stand out in the crowd.

He is handsome, I thought.

I see Seth's 5'9 inch athletic frame and I helplessly begin to run through the plaza calling his name as onlookers stand by and watch him as he begins to run towards me. His navy single button suit, crisp white shirt and grey tie stand out among the geeks, freaks, tourists and performers in Times Square and his knapsack rests gently upon his shoulders. As we run towards each other through the crowd his smile grows and his jaws relaxes as his smile widens. His dimples accented by his beautiful sparkling eyes. My heart is beating so fast. I feel the pulse in my neck pump blood to my vital parts and in an instant my breath stops as he collects me into his arms.

My London bloke says, "Hello Melonie," in his sweet husky tenor voice and plants a wet one on my kisser.

I instantly move closer to him. Our bodies careening together as if they are one. No more words are spoken, our tongues meet and instantly get acquainted like long lost friends. After what seems like an eternity of us kissing in Times Square, we step back from each other and admire the each other.

His hand gently glides across my arse and he squeezes it, winks at me, and says, "Good girl! You followed my instructions."

I smile and say, "Of course I did it was a simple request and I wanted to make sure that you were pleased when we finally met."

He leans over to whisper in my ear while his hand gently grazes my nipple and lands on my arm, "I hope you don't find this crass but I can't wait to have you!"

I giggle like a child chasing bubbles that are floating in the air and say, "I thought you'd never ask."

There is a silent animalistic hunger exchanged between us and our union is the only way it will be filled. He senses that and grabs my hand and leading me across West 44th into the lobby. As the Doorman welcomes us to the Intercontinental Hotel, I move closer to Seth and kiss him again, partially in disbelief that he is actually here and partially because I am anxious to be with him. We glide through the beautiful lobby and as we walk to the elevator bank Seth stops by the front desk, leaves a letter sized envelope with the Desk Agent, and he receives a key card envelope.

Seth quickly joins me at the oversized chair on which I sit and takes my hand to assist me getting up. He briskly pulls me into his arms, swats my bottom and plunges his tongue deep into my mouth. I kiss him back hard, taking his lip into my mouth and biting it. He lets out a deep moan while I begin to pull at his tie and I am startled by this very public display of affection but highly aroused at the same time! The people around us politely smile as we continue kissing and petting each other.

The loud DING interrupts us and guests begin to exit the elevator. I huddle closer to his body hugging his waist even tighter. We step onto the elevator and a security guard joins us and asks us, "What floor?"

Seth smiles and confidently responds "Fifteenth Floor."

The guard presses the fifteenth floor button and he quickly presses the third floor button as well.

Seth, instantly replies, "Thanks man," in his cute British accent.

The door opens on the third floor, the guard turns the key, steps out and as the doors begin to close he replies, "Have a great time you two!"

Before I can even process what is happening. Seth takes my face into his hands and he kisses me. Not like before, but a hard passionate kiss and he pushes my body back against the elevator wall. My legs open slightly as his body pushes against mine.

His hands quickly move down my body and he whispers, "This elevator will be locked for the next twenty minutes and everything we do is being video taped for us and the entire security office will be watching me ravage you. If you agree to this my pet raise your hands over your head."

He intoxicates me and his voice pulls me in like a magnet. His mouth has made a trail down my neck, I reluctantly surrender to him and lift my hands high in air above my head as I moan in lust filled ecstasy. My eyes shut tight as he grabs my button down tank and yanks it open releasing my tits. He sucks my nipple into his mouth and begins sucking and biting it. His mouth greedily attacked my tits, neck and shoulders. His hands pull up my skirt, exposing my nicely shaven peach and I feel like he is pinching my clit only to discover that he has applied a clit clamp. The pain radiates through my pussy as his teeth grind harder on my nipple. His fingers enter my honey pot as I moan in extreme pleasure and exquisite pain.

Seth struggles to open his belt and I quickly take a loose his trousers. My clit is on fire and with every movement I make sends a searing pulsating pain that radiates throughout my cunt causing my legs to tremble.

His cock is in my hands now and his slacks at his ankles. I guide his mushroom shaped head to the entrance of my love canal and we look at each other knowing what is about to come next. I kiss him again while raising my hands over my head again in complete surrender while his eight-inch cock plunges roughly into my cunt. I quickly draw in air as I feel his body press against the clit clamp, which causes me to cum like I've never done before. I moan and breathe heavily into his mouth as he begins to heave his thick cock deeper and deeper inside of me all the while pressing against the clit clamp. The tension below the clamp is unbearable at the same time causing me to have a quick succession of orgasms. He smiles at me between each explosion as he lifts my legs off of the floor and he takes me harder and harder. My legs wrap around his waist as he begins grinding his cock furiously inside of me.

Our eyes meet and he says, "The minute you put your arms down I will stop!"

I look him straight in the eyes and lift my hands up higher above my head without a thought in my mind that this is all being recorded. My hips begin rocking against him, thrusting harder than I ever believed I could. I kiss him again and begin sucking his tongue as I fuck my love for the first time in real life.

This is better than I'd ever imagined and he is more than I ever dreamed he'd be.

My body is quivering and I am completely under his control. I shudder again as a raging orgasm rips through my body as the clamp tightens around my now swollen clit causing me to feel faint. Seth senses I have had enough of his pounding and withdraws his cock and gets down on his knees and he begins to lick my pussy.

At first he looks up at me, smiles and puts three fingers inside of my dripping cunt and then he licks around the clit clamp and sucks one of my lips into his mouth. I loose control of myself and I scream, "Ooooh yes," as my hands guide him deeper inside of me.

Then he looks up at me tells me once more, "If you put your hands down I will immediately stop!"

"Fuck me Seth," I begin to purr playfully. Begging him to enter me again.

I comply with his wishes by placing both hands back in the air against the walls of the elevator. My tits lifting and the strain of my arms cause my back to arch. My body begins jerking as Seth's stiff fingers find my g-spot. I am overcome by a wave of excitement and I find myself yelling, "Fuck me Seth! I am yours. I've waited so long my love I need you."

He stands and releases my now raw clit from its clamp while he sucks it hard to bring the circulation back. A blinding orgasm takes over me and I squirt in his face. He smiles and licks at my cum while he pushes two fingers in my ass. I moan again and the sound is so foreign to me yet so familiar. Seth stands and pierces my cunt again with his thick hard cock while fingering my arse. I gasp for air and wrap my legs back around him as he begins to fuck me with the precision of a drum line. Syncopated, hard, pounding, cadence and precision, choreographed to perfection.

His breathing gets ragged and sweat begins to pour from his body as he applies stroke after stroke after stroke inside of my body kissing me the whole time careful not to loose our connection or break our rhythm.

My arms grow tired and his speed finally reaches a crescendo and he blurts out, "Bloody hell! I'm gonna cum, my love." So I lowered my arms and wrap them around his neck as he pounds his spunk deep inside of my pussy. He spasms and jerks as one more orgasm rips through my body and he releases a long singular strand of his cum inside of me.

We kiss some more and his telephone rings. He grabs my clothes and hands them to me and says, "The elevator doors will open in exactly one minute. Let's get you dressed babes."

The DING of the elevator occurs just as I am putting back on my last open toe pump and the Security Guard smiles at me and hands me a shiny CD. "This is for your late night viewing pleasure."

I blush and say, "Thank you,” as we get off of the elevator leaving the stale smell of our sex behind.

Laughter erupts between us and we begin kissing again. "What a lovely dinner," you say as we pass an older couple in the hallway.

I straighten your blazer and try to fix your messed up hair and reply, "Yes, dinner was fantastic! We'd better order Room Service for dessert!"

We share and easy laugh as he says, "That has already been arranged."

To be continued …

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