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Eva's Rising Secret

Somewhere over the Atlantic she woke to a familiar glow between her legs.
Eva ran down the stairs tugging her hastily packed luggage. After a long winter semester at boarding school in Switzerland, she was excited to be returning to Jamaica. She anticipated in earnest the summer, the parties and laying on the beach. She was turning 18 in a few weeks and hoped her doting dad would provide her with a big party.

The product of a Swiss mom and Jamaican dad, she was an attractive girl. Her slim hips, small upturned tits and bronzed skin gave her an exotic island look. The boys became all wired up when she wore her bikini. She loved the attention and provoked it with every chance she had. There was however, a dark side, one she kept well hidden.

Roy met her mom while working in England. Theirs was an unlikely union, and they lived in Jamaica, although they were now divorced. Eva's inheritance was a double dose love of sex. In the last year and a half she frequently spied on her dad as he pounded the housekeeper or any of the many household helpers that had been in his employ. It was then she began to masturbate, and she burned with a desire to be filled with cock.

Her mother, Sophia, was slutty. With her blond hair, model looks and Swiss accent, she drew men like flies. Whether it was payback for her philandering husband or not, she cuckolded him many times with the gardener and the roofer. The previous year Eva even caught her in a ménage à trois with both of them.

Eva was a voyeur and she enjoyed watching people fuck. At boarding school she sometimes masturbated to the sounds of other girls making out in the dorm, but what really turned her on was the sight of a big black cock reaming out a tight pink pussy. For six months she dreamed about returning home to let loose and it couldn't come soon enough. Sure there had been the occasional cock to sample, but the thought of a kinky headed black guy lapping her cunt was all she needed to get her over the edge.

"I guess I am more like my mom than I imagined," she thought, as she slipped off in dream during the transatlantic flight. Somewhere over the Atlantic she woke to a familiar glow between her legs. That, coupled with her swollen nipples, made her realize she just had another taste of her recurring dream.

The flight arrived late in the evening and they went directly to the condominiums, which were situated just outside the town and had a great view of the city. Entering her home, the first thing that greeted her eyes was the sign emblazoned on the wall: "Welcome Home Eva!" She then realized that a surprise party had been prepared for her, as the room was filled with people, decorated with ribbons, and there was plenty of food and drinks.

Sophia was there and so was Sylvia, her younger sister. Though they were divorced, the family was quite amicable; Sophia still lived in the family home just outside of the city.

Roy's poker friends sat around drinking and discretely ogling the women, or helping themselves to the buffet style food. Sylvia was less discrete, her flaring hips shook and wiggled as she walked and she made no effort to hide the fact that she stared directly at the men's crotches, trying to discern the size of their cocks. A couple of her high school friends were also there and the chatter level increased as they recounted details of the past months.

Eva's eyes searched the room for one particular guy, someone she had fantasized about many times. He was absent and she felt a tug of regret and became a little despondent. Too shy to inquire about him, she stared off into space. They had met the last time she was home and she melted each time he looked at her. Only a few years older than she, he lived next door with his girlfriend.

A few hours later the roar of a motorcycle ascended the hill. Eva looked out from the balcony, yet she knew without looking that it was Tre. Glancing down she watched him shrug his broad shoulders as he slowly unzipped his leather jacket. Her pussy gushed, while she involuntarily clenched her legs.

A few minutes later Tre walked through the door, greeting everyone with a smile as he sauntered over to Eva and kissed her on the cheek.

"Welcome home," he whispered in her ear.

Eva blushed deeply, grateful that it went unnoticed in the fading sunlight. Her cheeks burned from the touch of his lips and she could only mumble like a tongue-tied school girl. Her nipples stiffened, and she wondered how this man could have such an effect on her.

She couldn't remember the first time they met, but she always had a crush on him, in spite of his many girlfriends. As she matured she practiced her wiles trying to get him to notice her, but all she ever elicited was his smile.

Tre smiled as he looked in her eyes, his nostrils flaring as the scent of her perfume lingered. He wondered about the chemistry between them, as she had blossomed considerably in the last six months. As his eyes caressed her curves, she instinctively bit her lip, turning away from his gaze.

"I am going to grab a plate," he said.

"I think I will too... I have been so caught up chatting that I completely forgot to eat something."

As they stood around the table talking, her proximity caused his cock to jump. He looked across and saw Sylvia staring at his growing bulge. From across the room she slowly licked her lips as their eyes made contact.

After more small talk Tre left to get some drinks, and Sylvia pulled her sister aside. Both girls though only a darker shade of their mom could speak with Jamaican accents. "You want to fuck him, you know," she said which caused Eva to gawk at her sisters directness. "And he wants to fuck you, too."

"How can you tell?" she giggled.

"Haven't you seen the huge bulge in his pants? He must have a really big cock!"

"And how do you know so much about cocks?"

"While you've been away Tom has been fucking me."

"Tom ... our gardener?"

"Yes ... I caught him fucking mom and I blackmailed him into fucking me or I would tell dad. Now he fucks her in the morning and as soon as she leaves for the office, I bring him to my room to eat my pussy and fuck me. He says he can't get enough of my sixteen year old pussy."

Eva had always been close to her sister and they kept each others secrets, so she wasn't surprised when her sister motioned towards Tre and said, "You better jump on him, or else I will."

The night was winding down when Tre approached Eva. "You must be tired, jet lag and all that."

"Au contraire," she said, "I am all amped up. I haven't been home in ages and I want to see the town and the beach."

"Would you like to go for a spin on my bike?"

Her eyes held his gaze for an eternity and when she never answered, he gently led her by the arm.

"Dad, Tre is going to take me for a ride into town."

Roy eyed him suspiciously, but Tre shot back an "its okay you old dog" look and they both sort of laughed.

"Come with me, I'll get you a helmet and a jacket."

Eva was curious to see the inside of his apartment; she followed him, wondering where might his girlfriend be. There was a picture of both of them on the coffee table so they must still be an item.

"Where is your girlfriend?" she asked casually.

"Her mom is sick and she moved back to Montreal a few months ago," he told her. "She'll be back when things change," he added.

Eva felt her legs wobble as images of Tre crept into her head. Countless nights spent fingering her pussy and dreaming of him made her sweaty and her breathing ragged.

They walked to the bike. After helping her with the helmet strap, he mounted, then helped her to situate herself on the seat. The days might be tropical but the nights can be quite cool on the bike with the wind whipping by; the leather jacket was soon well appreciated.

Eva tucked herself into his back. Firmly clasping her arms around his waist she left him no doubt that she was digging him.

They arrived in the town in minutes, took a quick circle then headed out on the south road before stopping at Tony's Pizza, an outdoor sidewalk cafe style pizzeria. Ordering a couple of beers they watched the locals and tourist, until the furtive eye contact between them intensified and they felt the need to escape.

"Where shall we go?" he asked.

"Take me somewhere...let's do something exciting!" she replied. Throwing her arms around him she pressed into his body, inhaling his leather scented perfume.

They took off to the north then turned upwards into the hills. He had just the place in mind, a deserted sugar cane mill. Abandoned and isolated, it was originally built by slaves and now all that was left were a few walls and a water wheel which still turned slowly, and a stream that flowed to the sea.

"Want to go for a swim?"

"I didn't bring a swimsuit!"

Tre just laughed and began to peel his clothes off. Eva's eyes popped when she saw his cock; not yet hard it looked beautiful, just like in her dreams.

"C'mon, you are not going to wimp out now!" he prompted.

She began to strip, undecided whether to at least keep her panties on before deciding to chuck it all and go for broke.

The water was surprisingly warm and invigorating. He casually mentioned that an act of nature had merged two springs and the water was being heated by a mineral spring.

Holding her close, she pressed her warm body against his. Her nipples, soft and pliant, hardened as his fingers caressed them. Lingering slowly, his fingers explored the beauty of her female flesh. Taking cue he slowly sucked a nipple into his mouth.

The small soft mound of flesh, with a pert pink nipple the size of a dime trembled, as his lips enveloped them. Lapping and gently biting them, he played over them with his teeth.

"Ahh yes suck them! Aiyee, yes bite them... harder! Oooh that feels so good!"

Eva's pussy throbbed, it was wet and gooey and her clit was hard. She rubbed her pussy up, down, and across Tre's hard cock. Kissing him on the side of his neck she reached up and sought those lips that had been in her incessant dream. Tongues danced together as their hands explored each other. Pent up energy was superseded by reality; she felt the first wave of her orgasm approach, then she careened forward till she came in a shudder.

Realizing exactly what had occurred Tre lay her across the stone wall; the dry moss provided an excellent bed and protected them from scrapes. Parting her pussy with his tongue he licked and sucked her swollen pussy as she arched in her effort to both contain him and to escape the pleasure he created between her legs.

Eva groaned and cried undecided. The more he tongued her pussy, the more she wanted. The intensity overwhelmed her and she lost control. Her pussy burst forth and flooded him with her juices.

Tre inserted his fingers into her sopping pussy; with her juice he pressed her little nub while massaging the inner walls of her cunt. Lifting her legs high and open she allowed him access to her pleasure throne. In turn he continued inserting his fingers deeper and with greater urgency.

In the low light of the moon her tiny asshole soon became a target. Gently brushing his finger over the area he noticed she did not flinch but groaned louder.

Still fingering her pussy, he began to eat it again, but with a special plan in mind. His head was held steady as she bucked up and down his tongue, so he slipped to a lower angle. This allowed his tongue to circle the tiny rosette, prodding it in terms to coax it open.
Eva's groans trailed off...then rose in fever pitch as he licked her ardently. Her writhing ass swallowed his tongue deep and eventually he felt her tight hole clench and unclench as she trembled from another eruption.

"Come here," she beckoned.

Seated on the edge of the wall Eva moved between his legs, she began pumping his cock, twisting her hands in corkscrew manner as she kissed the head.

"Umpf!" he grunted. "Just like that... ahhh yes suck me, play with my balls!"

Though she wasn't adept at deep throat, her hot mouth sucked and swallowed him with such passion she quickly brought him to the edge. Her lips made loud sucking and popping sounds as his cock slipped in and out of her mouth, at times she would smack the head of his prick on her tongue.

Tre pushed aggressively into her willing mouth, but her puckered lips never lost control; smiling sweetly she basked in her power. With prowess that belied her age she never allowed him to explode. No - she was saving that for her hot pussy!

Already seated she pirouetted; maintaining a firm grip on his cock she guided it to her waiting pussy grinding her ass as she skewered it in.

"Oooh!" she cooed as his cock stretched her tight pussy. She had waited forever for this moment and now she pushed back determined to extract every ounce of pleasure from the cock which had been the object of her desire.

Tre's hands gripped her waist pulling her close as he invaded her moist canal. Planting his organ deep he reached around to caress her inner thighs and breast.

Eva wailed and thrashed wildly as she succumbed to his persistent thrust. Tre's low animal grunts lost its battle to the heat and wetness of her tight pussy.

The sexual tension roared to a sonorous crescendo, grinding bodies in carnal pursuit erupted in delirious fervor as each wave carried them forward.

Teetering on the edge, Eva curled her toes in an effort to maintain her balance, her wet cunny tingled as she stroked her clit.
Shaking her ass like a swivel, she nimbly maneuvered her body to maximize his penetration. One last scream escaped her lips as her body trembled, Tre arched his aching body, she felt his quick intake of breath then ...bang! ...bang! ...bang!

"Yes! ...yes! ...yes! Fill me with your hot sweet cum."

Falling in a tangled array they abruptly came to a halt.

Returning home on the bike Eva gently stroked Tre's cock keeping him nice and hard the whole way. "Mmmmm!" she murmured, "This is going to be one long hot summer!"
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