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Experimenting In Lesson

Jack and Molly have fun when their teacher's ill....
First time writing, so all comments appreciated! ^_^

Balls of paper flew around the classroom, narrowly avoiding Jack's face before pelting the class nerd Sophie in the back of the head. The 16 year old girl's eyes began to well up, as she charged out of the room, despite the frustrated cries of the tormented substitute teacher at the front of the room.

'Dammit Tom! I told you to sit down and stop throwing things!' Miss Smith moaned, as the group of boys at the back of the classroom burst into laughter at the poor teacher's attempt to control them. Through all of this, Jack sat firmly in his seat, captivated by the petite brunette beauty sat at the desk in front of him.

His dick stirred between his legs, as Molly turned around and smiled at him, the beautiful smile he'd come to love through the five years he'd known her. Staring at the shimmering hair that fell to just below her shoulders, he couldn't help but groan inside at the sight of her perfectly sized boobs, shaped like perfect spheres, Molly had once let slip to him she wore a 32C bra, a fact he'd never forget.

'Jack? Hello! You there spesh?' She grinned as she joked with him, and Jack startled as he realised he'd been staring at her. But not saying anything, and she'd noticed. 'What're you looking at anyway?'

'Just admiring the view!' He said it without thinking. Jack couldn't believe what he'd just confessed, feeling his insides collapse inwards he knew he'd blown it, what a ridiculous thing to say, what an idiot!

But Molly threw her head back and giggled, looking back at him she said;

'Oh yeah? Not so bad yourself Jack!' Biting her lip as she finished her sentence, Jack went bright red, she must say that to everyone right? No way could she ever want me? We've been friends for so long, and she's never said anything....

'Jack! Go get me some paper from the stock room would you? God knows there's none left in here. I need two boxes, Molly, you'd better go too.' Miss Smith cut off his train of thought.

'Stupid substitutes' He mumbled to Molly. 'Why can't she go herself?'

'Oh? So you don't want to go anywhere with me then? I'm hurt Jack!' Molly pouted as she said it, and winked at Jack, they went out of the classroom, and passed Sophie, curled up in a ball, her glasses on the floor, crying and a teacher stood over her asking what was wrong.

Molly walked a few paces ahead of Jack, leading the way to the cupboard at the end of the corridor, as he glanced downwards, admiring the jiggling globes that formed her round bum. Framed perfectly within her black school trousers, white shirt stopping just above her hips, unveiling a hint of blue lace underwear to anyone behind her.

They reached the cupboard, and Jack shut the door behind them, spotting the boxes of paper on a shelf just above eye level. 

'Euggh, that's gonna be a pain in the arse to get down.' He said. much to Molly's amusement.

He walked over and reached up, struggling with the boxes. 

'Here, let me help!' Molly spoke, as she slid inbetween Jack and the shelf. He gasped as she reached up for the boxes, pushing her bum back against his hardening cock. She straightened up quickly when she felt the bulge, and span around to face him, giggling. Her breasts moulded against him, just above his belly button.

'Ooh hello there!' she whispered, winking at him. Jack thought he'd die from embarassment right then and there, he'd ruined their friendship, and he'd never see her again.

'Oh my God! I'm so sorry Molly! It's just, well, I guess I may as well say it. I think you're so beautiful, I can't stop thinking about you, and when you stood that close to me, I got so excited! I'm sorry, I just hope you can forgive me, and we can maybe still be friends?!'

She grinned as she leant upwards and whispered in his ear.

'Jack... I want you too. I have done for years, I just never thought you were interested until now!' He pushed her back against the wall and kissed her firmly on the lips, her arms around his neck and his hands on the small of her back, slowly sliding down to grip her arse, squeezing softly with both hands. His tongue explored her mouth for a good 5 minutes, and he had his hand under her bra, pinching her nipple when they finally pulled apart.

'We better get back to lesson, they'll wonder where we are!' Jack said, a huge grin on his face as he turned to grab the paper.

'Oh hell no! If we're doing this we're doing it properly! Let me see that dick!' Molly shouted, dropping to her knees and spinning him back around her tiny hand undoing the zipper on his fly, and pulling his pants to his ankles. She plunged her mouth down onto his stiff cock, taking half of his 8 inches into her mouth as he threw his head back and moaned deeply.

Molly bobbed her head up and down his dick, surfacing for air every now and again, sliding her tongue up and down his shaft as her hand massaged his balls. Jack pushed her back for a second, kissing her as he slid her top over her head, reached around to release her tits from their blue lace cage. She dropped down again, looking up at him as she sucked his cock, her tits bouncing as she sucked him hard.

'Oh God! I'm cumming!' he said. His hands on the back of her head, as she stuffed his cock deep into her throat. He shot load after load down her neck, but she couldn't swallow it all, jizz spilling out of her mouth and onto her chin, Jack whipped his dick from her mouth as she sat their grinning.

'That was amazing Molly, thankyou!'

'Oh, we're not done yet Jack, I'm so wet! Fuck me here!' She begged, as she started to lick the cum off his cock, getting him hard again.

'I can't! I don't have a jonny!' He said, not believing his own luck, this sexy girl wanted to fuck his brains out, and he couldn't!

'I don't care, I want this Jack. I'll take the pill or something, just do me!'

She stood up and stepped to the desk in the cupboard, bending over it and wiggling her butt in the air! 'Fuck me hard Jack! Please!'

He was all to happy to help, pulling her pants down, he saw her tight blue panties. Leaning down, he ran his tongue from her pussy to her arsehole, sending shivers through her. He slid them down to her ankles and stepped closer.

'Jack! Wait! I'm still a virgin! Please, be careful.' Molly looked over her shoulder and told him. If it was possible, his dick got harder hearing that.

'Don't worry baby, I could never hurt you.' Jack said, lining his dick up with her pussy and easing it in. About an inch in he felt some resistance, and heard a small whimper from Molly as he pushed through it, her tight snatch sucking his cock in.

'You okay Molly?'

'I'll be fine, it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. Just fuck me already!'

'That's what I want to hear!'

He slid backwards and forwards, slowly building up speed, hearing moans from the gorgeous naked girl bent over beneath him, he reached around and rubbed her clit with his thumb, making her yelp. He started to pound in and out of her, his cock smacking against the walls of her pussy as he went, she began to move her hips back in time to meet his dick, moaning as bucking around as her first cock caused orgasm began to build.

'Oh yeah! Fuck me Jack! Let me feel your thick hard cock in my pussy. Harder, harder, harder!' She panted, her tits bouncing around wildly as she thrusted backwards.

Jack could feel the sperm starting to shoot from his dick inside her as she screamed.

'Oh fuck! I'm cumming, oh yeah, fuck fuck fuck FUUUCK!'

'Jack, Molly, what the hell is taking you two so long?'

The door to the cupboard opened inwards. And in walked Miss Smith.

To be continued?

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