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Fantasy for the Teacher, Chapter 1

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted to do that?” he asked me.
So when I was 17, I met this guy when I was in high school. He was 25. I’m 5’7” and he was about my height or a little bit taller than me. He had brown hair and green eyes that tear me to shreds. Although, he wasn’t a teacher, it seemed, because I never saw him teaching any classes. So I just figured that he was a parapro.

Every day, he would walk down the hallway and always say"hi"; "hello"; or something else that would stop me from breathing momentarily. And the way he smelled was pure intoxication. It was like you were sitting in a room having done every drug known to man, in a single setting, and not overdosing. And that doesn't even begin to come close the way I felt.

A lot of times when I fall asleep at night, I dream about the morning of last day of school when I finally got the courage to ask him his name (call him MR for story's sake). And I told him my name, which he said "well, it's very nice to finally meet you," sending shivers to the very depth of my core and made me sweat in more than one place.

It's just like that voice that makes you get instantly wet, sends tickles down your spine, and makes you want to just tap out without suggestion.

Every day he would walk by me, I would be wishing that there was an abandoned closet somewhere that he was just pushing me into and then ravaging my tight virgin pussy, like it was meant for him.

So it was an hour after school got out on the last day, you remember how I had talked to him that morning. And, I seen MR as I was walking down the hallway and I screamed for him, "Hey MR, wait."

"Oh hey, how are you?" he said to me after he turned around.

And as I got closer, I took in that smile of his and the scent of his cologne that just made me want to fall right there on the spot, hoping he'd catch me.

"Oh, I'm doing fine today. Just having my normal fear of cameras like yesterday," I said to him, after having to take a picture for some senior project the day before.

"Haha, but have you always been afraid of cameras?" MR said to me.

"Yeah, pretty much," I said.

"Oh, well I guess that's okay," MR said.

"So I've been meaning to ask you something....," I said.

"Am I going to like this question?" MR said with that oh-so-seductive voice that he always seemed to have.

"Well...," And just like that, I froze. The thought that I was actually going to tell him the thing that I had wanted to tell him most, since the day I met him, it was almost overwhelming. So overwhelming, in fact, that no words came out of my mouth. And I just let out a, "Shoot, and now I don't remember."

As I started to walk away, MR was like "Hey, wait," as he ran ahead to walk beside me.

"I think what you planned on saying is that you were hoping I'm single. I mean, it is nearing the end of the school year and I expect that you’ll be 18 soon,” he said as I nodded my head yes, “Because then, I'd get to ask you out like I hoped I could."

"Ummmm. Yeah, I don't think I could've said it any better myself." I said to him. "But why'd you wait so long?"

"Well," as he used his cute smile and voice to make me fall against the wall next to an empty classroom. "I was just hoping that you felt the same way."

"Well, MR, how would you like me to answer that?" I said as I pulled him in close.

"I can think of a few ways," he said as he stroked my hair aside, "But I think I'll start with this..."

And with that he lowered his soft lips onto mine. As we meshed together exploring every inch of each other's mouth, he momentarily broke the kiss to say, "so, will you go out with me sometime?'

"I would be a tease if I didn't give you that luxury," I said as I pecked his lips.

"Oh that's what I was hoping for today." MR said as he opened the door to the dark, empty classroom.

And just as fast as the door shut, we were back to kissing more feverishly than before.

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted to do that?” he asked me.

“Have you been counting the days like I have?” I replied.

“So we are in agreement.” He stated as he let me gaze up and down his slender frame.

“I hope you didn’t just bring me into this dark, empty classroom for a friendly kiss-filled chit chat…,”I interrupted him.

“Eager are we?” he came back at me.

“I don’t know, you tell me. Let’s see how eager you get when you know…” I teased.

“Know what?” he said hastily.

“I’m a virgin,” I said as I walked up to him and cupped his hardening crotch in my hand. I played with him just to see how far he could go, “Imagine how good it would feel to have my tight virgin pussy around this big, rock hard cock of yours.”

And as quick as the words came out of my mouth, he was pushing me to the edge of the nearest desk, which just happened to be a drafting table. He leaned down to kiss me and kissed me much harder than the other times, with this, I knew he was hungry and I was going to get the amazing fuck that I was looking for.

As he kissed me he started to gently move up my shirt, as to make every hair on my body stand on edge, “Oh my god, you’re such a tease.” I exclaimed as there were minimal amounts of air leaving my body.

“Takes one to know one, huh?” He bit my lip and grinned as he removed my shirt, leaving my bra.

“Ok, you’re right, you win,” I said as I gave him all control of my body, for now.

“I had a feeling I would,” he played.

He seemed to touch all of the right places as he removed my bra letting my 38D boobs loose. I had almost no self-control left, although, I kept myself from taking him on the floor with our clothes on. I whimpered and ran my fingers through his soft brown hair as he gently flicked my nipple with his tongue. As he swirled his tongue around it and sucked on it, I had almost no oxygen left in my body. I felt myself getting closer to the edge. I was left gasping, “Oh MR, don’t stop that.”

So he let go long enough for me to breathe in. And then he latched on to the other one. He kept sucking until, I was almost to the point to where I was pulling away to keep myself from cumming right then. While he was so masterfully suckling my nipple, he took the time to undo my pants and slide them off. I kicked them away and boosted myself onto the drafting table.

As I ran my hands up and down under his arms, I could feel his cock getting harder tight up against my virgin pussy that was already so wet that, the front of his slacks was soaked because my pussy was so wet from him rubbing against me.

“Oh, you are hungry…,” he grinned.

“Please, take me now. Please,” I pleaded.

“In time, we will get there. For now, I have plenty of teasing to make up on for the past year.” He said with a wry smile that made me wonder how badly I going to be begging when he was done. As he finished his sentence, I watched him kneel between my legs and run his index finger from my ankles all the way to the opening of my pussy, which he stuck the tip of his finger to get a taste.

“Mmmm, sweet and succulent, just like I imagined.”

I opened my eyes from the teasing that I had just received, “Well, could you possibly continue because I must say that that felt amazing.” I demanded.

“Your wish is my command,” he said as he flicked his tongue sharply at my pussy sending shivers up my spine. He stuck the tip of his tongue in to start and then took it out to suck on my pussy lips. Went his tongue went back down, he began to tongue fuck me. He flicked my clit over and over again while I bucked my hips and grinded against his face. As I made this movement, he nearly pushed me over the edge as he stuck one finger and then two, inside my pussy alongside his tongue. This only made me writhe more. Already speechless, I couldn’t do anything but hold his hair to exclaim my pleasure. As he sucked on pussy lips, I fortunate to be able to have one thought, “How did I get so lucky to have this guy, who is so good at what he is doing, here with me right now? And how exactly am I going to repay him?”

I just let out loud moans because there wasn’t much else I could think of at the moment, I had never had my brain so literally scrambled. He let go with his tongue but kept in two fingers only to add another. He looked me straight in the eye and said, “You’re so tight. I am so hard just thinking about it. Now tell me what you want.”

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