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Feels like heaven

My first experience in a theater

It had been a long time since I’ve seen her. Four months ago we had gone to the beach and I cant still forget the smell of her body. So smooth skin with little fragrance of baby powder. She looked like an angel in her white skirt. Her face so unforgettable that when ever I close my eyes , I could see only her face. I had been around many girls but didn’t feel anything. But as for her, even her voice turned me on. Just looking at her face made my dick harder. .Never felt like that with any other girl. She was the love of my life.

On my way I kept thinking what I may do when I see her. What will she be expecting from me? How will she react on seeing me? All these thoughts made me more exited.

I just closed my eyes and remembered her sweet face.


I reached the bus stand and came down from the bus. I looked around. I was new to that place. As I kept looking around I saw someone coming towards me. As the person came closer I could recognize that angel dress. My love had come to receive me. I saw her face become red when she smiled. I kept looking at her but she tried to avoid direct eye contact. She was feeling so shy that she didn’t even look at my face. A small line of hair crossed her face. I removed it aside with my hands.


I lifted her face. She closed her eyes. I didn’t let her go and kept staring at her beautiful pinkish face. Finally she opened her eyes. I looked into her dark brown eyes. I could see myself. I’m not so good looking. But in her eyes I looked like the most beautiful person in the world. May because of her eyes I looked beautiful. They were the most spectacular in the entire universe.


After a moment we realized that we were in the bus stand. We smiled at each other and looked around to see if anyone was watching us. Then I asked her where she was going to take me. She said that we can’t roam around in open. She was afraid that her father might spot us. And that would be the last thing I expect. She told me that she was going to take me to a theater where there would be less chance for her father to find us.


We both hired a taxi and went to the cinema hall. We bought the ticket and went inside the theater. It was very dark inside. Only the light from the screen gloomed. I was quite surprised to see the seating arrangements. A pair of seats separated by a meter and a half from other pair of seats. The theater was entirely built for privacy. I asked her how she came to know about that place. She replied to me that her friends had told her about it.


I took her hands and lead her to our seat. We sat on it. It was quiet spacious for two. I looked around and found out that there was no one in the seats around us. The movie had started. She asked me how long we hadn’t seen each other. I told her four months. My dick began to grow. She came close to me and rested her head over my shoulder. I took my right hand and wrapped around her shoulder. I was wearing a t-shirt. I wrapped her tighter. We stayed like that for few minutes. There was nothing going on in my head. I even forgot my aching dick. Then I felt something on my shoulder. I touched my shoulder and found it to be wet. I looked at her face. She was crying. Drops of tear rolled down her cheeks and landed on my palm as I held her chin in my hand.


I felt my own eyes dipped into tears. I loved her. That is why tears came in my eyes when I saw her crying. I rubbed the tears off her face and kissed her on the fore head. She hugged me tightly and pushed me back on the seat as she placed her head on my chest. I fondled her hair and made her feel relaxed. She was still crying. I asked her why she was sad. She said that she was happy and those were the tears of happiness. She was weeping like a small baby. I lifted her head and kissed her on the lips. It felt salty. Might been the tears. She responded to my kisses and started kissing me back.


Our mouths opened and we started exploring each other’s mouth. I softly rubbed her back. Then our kisses became even more gentle. We kissed each other as if we were eating an ice cream. Gently licking and softly kissing. I had almost forgotten my dick. It was blissful. I slowly grabbed her hips. She moaned. With my every move on her body she responded with a moan and kissed me deeper. I really wanted to fuck her. But I let her do what she wanted. She kept kissing me. My dick started paining harder. She said she was feeling something but didn’t knew what the feeling was. I knew what it was. She was a virgin and never took interest in knowing about sex. So I took the initiative and took my hands between her thighs. She stopped kissing me and asked what I was going to do. I kissed her on the forehead and told her that I was going to relieve her from her unknown feeling. She stared at me and asked if it would be painful. I told her to relax and enjoy what I was going to do to her.


She relaxed and started to kiss me again with more passion. I placed my hands on her thigh. It was soaking wet with sweat. As I tried to reach even deeper she moaned .and parted her legs for me to enter deeper. I loosened her belt and pulled her pants little down. Then I slipped my hands into her panties and felt her unshaven pussy. As I touched her love spot, she bit my lips and pulled it into her mouth. I thrust my fingers against her virgin part. She was stunned like a statue. I could fell my hands getting wet. Tears came again from her eyes. I couldn’t tell if she had enjoyed it or not. But I knew she got rid of her unknown feeling. I pulled my hands out. Pulled her pants up. Turned her around and made her lay with her back on my chest. As it was an air conditioned room we got chilled up soon.


She kissed me and said thanks. I asked her how she felt. She replied me with a strong passionate kiss. She said,” Like HEAVEN…”



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