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Finally Alone

A couples first encounter after many years of lusting and want
Finally Alone

They sat next to each other on the edge of the bed, holding hands and looking deeply into each other’s eyes. The evening sun lit up the room. They couldn't believe that they were finally alone and in this situation. He had been dreaming of this night for what seemed like forever and now it was happening. He couldn’t believe his luck.

She wore a gorgeous black dress which extended down to her thighs, exposing the soft skin of her legs. Her long blonde hair lay straight down her front covering the open fabric of her dress around her pert breasts. Her gorgeous blue eyes glistened in the now fast fading evening light. She looked absolutely stunning in his eyes. He couldn't wait any longer to have her naked in his room and become part of his wildest dreams.

As they looked passionately into each other’s eyes, he took his hand and placed it behind her head. He parted her hair to one side as he leaned in to kiss her neck. As his lips touched her sun kissed skin she couldn't help but let out a soft longing moan of enjoyment. His lips traced her neck down to her now exposed shoulders, kissing every inch of her collar bone before ascending to her now awaiting lips. She trembled with excitement as he got ever closer to her lips. He looked her straight in her gorgeous eyes as they both smiled. She wanted to taste his lips on hers. She didn’t hesitate and moved the last inch as they kissed for the first time.

There was so much passion and enjoyment. It was like electricity sparking, and feelings of arousal flooded their bodies. Her nipples became instantly erect from the sexual sensations of his soft lips on hers and soon poked through her dress. Meanwhile his cock began to bulge in his trousers as they became lost in their kisses.

They kissed for what seemed like hours. Their hands had grown confidence and began to explore each other’s bodies. He couldn't resist placing his hand on her perfectly formed breasts and feeling her erect nipples. This made his cock strain even more. He longed for it to be out of its confines and be in her hands or even better in her soaking wet pussy. It wasn't long before her hands had made their way up his legs and gently rubbed over his enormous mound. While doing this, he raised his legs to push himself deeper into her hand. She welcomed this with a firm grasp as she squeezed his aching member.

Just as he thought things couldn't get any better, she suddenly stood up and turned to face him. In a sexy voice she excused herself and suggested she slipped into something more comfortable. Not wanting her to leave his side, he reached for her hand as she began to head for the door. She turned her head and looked back at her man waiting in lust and desire. She had never felt as special as he was making her feel. She left the room after granting him with a seductive smile.

His mind went crazy thinking about what she would return in. He couldn’t wait to see her sexy body again. The thought of her naked body on his kept his now fully erect cock hard. He took the decision to take his top and trousers off, leaving just his tight boxers on. The fabric of his underwear was stretched to its limit by his throbbing member. As he repositioned himself on the bed it was clear just how turned on he was as he noticed a patch of his precum glistening through the dark fabric of his underwear. The room was now on the edge of darkness as the sky outside faded fast. Wanting to see what she would be wearing he turned on a nearby lamp just enough to illuminate the room to a sexy feel.

It wasn’t long before she returned into the room. As she opened the door he couldn’t believe his eyes. He had never seen anything of such beauty and for this night she was his. His heart began to pound as she walked over to him. He wanted to save the moment forever but before he knew it she was standing in front of him. Dressed in white satin underwear and a see-through chemise, she looked like an air brushed model. Only she was real. Her breasts looked so perfect and pert and he could make out the outline of her now once again erect nipples. He wanted them in his mouth and between his fingers. Her thong looked so inviting and he could only imagine what beauty lay beneath as he caught a glimpse of her perfectly formed round ass.

As she stood in front of him he sat upright. She watched as his cock was fully erect and throbbing. She let the chemise fall to the floor as she smiled at him, taking his hands and placing them on her hips. He pulled her in close as he buried his head into her chest. He needed to kiss her once again as he longed for their tongues to be entwined together. He reached up with his hands and placed one either side of her head as he pulled her face to meet his. Once again they kissed and explored each other’s tongues, gently massaging and teasing. As they kissed he couldn’t help but imagine what his tongue would feel like massaging her clit and being pushed deep inside her pussy.

The kissing made both of them incredibly turned on as their hands once again explored each other’s body. Her hands were firm on his shoulders while his had fallen to her inviting bum. He gave her ass gentle squeezes while pulling her even closer. His hands reached up her back, slowly and seductively, sending shivers through her body as he reached to undo her bra strap. As it was unclipped he slipper her arms out of the straps and the bra fell to the floor. Her gorgeous breasts were released.

He didn’t waste any time in lowering his head to her chest, firmly kissing the soft tissue of her nipples. He gently teased her nipple as his tongue circled around her bumps making her nipples so erect and hard. He couldn’t help but give a gently bite and suck which released an intense feeling within her body as she let out a string of powerful moans. She could feel her pussy becoming increasingly hot and moist. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was and she knew more was to come as she reached to feel his aching cock. She could only imagine what it would feel like, buried inside her tight wet pussy as he thrust it in and out of her. The thought of her being fucked by the man in front of her made her tremble with excitement as she felt her own juices begin to leak from her pussy.

He stood up and sat her down on the bed while he dropped to his knees. Her legs looked so amazing. He kissed his way along from her toes up past her ankles, gently licking and nibbling every inch of her skin. She lay back as the feelings grew more and more between her legs. His tongue was now on her inner thigh as he swirled it around, getting even closer to her soft spot with every lick. He could feel the heat on his face as his tongue now traced the edges of her thong which had become soaked in her sweet nectar.

With his teeth he bit the fabric; lifting it just enough to slip his tongue under and feel the smooth sides of her pussy. His hands reached up and pulled on her thong as he gently tugged them down over her bum and to her ankles. With one hand on each leg her parted them just enough to expose her absolutely gorgeous pussy. It was a thing of beauty. She had a sexy trim with a triangle of hair above her pubic bone and all the juices which had leaked were now glistening on the sides of her pussy. He wanted so badly to taste her and enjoy her sweet sexy scent.

His tongue returned and continued to lick all around the outside of her pussy, getting closer and closer to the opening of her slit with every lick. She could have burst with excitement in anticipation of him about to lick her clit, which was now throbbing and waiting to be exposed from its hood. She didn’t have to wait much longer as he suddenly plunged his tongue deep into her hole followed by licking all the way up through her slit to her clit. This sent waves of intense pleasure flooding through her body followed by her releasing a soft moan of enjoyment, begging for more. He circled it again and again and with each pass sending more waves of sensations through her body. She had never felt such power from being licked and could feel her pussy becoming increasingly wetter. She was so horny and in desperate need of a good hard fuck from his throbbing cock.

But he wasn’t done with his tongue. Instead he licked his index finger, suggesting how he wanted his cock to be licked, followed by pushing it slowly into her tight sopping wet pussy. As he slid it in, he could see delight in her eyes as new sensations rushed through her body. He curled his finger up inside her to massage her g-spot. As he rubbed her swollen spot he could feel it begin to become spongy and drenched with her juices. She began to experience feelings and sensations which she had never had before and couldn’t believe just how powerful the motion of his finger inside her pussy was.

He slowly took his finger out and saw her sweet nectar coating his skin. He wasted no time in putting the finger to his mouth and licking it clean, followed by gently pressing the finger to her lips and asking her to taste how aroused she was. Reluctantly she did so and she couldn’t believe just how sweet she tasted. She loved what he had done and it only made her pussy gush even more.

He returned his hand to her pussy and this time inserted his index finger as well. As he beckoned her with his fingers in combination with his tongue on her now swollen clit, she could feel her orgasm building. She was powerless to him and due to the sheer pleasure and excitement her body was pulsing with every pass of his finger on her spot. She didn’t know how much more she could take as she began to arch her back in anticipation of an explosive orgasm. She was in ecstasy. She prepared herself for the biggest orgasm of her life.

He wanted her to feel such pleasure that he knew she hadn’t experienced before. He wanted to open her eyes to the sexual tension and desire that he had for her which had been hidden away for many years. He wanted her to beg him for more and at this moment she would have done anything for him to take her past the point of no return.

Just as she thought she was about to burst he did the cruelest thing. He suddenly stopped licking her soaked pussy and removed his fingers. He held his finger up to the light to see her sweet nectar dripping down once again. He had such a big smile on his face as he took the fingers and placed them in his mouth. She tasted so incredibly sweet and he wanted more. He took deep joy in licking up all of her juices which he knew he had made her produced.

The sight of him enjoying her so much was nearly enough to make her cum alone but what she really wanted was his aching cock inside her. They looked at each other with such passion as she sat up and reached for his cock once again. She was desperate for it and he needed to feel her tight pussy around his swollen cock. He needed to fuck her pussy until they had nothing left to give. The look in her eye was of such lust and wanting. She had never wanted anything as much as this and now for the first time she was about to ride his perfect cock!

To be continued…

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