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Finally it happens

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Tonight was going to be the night she finally lost it
This is a true story the places are real and no artistic license. This is how it happened

Thank you to Overmykneenow who inspired me to write it

It was November 7 th 1996 , Robson and Jerome were top of the charts and I was finally 18. I was the first born of 4 and the only girl. My parents were immensely strict and I had never tried alcohol let alone been out to a nightclub. Today was the day. I was going to go out, drink and finally lose my virginity. I didn’t care who, when, where, how or why, I just had to do it.

I was incredibly shy, wore glasses, outstripped most of my peers intelligence wise, and didn’t have an interest in boys. I wasn’t a great prospect for any male, I was no eye candy to dangle off your am. I had even earned myself the label of “frigid” This was far from the truth I was very interested and couldn’t stop looking.

I had been living in Essex for many years now and its reputation is all true. You did go out wearing as little as possible, white stilettos, orange tan, and then sleep with everything that offered!

As part of my A levels I had been volunteering at the local cricket club and had my eye on one of the rising stars of the first team. I knew he would be out tonight and I knew where, I was determined he would be my first. He didn’t know I was lusting after him, he had me down as “the quiet one” Well they say it’s the quiet ones you have to watch!

For a week now I had been preening, the body moisturizing with my favorite coconut lotion, face mask, hair cut etc. I was determined to knock his socks off and make him take a proper look at me

Tonight was the night. I had a long bath, shaved my legs and my pussy and started to get dressed. This was the most important part. I was never seen out of my jeans and jumper. I had a killer outfit and heels determined to out Essex even the most hardened Essex girl.

The outfit had been chosen in secret, there was no way mum was seeing it, she would ban it instantly. Mum and Dad were going out shopping so I had to time my exit just right. They had agreed I could go out that night but Daddy had to pick me up at midnight ! This was not a problem, I hadn’t realized how late nightclub were open.

As they left the house I shouted bye and dashed up the stairs.

All alone I could finally get dressed. On went the black satin push up bra, my tits were a 36C but I thought I could do with some more help, matching black satin thong and sheer tights. I was yet to discover the joy of stockings and suspenders.

Now it was time to add the killer outfit. Red tartan mini skirt, and plunging t shirt stating “come and get me boy” I couldn’t have made it more obvious of my mission that night!

Looking at the clock I realized I had to go or I would be caught. Grabbing my black velvet knee high boots and handbag I ran down the road and jumped on the bus just as it drew away.

Panting, trying to catch my breath I gasped ” single to town please”

“That’s 2.50 then please love” a voice said. Recognizing the chocolate smooth voice I looked up, it was the bus driver, mark, who took me to college every day, the one who everyone’s current fantasy revolved around. I certainly couldn’t look at him without blushing let alone speak.

He obviously didn’t recognize me so I decided to have some fun.

“OH Honey don’t you charge less for cash”

“No what else you got”

“What you offering me” I whispered

“Oh behave you naughty girl and sit down”

I took my place on the seat just to the left of his chair here he could see me in his rearview mirror and proceeded to tease him’

I an only 5’2 but back then my legs formed a large part of my height and it’s there I started.

Turning sideways on the seat I adjusted my t shirt so it exposed a much flesh as I could and made sure my legs were on view. I then got the chocolate bar out of my handbag and ate it moaning in pleasure all the time.

Drawing up to my stop I stood by the doors and waited. Stopping and opening the doors I turned around pecked him on the cheek, noticing the tent in his trousers, and wiggled my way off the bus blowing him a kiss.

“Bye sweetie thanks for the ride” I simpered

“Can I have your number?”

“Find me again and you can, here’s a clue I ride your bus every morning” and giggled and walked off down the road to meet my best friend, my wingman if you like.

Becky was still a virgin as well and no interest in changing this fact, an excellent person to take out with me, she would keep me out of trouble but not interfere.

After making our way around several pubs, and many lewd comments, later I had drunk enough to make me brave and we set off for the nightclub.

There were 2 to choose from, Dukes which was slightly quieter, or Zeus which was where we were heading. Zeus was famed for being a cattle market, the place you went to pull.

Heading up the steps we put on our best smiles and approached the bouncers.

“Evening girls got your id”

“Em I left it at home” Becky panicked

“Looks like its jut me then” I giggled

“Look after her” Becky asked and made her way back down the steps

“Don’t worry love we’ll look after you” the taller one said ushering me into the club and squeezing my ass on the way past.

This was it I was finally in a night club. I got firmly stuck into my drinking and made my way to the dance floor. It was an 80’s themed night so there was a lot of dancing with actions and certainly singing out loud. I danced myself crazy enjoying this feeling of complete abandon.

Suddenly there, there he was the object of all my affection James. He was right there in front of me. Dancing my way closer to him I decided to give him a show and jumped up on the little stage that was at the front of the dance floor. Busting my best moves I looked him in the eye and without an ounce of shame mouthed “I want to fuck you”

He went beetroot red and dragged me off the stage pushing me into a corner and locking his lips to mine.

“Emma isn’t it?”

He told me I really shouldn’t do things like that, his girlfriend might notice. A girlfriend, my heart sank, then he told me he had split with her and wanted to shag everything that moved.

Well I couldn’t turn him down could I! I told him the situation and if he could get me back here for midnight I was game

With that he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the front door and we set off. The taller bouncer stopped us at the door,

“Hey what’s going on, we are supposed to be looking out for her” he grumbled

“It’s ok she’s my sister” james giggled

“Funny brother I’m sure he had his hand up her skirt a moment ago” is the last thing we heard as we ran off up the street laughing our heads off

Finally we were alone and had to have the tricky conversation of where.

I suddenly realized being a helper at the cricket ground I had the keys and alarm codes to the indoor school nets. Picking me up he piggybacked me down to the ground my wet pussy leaving a damp print on his shirt.

Once inside he pushed me once more against a wall and locked his lips to mine. Putting his hand on the back of my head he pulled me closer our tongue twirling round each other desperate for more.

I was already moaning with desire when his hand started creeping up the back of my skirt tickling the skin as it moved higher. Reaching the top of my legs he hooked his fingers around the top of my tights and ripped them down my legs leaving them pooled at my feet. His fingers resumed their exploration, this time on bare skin, Goosebumps prickling on my skin. My breath as already coming in great gasps when I felt his other hand go wandering.

His hand was creeping up my shirt towards my nipples. This was it this was the farthest I had ever gone and I wanted more.

His hand finally reached my left breast and pushed aside my bra baring my nipple, he rolled it around causing it to peak almost instantly poking like a bullet into his hand. Seeing my reaction his other hand left the exploration of my thighs and proceeded to investigate my right nipple. With both nipples peaked and desperate for more attention I started to moan even louder.

“Oh someone’s horny” he said whispering in my ear.

Leaving my nipples completely alone he pushed his leg between mine spreading them wide almost unbalancing me.

The thought of what was about to happen was causing my juices to pool in my thong, threatening to drip down my leg. I was hot for him and he knew it. He kneeled don and once again started to explore up my legs stroking and teasing, starting at my ankles, up my calves, ever closer to where I really wanted him. Up my thighs and then, finally he was stroking my pusssy lips.

My legs went week at this invasion and I almost collapsed.

Picking me up he laid me down and continued to play. One finger tickling my pussy lips and his thumb on my clit managing so gently it was barely there. I could feel

a sensation building in my abdomen spreading wider and lower before engulfing me and make me jerk and moan wildly, not able to control it. I had had my first orgasm

“Someone’s on a hair trigger tonight” James laughed resuming his assault on my pussy.

His fingers continued to play before POP one was inside me. I gaped at the invasion and automatically pushed against him. I could feel him starting to move before he topped and looked at me

’Are you a virgin”

“Yes and please don’t stop”

“No no way I’m not doing this”

I desperately begged him to stay explaining why I as still a virgin

After much purswasion he stayed, now seeming excited by the task he had been set. I could see he was trying to conceal his errection so I reached to undo his trousers.

“No tonight is about you let me deal with it myself”

I couldn’t believe it, laid back and looked forward to the next step.

He came and lay down at my feet and started to kiss his way up my legs, I knew where this was going and could barely contain my excitement. He reached up and slid my knickers down, I could feel his breath on my moist lips waiting, watching. His stiffened tongue then hit my pusy like a missile, licking and stroking driving me toward the inevitable orgasm. My juices were flowing readily and his tongue was inside me fucking me. He drew back and started nipping at my clit making me so sensitive I could barely contain myself.

When he considered I was sufficiently wet he pulled himself up onto his feet and stood above me, straddling me.

Off came the trousers then the pants. There it was my first sight of a cock. It looked perfect, 7 inches and average width. This was to be the tool that finally turned me into a woman.

He let me get a good look and then he lowered himself to the floor and positioned himself between my legs. Pushing my skirt around my waist he pulled my knees up and spread my legs reading me for him.

Placing the tip of his cock at the entrance to my pussy he rubbed it up and down and lubricated it all the time pushing a little more into me.

Slowly he gave me all of it moving so slowly I barely noticed when he broke the barrier and I was no longer a virgin.

Laying still he let me get used to the feel of him inside me until he could restrain himself no more and started fucking me hard and fast, on a mission to drive me wild.

Ripping my shirt over my head he pinched my nipples making me moan out loud and sending spasms down through my body.

After 5 mins of manic fucking he finally slowed down and started to tease me, in and out, little at a time, all of it, little bit again until I was at the verge of cumming.

Don’t cum I want you to cum in my mouth” he gasped

Quickly sliding down my legs he drove his tongue into me and fucked me until I came hard and fast squirting in his mouth giving him everything. Stopping he muttered something unintelligible and drove his tongue back into me and continued to make me cum, not letting me stop cumming pushing me over the edge again and again.

When he was satisfied I had had the best experience he could give me he lay next to me and told me we had better get dressed and make our way back.

And oh did I know the CCTV cameras started to roll when the doors were unlocked!

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