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Finally meeting

Tags: love, lust, passion
Daniel and Natalie have never met, but that will soon all change.
Daniel and I have had late night steamy phone calls. Hearing each other moan out, but have never actually met. I’ve dreamed and day dreamed of what it would be like, some fairy tale like, some incredibly passionate and hot. But nothing can describe the feelings I had when I first met him. When he finally arrived from Seattle, I saw him and instantly knew all of my feelings for him were true. I looked him in the eye, and he pulled me into his sweet embrace, taking his time, feeling the warmth of my body against his, when he let go of me he look straight into my eyes, with his piercing blue eyes, and kissed me. It was like one of those fairy tale kisses were you have “sparks” and just know how special this person that is kissing you is.

I took him to my grandmother’s house, the house in which he would live in for the next couple of weeks or so. I helped him with his bags, when he got settled and everything was put into a place he took me into his arms again and being the first time we talked since we met he whispered

“Natalie, I love you. This is the happiest day I’ve had.”

I was so in love with this guy. I squeezed our hug tighter as I said,

“I love you too, always and forever.”

“Forever and always babe.”

If I could I would just have him hold me for the rest of the night. But I knew what he wanted. And I wanted the same. We’ve talked about it time and time again. Telling each other stories of what we would do if we were together. Of course, mine would be better, longer, and more detailed. And he knew it. I slowly untangle myself from the hug, looking up at him and smiling. He leaned down and lightly placed a kiss on my lips, his hand on the small of my back, molding my body into his.

“Baby… I want to show you how much I love you. I need to… Make love to you"

This was not the first time he’s told me that. And I loved it when I could finally see the love in his eyes as he said it to me. Without me needed to say anything I smiled, and dove into our most passionate kiss yet, his lips crushing mine and his strong hands pulling me into him, pressing our bodies together as one.

He pushed me against the wall, knowing I would love it. His hands roamed all over my body, but purposefully avoiding the area I so badly wanted him to touch. He was making me wait. His hand slid up my torso and ever so lightly taking my right breast into his hand, I moaned into his mouth, pushing my chest into his eager hand. He started to gently massage it through my shirt and bra. It was killing me, I wanted my shirt off and I wanted it off now. As if reading my thoughts he slowly tracing patterns into my abdomen just below the hem of my shirt, inching his way up. This gave methe chills and a new ache in my throbbing pussy. His hand reached the bottom of my bra, then like a last minute decision he pulled my shirt completely off. Smiling his cocky smile, and I got self-conscious like any girl would.

“No baby. I love your body.”

I guess you could say I was slim, tall and slim with a bust size of a small B, long brown hair and green eyes. My 5’ 9” stature complemented his 6 foot body type nicely, which I was silently thankful for. I exercised regularly, considering I was a cheerleader, and was mostly muscle, even though I weighed more than I would have liked.

His fingers laced my skin, making circles up the length of my body, making me shiver, even though the room was fairly warm. I breathed in deeply as he kissed down my neck, making my pussy throb even more, and he slowly made his way to my breasts. He skillfully undid my bra strap, letting it fall to the floor. Now with me being incredibly insecure about my breasts, I naturally covered them. He frowned, and pulled his eye brows together in sort of a sad and confused expression I wasn’t used to seeing. He gently pulled my hands away from my breasts and pinned them behind me. I closed my eyes as he looked at me. Praying he would like them, even only a little bit.

“Damn baby," was all he said before flicking my left nipple with his tongue. I moaned out for more. He suddenly buried himself into my chest, massaging one breast while sucking, licking, and flicking my other one. I was in ecstasy, moaning out louder and louder. I couldn’t believe how much pleasure he was giving me. He was making my soaking wet pussy pulse, begging for his touch. He seemed content with playing with my chest all night. With the thought of that, I just couldn’t stand it anymore. Small whispers and pleads were coming from my mouth, ones I wasn’t quiet sure if he heard or not.

He inched his way up, back to my lips kissing them lightly before picking me up and carrying me to the bed that was in the far corner. He laid me there gently. He looked deep into my eyes as he pulled my shorts off, not taking his eyes off from mine. Along with my shirt he tossed the shorts, my shoes, his shirt, and pants off to the side. He hovered over top of my body, holding himself up with one arm as he caressed me with the other. His kisses were burning hot on my lips. As his tongue traced my lower lip I let him into my mouth, exploring his as he did mine. I stopped him; I wanted to give him even more pleasurethen he just had given me moments before. He rolled off of me and lay on his back, his hard on obvious through the flimsy fabric of his underwear. I kissed down his body, taking my time. I pulled off his underwear and his very thick 7 inch cock sprang loose.

He has told me again and again it’s not that big, but from the first time he showed it to me I’ve had a secret fear. Even though I wasn’t a virgin, I have only had sex with considerably smaller guys, and even they have told me that I was extremely tight. The thought of him deep inside me turned me on and scared me so much I didn’t know what to think.

I placed my hand onto his hard member, and he moaned at my touch. Smiling to myself I started to pump my hand. Looking up at him, I knew he wanted more. Needed more. I lowered my head down to his cock, while still rubbing him; I traced small circles on the top of his head before completely engulfing him into my mouth. I could hear him moan my name slightly, but I was in a different world, a world that revolved around his pleasure. I bobbed my head up and down his throbbing cock, tightening my lips at random times. My hand moved with my head, making sure all of his cock was being stroked in some way. I inched all of his hard 7 inches down my throat, gagging a little around his cock but keeping it firmly placed. I do this a number of times before going back to bobbing my head.

“Baby… Just like that, I’m close.”

I sped up my strokes, and every time I come up I flick the top of his head. I could tell he was almost there, his body tightened in the slightest before his hot sticky cum came in streams and shot down my throat. I milked his cock greedily, wanting more of his cum. He moaned out my name as he was cumming. When all of his hot cum was down my throat, I look up at him and he pulled me to him, our lips meting and our tongues dancing on each other. He flipped me over so I was now lying on my back.

His kisses burned my skin as they moved closer towards my wet pussy. He slowly pulled down my panties, revealing my cleanly shaven cunt. He spread apart my legs, kissing my thighs, but never touching my pussy that was in desperate need of his touch. I could feel his hot breath right above my pussy.

“Daniel. Please,” I moaned out, begging him to touch me. I moaned even louder when I felt his finger trace my pussy lips, teasing me. He kissed them before licking up my slit. I was moaning out his name every time he licked me. Finally his tongue penetrated my lips, onto the burning flesh of the inside of my pussy lips, and I gasped. I couldn’t tell what he was doing anymore; I just knew every flick of his tongue made me moan. Loud. It was finally then that he had stuck one of his fingers inside my pussy for the first time. I moaned deeply as I felt his finger slide in and out of me, then moaned even deeper as he slide in a second. I was in complete pleasure, and I was gripping the sheets as he fingered me. I was close to cumming, but I couldn’t bring myself to say it. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move, he had complete control over me. When he started flicking my clit, I lost it and it sent me into a fit of spasms as I orgasmed all over his fingers and face, screaming out his name.

When I had finally come down from my orgasm I was breathing quite heavily. He kissed my cheek waiting for me to relax a little. I looked at him, and loved seeing the excitement that was in his eyes. I kissed him, pulling him closer to me. I laid back and spread my legs wide as he climbed on top of me. As he was kissing me I could feel him rub the tip of his cock up and down my pussy, trying to get it as wet as possible so it wouldn’t hurt me. He was moaning in my mouth and I knew how much this simple movement gave him so much pleasure. He finally slipped the head into my opening. I gasped, and held my breath as it stretched me some. He slowly slid inside of me, inch by inch. Making me shut my eyes tight and hang onto the sheets. He was breathing heavy and I knew that it had been a very great effort to have gotten all the way inside of me. We just sat there as my pussy adjusted to his thick member. When I had relaxed some he could finally start moving in and out. While he was doing this he was kissing me all over, my neck, my chest, my face, and my lips. He kept a steady pace, and I softly moaned into his ear every time he thrusted into my tight pussy.

“Natalie, I love you,” he said into my ear.

It took some time to catch a breath, but when I finally did I whispered,“I love you, Daniel.”

In the bottom of my stomach I could feel the familiar tingle of an orgasm building. With every pump and thrust I could feel it growing. When my orgasm hit me, I tightened around his hard cock, and dug my fingers into his back, and screamed out his name. My pussy was pulsing on his cock and he was grunting and I knew he was going to cum soon. I finally came down from my orgasm as he was pulling out, spewing his sticky cum all over my stomach. Spurt after spurt, it seemed like forever when it was surly only a couple of seconds. Loving the taste of his cum the first time, I scooped it off of my stomach and licked it off of my fingers, swallowing all of it. After we got cleaned up, we laid in bed, naked, with me in his arms. I fell asleep to the sound of him mumbling “I love you” Into my ear.

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