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First Blow Then Kiss

Some unexpected fun.

I was watching my friend and his band play some terrible rock n' roll when she walked down the stairs into the basement. She was around 5'3, brunette, and weighed around 110 pounds. I normally preferred women with curbs, but the combination of the way she walked in her blue high heels and her short blue dress caught my eye. Her name was Payton and she was my friend's sister. I could not figure out for the life of me how she was related to my friend Ben. Ben was a dirty long haired mess, but Payton was gorgeous in every way. I never had gotten much attention from girls, so when she strutted by giving me a wink, I turned a little red.

"What's wrong Tommy?" she asked.

"Uh..nothing..Why?" I responded.

"You seem a little nervous to see me. Don't worry I don't bite," she teased.

"Good to know," I responded.

"Hey, you getting sick of my brother's shitty music yet?" she asked. 

"Honestly, I want to get the hell out of here. I feel like my ears are bleeding, but I don't want to offend your brother," I whispered in her ear.

"Well, if you want to take a break you can can hang out with me upstairs," she offered as she began walking back up the stairs.

 I was young, socially awkward, and got an erection every five minutes at that time in my life. I had never even kissed a girl at this point, so I decided to roll the dice and follow her up the stairs. In the middle of the stair case, she paused and turned around to face me. I stopped walking, confused as to why she had stopped. Without warning, she grabbed onto my crotch with her right hand. My eyes widened and I let out a small grunt, but it couldn't be heard over my friend's drum solo.

Then she whispered in my ear, "My brother and his friends are down there and my parents are in the kitchen upstairs making dinner. So, this is the only place where we can do this privately."

"Whaaa...What are you talking about?" I stuttered.

"I'm horny. I'm attracted to you. So I'm going to fuck you now. Is that specific enough for you Tommy, or do I need to go into further detail?" Payton questioned. 

"Uh..err..but your parents might open the door to the basement, or one of the guys downstairs might come up. I can't have sex with you on the stairs. I've never even kissed a girl bef--," I stopped myself, embarrassed. I had just told the first girl ever to touch me below the waist the most embarrassing detail of my life.

"No way. Really? There's no way you've never been with a girl before. You're so fucking cute," she said confidently.

I turned even redder with embarrassment. I felt paralyzed on the middle step, and I couldn't move.

She whispered in my ear,"Well, I guess you're right about not having sex on the stairs. Besides, I don't think I could handle the balancing act involved, but what about..."

Payton then ripped down my jeans and boxers simultaneously, revealing my bare ass and cock. She looked down at it and smiled.

"mmmmm, what a shame no one has ever tasted this before. It's a very nice cock you have here Tommy," she said, grabbing onto my shaft. I became instantly hard at her touch. I let out a groan, but the music was still too loud for anyone to hear. She then lowered herself down so that she was at eye level with my virgin member.

"Are you ready?" she asked rhetorically. Before I could muster up the power to answer, she grabbed my ass cheeks and pushed me towards her face. Her mouth was wide open and she took all of my cock into her mouth at once. The bottom of her wet lips were pressing against the base of my cock. I felt her tongue slither out to greet my balls with a warm, wet welcome. She used her long, wet, and flexible tongue to slap against my balls as she moved her head up and down the full length of my cock. I was shell-shocked at this point. I had always imagined what getting head might feel like, but I never expected it to feel this good. Payton continued to work her mouth and tongue until she looked up at me with her light blue eyes, and slowly pulled away. The second her mouth had left my cock, I felt that I had been rejected from heaven by Jesus himself. I looked down at her desperately, wondering why she had stopped.

"I want you to cum on my tongue now!" She commanded. I could hear her loud and clear, but I could only hope that no one else in the house had heard this wonderful demand.

Without a word, I began jerking myself off. As soon as I began jerking, Payton slapped my hand off of my dick, and grasped it herself. She spit on my dick's head and slowly rubbed it in. My dick was well lubricated with her warm and slippery saliva as she began to jerk me off quickly. She stuck out her tongue and opened wide for my impending load. I couldn't hold it anymore, and I grabbed the sides of her face to maintain my balance on the stair. I watched as my first two shots of cum missed her tongue, and began dripping down her chin. Then, the third and final strand of my thick white love potion dripped right onto her tongue. She smiled happily and quickly closed her mouth to swallow it. I quickly pulled my boxers and jeans back up, and she arose from her crouched position. The very second she did, I could hear the music downstairs stop. My friend Ben walked over to the staircase where we we standing.

"What's up guys? I was just getting some water. What'd you think of that last song?" Ben asked.

"I thought it was great dude. Your drum solo kicked some serious ass," I lied.

"I thought it was some very tasty tunes personally," Payton added with a smirk.

"Awesome. Thanks a lot guys. Hey.. Payton... you got something on your face. What is that?" Ben asked.

Before I completely freaked out, Payton answered, "Oh, it must have been from the cream filled donut I was eating earlier. You know how messy those can get."

If you want a continuation of what happens later that night, leave me some comments and ratings!

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