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First Contact

A man meets a woman in a bar and they decide to move it to another level.
I meet you in a restaurant bar. We have a few drinks and as the evening progresses, you flirt and laugh at my jokes as I endeavor to capture your fascination. As I’d hoped, you agree when I suggest we "get to know each other better". Having already discovered that we both love to read, garden, watch movies, including porn, and like to be nude around trusted people, I follow you home. We put on Nine and a Half Weeks, munch on strawberries after dipping them in chocolate and sip candle-warmed Cognac from snifters. You excuse yourself and return 20 minutes later wearing a silk robe and an intoxicating perfume. We start to kiss, explore each other’s necks, ear lobes and eyelids with soft, feathery nips and licks. Our efforts gradually become more urgent, our breathing more passionate. Under your robe I discover you’re wearing a matching sheer silk top and panties, a sexy garter, hose, and mid rise heels. You help me out of my clothes,
invite me to the bedroom and I slowly remove yours. Soaking in a bath of warm water on the
bedside table are several bottles of scented massage oil. I smile, as I too have some surprises and plan to introduce them as the night wears on.
You lay me face down and start working your fingers into the muscles of my back, paying extra attention to my cheeks, while lightly caressing my twitching scrotum, perineum, and anus. You turn me over and work on my front, starting from my toes and fingers and working towards the center. My penis and crotch are untouched till last, by which time I am a rigid column and oozing. Gently fondling my balls with warm oil, you lick my length, girth, and purple tip. You blow warmly up and
down my shaft, then suckle my cock head, languorously at first, then with increasing vigor. You swirl your tongue around the tip, working the corona with your lips and jack my shaft as you descend, bouncing up and down with increasing amplitude and grasp the tip in your throat with a delicious swallow.  As you continue deep penetration, you begin to squirm a well-oiled finger into
my ass with a gentle in and out motion. I begin to tremble and moan, my abs and legs flexing and quivering with your attention. Just before my peak you descend completely, clenching the tip in  a swallow and plunge your finger deeply into my ass to press and rub my prostate. I burst a river into your welcoming mouth as an exquisite wave of pleasure leaves me gasping my gratitude. I revel in your gaze as you gently sooth me back to earth.

You bring a glass of cool water and, after filling my mouth, I kiss you, open my lips, and let you
drink from me. I continue watering until your thirst is satisfied, then begin to help you out of your clothes, kissing every inch of skin that I uncover. I lay you face down, and, with the warmed oil, I start massaging your neck, shoulders, and back. After squeezing your toes and feet, I slowly press and grasp up your legs toward your cheeks and crack. As I gently tease your labia, your breathing quickens to soft moans, a steady trickle now appearing between your lips. You whimper when I abandon your “business end” and blindfold you before turning you over. I begin at your fingers and hands and, working towards your torso, add oral attention to your oily breasts,
leaving your now sensitive, rubbery nipples till last. Your breathy moans increase slightly, and I move between your legs. I lick and suck at your bare, slick outer folds neglecting your clit. After tonguing your opening, I insert first one, then two fingers and start alternately circling and rubbing your G-Spot, the other hand giving your nipples equal time with tweaks and twists. My tongue finally finds your clit and you launch into your first orgasm of the night. When you come down from your peak, I find a wireless remote-control egg I’d secreted in the sheets and lightly circle your
clitoris with the vibrating orb. I insert it, return to your clit and slowly work my way down your split, while giving you 30-60 second bursts with the egg. You approach another orgasm with clit throbbing, and G-spot buzzing, then emit a squeak when I first lick around then begin to gently probe your already winking rosebud. With 2 fingers flicking your clit back and forth, I leave the egg humming merrily against your G-spot and bury my tongue as deeply as possible into your ass. You yelp and continue with lusty pleas for more of the same. You become rigid, as my tongue is constricted with a snap of your anus, then released as the alternating pulses of a powerful climax pump through your pelvis, spreading out to smother you in ecstasy.

You long for me to put my increasingly hard cock into you.  I move up, insert the head and commence sawing a 3-inch pattern in and out of your depths. After about thirty seconds, I pull out the vibrating egg. You wrap your legs and arms around me and slam us together and, with a 6 inch long, but extra thick cock, I stretch you deliciously, getting exquisite sensations of tightness from your clenching sheath. Having slipped on a cock-ring with a mini-vibrator on the top, while attending to your perineum, each time I penetrate your depth I buzz on your clit. You experience one orgasm after another of gradually increasing intensity as I pump my cock in and out. After another 10-minutes, I feel the rumble of an impending volcano. I grab your hips, pull you onto me with all my strength and you convulse as you feel my penis expand and seal the walls of your vagina then gush bursts of warm viscous semen into your depths. As a delicious warmth spreads inside you, our union metamorphoses into a warm, slick, magical convergence. You tighten into a final gasping, clutching, whimpering orgasm and trap me deeply. I try to keep my weight off of you, but you will have none of that, hugging me to you as we kiss deeply and look at the delicious pleasure in each other’s eyes.

After resting and cooling for a while, we move to the shower, where we soap each other thoroughly between sweet kisses and murmurs. We dry each other, drink large glasses of O.J., brush our teeth and, after replacing the oil-soaked sheets with clean ones, get back in bed. I spoon into you with my cock resting in your crevice and we sleep. I awaken early, fix breakfast and feed you in bed between bites of my own. We return to the bathroom to freshen up, and then back to bed, to cuddle, coo, and make slow, satisfying love. You ride me like a cowgirl first. Then we finish with simultaneous, noisy climaxes as I enter you from the rear. We rest and talk for
another hour and I leave, making a date for dinner and hot tub at my place 5 days hence.

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