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First love, first time

our internet and phone romance, finally gets physical

It had been a couple of months since we'd last laid eyes on each other, without the aid of a web cam that is. Standing on the train platform waiting, I nervously checked the time on my watch, and re-adjusted my top. It had taken me so long to get ready that morning, I knew what I wanted to happen between us, but wasn't sure how I should look. I'd eventually decided on tight jeans and a black v-neck top, low cut enough to be inviting without screaming slut. Underwear had been another battle, it wasn't as if I had a huge variety of sexy underwear to choose from. I'd had to go shopping for my black lacy knickers with matching bra, as I'd never needed to wear sexy underwear before.

As I watched your train pull in, my nervousness grew, my mouth went dry and my brain wouldn't come up with anything cool or funny to say to you. I fidgeted from foot to foot, looking around for you, knowing you'd be hiding under your hat.

You stepped off the train, looking as nervous as I felt, you looked around, searching the sea of faces for mine.

Our eyes locked, and both of our mouths spread into goofy grins, both of us trying hard to pull it back down to something a little less embarrassing. As you walked towards me, I wondered what I should do, hug, kiss, handshake? My time had run out and you were stood right in front of me, without thinking, my arms went around your neck, your arms winding their way around my waist. You pulled me close and as you held me tightly, I was shocked at your boldness. I pulled back from you and smiled, playfully telling you that your shyness was obviously a lie. You laughed at me and explained it wasn't so bad, because we knew each other so well and had met up before.

We walked to the main bus stop from the station and stood there chatting awkwardly for a bit. While we waited for the bus, I couldn't help but reminisce about our steamy late night phone chats. The way we could talk for 12 hours straight and not run out of anything to say amazed me, I knew I loved you, but wondered how you felt.

As we sat next to each other on the cramped bus seats, I could feel my thigh rubbing against yours. The crowded bus swayed around the corners and we would bump into each other, every jolt sending sparks of electricity through me. I couldn't wait to be alone with you, I hoped you were feeling the same way I was.

Finally we arrived at my house, with a smile I told you my family had gone away for the night and wouldn't be back until the next afternoon. As I turned to open the front door, I could feel you close behind me, every nerve in my body was on fire by your closeness. Following me into the house you looked about and mumbled the standard lines about it being a nice house and such. Smiling, I asked if you wanted to see my bedroom, then wandered off without waiting for an answer.

All the way up the stairs I could feel your eyes on my arse, so I wiggled it a little extra, just for you. In my room I sat down and patted the bed, waiting for you to join me. Slowly, and nervously you sat next to me, I could tell I would be making the first move so I laid on the bed and motioned for you to join me. You surprised me by holding you arm out for me to snuggle against you, and again by hugging me close when I laid with you.

With my head on your chest I could hear your heart beating a little quicker than I thought it normally would be. I felt your arms squeeze me tighter against you, and your lips brush a light kiss on my head, making me sigh contentedly. Wanting you to know how pleased I was that you were here, I raised my head and looked into your eyes. We both smiled before gradually leaning in towards each other, and as our lips met I think we both held our breath.

I opened my eyes to see you looking at me, I'm sure we were both waiting for the other one to back away and change our mind. As we realized that neither was backing down, our lips touched again, more hungrily, this time our tongues teased their way in gently. Our breathing continued, getting heavier, as our kiss intensified and we crushed our bodies together. I could feel my soft lips bruising with our hungry kiss, but I didn't care.

Not breaking from the kiss, I flicked your hat off and moved so I could lie flatter, with you hovering above me. The feel of your body pressing into mine made me so hot, I reached my arm around your neck to pull your top half over onto me, and hooked my leg under yours to get you lying on top of me. With your body on top of mine, your confidence grew and I felt your hand slide up my side to my breast as I pushed my fingers through your hair. This was new territory for both of us, I think that's why we felt so comfortable together, no expectations.

We lay fondling each other for a while, getting comfortable with what we were doing, and enjoying the moment. As our touching became braver, and our hands started to slip beneath the clothes, we figured it was time to take them off. You helped me slip out of my top and bra, then took your own top off before coming back to lay with me.

With my boobs now free and squashing against the skin on your chest, it was becoming obvious that you wanted me. I felt my pussy tingle with excitement as your hard cock pushed against my inner thigh. Your erection was clearly uncomfortable in your jeans, and as you reached down to re-adjust yourself I stopped you. Instead of letting you re-arrange yourself, I undid your zipper and pushed your jeans down your thighs. You quickly kicked them off and reached for my belt, struggling to get it open with shaking hands, I helped and soon, I too was only in my underwear.

Your skin burned against mine, it turned me on to know you wanted me as badly as I wanted you. All the dirty talk we had done online, and all the "if we ever meet up" promises ran through my head, and I realized we were about to do the lot.

I gently pushed on your chest and you moved back, giving me enough room to sit up. I kissed you hard on the lips and moved so I could climb onto you. With my legs either side of your hips, I could feel how badly you wanted me. Your cock throbbed against me and begged for attention, so I trailed my fingers down your chest and across your stomach before running one fingertip along your length. I could feel butterflies in my stomach, as I slid your boxers off, my eyes for the first time saw what you would soon be pushing into me. Impressed and intimidated by it's size, I wrapped my fingers around your cock, you let out a small moan, which reassured me that I was doing something right.

I licked the palm of my hand, coating it in saliva and ran my hand up and down your strained cock, gently rubbing my lubricated hand over the sensitive head and back down to the base again. I worked on you for a few minutes before your hand came to stop mine, you told me to lay down, and as I did, you were quickly on top of me kissing me deeply.

Your lips ran down my neck and chest, my breath catching as you kissed around my nipples and gently squeezed my boobs in your hands. I knew you were a boob man, and loved knowing that the pleasure you were giving me, was turning you on even more. Your hot tongue ran its way along my hard nipples, then your hand grasped my breast, lifting it closer to your face as you sucked the nipple into your mouth. I moaned, a little louder than intended, it seemed to spur you on because you quickly left my boobs and began to work your way down my body towards my knickers.

The tiny kisses you planted on my body felt like fire, your touch burned me as you traveled lower. The anticipation was killing me, waiting to feel you touch my aching pussy, the only fingers to ever pleasure me had been my own. Trailing your fingertips along my pussy, as I had done to your cock, you hooked a finger inside my knickers and pulled them to one side, exposing me. I was neatly trimmed into a little strip above my pussy, completely shaved underneath, you moaned as you ran a finger along my slit, feeling how wet I was - how badly I wanted you.

I held your hand and moved your fingertips to my sensitive clitoris, showing you how I touch myself when we're on the phone together, but finally with your hands instead of mine. Letting you find your own rhythm, I laid back, your fingers making my back arch and my eyes flutter closed. You told me there was something you wanted to do, and that I should just lie there and relax. I wasn't sure at first what it was that you meant, but as the rubbing of my clit continued, I realized it was no longer your fingers.
I looked up and saw your head buried between my legs, I could see your tongue lapping at my pussy and as you gently slid one finger inside me, I instantly orgasmed hard. My legs trembled, my toes curled, and I cried out in ecstasy as the waves of pleasure washed over me.

You looked at me, shocked, asking if I had really just cum that fast. I too was shocked at the speed but the months of yearning and the countless times I had masturbated while imagining it was you licking and sucking my pussy had pushed my body into over drive. When I saw what you were doing, and felt you start to finger me I couldn't hold it back.

Reaching onto the chair by the bed, I grabbed a condom and handed it to you. I blushed as you took it from me, tearing it open and slipping it on quickly.

You laid me down, and positioned yourself between my legs, my soaked lips parted eagerly for your rock hard cock. Leaving the tip at my entrance you leaned down and kissed me, then whispered to me, to find out if I was sure this was what I wanted. I responded by opening my legs wider and raising my hips a little. This was all the encouragement you needed, and you slowly pushed yourself into me, while looking into my eyes.

I gasped as you entered me, your girth stretching my tight, virgin pussy, in a pleasurably painful way. After checking I was okay you started to find a rhythm, sliding almost all the way out then slowly back in. I was impressed that I was managing to take all of you into me, and could feel the walls of my pussy quivering with each thrust. Our breath was coming in pants and we were both closing in on the point of no return. I was well lubed from being licked, and now used to the size of you, so I lifted my legs and wrapped them around your waist, pressing my heels into the back of your thighs to push you deeper.

You whispered that you were going to cum, and I told you to fuck me hard before you did. You did exactly that, slamming hard into me and making me scream out your name, quickening your pace and pushing harder and deeper into me. I felt my body tighten and knew I was about to cum, my pussy squeezed tight around your cock and a sexy growl ripped through your lips into my ear.

I came, harder than ever before, with you still slamming into me. As I cried out and repeated your name, I felt your cock stiffen and twitch inside me, then heard your moans as you exploded, pushing as deep as you could into my spasming pussy.

You collapsed next to me with a big smile on your face. With the amazing feeling of my most powerful orgasm still running like electricity through my veins, I realized there was one thing I hadn't done.

I quickly climbed between your legs and slipped the condom off you, throwing it into the bin before turning back to you. You had a confused look on your face, and I winked at you and licked my lips before taking your cock into my mouth. It was starting to go soft and I could fit quite a lot into my mouth, running my tongue along the underside and gripping the base with my fingers. You tasted salty and slightly bitter, it wasn't a particularly nice taste but it made me feel naughty and sexy to know I was tasting your cum. After licking you clean, I snuggled up under the covers with you, and we looked into each others eyes as you stroked the side of my face.

I was certain that I loved you, and was starting to think maybe you felt the same way. I wanted to be with you, or at the very least do this again.

We kissed gently and softly, while laying cuddled together, stroking our fingers along each others exhausted bodies. Knowing my family was away all night made me start to think of all the things we had time to do, you must have been thinking the same thing because as my fingers brushed up your thigh, I felt your cock start to stiffen. I looked at you and you grinned and told me this time, I was going on top.

This is a special request story for a great friend of mine on lush, Scott69 I guess it's our "what could of been" story.. hope you all enjoy :)

Scott69 has posted his version of events also, find it on his profile ;)

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