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my first time nude guy

The first time I saw a guy nude was at a sleepover, at my best friend Zoe’s house, six of us from the same class were staying the weekend at my mates house on a sleepover.

I was 15 and although I had seen nude guys on the net I had never seen one in the flesh.

It was Saturday night and we were trying to think of something to do, we had spent Friday night watching DVD’s and playing games so we were running out of things to do, after a while the conversation got round to guys, and it turned out none of us had seen a guys penis for real other than little kids on the beach, so we decided that we would make it our mission to get a guy to show us his dick, the question was who? The possible answer was not far away! Zoe’s brother! He was a hot guy of 16 tanned athletic, just perfect for the job, Zoe said he will never do it, ok but its worth a try we replied, so she agreed to ask him to come to our room.

A few minutes later she returned with him, he looked at us and said Zoe says you wanted me, the others looked at me to reply, I didn’t have a clue what to say, so I just said, well we were talking and we found out that none of us have seen a guys penis and we would like to see one, so we were kind of wondering if you would show us yours.

He looked at us in surprise not knowing what to say.

After a while I asked what do you think about it? Would you?

I don’t know he said, what would I get if I did it? What would you want? I asked, he thought a while and said, ok I will do it only if you all take off your tops and pants as well.

We all looked at each other in horror.

One of the girls said well I suppose if your going to do it for us the least we can do is do the same for you.

Zoe locked the door so we would not get disturbed, her brother looked very nervous and said I hope you don’t expect to much.

We all looked on not believing what was about to happen.

Zoe put on some music and he began by taking off his black vest type top, god he had a fit body!

We all grinned and were getting exited, Next he took off his trainers and socks followed by undoing his belt and unzipping his black jeans, he looked at us and said are you sure you want me to do this, we all nodded, he proceeded to take off his jeans, he had a pair of black skimpy CK briefs that showed off all the contours of his parts a treat, well here goes he said and slowly removed his briefs, as he pulled them down his penis bounced out, he was not erect but just enough to show it off a treat, it was hanging nicely with about half of the purple coloured tip showing out of his foreskin, behind it we could see his testicles hanging just below the end of his penis in a sack that was stretching under the weight, he had short black pubes that looked like he trimmed them, along with   a hair free sack. His bits   looked beautiful.

By now I think he was beginning to sort of enjoy it, showing off himself to such an eager audience of young girls, then he said to us, well now its your turn, and so as we had promised we proceeded to strip for him, we were a mixture of small flat to full rounded breasts, almost bare to mounds pubes on our pussy’s but I think he enjoyed what he saw going by what happened to his penis, he had a full blown erection, and it was huge, I asked if he would do something for me? What? he asked, I said could he pull the skin all the way back so we could see the end of his penis, he said ok but I would have to do it, I could not believe it, not only had I just seen my first real live penis on such a hot guy but I was now about to put my fingers around it.

I put my thumb and forefinger just below the head and pushed down, I was surprised, it felt much harder than I had expected and it was tight and needed a lot of pressure to get it to slide back behind the head, but it was worth it because it showed it off in its full glory, it was just like a big shinny purple helmet.

That a sleepover to remember and I think he enjoyed it as much as we did.


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