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First Time at the Gym

A frequent gym goer has a different work out this time...
Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down.

The weights seemed to get heavier every time I lifted them.

Up. Down. Up. Down. 

I began to breathe harder as I lifted the bar over and over, worried that my arms would eventually give out and the steel bar and the heavy weights on the ends would come crashing down on me. I didn't have a spotter since I usually prefer to work out alone. All I needed was my iPod and a bottle of Gatorade and I could work out for hours by myself.

I'm Jennifer. I'm not very much of a people person. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't have friends, but I guess I'm what you would call 'independent'. I don't have a boyfriend and I live with a roommate who is never around. So I spend most of my time here at the gym.... maybe a little too much time...

After what seemed like a hundred reps, my arms started to shake. I couldn't hold the bar up any longer and I didn't even have the energy to put it back into it resting place. The bar and all it's weight came crashing down towards my face. Not even having the energy to move I shut my eyes and waited for the impact. I sat there for 5 seconds waiting for a huge headache, but it never came. I opened my eyes and saw a rather buff, brown hair, brown-eyed man standing over me. Putting the weight back onto the rack.

"You okay?"he asked,"looks like it almost gotcha, didn't it?" Not knowing what to say or even having the energy to say I just laid there staring at him. He seemed to realize that I was exhausted and helped me sit up. I sat there in a daze until I felt something cold press up against my forehead and a towel draped around my neck.

I managed to mutter out a weak "Thanks". "Don't mention it,"he said,"just relax." 

He gave me a few minutes to rest then he helped me up and we walked over to a couch in the lobby. We sat there for a minute to make sure I was alright, then he said,"Wow. You can really lift weights." Getting some energy back I replied,"Thanks, it's kind of my hobby."

"Well it certainly shows," he commented as he looked over my sweaty but incredibly fit body which was only covered by skimpy sports bra and skin tight shorts,"especially your six-pack."

"Thanks, it's pretty obvious you work out too," I replied, trying to be polite as I recovered. As I looked him over I could see through his tank-top that he had large biceps, a decently large chest, and chiseled abs and legs to match.

"Oh, I'm Allen by the way."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Jennifer."

It must have been obvious that I was getting sore from all my weight lifting because he suddenly offered, "Well, Jennifer, how about a massage?"

Normally I would have declined, but right then a massage sounded amazing. "Sure," I said as he helped me up. He then led me over to a door near the back of the building. "In here," he said as he opened the door to the private sauna.

"We're not going to a massage chair?" I asked. "Nope," he replied, " the steam will help you relax more." 

So we went in and he told me to have a seat. So I sat down as he locked the door.

"Don't want anyone disturbing your massage." He said with a flirtatious smile. He then came over and sat behind me on the bench. Without saying anything his hands gently rubbed my shoulders. I immediately began feeling very relaxed. He moved his strong hand up and down my back, increasing my relaxation. I also began feeling very aroused. My nipples became hard as he continued to rub me. I felt his hands rubbing my sides, which made me feeling even more aroused.

I scooting back into him more, which made his hands wrap around my toned stomach. "Wow, your abs are amazing," he said softly while he rubbed my stomach. Soon I found myself leaning back up against him, with my head resting back on his shoulder. His hands felt amazing caressing my body. He then moved his hands up along my body until he was fondling my breasts. I had larger boobs than most other women, and he was obviously enjoying it just as I was.

His hands felt so good rubbing and squeezing my tits that I hardly noticed him slip his tongue into my mouth and give me a long passionate kiss. I returned my tongue and we each felt our mouths all over as our tongues danced with each other, our lips never leaving. One of his hands slipped down from my right breast as Allen moved his hand down between my legs, and began rubbing my pussy through my light cotton shorts.

I felt him lift my sports bra up, revealing my two all natural breasts and my perfectly round pink nipples, as he then slid his other hand down into my shorts, fingering my vagina with his two inner fingers. I let out a light gasp from my vagina being penetrated for the first time. Although I was 23, I had never had sex before. This was an entirely new experience for me.

With one hand coddling my nipple, the other fingering my pussy, and his tongue in my mouth, I felt as though I was in paradise!

We unlocked our lips for the first time and he said, "You ready for more?" I nodded my head yes.

He completely removed my sports bra, and then indicated for me to stand up. After I stood up and faced him he then slid my shorts and panties down in one motion. He than grabbed my round butt cheeks and pulled me into him. Quickly, he moved his shorts down, revealing his long hard cock. With my knees on each side of his hips, he grabbed his long dick and lined it up with my vagina. Then he grabbed my hips and pulled my down onto his cock. I let out a long, load moan as Allen moved me up and down.

This was the first time that a penis had ever been inside me, riding him, and it felt better than I could have imagined. Surprisingly, there was no pain at all like most of my friends said there would be. I breathed in and out with each bounce. I wanted him to go even deeper inside me! My hips moved up and down even faster and the thrilling sensation increased. He reached up and fondled my tits and squeezed them, which caused even more pleasure for me.

He pushed me back off his dick and cummed all over my stomach. It was so hot, leaning back, feeling his warm cum all over my stomach. I was worried that he might be finished, but he pulled me close and picked me up with my legs wrapped around him and his hands on my butt cheeks.

He lays me on my back and sticks his still long and hard cock inside my pussy. Moving in and out, he goes faster and faster. It feels even more amazing than our last position! He rams my pussy harder and harder. I feel everything building up inside me. The more he drills me, the better it feels.

I feel the build up inside me so much that I can't hold it anymore. I push him slightly back as I orgasm for the first time! I feel the rush of everything and I let out a loud gasp. I had never felt anything like that before in my life, and it felt amazing.

I sit up we embrace with our arms wrapped around each other. I give Allen a long passionate kiss. I'm still not much of a people person, but I can get used to this.... 

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