First Time for Candy

By hotpinkdrippingwet1

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I was 16 and home alone for the summer. My parents were on a three month trip to Europe. I spent most of the days swimming or reading, trying to pass the time. One day I was lying by the pool and was feeling so super horny I could barely stand it. I decided to move to the pool house to relieve some of my frustrations. I went to the chaise lounge and laid down, rubbing my hard nipples through my bikini top. I could feel my tiny bikini bottoms filling up with my sweet pussy juices...I untied my top and slid my bottoms off. I was so wet it was already dripping down my legs. I rubbed some of my wetness on my nipples and began to lick them clean. Suddenly I realized I was not alone, I had forgotten that the handyman was coming to fix the lock on the pool house door.

I opened my eyes and saw him watching me. I could see his huge hard cock bulging inside his pants. I had always fantasized about him but never realized I could make those fantasies a reality. I asked him if he liked looking at my tight, pink virginal pussy. He walked over to me and started sucking my nipples. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter He asked me if I had ever been with a man before, I told him 'no' but that I would love to feel his huge throbbing cock inside my tight little pussy because it was aching for it. He laid me down and spread my legs apart, staring at my pussy. I begged him to please put his mouth on it, I wanted to know so bad how it felt for someone to lick my pussy off. He slowly lowered himself until his face was right in my wet pussy.

His tongue was all over my clit and I could feel it swelling. It was the most amazing thing I had ever felt. Then he went down and started tongue fucking me. Every time he pulled his tongue out, strings of my wetness would show from his mouth to my pussy. He slowly licked his way back up to my clit where he gently wrapped his lips around it and started sucking. I could feel my pussy swelling all around his face and getting hotter and wetter. Suddenly I exploded all over his mouth, he wouldn't let go of my clit so I kept coming hard. Finally, I begged for his cock inside me, it slid right in from all the wetness and filled my tight pussy full, stretching it.

When he came he pulled out his hard, huge cock and covered my body with his cum. I will never forget my first time, it was still the most amazing come I think I have had. Just writing this has me so wet I am going to have to rub my pussy...