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First Time Fucked

First Time Fucked

The party promised to be memorable for Tawnya!
Tawnya Davis walked across the high school commons and felt several sets of eyes peering at her. She was a sight to behold in her tight pink blouse and short white miniskirt. Her five-inch heels made a click-click sound as she walked across the sidewalk, her hips swishing hypnotically as she moved. A group of science club geeks gawked as their heads moved with her walk, while a group of Goth girls watched her in disgust. She ignored them as she walked past them, on her way to her next class. She didn't ignore the good-looking boy sitting on the picnic bench with his other two friends though. Tawnya pulled up her purse to her shoulder and winked at the guys as they stared at her swishing hips and bouncing breasts. She smiled to herself as she passed them.

Since Tawnya had come to Piedmont High School, she'd had no problems with her social life. She had all the friends she needed and her best friend was the school's head cheerleader, Allison Simpson. Every day, Tawnya would have guys drooling over her or girls staring jealously at her dark chestnut hair, hazel eyes, and curving 34B-24-34 figure. Her only problem was her chest, which she wished was bigger. She knew the boys were drawn to big boobs. However, it didn't seem to be much of a hindrance at all, since none of the boys she knew thought Tawnya had small boobs.

"There she is," whispered a skinny freshman boy with curly red hair and thick glasses. "Man, she's hot!"

"You'll never get her, Billy," his friend Robert said. "The only girls you get are in your dreams!"

As Tawnya got close to the student parking lot, Allison and some of the other cheerleader's pulled up in one of the cars.

"Hey Tawnya," Allison called out.

"Hi, Allie."

"Remember what I told you last week?" asked Allison excitedly.

"You mean about the party at your house? I thought you said there was no way we could have it there," Tawnya replied.

"But now we can!" screamed Allison. "My parents are going away for a whole week! I already got all the invitations sent out. It's going to be, like, a blast!"

Allison Simpson's house was a large Colonial style house that looked more like a mansion than a single family house. There was also a swimming pool and a large backyard.

"That is so awesome!" Tawnya screamed with Allison, but her smile slowly turned into a disappointing frown. "But I have to study and babysit my neighbor's baby."

Allison groaned. "C'mon Tawnya! This is, like, the ultimate party that everyone has been waiting for."

Tawnya didn't know how to solve the dilemma. "I don't know..."

"You're 18, girl," whispered Allison and smiled mischievously. "And aren't you a virgin too? This could be a chance to pop your cherry. You don't want to graduate high school a virgin do you?"

Tawnya's face blushed beet red. She couldn't believe Allison had said that, but it was absolutely true. Tawnya didn't know if all the other girls in their circle had lost their virginity, but she had kept hers throughout her school career. She had dated a few boys, but it always seemed to end up either in a lot of drama or the guy was just too boring to be with.

But, Tawnya wasn't too worried about losing her virginity. She still was holding out for the man she loved. And the party at Allison's house could be the perfect opportunity to meet her dream guy.

Tawnya smiled and said, "Where do we meet?"

At Allison's prodding, Tawnya had tried out for and got a position with the cheerleading squad. It was good since most of the girls she hung out with were on the squad as well. She was definitely part of the group now.

Monday, after practice, Tawnya and the other girls in the cheerleading squad went to the gym locker room to take a shower and change their clothes. She pulled her snug, midriff-baring cheerleading blouse up over her head and pulled down her very short skirt. Tawnya's eyes wandered around the locker room and she saw other girls half-naked, laughing and playfully touching each other. Being a virgin, she felt a little nervous when she saw the girls touching each other. It looked dirty.

She shrugged her shoulders, pulled off her bra and tugged her panties down, and went into the showers. The girls seemed more playful and excited in the showers because they were throwing soaps, squirting shampoos, and spraying cold water at each other. Suddenly, someone came up behind Tawnya and without warning dumped with a bucket of cold water on her. She screamed in shock as goose bumps quickly formed throughout her body. Tawnya quickly turned around and saw Allison, standing behind her fully naked and grinning broadly at her antic.

Allison was a well-developed girl and Tawnya had always envied her figure. She had 36D breasts and had a slender figure with a firm tight butt. She had shoulder-length platinum blond hair parted to the side which she had put a blaze of pink right in front and crystal-clear blue eyes that looked like sparks igniting from her pupils. Many of the girls and most of the boys admired Allison's looks and very grown up figure. It seemed almost as if she was hailed as a beauty queen. She was smiling mischievously, holding the empty bucket and shrugged when Tawnya glared at her.

"Allison!" Tawnya screamed angrily.

"So you're absolutely sure you're coming to the party?" asked Allison as she turned on hot water in the shower next to Tawnya.

"Yeah I'm coming. But I'm not sure about all that virginity talk."

"Ehh? Don't tell me you're not going to try to lose your virginity."

"Well, are you a virgin?" Tawnya asked

"Of course not. I fuck all the time, Tawnya. I just had sex with Kevin Donaldson the other day."

Allison was not shy in revealing things about herself. Tawnya knew she wasn't a virgin - Allison had made no secret of that. And Tawnya sometimes wished she was as experienced as her friend was. Even though Tawnya would never admit it, she would call Allison a slut, because of her skimpy clothing. She always showed her cleavage, wore high heels, and wore short skirts or pants with strategically placed holes in them. She always rode the edge of the school dress conduct and had been called on it more than once. But she was popular and even though the quarterback of the football team, Johnny Duncan was her boyfriend, she would secretly have sex with other guys. It was no doubt that Allison was friendly, fun, outgoing, and full of determination and Tawnya looked up to her as a role model.

"Anyways, I hope everything goes alright," Tawnya said as she turned off the water and fetched her towel. "Remember Tony Clarkson's party bust?"

Allison laughed and replied, "Nah, it won't be like that. This time, the party will be a blast."

"Something to remember, huh?"

"Uh huh...especially for you, Tawnya. You better get fucked that day or I'm going to fuck you myself."

"Hey, I am not a sex object."

"Cheerleaders are born to be sex objects."

Tawnya rolled her eyes and dried her hair. Allison was always joking around about sex. She had a very casual and free-spirited attitude about sex

"Make sure you shave your pussy, Tawnya," called out Allison. "Better trim it and dress it up because this week it's going to go pop!" Allison put her tongue onto the roof of her mouth and clicked making a popping sound. Tawnya rolled her eyes again and quickly dressed as the bell rang.

Secretly, Tawnya couldn't wait for the day to arrive. Even though she never intended to lose her virginity, she had thought about sex since the first day of her sex education class. She was very interested in boys and wanted to experience more and more about the opposite sex. She impatiently waited for the day to come. Allison's party was definitely her last chance to become a woman.

The rest of the week crawled by slowly but the day of the party finally came. It was around 7:00 PM when crowds of people flooded into Allison's house. The mass of partiers typically broke into their own little groups spread throughout the house. There were cheerleaders in one room, old school friends in another, football players in a third, and many other party-crazed young adults scattered around the house. Most of the dancing took place in the huge full basement, but there were smaller dancing groups elsewhere. The revelry got started right away; multicolored lights were flashing all over the rooms, the bass of the music was thundering down the halls, and liquor, wine, and food were passed all around. Some partygoers were entranced in the music as they shook their bodies and others began drinking competitions until one of the football players threw up on all the contestants. Tawnya entered the party wearing a thin pink tank top with short denim "cut-offs" and sandals with four-inch spike heels. Tawnya wandered through the house until she spotted Allison in the kitchen area chatting with two boys.

"Oh, hey Tawnya," called out Allison trying to be heard over the music. Tawnya came over to Allison. "I want to introduce you to these guys. This is Richard and he's Tommy."

Tawnya shook hands and hugged Richard and Tommy. Richard was around 6'2 with huge shoulders and thick legs with blond hair cut into a mullet style, similar to what the 80's rock band members wore. Tommy had shaggy collar-length brown hair parted on the right that came down to just over his blue eyes. He wasn't as big as Richard, but he was definitely much taller than her and Tawnya could tell he was fit from the muscles bulging out of his tight shirt. She caught Tommy looking at her and he winked her way, which caused her to blush. Allison introduced them and Tawnya realized that both were football players from Tawnya's school, however she had never met or spoken with either of them. Allison and Tawnya began to flirt with the two guys until someone started to shout over the loud music and pointed at the large swimming pool.

Everyone began to take off their clothing and ran outside in the cold evening and jumped into the pool. There was laughter and screams which meant the party was going smoothly. Allison decided to go swimming also and took Richard with her outside. Tawnya and Tommy continued to chat until Tommy put down his drink and smiled brightly.

"Want to go upstairs? There's a private bath and maybe we can use it so we won't be overcrowded," explained Tommy.

"Could this be it?" thought Tawnya. "Is this finally when I'll lose my virginity?"

Silently, Tawnya nodded and Tommy took her hand and led her upstairs. As they walked through the hallway, Tommy peeked into the various rooms, which were mostly occupied by couples kissing and making out, or having their own private parties. Tommy finally found an empty place...a small room with a bed and a small T.V. set with a large tub in the bathroom. Tommy went into the bathroom to fill the tub with hot water and Tawnya browsed the room. She opened a closet and was surprised to find a two-piece black bikini set and she smiled as she picked it out.

"Tawnya, the water's nice and hot!" called out Tommy as he took off his clothes down to his boxers. He went into the tub and laid down so the water reached his chin and waited for her. Tommy wanted to get to know Tawnya and maybe even get inside her panties. He could tell she was a bit shy and wanted the privacy this room afforded to make her more comfortable.

He was shocked when Tawnya came in wearing the two-piece black bikini with her legs slightly crossed and her arms behind her back as her face flushed with embarrassment when he saw Tommy staring at her.

"What's wrong?" asked Tawnya.

"'s nothing. It's...damn, you're fine in that bikini," said Tommy and shook his head in amazement.

Tawnya laughed and climbed into the tub. She realized that Tommy's body was amazing too. His body was sculptured perfectly with a firm six-pack jutting out of his abdomen. His shoulders were large, as it was typical for a quarterback and he had huge bulging arms. Tawnya longed to be wrapped in those arms but she didn't want to move too fast. Both were silent for a long time, staring at each other's body until Tommy took courage and moved close to her and put his arm around her waist. Tawnya blushed and playfully pushed him away but Tommy did not let go. Tommy stared at Tawnya as he urged closer and she knew what Tommy was about to do. She closed her eyes and accepted his kiss. Tommy slowly used his arm to slowly spread Tawnya's legs. He brushed against her thighs and Tawnya shuddered, even though they were in hot water. Tommy trailed his fingers upwards until it reached her chest and then he began to play with her breasts, massaging them and teasing her nipples to hardness through the fabric. Tawnya gasped as they continued to link lips and before she knew it her hand brushed against Tommy's erect cock that was bulging through his boxer.

Tommy disconnected their lips and he began to kiss her forehead, hair, ear, and neck. She felt a soft moan escape her throat and arched her back as Tommy ravished her with barrages of kisses. His fingers quietly pinched at her nipples until they became even harder and then they slowly trailed down between her legs. He rubbed her pussy through her bikini fabric and she closed her eyes and moaned softly as Tommy smiled down at her. He kissed cheek and then he trailed close to her ear again.

"I want you," he whispered in her ear.

Tawnya didn't know what to do. She tried to remember any advice that Allison might have given her from the past. Should she refuse and play hard to get? Seduce him and accept? All these questions filled her head and finally came out as, "I...I'm still a virgin."

"Well, are you going to keep your virginity and become the next 40-year-old virgin?"

"No," laughed Tawnya. "It's just that I'm...kind of nervous."

Tommy petted her head and said, "Don't worry. I'll take you through every step. Now get on your knees."

Tawnya obediently went onto her knees and let half of her body out of the tub. Tommy pushed himself up out of the water and sat down on the edge of the tub. He motioned her to come close to him as he spread his legs and projected a large bulge through his boxers.

"Take them off," he commanded and Tawnya did what he said.

Tommy's 8 inch long, 2 inch wide cock stood erect like a fishing pole pointed at Tawnya. Tommy smiled and said, "Now, Tawnya. I want you to suck it. Remember to not use your teeth because my cock's really sensitive."

"Tommy, it's really big."

"Don't worry, I'll take it slow. Soon you'll be taking this all the way up your pussy."

Tawnya nodded and nervously put out her tongue and touched the tip of his cock. She pulled back and a string of precum stretched between her tongue and his cock. Then she opened her mouth and slowly slid it into her mouth, making sure her teeth did not touch his cock. Then as Tommy commanded, she began to suck it awkwardly.

"Like sucking on a popsicle, Tawnya," Tommy encouraged, and she obeyed. "Oh yeah...that's better."

Tawnya slowly bobbed her head up and down and Tommy let out a soft moan as he put his hand on her head. With his hand, he pushed her head in a little deeper but she choked so he quickly pulled out.

"Sorry," apologized Tawnya as she wiped her mouth.


Tawnya dived into Tommy's cock and sucked more. Tommy slowly began to force her to stuff his cock in his mouth and Tawnya tried to resist the choking and gagging, but it was no use as she pulled out by instinct of throwing up.

"It's okay," laughed Tommy. "It's only your first time." Tawny smiled at his kindness but she was determined to learn how to please him with her mouth.

Tawnya tried to grasp the huge cock with both of her small hands and bobbed her head, using her tongue to lick the underside of his cock. Tommy groaned and whispered, "Oh yes...that's a tight mouth."

It wasn't long before Tommy's body suddenly tensed and his cock began to swell as it exploded, unleashing strings of hot cum into Tawnya's mouth. As he came, he moaned, "I'm cumming, Tawnya, I'm cumming! Keep it all in your mouth. Hold it for me!"

Finally finished, he relaxed and pulled his now empty cock from her mouth. Tommy ordered Tawnya to open her mouth and she showed him all the cum he had unloaded upon her.

"Swallow it, sweetie," Tommy said, and Tawnya closed her eyes tight and swallowed as she coughed softly from the thickness of his cum.

"How is it?" asked Tommy.

Tawnya smacked her mouth and wrinkled her nose. "It's kind of salty."

Tommy smiled and took hold of Tawnya's hand and both of them stood up from the tub. He led her to the bed and then turned her to face him, looking at her. He reached for her shoulders and asked, "Mind if I undress you?"

"Please," Tawnya said, and slowly Tommy pulled the string from her bikini bottom and it loosened and slid down to her ankles. Tommy grinned with approval as he examined her wet, bald pussy. He pushed her onto the bed and knelt down between her legs. He licked the slit of her pussy and she reacted with a jolt.

"You're so sweet that I want to eat you right up. And that's what I'm exactly going to do." Tommy said as he settled into position. He fastened his hot mouth onto her pussy and she moaned when she felt his tongue explore her untouched cave and then he hummed, which made her body cringe. He attacked her clit which made her squeal as shock sparked through Tawnya's spine.

"Oh god..."

He could not believe how fast Tawnya was getting wet. She was already trembling, waiting for her climax to peak and Tommy put one finger, then two, into her wet hole and slowly fucked her. At the same time, he suckled and nipped on her clit which caused her buck furiously as she gasped. "Oh god, what is this feeling!" It was not long before she unleashed her climax and rode her orgasm and Tommy's finger at the same time. He sucked up all her juices and made sure not a single drop was wasted.

"Mmm, you even taste sweet."

Tommy climbed on top of Tawnya and began to kiss her. She had forgotten all about her worries of her virginity being taken by because she felt as if she was in heaven. Tawnya broke their kiss and she whispered in his ear seductively, "Fuck me."

"Which position you want as your first, babe?" Tommy whispered back and pecked at her cheeks and neck.

"I don't care, I just want you inside me, please!" Tawny whimpered.

Tommy laid back on the bed and picked up Tawnya and sat her down right under his erect pole. "Climb on top and go in slow. This way you can control things." he said.

Tawnya sat up and hovered near Tommy's cock. She slowly lowered herself, placing her hands on his abdomen to support herself. As the head squeezed through her pussy lips, Tawnya cringed and gasped. "Oh my's tight."

"That's what I love about it!" Tommy said softly. "Take all of it, Tawnya!"

Tawnya squirmed as his cock took its journey to her cherry. She slowly went in until she felt his cock poking at her hymen. She nervously looked at Tommy, but he was too mesmerized at her pussy squeezing his cock. It felt as if he couldn't believe that he would ever have such a tight twat in his whole life. "You okay, Tawnya?"


"Just let it go and sit down until it's all the way in, babe," explained Tommy. "It's going to hurt a bit, but I know you're a big girl and you can take it."

Tawnya nodded and took a deep breath. As she let go of her supporting hands and sat down, she felt his cock tear her innocence apart. Suddenly, all the childhood memories and high school life flashed before her eyes and tears formed in her eyes as she gasped loudly when she felt her butt hit his thighs. She was all way in and felt Tommy's cock squeeze through her cervix. Then there was the pain. She felt a slight pain then a discomfort within her. It felt as she was going to tear apart into pieces. But she hid her discomfort by gritting her teeth in her closed mouth It was quiet for a long time, with only Tawnya's harsh breathing filled the small room. A mirror beside the bathroom was already fogging up from the breath and sex in the air. Tommy silently reached Tawnya's back and slowly untied her top bikini. It slowly slid down and exposed her 34B breasts and he smiled with approval.

Tommy smiled and whispered, "You know what to do, Tawnya. Ride it."

She nodded and weakly lifted her body up and sat down on his cock again. She felt her tight pussy contract every time Tommy's cock plunged deep into her and then relax as it left her pussy walls. Since it was her first time, every time she pounded herself on the hard pole it hit her pussy walls causing her to moan and scream lightly in mixture of pain and pleasure. Tommy smiled, lifting his hand and wiped a tear off Tawnya's eyes and then cupped her breast in one hand and rested his other hand on her waist.

"Shift your body so you can hit it where it feels the best," advised Tommy as Tawnya obeyed. She shifted her body right and then went straight down as it slid into her tight pussy and scratched her G-Spot. She moaned and closed her eyes while arching her back as she rode him. Her pain and discomfort was beginning to fade away and pleasure was creeping through along her thighs. She had never felt this kind of feeling before since she had started masturbating two years ago. She screamed lightly as his cock suddenly pounded at her cervix and her body shivered with excitement. She began to ride him faster, her breath changing into sharp moans. Tommy leaned his body forward and kissed her pink, hard nipples causing Tawnya to buckle with ecstasy until she felt a burst of tense muscles in her stomach and thighs.


Knowing what was coming, Tommy said, "Don't stop, Tawnya. Cum for me!"

Tawnya rode faster, her sharp moans turning into screams. Suddenly, her whole body tensed and trembled as she cried out Tommy's name and felt a strong vibe as she felt the warm rush rushing out of her pussy. She sat down on his cock, holding Tommy tightly as she breathed loudly, the feeling causing her body to spasm violently. Tommy sighed as he felt Tawnya's pussy squeezing his cock tightly, but he held his cum. He did not want this to stop.

"Just ride the orgasm, Tawnya," whispered Tommy as he stroked her cheek and kissed her nipples. Tawnya moaned as her orgasm continued. She had never came so hard before and even her body was in shock. Soon, her orgasm subsided and Tommy picked Tawnya up and pushed her onto the bed on her back. He smiled and slowly pushed her legs open as he observed her owned pussy, with mingled combinations of her virginal blood and her cum flowed down her pussy lips.

"What a beautiful view," Tommy said. "Popping a cherry should be considered an art."

Tawnya blushed and finally thought herself as a woman. Now she didn't have to worry about being with a boy alone or have to think or talk to her parents about saving her virginity to a special person. Tommy got on top of her and kissed her nipples, arousing her again. He went up, kissing her sweetly every time and then whispered in her ear, "Now it's my turn."

She nodded and laid her arms on the bed and spread her legs so Tommy can fit in between. Tommy whispered again, "I'm going to fuck you hard, okay?"

Tawnya nodded again and whispered back, "Please, Tommy, please fuck me hard."

Tommy rubbed his cock between her pussy lips and slowly entered. Then he placed his hands side to side to Tawnya's head so her head was in between his spread arms until his view was her tits and above and smiled for her approval. She nodded again and he began to pump his body into her. She closed her eyes and cringed as Tommy immediately began to pound her pussy, as screams and moans escaped her throat. Tommy smiled as he looked down at her face and her beautiful tits bouncing up and down from the force he was exerting into her. His balls slapped her ass loudly as Tawnya tightly squeezed the bed sheets with her hands and let out sharp screams at every stroke from Tommy's cock pounded into her. Tawnya closed her eyes and laid her head to the side as he fucked her vigorously.

"Tawnya, look at me," Tommy said between grunts. "When someone takes your virginity, you should look up at him as he is fucking you."

Tawnya slowly opened her eyes and looked up at Tommy, gasping and cringing slightly at some hard pumps he was forcing into her pussy. He smiled and looked down at her as she looked up in silence. Suddenly, Tawnya closed her eyes tightly, moaning, "Oh god...I think I'm cumming again."

"I want to cum with you, Tawnya...but I don't think we can without contraceptives," whispered Tommy with disappointment. He could feel his balls tensing and his stomach tightened as it was ready to cum.

But Tawnya shook her head and answered, "No, cum inside me. Make me feel that I've become a woman. Please Tommy, cum inside me."

Tommy could not object. His cum was already rapidly flowing through his glands and through his cock. Tawnya felt his cock bulge and she came as Tommy gave his last strength and pounded deep into her as he also came. Tawnya felt strings of cum paint her pussy walls and fill her womb as she rode her second orgasm. Tommy pulled out and collapsed next to Tawnya. They both look at each other, speechless from gasping with perspiration. They smiled at each other.

"Thanks for making me a woman, Tommy," whispered Tawnya and kissed Tommy on the lips. "I'll remember this forever."

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