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First time in a new life

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This story took place in 2001

This is my first story and although the names have been changed, it is true. Thank you to BS21 for assistance in editing.

My name is Mark. I am 37 years old; I stand 6 feet 2 inches tall and weigh 230lbs. I had been separated for about a year when this story took place, and had found the Internet to be my new best friend. Whilst I had been married for 13 years I had only ever been with one person, now I was single, I had found a whole new world. I had joined an over 40 chat rooms; and being as I was only 37 at the time it seemed odd but everyone in the room accepted me, and I became friends with a few of them both on and off line. These are the stories.

During these times there were many chat rooms, usually for people looking for sex. One night I decided to explore the room of a couple looking for a guy. It was a fantasy of mine to try a threesome and although I had offers, it seemed they didn’t turn up, or changed their mind once it was found that I was serious.

Inside this room I came across Sasha, she was the female part of the couple, after chatting with her I found out they were from Rochester NY and came to Canada occasionally, staying at a hotel in Niagara Falls usually for a weekend away. They had been married for 12 years and were looking to spice things up. We chatted for a few nights to find if we had a match, they also sent pictures, with faces removed. I could not reciprocate as I didn’t have a scanner at the time or a picture to send but it became clear that we were both interested in taking this further.

One night while we were chatting, they told me they were coming to Canada that weekend and were interested in meeting. It was decided that the meeting would take place near the casino in Niagara Falls on Friday night. Being as I lived 2 hours away and having to work until 5pm, it was suggested we would meet about 9pm. Phone numbers were exchanged in case plans changed or we couldn’t find each other. On my arrival I found a parking lot near the casino and ventured to find the meeting location. When it was discovered that it had two entrances, I decided to call John and find where they were. I was pleased that he answered, alleviating the thought of a wasted journey, but now leaving me nervously excited.

I climbed the stairway to the meeting spot we had decided on; John and Sasha stood by the door to the casino waiting for me. I shook John’s hand and gave Sasha a hug, as we exchanged greetings.

John was 48, about 5’10” and about 200lbs; Sasha was 38, 5’4” and 130lbs with a great looking body. We chatted as walked into the casino getting comfortable, John suggested we spend some time at the slots getting to know each other better. We sat with Sasha between us, first playing one machine then the other. We decided to go to the restaurant and have a bite to eat, to get away from the noise of the bells and horns the machines were making. During this time I found out this was the first time they had decided to do something like this and they too were worried if I would not show up or the chemistry would be right.

After we had finished our meal John suggested that I become more familiar with Sasha, and treat her as if she was my wife. I escorted her through the casino to our next machine, my arm around her waist and my hand occasionally patting her ass. After about 30 minutes John suggested we should retire from the casino and move to the hotel room.

We walked to the hotel with Sasha arm in arm with both of us, entering the elevator in the front lobby; John again suggested I become intimate with Sasha so we began to kiss while John looked on, every kiss becoming more passionate, tongues entering each other’s mouths, and hands beginning to wander across each other’s bodies.

We stepped off the elevator and proceeded to their room. We entered quickly and made our way the seating area in the room. I was asked if I liked lingerie, as Sasha would like to model. Sasha removed herself from the room to change. John and I talked about the evening's events and how he wanted to watch as I seduced Sasha.

Sasha returned wearing a sheer black bra and panty set. I stood to greet her return and looking at John for approval I took her into my arms and resumed where we left off on the elevator. She helped me remove my shirt, unbuttoning it slowly as John looked on. John sat in the chair and loosened his pants. Pulling out his cock, he started to slowly stroke it. With my shirt off, I assisted Sasha in removing the rest of my clothes until I was the only one naked in the room.

We made our way to the bed and lay down, our bodies still embraced. My hands were roaming over her petite body and C sized boobs. She started to stroke my cock to erection as I fondled her breasts through the thin fabric; I could feel her nipples harden to my touch.

As we lay on the bed John directed us from the chair, telling Sasha to start to suck on my 7 inches of uncut cock. The warmth of her mouth was delicious on my head.We moved positions, to give me access to her pussy as she consumed my cock down her throat. I began licking her pussy though the thin material of her lingerie. I traced the folds of her lips with my tongue. Her pussy was extremely wet. I could taste her juices.

For a moment I forgot where I was, and who I was, but I didn’t care; I was enjoying making this woman cum. I was enjoying the sensation of a warm body on top of me,. Running my hands over her body, I tried to get my fingers under her panties into her pussy, but Sasha's wriggling would not allow me access, as her panties became wetter with every lick.

Suddenly John spoke up once more, directing the action, and letting me know he wanted me to cum. He was encouraging me to cum in Sasha’s waiting mouth. I couldn’t resist the pleasure I was receiving, it was blowing my mind. My cock started to pulsate as cum started to shoot from my cock. All I could feel was the sensation of Sasha’s tongue on my head as she swallowed my load. Sasha lay there licking and swallowing every last drop of cum from my now shrinking member. Lying there on the bed, I looked over to John with his spent cock in hand, mine still in his wife’s mouth.

Sasha got up from the bed and made her way to the bathroom. She returned a few moments later with face cloths in hand for each of us. As we cleaned ourselves up, Sasha returned to John’s side and we continued to talk more. The time was now was close to 1 am, and I still had a 2 hour drive home. I got dressed slowly and we decided we would like to try this once more and make it a weekend next time.

Before I left Sasha removed her bra to show the nice set of C size tits I had felt, with nice pink nipples standing to attention. I paused at the door thinking I couldn’t leave, I wanted more. I was still excited, and my dick still throbbed. I wanted to see Sasha naked; I wanted to fuck her.

I drove home that night with new ideas for the next visit I could have with them. I didn’t sleep once I got home; instead I lay awake masturbating my cock several more times to completion.

I checked in with Sasha on Sunday night once they got home to find out how the rest of their night went. She told me they made love all-night and couldn’t wait for the three of us to get together again. We chatted about the ideas I had and how to make them happen the next time they came to Canada.

Several weeks passed before I got a call, letting me know they were coming back; unfortunately, due to work I was unable to meet up. After several failed arrangements I stopped hearing from them. This didn’t stop my hunger for a more involved encounter, but little did I know it would be 3 years before this would happen again.

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