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First Time Perfection

I had imagined losing my virginity a thousand times, but nothing can compare to how it actually was.
Every teenager imagines their first time, right? Girls often imagine it being romantic and sappy, while boys, not so much perhaps. I had always imagined losing my virginity being a certain way. I can honestly say that while it was nothing like how I had planned, it was definitely not a disappointing experience.

I had never been the type of girl to have relationships as a teenager. I fooled around sometimes with boys, but never dated. When I was seventeen however, I had my first relationship experience. Johnathan was a senior while I was a junior. He had short brown hair and the lightest blue eyes you could imagine. He was tall and fit, with dimples that drove me crazy. He was a nerdy kind of guy, but I didn't mind. In fact, it was something I always enjoyed about him. He was smart, sometimes shy, but always surprising me. Especially that night.

It was a typical Friday night in the middle of December. Snow had fallen that day and I had just arrived home from my part-time after-school job at a daycare center. The house was empty and quiet as my parents were away for the weekend. I slipped off my shoes and went to my bedroom in the basement. Shutting the door, I put on some music and finally slumped onto the bed. A few minutes passed lying there before there was a sudden bang on the window. I jumped. The window slid open and Johnathan was crouched there.

"Johnathan! What the hell are you doing?!" I sprang up and went over to the window by him.

"I'm sorry." He laughed. "I was trying to scare you. I see it worked."

"You're an ass hole." I shook my head. He climbed through the window and approached me. I could smell his cologne, and I loved it.

"I'm sorry, babe," he said, as he kissed me 'hello'.

"What are you doing here? I thought we were hanging out tomorrow."

"I couldn't wait. I needed to see you. I need to tell you something." Johnathan had his arms around my waist.

"Well, what is it?"

"Alanna. I've been thinking a lot lately, and I was going to tell you this tomorrow, but.." he blushed, and looked down. I raised my eyebrows and smiled, encouraged him on. He looked me in the eyes.

"I love you." He stated it clearly.

"Johnathan... I love you too." We kissed then, a long slow kiss.

"I can't believe you showed up at my house at this time of night to tell me that." I laughed. 

"Your parents aren't home anyway. Who cares?"

"My brother will be home soon!"

"Oh, so what... he's not here now is he? You know... I could stay for a little bit," he said with a sly smile. Johnathan's hands slowly slid down to my waist. He kissed me again, harder this time. I kissed him back and within seconds our tongues were exploring each other. With his hands, Johnathan gently but forcefully pulled my waist up against his body.
"I don't know... Maybe... That's not... Such a... A good idea," I said between kisses. But even I wasn't fully convinced of my own statement.

We continued to kiss. It wasn't long before Johnathan's hands began moving slowly up my sides. Then he placed one under my ear, holding my neck and face. His other hand was beginning to creep up the edge of my T-shirt. He knew exactly how to make me want him. He always knew how to touch me; it's a wonder how we hadn't gone all the way before.

As his hand slowly slid up my shirt, I decided two could play at that game. I left one of my hands around his neck while the other moved down his chest and rested on the waistline of his jeans. I danced my fingers around on his waistline and could feel the bulge beginning to form in his jeans, against me. He took this opportunity to make a quick movement and grab one of my breasts. At this, I leaned into him more, and pulled him closer by grabbing the waistline of his jeans.

He took both of his hands, and lifted my shirt up over my head, breaking our lips apart for a moment, but like magnets they returned again. He started kissing and sucking on my neck as I began to undo his belt with both of my hands. After his pants were loose, I reached my hand down them and felt his large dick with my fingers. We had done stuff before, everything except full sex, but his member had never aroused me more than it did then.

Johnathan and I parted again for a moment as I pulled off his shirt. He undid my own belt and started to pull my jeans down. They only got partway down when we needed to feel each others lips again. Our tongues explored each other and we switched back and forth from lips to neck to lips. We somehow never tired of making out. He bit my bottom lip softly and I could feel myself getting even hotter between my legs.

I took this opportunity to remove the rest of my pants then I started backing up towards my bed and of course Johnathan followed. I rested my behind lightly on the edge of the bed before Johnathan pushed me back, still kissing all the while. He followed after, lying on top of me. He rested his elbows on either side of me and we continued to make out. I reached down, and tried to pull off his pants.

"I want you," he breathed. I tore his jeans off him.

"Then come get me." I grinned. He licked his lips and began kissing my neck again. Kissing and sucking his way down, he reached my boobs. I reached behind me and unclasped my bra and in two quick motions it was on the floor. Johnathan kissed each of my breasts before sucking on a nipple. 

"Ahh..." I sighed. 

I stroked his dick from the outside of his boxers. He moved from right breast to left and back again, nibbling on each nipple a bit. I felt goosebumps pop up on my skin, and my nipples hardened. I was so wet. 

"Please..." I began, and he knew what I wanted. Johnathan grinned and moved down. His hands grabbed my thighs and rubbed up and down them. He moved up further and was slipping his whole arms up the sides of my panties. Johnathan was teasing me, and I loved it. I grabbed one of my boobs and rubbed it. He continued to tease, trailing his fingers along the line of my panties, smiling. Suddenly, he tore them off altogether. He looked down at my smooth shaven nude and smiled at how wet I was.

I brought my knees together, closing my legs to play with him. He narrowed his eyes, still smiling, and grabbed my thighs with wonderfully seductive force. Johnathan opened my legs and moved in before I had the chance to close them again. He started by kissing my mound and moving slowly down. stopping at my clit, he flicked his tongue around it playfully; making me tingle with pleasure. He kissed the sides of my pussy, between my thighs, and then slowly ran his tongue along my entire slit.

I wanted him so badly. He dipped his tongue inside me quickly then back up to my clit. Johnathan danced his tongue around my clit, biting it ever so slightly. I sighed. He then seemed to become more focused, or perhaps just couldn't wait any longer, as he moved down, finally inserting his entire tongue inside me. He lapped at my juices. I moaned softly and moved my hips along with the motion of his mouth. I could feel the tingles of my coming climax all over my body. 

"Oh.." I sighed. "I'm going to come..." 

Johnathan started licking vigorously, with more force than he had ever used before. Something was different about tonight. I moaned. Then, my body shook as I came. Johnathan licked and sucked all of my juices away. My back arched and I moaned again. Tingles and goosebumps danced around my entire body. When I came down from my climax and he had lapped up every last drop, he lifted his head. We smiled at each other. 

"I believe it is your turn, mister," I said with a grin. I reached for his boxers and yanked them off. Johnathan lay down on his back. I took his cock in my hand and stroked it. I licked the end a few times before letting just the tip enter my mouth. Then I stopped altogether. He sat up. 

"What is it?" he asked. 

"I... I'm ready." I looked at him. He raised his eyebrows. 

"Are you sure?" 

"Yes. But I'm nervous. I'm a virgin." 

"Alanna." He kissed me. "I promise that whatever happens won't change a thing. I love you. I will be gentle. Lie on your back." 

I lay on my back and we started making out again. He rubbed my breasts, sucked my nipples, and then moved down again. He rubbed my clit with two fingers briefly, then slipped a finger in. He pumped his finger in and out a couple times, then took it out. He then grabbed my thighs and was kneeling between my legs. He started by rubbing the tip of his cock along my slit. I rubbed my breast and closed my eyes.

He slipped just the tip in, then out. He did it again, this time going a bit further. I sighed. He slowly put a little bit in at a time, until the entire length of his dick was inside me. He leaned forward until our faces were close together. I wrapped my arms around him and grabbed his back. Then, he began to pull out, but before pulling all the way out, he pushed back in. This continued slowly for a few moments, then he changed pace. He slowly pumped faster, but not too fast. 

"Oh, Johnathan, fuck me." I moaned. 

He pumped faster. In and out, his dick slipped so easily, but I could feel the tightness of my pussy around his member. He grunted slightly every time he went in, while I sighed and moaned along with him. I could feel his entire cock inside me, and pleasure rippled throughout my body. 

"Faster." I sighed. He moved faster, slipping in and out, in and out. 

"Come on, baby, please..." I groaned. 

"Babe." He moaned. 

He picked up speed even more. 

"Harder!" I cried. 

He began to pound my pussy harder and faster. His entire length was inside me, pressing against every single part of my insides. I couldn't believe how wonderful this felt. My body began to tingle and I knew I was going to come soon. Johnathan's dick pumped in and out with such unbelievable power and force. He pounded me as if he was going to break my body in half. I loved it. 

"Oh, babe, I'm going to come," he cried out. 

"Yes, harder, come on, inside me, please." I screamed with pleasure. He kept his pace, in and out, in and out; quick and hard he slammed into my pussy. I could feel my climax coming on as he changed his pace suddenly. He was coming too. In a moment we came together; my body shuddered and tingled as he shot load after load inside me. I arched my back and grabbed fistfuls of the white cotton sheets in my hands, our bodies pressed together tightly. 

"Ohh." He moaned as I screamed with pleasure. "Yes." 

I felt him go limp inside me and knew he was finished. He pulled his dick out, and wiped it clean. Then, he lay down on his stomach next to me. He rested his head on my belly and wrapped his arms around me. I stroked his hair. 

"Alanna, I love you," he said. 

"I love you too, Johnathan," I replied.

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