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Husband and Friend Have Their Way
I once told the story about the time my husband and I were out in the city and met his friend Ralph for drinks. We were hitting it pretty good and I was getting pretty drunk. Somehow the conversation turned to who was a good kisser and my husband suggested that I show Ralph just how good I was. I started to make out with him at the bar.

Mind you, I had never done something like this before and the alcohol certainly encouraged me on, but I did enjoy it. Judging by what I felt on my leg, so did Ralph.

I know it turned on my husband as we had great sex that night at the hotel. Time went by and we planned another trip to the city and my husband suggested that we connect with his friend again, but this time, taking it a bit further. As I got dressed at the hotel before going out, I made sure that my pussy was shaved and neat, as I planned to wear a little black cocktail dress with no underwear. I have small firm breasts so I didn’t need a bra and I could see that my husband was already turned on just thinking about our night out.

We met Ralph at a bar and planned to have some dinner. We were seated at a corner table in the back of the restaurant and I could feel the coolness from the air conditioning traveling up my legs over my exposed pussy. It was really turning me on. We ordered drinks and discussed what we would have for dinner. As I was looking at the menu, I casually knocked my fork off the table and it fell near my feet, close to Ralph’s seat. Being a gentleman, he went down under the table to retrieve it. As he did, I spread my legs ever so slightly so he could get a glimpse of my shaved pussy that I knew he could not miss.

My husband knew what I was doing and I could see that he approved. Ralph retrieved my fork and asked the waiter to bring another, never once giving away what he had seen. We continued our dinner and I continued to flirt and set the mood. It was cool in the restaurant and my nipples were erect and I could see Ralph glancing at them every chance he got. I knew that Ralph enjoyed our little make out session from our previous encounter so it would be pretty easy to take things to the next level. We finished dinner and jumped into a cab. I was in the middle and the boys were on either side of me. My cocktail dress was already short, but I made sure that it was pulled up high exposing my creamy thighs just below my pussy.

My husband put his hand on my thigh and slowly slid my dress up even higher, which turned me on even more. He glanced over at Ralph and motioned for him to do the same, and he did, and I could see that things were moving along. They both slid their hands up even further, exposing my moist pussy ever so slightly. The cab driver had ear phones on and didn’t have a clue. I suggested that we head over to our hotel and grab a drink at the bar.

My husband, his friend and I got out of the cab and headed into the hotel.

Before we jumped into an elevator I said, "Let’s go into the hotel bar for a quick drink."

I told them to go to one end of the bar while I went to the other end. Mind you, I had no underwear on and had on that short black cocktail dress. I ordered a drink and sat on the barstool across from some young college-age guys sitting at a table. The lighting was pretty low, but good enough to see between my legs as I slowly spread them. I casually turned towards their table and opened my legs ever so discreetly, pretending that I didn’t notice. I could see that they all were getting a good view of my moist, shaved pussy and also could see that my husband and his friend were enjoying the show as well. Anyway, after finishing our drinks, it was time to jump on the elevator. We were on the 45th floor, so it took a little bit of time, and I wanted to continue the arousal. The door closed on the elevator and I turned my back to both of them and said unzip the back of my dress.

I knew I was taking a chance of being seen when the door opened but our room was fairly close to the elevator and I was feeling pretty good at that point so I said what the hell. So, my husband unzipped the back of my dress and it fell to the floor, leaving me completely naked. I picked up my dress and faced both of them and kissed them both, while they looked at me in astonishment. I had never done something like this before. The elevator door opened and luckily, there was no one in the hallway so we got to our door and entered our room. I had left the heat up slightly so it was nice and warm, and I threw my dress on the chair and was standing there naked while the two of them just stared at me, with obvious intentions judging by the bulges in their pants. I suggested we take a hot shower, so I went into the bathroom and turned on the water. It was a large glass shower with a raindrop head that came straight down with plenty of room for three. Mind you, outside of kissing “Ralph” at our prior meeting and the cab fondling, I have not been with another man with my husband. I was in unchartered waters.

I got into the shower and the two of them by now were also naked and were fully aroused. Obviously, I have seen my husband’s cock a thousand times over, and was familiar with his roughly 6.5 inches. I had not seen Ralph’s cock, and quickly saw that is was probably around the same size, but much thicker, which aroused me even more. By this time, I was dripping wet and not because of the shower.

The two of them joined me and were quickly all over me. I turned to my husband and inserted my tongue into his mouth as the warm water cascaded down upon us, and I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my pussy. Ralph was behind me, and had his arms wrapped around me and was feeling my tits from behind, and I could feel his thick cock parting my ass cheeks as he grinded against me...

I reached down and took my husband’s cock in my hands and stroked it back and forth as it was slippery from the soap, and so smooth. He slid his hand down and parted my pussy ever so gently and rubbed my swollen clit and pressed his tongue into my mouth. It was euphoric. Ralph was exploring my body with his hands everywhere so I turned and began to tongue his as well. He reached down and felt my pussy, while it was my husband’s turn to grind his cock against my ass and feel my tits as his friend did. I held Ralph’s throbbing cock in my hands, and stroked it gently, as I did my husband. I know that it was a fantasy of my husband to see me with another man, so I decided to give him a good visual and proceeded to get down on my knees and take Ralph’s cock into my mouth. It was no easy task as the water was cascading down from the shower and I had the sensation of drowning as the water and his thick cock entered my mouth. I was hoping that he wouldn’t come in my mouth, but figured we were feeling pretty good from the booze and that he would not come prematurely. He placed his hands on my head and gently guided me back and forth, which was submissively erotic.

Not to exclude my husband, I turned to him and took his cock into my mouth while Ralph felt me up and squeezed my erect nipples. We had enough of the shower and turned off the water and toweled off as best we could, our bodies still hot from the shower. We hadn’t really spoken at all while we were in the shower, so I continued to take the lead and decided to walk over to the window, where I could see a couple across the way in an adjacent apartment building. The windows are large in this hotel, and with the lights on, you can easily see into the room. I walked over to the window and faced the couple’s window across the way, and stood there naked. It wasn’t long before the male saw me, and brought it to the attention of his woman. Her reaction could have been adverse, because so many people are uptight asses, but it was apparent they were both intrigued. I placed my hands on the window, and bent over, fully exposing ass and pussy to my husband and Ralph.

I saw that my husband and Ralph were putting on condoms, better safe than sorry, and they came over to me. They saw that the couple across the way were watching us, and seemed to be enjoying the show, so Ralph slipped his thick cock into me as I bent over footrest in front the sofa chair and my husband slipped his familiar cock into my mouth all the while being watched by this couple across the way. At this point, I felt pretty confident they weren’t going to call the cops. But I would not have cared anyway. I was lost in erotic bliss and was listening only to my wet pussy.

Ralph was pounding me from behind and even though I was super wet, it took me a minute to get used to his thickness, which was a much different feeling than I was used to. I am pretty tight as it is, and his cock was stretching me pretty good. I moaned with pleasure as I continued to suck my husband’s cock as the couple continued to observe…

As my pussy loosened up and got used to Ralph’s thick cock, he began to pound me harder. It felt good as I was really moist and I was not used to such thickness. My head was being pushed forward and I was taking my husband’s hard cock deep into my mouth, which he no doubt enjoyed.

He held my head and ran his fingers through my hair. Normally, I would guess that the two of them would have cum already, but that whisky dick factor always comes into play, which was a good thing as I was enjoying both cocks at once.

I released my husband’s cock from my mouth and turned to Ralph as he withdrew from my swollen pussy and motioned that we go over to the bed. I was already forgetting about the voyeuristic couple across the way since I was too caught up in my own erotica. I sat on the edge of the bed, and each of them took one of my breasts and began to suck on my tits simultaneously and rub their hands all over my body. I lay down on the bed and spread my legs wide, which my husband knew was the signal that I wanted him to go down on me.

He took his hands and spread my legs further apart and began to lick me deep with his tongue, and I let out a long moan. As Ralph watched, he came onto the king-size bed next to me and began to feel my hard tits, finally leaning his head over and sucking them and licking my erect nipples as my husband worked my pussy. It was almost ethereal. I never thought I would be doing this, much less enjoying it as much as I was. Then, facing me as I lay down on the bed with my hands stretched over my head in ecstasy, Ralph slid his left leg over my chest and was on top of me, with his hard, thick cock only inches from my face. He reached down and took his condom off, and gently slid his hard cock into my open mouth.

I wasn’t even concerned that his bare cock was in my mouth, and that he might cum into my throat. I was too caught up in the moment. My husband was between my legs licking my bald pussy, and his best friend was on top of me with his cock in my mouth. I tried not to gag as he began to thrust slightly harder, as he too was caught up in the moment, and he leaned forward with his powerful arms and grabbed my wrists and held them down outstretched on the bed. My husband picked his head up to catch a glimpse of his friend mounting my mouth and I could see that he was just as enthralled. My husband then mounted me as well, and slid his cock into me and began thrusting into my pelvis.

So, here’s the visual.

I am laying on my back, spread eagle, my husband is fucking me and his buddy is in front of him sliding his cock into my mouth. I was almost numb. As the two of them had their way, I could sense that Ralph’s cock was pulsating more, and that he had to cum. Rather than have him pull out, I took my freed hands and grabbed his ass, pulling him closer, and letting him know that it was okay. I could feel his muscles contract, and he let go and his molten hot cum shot into my mouth with a force I had not felt before. I tried not to gag, and swallowed as much as I could. It was more than I was used to, and he must have been really excited about having me. I then could feel my husband grab my thighs, and he too came, neatly into the condom he still had on from earlier.

They both rolled off me and lay down on either side of me as I wiped off the excess spillage from my mouth.

Despite all of this erotica, I still did not have an orgasm. I usually have multiple orgasms and I have a small vibrator that I use during sex to enhance my pleasure. So there we were, the three of us, lying in the bed naked and I was the only one who had not orgasmed. Little did I know what my husband had in store.

He rolled over and looked at me and said, "I have not forgotten about you."

He said that he knew that I must still be horny so he really need to take care of me. Remember, this was the first time I had done something like this, and I figured he was going to get my vibrator and finish me off while Ralph watched, which was nothing based, on all that I had already done.

Sure enough, he pulled out my vibrator as we had done so many times before on our trips to the city, and Ralph suddenly had a keen interest as well. But instead of jumping right into it, he said he wanted to try something a little different. He pulled out a small bag that he had in our suitcase and showed me four flexible cords that I could now see were meant for restraint. I am a bit of a control freak and I knew that this would be difficult for me, but I agreed, and Ralph and my husband began to tie my hands and feet and spread me out on the bed. By the time they were done, I was spread eagle of the bed, staring at the ceiling completely naked.

It was a turn on but also a little nerve rattling not being in control. Judging by their returning hard ons, I could see it was working for them. What happened next, I did not anticipate.

My husband took out one of those ball gags that I had seen before, but never used. Basically, it was a strap with a rubber ball on that fit around your head and the ball would rest in your mouth. Before I could even express my doubts about this, Ralph had it around my head and into my mouth. I could not speak and was both turned on and slightly panicked at the same time. He then produced two nipple clamps that looked like two clothes pins but were larger and had steel clamps. My nipples were already erect as they usually are so it was easy for him to place them on my erasure size nips.

I should tell you while I had not used clamps before, my husband has squeezed my nipples hard in the past and I can take it, but when he placed these clamps on, they were very tight and clamped down hard and I winced in between both pain and pleasure. I moaned as much as I could with the ball in my mouth and could still feel myself dripping wet between my legs. I was helpless. My husband gave Ralph my vibrator and he began to place it on my swollen clit and I moaned in ectasy. It did not take long before I came twice and felt my body convulse with pleasure as the two of them took turns mounting me again. But I could see that they were not through.

They removed the nipple clamps and I could see the redness on my tits and how numb they were. I could still not speak with the ball in my mouth and it was a bit uncomfortable, but I was game and still caught up in the moment. They undid my restraints and I collapsed onto the bed, reaching to undo the ball gag. But before I could do that, they both simultaneously flipped me onto my stomach and began to reattach the restraints, this time so I would be on my stomach face down on the bed with my ass exposed.

I have to say that I did struggle a bit, because it crossed my mind what they might want to do next. My husband knew that I was not a big fan of anal sex, but now that I was lying face down on the bed, I knew that this was a real possibility that was confirmed as I felt his hand rub a handful of lubrication gel on my ass. Sure enough, Ralph mounted me and slid his cock into my ass as I screamed into the pillow with the ball still in my mouth. He went in and out and it wasn’t long before before he came and I could feel his hot cum inside of me.

As soon as he was off me, it was my husband’s turn.

He pounded me and I could feel my asshole continue to stretch and wondered if I would ever be the same. I felt both violated and excited at the same time. I almost felt like I was being raped, and in some strange way, this heightened my excitement. He too soon came, and I felt more cum oozing out of my ass. They both undid my restraints, and finally took the ball gag out of my mouth, and we just lay there, exhausted from my first experience of being shared.

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